MOPR'S  3/20/06   VP  LEVEE   MTG  MINS


Notes:   Mtg time 5:05 - 5:40pm.  To get an idea of who's usually whispering to who during these mtgs, know that they sit around the whole table & when CLM, JZ &/or TW are present, they always sit by EM;  & for the past several months & tonight, JW has been sitting with JKB & DS, altho DS sits at the center of the table next to DC.  Add'l distractions tonight were that MW made many noisy copies next to the mtg table & at about 5:20 a man in a suit arrived, asking if he was in the right place.  When JW went to him & the man said his name, it sounded like Mark Hageman (he attended tonight's BOA mtg).  They talked in the hallway for a few mins, briefly including MW. 


At 5:32 JW & JKB went out to the hallway as other ald were arriving.  At 5:33 JW, JKB, Ed Walker, MP DA & SD went into the city hall ofc with the man whose name seemed Mark Hageman.  RH may've been there too tho I hadn't noted him. Sec 11 below explains about DLC. I believe that the mtg was about appointing a new VP Muni Judge.  I overheard JW say tell us about yourself & at some point I think he mentioned $500.  At 5:35 MMW arrived & joined them. >  Immediately after the levee mtg as DC continued talking to CLM, EM & JZ re closure gates, etc, 2 more unidentified men in suits arrived separately. 


On about 3/28/06, a note re Dennis Bice was added in Sec 9 below.


Present:   Interim Mayor JW,  JKB,  DS,  DC,  CLM,  EM,  JZ,  DLC. 


Audience:   Lt Melies;  also & I think for the 1st time here, Ward 3 Ald Ed Walker who was selected tonight to be a Levee Cmsn member.  MP arrived about 5:10.


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  1 of  11


DC:  Call this mtg to order here.  Call the roll here (see above) Mr Mayor - JW:  Here.  DC:  I've got u down here but uh I wanna bring up something now.  We need a uh 3rd Ward person on the uh Levee Cmsn.  How about Mr Walker?  JW:  How 'bout Mr Walker!  DS:  That'll show (chuckling) Mr Walker to show up at these mtgs.  (they laugh)  ?:  Have a chair there, Mr Walker.  (he sits by JKB, JW, DS & DLC)  JW:  Mr Walker is officially uh in that womb - DC:  Ok.  JW:  proving by the BOA _ - DLC?:  That'll teach u to come up here & see what's goin' on!  CLM:  Uno if his vote doesn't count _ - JW:  Mike never has time to show up anyway, so - JKB:  Don't ask me to do - JW:  Eddie's a 10 tho.  JKB:  till u get the bill! (chuckling) _ _ _ _ -


DC: Ok, Eddie Walker, present.   JW:  Don't pay to show up, does it?  EWalker:  No it doesn't.  DC:  Bob Walls.  JW:  We might have a voting quorum!  DC:  I don't know what happened to - what happened to that Jimmy Brust?  Where's he - is he workin' all the time or what?  JKB:  Just about.  He's (not far?) out (because of?) the city.   JW:  Boy, do I hate that work off the job.  (DC continues taking roll) 


JW:  Hey, u might be doin' the work on _ (chuckling) - CLM:  Put him in the pack, he's agnostic.  DC:  Ok.  JW:   It used to been - EM:  Uh (make him or maybe?) go out.  JW: _ _ - DC:  Let's have a Pledge of Allegiance here.  JKB?:  Up one side.   Tell him he's welcome.  JW:  Talkin' about he's out at the farm!  JKB:  No.  CLM:  U ready to negotiate?  JKB?:  Where's he at?  JZorEM:  Not yet.   (Pledge) (snoring sound) JW:  Hey, Don, don't say nothin' about that other flag (uno?).  DS:  They're in the cleaners.  JW:  Nobody said nothin'.  DS:  Oh, no. 


CLM: _ (got any solutions?) - DC:  Does anybody have any additions or - ?:  No.  DC:  deletions to the agenda tonight?  JW:  Hey, Don, they're doin' good work in here _ _. DC:  Ok.  CLM:   (I?) might have 2 jurors.  DC:  I need the motion - JW:  _ _ - DC:  to have the agenda approved.  JKB?:  I don't _ - ?:  I'll make a motion.  EWalker:  I'll 2nd.  DC:  Ok, a motion & a 2nd approve the agenda;  all in favor?  (ayes)  Ok, discussion items for this mtg - A, update on the VP levee - uh Jim do u have any?  JZ:  Yeah, I got several things to talk about.  DC:  Ok, u've got it.


