MOPR'S  7/17/06  VP  BOA  MTG    MINS


Notes:   Mtg started 7pm;  at 8:13 a 5-min recess, then Exec Ses re possible litigation.  Standard printed agenda + Bill 1851 - An ord relating to Illegal Immigration within City VP, MO.  >  It seems that the city's Speaker Timer was not used tonight. Reminder about MOPR Mins:  barely audible speech is in italics.   >   Posted immediately below these MOPR Mins is MOPR's transcript of the 7/18/06 Fox 2 News broadcast re VP & illegal immigration.


Present:   RH,  DLC,  DA,  JKB,  MW,   JW,  EM (arrived a tad late),  Ed Walker,  MP,  MMW,  SD. 

Also Present:    6 city reps:  Pam,  DC,  JS,  TW,  JM,  LtMelies.     

Audience:  Guesstimate 25 + TV News cameramen.


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  1 of  27


JW:  Call this mtg to order of 7/17/06.  I have one Speaker Request Card from Marlene Hedrick (MsH). Please step fwd & address the bd. 


MsH:  I'll make it 2 mins & make it good & fast. Two yrs ago, a contractor with California Homes came & wanted to build 5 homes on Lookout.  He ended up bldg 2 so far & he has a pile of TRASH up there.  I called both of the aldermen.  I came to the city.  The last hard rain covered both Lookout all the way down to the viaduct with mud.  The city came up & cleaned it & swept it & the gentleman that was using the machine told me that the city was keeping the hrs & was going to bill the builder for the clean up & that.  They tore up the streets & piled all the stuff on a vacant lot up there & uh he has done NOTHING that he sat he in front of all the aldermen 2 yrs ago & the mayor & done what he said he was going to do;  & it's not very nice.  & I would appreciate it, thru my aldermen & the rest & the mayor & everyone, if they would contact the man & tell him to clean up. 


He sold the house without a retaining wall or either putting the sod down.  The display home doesn't even have sod down;  it's nothing but clay & mud & uh it's a mess!  & the brick street, when they cut thru on Forest, I would like to see the bricks saved.  Um it took quite a bit to get that redone & either used in one of the Parks Depts or either somewhere to make a flowerbox or something for the city & also to make sure that the 3rd St does not get ruined.  Those are all historical brick streets.  But I would like to see the owner help on your own clean up (of?) his mess.     


JW:  Ok, tks, Marlene.  I'll - Jeff, I know has been - JM:  Marlene - JW: workin' on that & (tryin' to?) make sure - MsH:  I know Jim's  - JM: _ agreed that - MsH:  Excuse me.  JM:  that (hearse's?) been in the same place _ _  -  JW:  Ok, Jeff, could u just - MsH:  Well, I know but _ - JW:  put a priority on that - MsH:  they're down there today - JW:  I know u been - MsH: _ _ -


JS:  Actually, uh I talked to Todd on Friday nght & he was rather surprised - JW:  Is that the owner?  JS:  Yeah, Todd is uh from CA Homes & I spoke to him in length on Friday.  He's surprised that nobody even had a tractor over there yet.  He's got somebody contracted to take all the debris off uh & in all actuality, he is uh going to be selling those 2 lots to a different devr.  MsH:  Doesn't he have to come back & change if he was going to sell those?  Did he ask permission to build 4 houses on 'em? 


JW:  Uh, I believe - EM, I, I don't think he has to as long as he's bldg homes, but EM _ - EM:  As far as the bldg permits, NO, hu-uh, he's, he's already - well, I don't even know - does he have those permitted?  He probably does(n't?).  JS:  Those 2 lots (_ _ _someone coughs_ _) that's on that are empty right now, but the other 2 - EM:  Those are all (fine?).  As long as he conforms with the zoning setbacks & uh height requiremts that - MsH:  If he has - EM: _ _ I think he's ok. 


MsH:  Uh the area where it comes down - everything's up here (hand-motions).  & another thing, he also sat here & said he would take the houses to the level of the ground;  he did not.  The one's - has approached - the other houses across the street is about this high, they were (this?).  He made both of 'em the same height.  He did not go - follow the ground all the way.  ?: _ _ - MsH:  I, I, I'd be thankful if he would sell 'em to another contractor or something.  But he has not held up his bargain.  He did NOT want his NAME discredited is what he stated in front of all of us that night.  But uh I would like to picket on 141!   So, it is a mess & I appreciate your attnention & I also appreciate the attention of the city, but I would like to see the bills when they're sent to him & when he pays for the clean-up that your men had to do.  Tku very much. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  2 of  27


JW:  RH, Do u have anything to add to the agenda tonite?  RH: Nothing, YH.  JW:  DLC.  DLC:  Just one - paint - the pkg lot here.  I think we need to re-look at that.  It looks nice but I think we need to look at pkg spaces _ _ - JW:  We'll talk underneath Jim's report.  DLC:  Tku. 


JW:  DA.  DA:  Yes, um YH, I'd like to have agendized um the subject that I think we (passed?), code enforcemt.  JW:  We'll do that uh under uh Jeff's report if that's alright.  DA:  Tku.  JW:  JKB, Do u have any items?  JKB:  I got 2, 10th St & the other_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 10th & StL _ _ Jim's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JW:  Is that it?  JKB:  That's all _  (_someone coughs_)  - JW:  Ald Walker, Do u have anything?  EWalker:  Not at this time, YH.  JW:  MP. 


MP:  Just one thing, YH.  The traffic that cuts thru off of Helfrich, it cuts down thru Main & Plainview down there where the traffic on 141 is all backed up.   JW:  _ _ Scott comes up, we'll discuss that under his report if that's alright.  MP:  Tku.  JW:  Is that it?  MP:  Yes, sir.  JW:  MMW. 


MMW:  Uh yeah, I'd like to discuss the use of sick days (for?) the city employees & then I ask for a brief Exec Ses for possible litigation - MMWorJW?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JW:   Is that it?  SD, Do u have any items? 


SD:  Yes, I actually have 2 tonight.  Uh Mr Pennise took my 1st one, but the 2nd one is with regards to the end of August, is Operation Clean Stream I believe.  I'd like to see if maybe the city can't get a contingent going to clean up Simpson Lake around the shores & _ _ _.  JKB:  YH.  JW:  The city has uh donated a uh dump truck & a backhoe & a couple of uh city workers to participate, but we'll have to find out about the uh Simpson Lake.  Maybe John has - JKB:  That's included in with the river.  SD:  Ok, great - JKB:  It'll be boy scouts probably over there - SD:  Excellent _ - JKB: _ around the lake.  SD:  Excellent.  JW: Any other items?  SD:  Not at this time, sir.  JW:  Tku.  Roll call, please (see above).  MW: (roll call)  8 present.  JW:  Would the Pres of the Bd, MMW, lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, please.  (Pledge)


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  3 of  27


JW:  Is there a motion to adopt the agenda as amended?  DA:  So moved.  JKB:  2nd.  JW:  Any discussions?  All in favor, say (ayes, none heard opposed).  Motion carried.  We have a bd mtg mins, wbp?  6/19/06.  DLC:  Move approval.  ?&MMW:  2nd.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  All in favor, say (ayes, none heard opposed).  Motion carried. & at this time, I'd like for MW to read - we have an Outstanding Citizenship Award to Mr Nicolas Snodgrass.  I believe Pam will take a picture & supply the plaque.  (MW reads info about Boy Scout Nicolas, etc & after cmts by Pam, a snapshot is taken of Nicolas, Pam & JW;  aud applauds.)


JW:  Do we have any licenses & permits?  JSorLtM?:  I can say we passed it - MW:  No.  JSorLtM?:  because we're (not or out?) in StLCnty.   MW:  No, sir.  JW:  We have no cmtes' reports. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  4 of   27


We do have one ord, Bill # 1851, would u read that _ _ - MW:  Bill # 1851, Pord 1708, an ord relating to Illegal Immigration within City VP, MO.  JW:  wbp?  MMW:  Move approval of Bill # 1851.  DA:  2nd.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  DA:  YH, the only - I do have this - a cmt that 1st, by passing this ord, I want at least my feelings to be known that any law-abiding person, legal to be in the United States, is welcome in VP & certainly within my ward;  that likewise, those who are NOT law-abiding, whether - regardless of what um race or nationality - THEY're not welcome.  So that's my reason for supporting this ord. 