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JZ:  Um 1st of all, I haven't met some of u folks.  I'm JZ.  DLC:  I'm Don Carroll.  JZ:  Hi, Don.  DLC:  Ald Ward 2.  JZ:  Glad to meet u.  EWalker:  Ed Walker, Ald Ward 3.  JZ: _ quite reach u.  Um let's go thru a few items on the, on the levee project.  Uno our, our big contractor for the final flood control contract is Env'l Specialists, Inc & um that contract is ALMOST complete.  Uh we do have all the funds we need to pay the contractor for everything he's gonna still finish up.  Uh we, we still owe him - I'm just - in a round #, around $500K.   Um & we have the money in-hand but we're negotiating the uh quantities.  Uh the contract is based on quantities of impervious material & quantities of other things & finalizing that mod uno to, to um resolve any variation in quantities.  Um -


JW:  (Did I get it right, u or That guy, Wright?) said he's paid up to - all the way to $500K he's owed?  JZ:  Pardon - Yeah!  Yeah, approx.  JW:  That's uh, that's uh faster 'en what we thought, wasn't it?  JZ:  Well, we, we paid them a lot at the end of December, which was um - which was something they really wanted;  in particularly their parent co, Republic Svcs, wanted to - JW:  Right.  JZ:  be paid because - JW:  Uno what that paymt was?  That had to be a BUNCH!  JZ:  Um it was several Million.  I just can't remember the #.  (JW & then JZ chuckles)  CLM:  A Billion here, a Billion there.  JW:  Oh yeah!  ?: _ _ -


JZ:  But um but they still have remaining is - there's a few Punch List items that they have - remain to do;  um come back & check the grass & fix, uno put in more grass seed in areas that aren't - isn't growing.  There's um a drain that they - there's a mod to the contract where they're gonna put in an extra inlet &, & drain over on, on Mr Simpson's prop along um Marshall & a few, a few other things that they need to do to wrap up the project, uh which they're gonna come back & do those things in the Spring.  So that's, that's the smry of where we are on that big contract. 


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Um we do have other work to be done this fiscal yr & uh a lot of it stems, er a lot of it's described on a Punch List - a, a list of items that DC had prepared back in - I guess it was back in October or so.  DC:  Yeah, January.  JZ:  Um I think uh one of the things is there's some, some sill plates along the, the StL Ave Closure Structure & the um, um Vance Rd Closure Structure;  just a metal sill that goes across the road, at the base of this uh closure structure that's come loose.  JW:  The clunk, clunk noise?  JZ:  Yeah & so uh - u're familiar with that (chuckle).  So we have a, a Purchase Order &, & um one of our structural engs has, has been working on this, uh Duane Atchley, & he's coord'g with uh StLCnty who owns the road.  & here's some - he just sent them today - his concept of how, how to repair that sill.


CLM:  What was the problem that they were usin' the thing - I believe they attached it to the sill?  JZ:  Um I don't know.  I think it was - there was kind of a void underneath there & it just got - DC:  I don't know -  JZ:  PUSHED down.  DC:  We really don't know what, why - JZ:  GOT pushed down & came back up again & started loosening up.  I, I don't - CLM:  _ that _ - JZ:  know for sure exactly. CLM:  certain things.  JZ:  But um they're gonna fill that void with epoxy is the plan & - ?: _ _ - JZ:  & screw it back down & bolt it down & screw it down.  CLM?: _ _ -


JZ:  Uh one of the things, Eric, is that um what, what Duane has proposed to um the cnty is that we have - for each of these closure structures, a 48-day (chuckle), a 48-hr uh period of time to do this repair;  uno instead of trying to have traffic go one way & then all that biz.  So we don't know what their reaction's gonna be.  & I think we've discussed it briefly with them but it hasn't got a reaction but that's the (pertinent?) or so squeak - sequence of the job & there's a copy for u (to lasso?).  So we're proceeding with trying to finalize that idea & finalize that job & get it under a, a small Purchase Order-Type Contract. 


We're also working on a Miscellaneous Repairs-Type Contract.  We - there's a, a list of things that um Dave has written up that need to be addressed before the COE can turn the - er will turn the project over to the sponsor for op & maint.  & um I don't know if I need to go thru this whole list but there's um some joints in a, in a pipe over by uh Leonard Park that evidently are leaking & they're - caused subsidence in the ground above it, so that's one of the things. 


We have a whole list of a variety of things to go into a contract & our, & our eng'g ofc is dev'g a kind of a conglomerate package of small jobs to go out as a Miscellaneous Items Contract - fiberglass gate on the junction box at, at Leonard Park that's, that um the city believes is not uh sturdy enough because of the, the high use of the area - the kids & everything.  Uh there's some um trees that need to be cleared & the rip-rap along uh Grand Glaize Creek. 


Uh Eric, one of the - one thing is uh, uh these bollards or these posts uh that would protect um both the Hwy 141 gravity drain & this junction box over on, on Hwy 141, west of there.  If a car - a vehicle would come off Hwy 141 & run into these, uno it could really uh stop us from bein' able to close the gates & that kind of thing.  So we decided to stick those bollards in this contract.  ?:  Right. 


JZ:  There's a whole list of things.  Uh I think that they cover extra gravel road up on the, on the uh AL area to, to allow um inspection of that - DC: _ _ - JZ:  It goes up to get to the gravity drain.  DC:  Gravity drain. 


JZ:  Um I don't think I need to go thru the whole list unless - DC:  No.  JZ:  somebody wants me to.  But that's a Miscellaneous Uh Items Contract that's coming up. 


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  4 of  11


Um we have an outstanding problem or issue that we have to do mitigation for bottomland hardwoods;  some more mitigation.  The city's already done uh some mitigation by purchasing land & setting it aside with a Conservation Easmt. 


Um the steps in that process are we, we need our biologist to finalize his, his concept of the mis- mitigation plan.  He's um pretty close to having that done & once he, once he does, we'll - we're gonna talk with the city & let uno what he's thinking about in that way. 


CLM:  Was this an add'l requiremt placed by DNR?  JZ:  Um no, it's actually um it's a requiremt in our Planting Regs that we mitigate any bottomland hardwoods acre-for-acre basically.  When a bottomland hardwood was destroyed by the project, try to uh mitigate with a - CLM:  So it's not a, not a change in the mitigation area required?  JZ:  No, it's - Tim went thru a lot of trouble to redefine the area that was damaged by - the bottomland - CLM: _ - JZ:  hardwood areas  that were damaged by the project, by looking at old photographs & super - super-imposing photographs from the past with, with the project photographs &, & uno delineate -


CLM:  Well, that's, that's good because there's a lot of area, I'm sure that was damaged that was not damaged by the project.  & so what, what he was doin' was makin' sure that we're only mitigating that work that we should - ?:  (snoring sound) - CLM:  (have prevented?) _ _ - JZ:  Yeah. 


& he has in mind - & I think we've talked to Eric about this in the past - if there is some acres & I think there will be some acres of planting that's required, uno go out & plant so many acres of, of trees.  Um he's thinking in terms of um tryin' to get in with this Greenway Program & finding some acres along the Meramec River that they would agree to um having us plant trees.  But that's, that's just the idea & haven't got that far with it yet.  But we need, we need to uh get the plan &, & do the coord'n & get this contract uh described in P&S & then award it so, so we, we WANT to plant the trees in the October timeframe.   Oct, Nov, Dec timeframe is the ideal time to plant trees.  So that's another piece of work that we're working on. 


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Um another thing is - another topic is that we're, we're getting in the process of dev'g what's called as-built drawings & an op & maint manual which are both necessary & both would be turned over to the city when we're finished & would coord with u while we're preparing it so u're happy with the product.  But um an as-built drawing is just to take the, the contract P&S, particularly the plans that we uno awarded a contract, & then we mark those up & change 'em to show what was actually built, where there's changes made, ok.  So um that product is something that the city needs uno in your, in your records & your your files - ?:  Right.  JZ:  to know exactly what u have out there that's been const'd.  So, & then the op & main manual just describes uno what to do during a flood in some detail & all the features of the project.  So that's - we're workin' - we're just really starting to work on that but that needs to be done this FY as well. 


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  6 of  11


Another thing we're working on & Eric's well aware of this & most of u are too is this coord'n with FEMA, Fed Emerg Mgmt Agency, about getting the uh flood ins maps changed for City VP & uh basically we submit - we made a submittal with the city uh back in, I think 12/21 to FEMA & to their contractor which is an eng'g firm called Michael Baker, all this hydraulic data & the proposal that, that FEMA give um VP a special um early uh designation on their maps saying that this flood, flood-protected area has uh uno does not have to have the uh all the flood ins requiremts that were requred before which, which means higher uno higher flooded rates 'n raise the level of bldgs & that kind of stuff. 


& that, that action is still with FEMA.  Uh the latest coord'n we've had, that I'm aware of, uh back in uh February was that the eng'g firm was uno actually talked with the Washington ofc of FEMA & the Kansas City ofc of FEMA about this, this project & particularly about the uh Peerless Pk Landfill & how that enters into the whole picture, so.