JW:  Tku, DA.  Uh I adopted this ord - had EM uh draft-up a copy of the many cities across the United States that's following this example & I dont' think we have a problem YET, but I think there's - this will cut off any future problems that would & could happen in our area.  & is there any other c/q?  DLC:  I have one cmt, YH.  JW:  DLC.  DLC:  I think it's best that we move on this as quickly as possible.  I think that _ _ thinks this will be a problem - I hope we're not going to find _ _ _ _ be a problem (as anybody?) _ _ _ _ (simply or soon as we?) _ _ _ - MM:  Can't hear u. (he simply started to speak up!)  DLC:  The sooner we get up something of this nature, I think it's better off we'll be so I'm encouraging, pass this ord this evening _ _ _ -


JW:  Tku, DLC.  Any other q/c?  All in favor of this motion, say (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Is there a motion to read this ord - DA:  So moved.  JW:  a 2nd time?  MMW:  2nd.  JW:  Any discussion?  All in favor of a 2nd reading, say (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Will u read that Bill # 1851?  (MW does - same above)  wbp?  ?:  Move approval.  ?:  2nd.  JW:  Is there any other discussion?  Roll call vote, please.  MW:  (roll call)  8 yes.  JW:  Motion carried.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  5 of  27


JW:  Under the Mayor's Report - ?: _ _ - JW:  I know the uh all the bd members rcv'd a letter sayin' that the uh Sansone deal has uh not expired, but he's withdrawn his offer to - he's not renewin' any uh new contracts as far I'm uh listenin'  & - JKB?: _ _ - JW:  readin' his letter.  & with the bd's permission, I'd like to send a copy of that letter & a letter from the bd & mayor, explaining what has happened to the citizens who don't attend the aldermanic mtgs that might be havin' concerns because up to this point, we've kept every citizen up front & honest & uh uno relayed any info.  So unless I, I hear any different cmts - DA:  YH, I'd make the motion to auth the mayor to prepare whatever uh docs necessary to distribute to the residents.  SD&?:  2nd it - MP:  Question.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  MP. 


MP:  The whole town?  JW:  Yes, sir, we always did the entire city & everybody's entitled to all the info is the way I look at it.  MP:  Same here.  JW:  MMW.  MMW:  Yeah, I just wanted to be sure.  Does this thing go to the entire city so that everybody can know what sort of roadblocks they've encountered & what we intend to do & uno in addition to uh - JW:  Right, yeah - MMW:  uno perhaps the code enforcemt & some other issues along those lines _ - ?: _ - MMW:  _ would really encourage uno immediate notification of the, the residents & the citizens.  I think that's the right thing to do.  I think we're makin' the right call on this one.  Um the sooner they know, the better & we can uno hopefully move on & come up with either another idea or another approach to getting things fixed downtown.  MMW?:  _ _ _ -


JW:  We will & uh I, I think we guarantee that our - ?: _ _ - ?:  _ _ - JW:  citizens & code enforcemt is gonna be stepped up about 300%.  I talked to LtM, he has volunteered a uh StLCnty Specialist for 30 or 60 days, who is gonna be code enforcemt powers with, with Jeff.  So there, there's probably gonna be - u're gonna get a lotta phone calls from a lotta irate neighbors who DO get the citations & notifications.  & uno this is not just ONE area.  This is gonna be a CITY-WIDE event so nobody can say uno u're pickin' on one area or the other.  So uh just, just kind of warn everybody to be ready for some calls.  I know the, the bd has been wantin' this & uh uno there's no more excuses, well, my house is bein' sold or I'm waitin' for the buy-out.  Well, the buy-out's not, not happenin'!  So we can get back to the, the normal code enforcemt & upgrade our nbhds & I think everybody'll be a winner out of it.  Get with - DA?: _ - JW:  Jim Sansone & u got some cmts. 