CLM:  Jim, Is, is this a request for cert'n & for a LOMR, Letter of Map Revision?  JZ:  Um it's actually an earlier - uno the LOMR is a more formal - CLM:  Right.  JZ:  formal thing - CLM:  That _ - JZ:  & this is kind of a, a request to do an early action because - CLM:  temporary - JZ:  the project is complete & - CLM:  temp approval.  JZ:  can - yeah, temp approval that allows the uh flood ins rates to come down & that kind of thing.  CLM:  They do have that, that (under the direction?) that FEMA HAS to do that.  But so we haven't permitted the levee yet, requesting the LOMR or requesting formal cert'n (. or ?) -


JZ:  Now the formal cert'n, I'm not quite sure when that - JKB: _ _ _ - JZ:   happens, but - JW:  (Yeah or Yet?) - ?:  floodway anyway -  JZ:  we have requested - JW:  _ Eric Martin, he'll say - JZ:  this A99-type - JKB?:  Yeah!  JZ:  designation.  JW:  ain't got no map - JZ:  I've got a copy  - JW: _ - JZ:  of a letter here I think.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ - CLM:  Actually tho we can - JKB?: _ _ -  JZ:  I got it around some place. ?: _ - CLM:  but u can submit the request for cert'n as soon as the project's complete. 


JW?: _ _ - JZ:  See the, the issue about a LOMR is that - JW?: _ (said it'd be better to send each letter?).  JZ:  it looks like FEMA may well require that the whole Meramec - both sides of the Meramec be looked at - ?: (loud snoring sound) - JZ:  which means uh StLCnty - DLC?:  Maureen's gonna _ - JZ:  as well as as City VP - JKB:  _ say what (does that mean or is happening?) - JZ: can - has to - JW?:  just as long as I don't - JZ:  take in - JW?: _ _ - JZ:  Peerless Pk Landfill & - JKB?:  (Wish we or she were out of here?).  JZ:  it's more complex.  CLM?:  Really.  JZ:  & to give u uh a little more bkgd on that, we have, we have done an finalysis {sic} of that whole area uno - JW:  _ _ _ _ - JZ:  & we've, we've provided that analysis to StLCnty for their review & they are still reviewing that.


CLM:  So that - so u - JW:  See I'm not for sure about it.  CLM:  basically, the request for both - DS?:  Yeah, I think that's (something they do or submitted too?) - CLM:  the request for - JKB?:  _ (submitted?) - CLM:  LOMR & the changes in the - JW:  5% - CLM:  restrictions, 100-yr floodplain restrictions, that has to be submitted - JKB?:  What was your - CLM:  mitigated, be prepared & submitted to both StLCnty as the Floodplain Mgr for StLCnty for that area & - ?: _ _ - CLM:  the other (zone?) & for City VP as the Floodplain Mgr for OUR side of the river.  JZ:  That's the way it looks.  ?: _ _ - JZ:  I think that's what FEMA probably will want.  ?: _ _ - 


CLM:  The, the cert'n - JKB?:  U gonna ask Maureen to that (chuckle)?  CLM:  normally they don't - JW:  _ want her _ - CLM: relay the restrictions - ?: _ _ - CLM:  for floodplain ins until a levee is cert'd & again , that's done by Michael Baker - ?: _ -  JZ:  Uno this - CLM: _ FEMA _ - JZ:  this A99 designation would change this floodplain - ?: _ - CLM:  Ok, so u - that must be - JZ:  er would change the flood ins rates.  DS: (U wouldn't?)!  CLM:  unless we request cert'n. 


DS: _ _ - CLM:  The other thing I wanted to mention, Eric -  (I moved the recorder to CLM, EM, DC & JZ's end of the table) - EM:  It, it's not - DS:  There we go!  EM:  it's uh it's a parallel  request - it's, it's under a Reg {sic} 3162 & it just basically says that - ?: _ _ - EM:  that if, if funding's in place.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - EM:  It's, it's a pre-cert'n - CLM:  Well, it's - u're, u're - this is the pre-cert'n - EM:  Yeah.  CLM:  Ok, ok.  EM:   &, & this is - ?:  Now I'monna have to get - CLM:  Pre-project completion cert'n.  EM:  Right - CLM:  Ok.  EM:  &, & it just says that uh - JZ:  It just so happens that we ARE complete (chuckle).  CLM:  It's strictly for flood ins purposes.  EM:  That, that, that's all it is.  ?:  _ (design?) _ - EM:  all, ALTHO it's a parallel kind of - CLM:  But - JZ:  It's a parallel (election?) - ?: _ -


CLM:  but also, if I'm not mistaken, that also - DS:  _ might be a flood but a match (funding or finding?) - CLM:  that also eliminates - DS?: _ _ _ - (JKB chuckles) - CLM:  restrictions on dev, whereas devrs - EM:  YEAH - CLM:  are gonna - EM:  I THINK that u're probably right there.  CLM:  are gonna come in & - JZ:  I think it basically - CLM:  say, hey, do we have to - JZ:  it changes - ?:  Do we have ONE? - EM:  I'm not sure!  ?:  _ _ - CLM:  we don't have to meet - ?: _ _ - CLM:  floodplain require- ?: _ _ _ - CLM:  I think it does.  ?: _ _ - JZ:  I think it changes all the rules in the floodplain.


?: _ - CLM:  Yeah - ?: _ _ - CLM:  (It's in or They send?) the LOMRs - ?: Once it's done -  DC:  Once it's done I think - JZ:  Once, once FEMA acts on it - DC:  Once FEMA acts on it - CLM:  & the next step is - DC:  then it's all done.  CLM:  formal cert'n - ?: _ _ - CLM:  & when u req- when that's requested - ?:  _ _ - CLM:  u also submit a request for LOMR.  ?: _ _ _ letters.  CLM: (thus?) knowing - JZ:  Yeah, I'm just familiar with the terms  - ?: _ floodway.  I notified 'em.  JZ:  A99 designation - CLM:  There are - ?: _ - JZ:  which is the - CLM:  There are - ?: _ - JZ:  AND - ?: _ - CLM:  that's, that's - ?: _ -  JZ:  & the LOMR - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ -


JZ:   In Ste Genevieve we had a 2-step process, the same thing.  ?: _ - JZ:  We went in & got this A99 designation - ?: _ - JZ:  so all the rules changed in the floodplains as if it was not in the floodplain any more.  CLM:  That's - JZ:  & the 2nd thing was, months later, we, we had a LOMR that was processed.  ?: _ -  ?: _ -


CLM:  Right & everybody should be aware, particularly people in the city that deal with devrs, they won't revise the floodplain ins - the flood ins rate maps for YRS probably.  So if somebody, if some devr calls & the city or the cnty's only copy (can confirm or of the FIRM?) (flood ins rate map) - to see what - EM:  We, we submitted a new FIRM to - CLM:  I know but - EM:  together.  CLM:  before they actually print the maps!  EM:  Oh, oh, I'm hearin' ya.  CLM:  So, I'm just saying that - EM:  Yeah.  CLM:  if some devr comes in & says - he gets his hand on a FIRM, it's gonna show that we're in the floodplain!  EM:  Right. (copier starts up & runs thru the next couple or so sections)


CLM:  & so everybody should be aware to TELL devrs that - that they need to notice - JKB: _ _ - CLM:  the FIRM hasn't been revised to it -  JKB: _ _ _ - CLM:  cause that costs tens of Millions of $ to do a LOMR & - ?: _ _ - CLM:  then later it puts him in touch - ?: _  - EM:  They're - CLM:  if u wanna meet him.


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EM:  they're actually doin' a - ?: _ - EM:  mapping program right now, so we may have caught it at a great time if somebody - ?: _ _ - CLM:  Well the other thing - EM:   _ if somebody jumps in - ?:  ins rate_ - CLM:  U might wanna meet - DC:  U're gonna need that FIRM tho - JKB?: _ what the hell we gonna do about it?!  DC:  actually, to change the flood ins, what is it A95 or whatever it is -


CLM:  No, no, they change that before they change the map!  DC:  Right.  CLM:  I mean but thee map - I'm not talkin' about a LOMR - that's just a letter - DC:  Right.  CLM:  there's maps attached to it but the ofc'l flood ins rate map, that'll be YRS before they update those.  DC:  Oh, yes.  CLM:  & I wanted everybody to be aware of that.  The 2nd thing is -


DC:  I don't think it, I don't think ours has ever been - EM:  Yeah, it's been once since 82.  CLM:  Probably not - DC:  (chuckling)  82 or 80-yeah!  JKB?: _ _ - CLM:  Uh certainly after the 82 flood & maybe after the 93 flood.  ?: _ _ - CLM:  The other thing is - DC:  (They oughta?) figure up to 93 tho -  JW?: _ _ -


CLM:  Jim & FEMA - EM:  (I think?) They did it in 93 _ _  - CLM: has gone out to all - EM: _ _ _ -  DC:  Did they do it?  CLM:  floodplain mgrs & ALL Levee Dists, informing them - JZ:  Oh yeah.  CLM:  they have to basically re-certify all their levees.  JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:   It's not REALLY recert'n but u gotta submit ALL the data - ?: _ _ - CLM:  to FEMA just as if u were applying for re-cert'n.   ?: _ _ - JZ:  Uno I've heard about that (chuckle)


CLM:  So what I'm suggesting is whenever u DO submit that formal request for cert'n, I'd just put something in that letter saying that this also - ?: _ _ - CLM:  complies with your - ?: _ _ - CLM:  recent letter dated up-te-ump, 2006.  EM:  Yeah, we - ?: _ _ - EM:  actually got a letter from uh SEMA on that.  CLM:  That's right - DS?: _ why I figured - CLM:  they send a Letter (of Activity in reply?).  EM:  Yeah.  DS?: u might have (5?).  EM:  I, I oughta find that & copy that to u. 