DA:  Yes, mine was under Jeff's biz - is actually proably more of aprop time - um but again, I think u've already said what I've been wanting to hear, that especially in my ward, for many, many yrs we've been holding back, not only residents but bizs, on doing things & for a long time we used the levee as a - & I believe it was a legitimate reason as to not to do things.  Then the um the potential buy-out/redev came fwd, so again, we - &, & including myself, slacked back a little bit.  But now those days are gone & um what I've got is a responsibility, not only to myself but to my neighbors & the other neighbors, is to make our nbhd's, our homes & our props as valuable as we can. 


We made it (to?) the um, um opp to rcv the money that we MAY have, but nonetheless, we've gotta do what is best & um do our very best.  & one thing that I would ask um if the mayor would, to consider long police for a long-term.  Um short-term, we've got help thru the cnty police, but look into uh possibly our budget to see if we can find an assitant um for our bldg cmsnr for the sole purpose of looking at not only the (someone coughs) (routine?) or obvious conditions, but reviewing um ords on devs over the past.


I think our P&Z laid out many stipulations over the yrs, never to be followed-up on.  So I would believe that as we're doing not only the CLEAN up of the nbhd, let's make sure the bizs AND uno the private owners are, are doin' what their ords called for.  Um & I'd ask that biz not to exclude the paving of prop, um cleaning up of fences, painting bldgs - the things that the ords required & I would also stress that IF your prop was dev'd without a proper uh, um ord, then go thru the proper channels.  THAT does not grandfather ANYbody for anything.  Um we've now got our direction clear on how we're gonna go, so I, I ask that the bd & the mayor, which I'm confident will help us, lead us fwd. Tku.  JW:  Tku, DA.  Any other cmts?  DLC. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  6 of  27


DLC:  Yes, the uh - I have 2 cmts.  One is the P&Z - I know at one time they were working on uh new CPlans - I think right now with this reversal here, I think it'd be good for the P&Z to look at a CPlan for a zoning of this area that has being planned for dev & go to serious to look at it for a special residential whatever.  Now would be the time to do it. & also, u're talkin' about people improving their props & whatever, I go along with it 100%.  I've only got one problem.  We have some people who cannot afford to increase their prop up to the standard they want.  I would like for the city to look into possibly some grant money or cmty dev & things of this nature.  If we could get some money to where we could match funds with these residents or we could assist some of them that just don't have any income.  To help them dev their props to a better state, I think I would - it would be a great move for the city to do something with those lines.  So I would like to see something checked into this type of program.  I know that some things can be,  but if not, then I think that asap would be (even greater?). 


JW:  I know Jeff is aware that StLCnty has a lot of plans for different styles & age-groups of  people & uno & there is a lot of people who are willing to volunteer out here uh including ald that will do - uno some things, it ISN'T money uno & uh but there is funding & I, I guarantee ya, Jeff & myself & the bd is gonna find a way to help EVERYbody out, uno - DLC:  But we - JW:  financial & - DLC:  We do - JW:  need help - DLC:  have some senior citizens in the city who are living on a fixed income & they can't spend $10K to rehab their home.  So they need to get maybe some assistance or a financial process - ?: _ _ - DLC:  _ they need.  If the city could come up with some grant money some place to help them or assist them financially, whatever, I think it'd be a great asset to getting this project done.  Tku. 


JW:  Tku, any other ques's?  MMW.  MMW:  I, I said equipment.  So when uno we're - I, I, I agree that I think we need to do what we can to help the citizens out & therefore help ourselves out so anything we can do along those lines would be uno fantastic. Um I believe a while ago - it's probably about 8 or 10 months ago - that we passed an ord about the paving of some of the biz props here kickin' up a lotta dust & we asked that after a 6-mo time period that at least the plans came fwd for getting this completed so that should something like this occur where now that the devr's backed out, would we have things in place & I thought there was uh, a ticking clock on that as well.  & I was wondering if u were gonna fall under the code enforcemt ofcrs' uh -