JZ:  Actually I've been told about because Ste Genevieve asked me about it.  They've had the same process.  ?:  They don't _ - CLM:  Yeah, well, I mean some people say - ?: _ _ - CLM:  oh, hell, we just certified the thing & FEMA says, yeah - DS:  _ _ WKS _ - CLM:  that's right, we want this anyway.   DS?:  (Dave or They?) brought in 600 - ?: _ _ _ - JZ:  That's all I have! 


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  8 of  11


DC:  Ok, I've got a couple things I wanna add here.  I'm going to make a copy of this uh agenda for a site visit we had 3/10/06 goin' over all the things in the uh - on the Punch List that I composed & it's got notes on it, so I _ & by the next ald mtg, not this time but next one, I'll have this made for a copy to all the ald that haven't seen it;  what's goin' on.  That's all I - JZ:  Ok, sure.  DC:  Uh levee op - u we had a levee op this wk er last wk & went on for the flood & everything went real good.


Uh levee maint - next wk I'll be mtg with 2 firms, uh Enviro-Tech from Vandalia, Illinois & also from GPM uh & uh they're from Sunset Hills, MO for maint of the levee.  That means grass-cutting, uh all maint they do, uh spraying, uh take care of erosion control, do spraying, maint'g the det areas. 


& uh we'll get some kind of uh, uh ests to present to the bd as - then determine when the levee is accepted & everything, we'll have an idea how much it's gonna cost to maint the levee after it's done - whether we're going to do it as a city or else contract it out to one of these co's. 


GPM I might add is now working with the COE & they are very - the COE is very satisfied with this group.  Enviro-Tech DID work for us before on uh Fishpot - CLM:  Superfund can look at it if uno what I mean.  DC:  & uh - DS:  _ Maureen's here.  DC:  knows somewhat about what, what is here. 


But we're gonna - ?:  Whew!  DC:  go over - CLM:  U gonna make her moot?  DC:  the whole levee & let 'em look at it.  EM:   Doesn't THAT sound good!   DC:  Umm I was contacted by the - CLM:  (U could?) have someone put her in (the levee?) -  DC:  the LEG Cmte.  CLM:  _ nobody finds her. 


DC:  DA uh made a motion to - DS:  Problem with that would be - DC:  research a possiblity of putting cable barriers to be installed along leverty {sic} property bdry lines while during this uh site inspection of the levee & during the uh op last wk of the levee, uh the sluice gates & that, JM & I, we kinda looked at that & uh Junior, we (pause) -


I don't really know how we're going to designate where these lines are unless we have somebody go out & survey uh portions of it to find out actually where the const limits were.  We had some temp const esmts & we HAVE const limits & WHERE those lines are uh I really, I really can't tell.  I guess maybe I should request the BOA to have the city eng go out & try to locate some of these areas uh that are in ques. 


I might tell u that uh Valley Material has got their work pretty much completed up there & it seems to be workin' really good!  They dug it, Brad, & uh they're runnin' the water off, got a lotta the stuff & it's goin' & we're getting no leaching of the concrete material into the det pond at 3rd St. - ?: _ _ - DC:   Very good!  _ _  Jim has gone up & talked to 'em & maybe they're gonna make - JW: _ _ - DC:  try to make some uh different - JKB: _ _ - DC:  arrangemts uh where it's drainin' & that - ?: _ - DC:  we've gotta couple places that it looks kind of - where it's breakin' over, where it's erodin' but I think with a little more digging of the dirt & movin' it that we'll have that problem solved.  There wasn't any _ _ -


JW?:  Marguerite - DC:  Sooo - JW?:  Is this 1st time that we've been in here when - DC:  uhhh - JW?: _ _ have a mtg?  MW:  (copying)  Yeah, the 1st time.


DC:  Uh there are some other areas uh over there that there may be - at the Simpson place, I can't really tell u if they're - JZ:  There's some cement coming in _ - DC:  If their - JZ:  (washing at that other end?) (chuckle)  DC:  uh on that, if they're, if they're on our prop or not, I, I really don't know uh but we need to set up - I guess set up some kind of a uh lines where we can do it.  & the only thing I can figure out is to have maybe our - CLM: _ _ - DC:  city eng, like I say, to survey it & put some lines - JW?: _  - DC:  put some stakes out there.  JW?:  _ _ _ - DC:  I don't think it was our thing tho I don't think that it's going to be to put up a cable.  I think that we'll put up some posts along the prop lines - JW?:  I told him, I said _ - DC:  that'll be a - JW?:  (doctor or document?) - DC: cheaper thing & put some signs on it. 


DLC:  I think that'd be best because uno puttin' that cable thru there - DC: That way - I mean - DLC:  unnecessary.  DC:  because if we're gonna have to cut the grass & we get cable barriered - JW?: _ _ - DC:  or something like that, it's, it's just gonna be sort of a, a, a hazard & also a lotta time spent to cut it.  If we have just posts, we can cut up to the post line & that's it & whatever, but -  EWalkerorJKB?:  I think cable slumps it over.  DC:  uh I'm gonna bring that up to the ald tonight about maybe uh gettin' uh TW to - there are other areas that we need to uh look at & that's over along the GG area there at some places over there I think that may be encroaching on levee prop but we'll have to wait & see where the lines are.


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  9 of  11


Also uh I'm gonna ask a ques here.  We went & got sandbags last uh wk over in Illinois from the COE & uh now, we've got the sandbags but we're, we're gonna store the sandbags inside the uh closure structure.  They're outta the sun - as long as u keep 'em outta the sun there up on that uh gate - ?: _ _ - DC:  storin' 'em on that gate;  we got 4K & we'll put a couple K in ea one. 


But NOW what we'd like to do is on the landside of the levee at Fishpot & also down at StL Ave, is to set up some kind of a bldg.  I'm havin' Jim kinda look & see how much uh prop we'd need or this kind of bldgs.  & I'm gonna ask Jim here if he would get a hold of maybe uh (Scanlon or Scandlon?) & see if he can tell us actually, if they got some idea how many sandbags we're gonna need to sandbag the gates when we have a flood. 


We know we're gonna have to sandbag 'em but we don't really know if we need 100 sandbags to do it or maybe they have some idea, along with maybe he can get with Duane Atchley (COE Structural Eng) & they can maybe tell us how much sand goes in a bag & how many bags we're gonna need.  But - so we could have some kind of bldg to store the sand in - that we wouldn't have to have to - in emerg when we get goin' - have to find somebody that has sand & it's not in the river bottom or whatever & haul in or dump it & then have to get rid of it.  Because if we have the sand there - ?:  (Marguerite?)  _ - DC:  we can put it in the sandbags when it's done & when we use the sandbags, we can dump it some place, discard the sandbags & uh so then we'll have a pile of sand that's dry all the time.  & I'd like to know if - can we use the TIF money to do that? 


EM:  I don't know why not.  I'll take a look at it to see if there's any - DC:  Ok, well, u, u'll - EM:  unique prohibitions, but uh - DC:  & then get back with me & we'll - EM:  Yeah.   DC:  so soon as I find out how much these bldgs are or whatever it is - EM:  Sure.  DC:  to do that.  Uh that's, that's really what, what's been goin' on.  I'm uh - CLM:  Dennis is _ _ _ _ _ _ - (Dennis Stephens? - COE Hydraulics Eng OR Dennis Bice? - Cmty Liaison Supervisor, StL Cnty Hwys & Traffic) -


DC:  I will say, guys, last wk we had a little flood water & everything went really - went good.  We shut the gates down & everything was - DLC:  Good practice! - ?: _ _ - ?: _ (Highlands?) _  - DC:  without - ?: _ _ - DC:  without the phone ringin' off the hook at my house, the people who'll call & me & say, well, Dave, how ever far is the river, what am I gonna - is the river gonna come up, how high is it gonna be.  I never got one phone call! (someone chuckles)  I don't know whether anybody else did.  I don't know but the girls down here said they didn't get any so - JW:  They didn't get any.  DLC:  That's great!  DC:  I guess it was - JW: _ _ - DC:  really a uno - ?: _ _ - DC:  So uh the levee works.  I mean uno it's uno people I guess maybe said they - ?: _ -


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  10 of  11


EM:  The only thing I wanted to bring up was levee CROSS-OVERS &, & I've dev'd sort of a prototype for a cross-over agreemt but I, I noted that Laclede Gas didn't do it.  JW?: _ _ - EM:  &, & it's important to the city for a couple reasons.  JW?: _ _ - EM:  A)  We - obviously, the, the COE will review it in-house - JW?: _ _ _ _ - EM:  &, & make sure that the standards are there.  But it's important for us that if we ever enhance or reDO the levee or do ANYthing with the levee - JW?: _ _ - EM:  that we have the right to - ?: _ _ - EM:  tell these cross-over people, u gotta relocate;  u gotta move at your own expense.  CLM?: _ _ _ really - EM:  Uh otherwise, they may claim some sort of prescriptive rights or esmts or whatever. 


CLM:  & u better bet they will!  EM:  So I'm, I'm going back to Laclede (other ald are arriving) & ask that they execute uh a cross-over agreemt.  Uh we did have one for the water co that we negotiated after some arm-twisting but uh I don't know if there's others out there.  & if there are, I guess there ARE!  Uh I'm assuming there might be but - JW:  What's he talkin' about - EM:  just so anybody in this room - & Don's left - DLC?:  I think he's right here - EM:  but uno we, we wanna be on the same PAGE!  ?:  Yeah, we're gonna (go walk in?) - EM:  that the city WANTS an agreemt from anybody seeking to cross-over the levee. 


DC:  Ok.  JZ:  Ok!  JW:  _ let the English _ -  DC:  Ok!   CLM:  If u don't do that - DC:  I don't know uh - CLM:  u're gonna have - DC:  I, I have items B & C on this - ?: _ _ _ - DC:  cost share for the project  - ?: _ _ _ - DC: the total - can I take - EM: _ _ John - DC:  those off?  EM:  be sure it's only in-hand.  


MW:  (not this mtg)  Yes I did! I've got 'em right here.  ?:  I think it's about a judge.  JZ:  Umm  DC:  Fed sponsor funding for 2006, is - we - is that still - CLM: _ _ _ - JZ:  _ (if?) they have the money we need!   DC:  I mean - CLM:  Will u have the answer?   JW:  Dave - DC:  We don't have to go into that.  I mean we've got - EM:  Well, I'm _ interested in seeing - DC:  all the money we need to - EM:  who they work with but I don't think it's - DC:  to pay off the levee - CLM:  I think (he is?).  DC:  & everything around it.  EM:  I'll prosecute (then or them?) - JZ:  Far as we know - EM:  unless it's Denny.  JZ:  yeah.  


DC:  Now when we do all this - CLM:  I think (it's better?) - DC:  uh FEMA - EM: _ _ - CLM:  (to be a technician?) _ _ (he laughs).  DC:  stuff & all these maps & all this - EM:  (well or we'll?) make sure she's pro-prose__  - DC:  is that - is still a cost of the levee - JW:  We might have to _ - DC:  that comes out of the -


JZ:  The only cost - CLM:  I like that.  JZ:  part of the leash - levee cost is uh is the work that our hydraulics - CLM:  (Is it?) long as u're guilty dealing with the bastard?   JZ:  people are doing - CLM:  There's no tellin' who's doin' it  (chuckle)JZ:  the labor they have & the work they do to - JW: _ - JZ:  develop the - JW: _ - JZ:  info for FEMA & coord - JW: Three & -  JZ:  with FEMA & answer their ques's.  JW: he won't be able to (find or fight?) it tho.  JZ:  That's, that's a cost.   DC:  Ok.  JZ:  Just a labor cost. 


DC:  Ok!  So I'll be - I'm gonna take B & C offa there at our next - JW: _ _ - DC:  & just uho uh have a update - JW: _ _ - JZ: Uno I think it's a - I think it might be a good idea to leave - JKB?: _ _ - JZ:  at least the cost share on there.  But right now we have, we have an est - JW?: Was that - JZ:  it's still seemed - it still seems accurate;  it's a 10/04 price-level est but - ?: _ - DC:  I'll leave it on there!  JZ:  we'll update that as we, as we finalize our 4B contract &, & uno we get the lands finalized - all that will be dev'g eventually, a final cost est. 


So I think we oughta just leave that on that (chuckle).  DC: Ok, I'll leave it on  there;  I'll leave B & C on there.  CLM:  How about u leave 'em on, just say parentheses for future - DC:  Right, I mean we're just uno if we got any ques's or anything goin' on - CLM:  for future determination.  DC:  we'll do it.  Ok.  CLM:  So people won't expect it to being brought up & discussed & raise it.  JZ:  So in case we have to think about it, it'll be there to remind us (chuckle)


DC:  Well, we have & probably will have some more info by April uh - the next mtg in April on this maint work & stuff like that I'm goin' into & maybe some info on the structure repair at Vance & uh StL Ave.  So let's say we'll have another mtg 4/17 at uh the same time.  Uh I'm just gonna adjourn the mtg - all the - everybody's gone. 


3/20/06 LEV - Sec  11 of  11


How come u ain't in there?  EM:  He wasn't invited!  DLC:  I wasn't invited!  EM:  He was - DLC:  What, what they're doing  -  EM:  He was SUPPOSED to be invited.  DLC:  I was supposed to have been invited.  I did not get an invitation & I am not prepared to go & discuss what they're prepared to discuss, so rather than going in unprepared, I won't go.  (DC chuckles)


(MMW arrives)  DS:  Right over here, Mike, right over here.  Look at that, Donny.  MMW:  Anything been goin' on?  DLC:  U, u , u can go in, u can go in there, Mike.  DS:  No.   MMW:  Ok, can I?  DS:  I was just kidding if u got McDonald's but - (JZ  laughs)  DLC:  U might wanna help 'em _ - DC:  Ok!  I'm just gonna adjourn the mtg here & uh so next time at the 4/17 at 5:00.  DS:  Same time, same place.  DC:  Same time, same place.  EM:  Very good, very good!  CLM:  I wanted to commend u on controlling the snow uh situation & holding it off till after the mtg  (_ _DC chuckling _) have time for our mtg.  There goes the schedule _ (end taping)