JW:  It, it is as far as I'm concerned.  MMW:  Ok. JW:  Now if any bd member's got any uh sugs or, or things that they don't think should apply, I guess now is the time to, to speak up before we send Jeff out on, on this mission &, & the uh cnty police.  (chuckling)  Because I know &  I know we're gonna here like Danny said, we're gonna hear the word "GRANDFATHERED" come up.  I know that that's comin' & uh I just wanna hear what the bd's pleasure is on GRANDFATHER.  I think grandfather is gonna - an old line that, that means nothing but your, your (chuckle) GRANDFATHER & that's about it when it comes to the code enforcemt. (audience mumblings)  DA:  YH.  JW:  DA. 


DA:  I, I believe that grandfather - I think it's more of a MYTH than a, uh, a LAW - that what I'm askin' this bd is that because my ward is the older, oldest of the wards, um I, I do not want it to become run down & become a ghetto.  & the way u keep that from happening is to fix it up & keepin' invest into it & I think that's the direction that is clear we're going to do.  So that's, that's my point behind it.  I, I, I, I LIKE the 1st ward.  I live there, lived my whole life in it & I want it to be good for many yrs & this is the direction we're goin' so I'm asking for your help on that end - what DLC stated as far as helpin' the um, those who need it, those who legitimately need help, we do need to find a way to do that, also designate that.  Tku. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  7 of  27 


JW:  Uh we have a couple of late uh Speaker Request cards & generally I'm not a big fan of interrupting the rest of the mtg for it, but it IS about redev & this one time I'm gonna allow the Speaker Request cards.  But from now on, if I don't get 'em before the mtg, I'm not going to entertain them.  (Janet Renner's was late & allowed 12/4/06  without ado)  The 1st one is Florence Streeter.  Come up to the microphone please, & there is a 2-min time limit.


MsS:  I shouldn't be long at all.  Um I'm Florence Streeter.  Is this (mic) on?  Can u hear me? ?: _ _ - MsS:  Can u hear _ _ - MM:  I don't think it's on.  MsS:  No, I don't how to just turn it  _ _ - JW:  We was hearin' u anyway, or I was.  MsS:  (chuckling)  U weren't gonna - or were u gonna listen _ _.  Um - (JM manages to turn the mic on)  JW:  Jim's always havin' a problem with that.  MsS:  There we go.  JW?: _ - MsS:  I don't have a voice that carries.  JM:  U're authorized.  (JW laughs)


Ok, my name is Florence Streeter.  I am a member of the Old Town VP Nbhd Assn (OTNA), which as most of u have know because we've had a chance to talk with u all individually, was formed to make sure - uh kind of the liaison.  We were hoping to meet with the city & the devr to make sure info got out & everything, everybody was treated fairly & um I - we've heard a lot of good things here tonight.  I just want to let uno that even tho Sansone has pulled out, our nbhd assn is still here to help the city & we hope that we can continue in the capacity that if u look at another redev project, uno um possibly with more retail or something like that, whatever your devrs come up with, whether the push is to help people fix up their nbhd's, uh that u have somebody that u can talk to.  LtM?:  You're dreamin'.  MsS:  Uh uno, u can contact me & I can get a group together for u.  & also, tku for providing a mtg place for us (to or 2?), to get together. 


Uh there's been some rumors that have circulated & uno rumors are rumors, but it's that old - that our nbhd assn blocked this deal.  I wish that we could be so powerful to call the shots but just a reminder that, that land acquisition on this deal is a very small part & I think Sansone never even got to the point of, of that.  They didn't get enough landowners either signed with us or with Jim Trout. 

They uh - there's some new Eminent Domain LEG gonna be on the ballot this November & what HAS gone thru already, we would still be getting the prices that we, we could support that;  not like in the past where if u went to court on Eminent Domain u would just be slaughtered. 


& I appreciate the council too.  U guys put in your, in your uh redev that u could NOT use Eminent Domain on res areas & that was very important because there's no use in selling all your residents short & I think they see u've done & stood by us & done the right thing.  & um so tku for that but we are - we're definitely NOT against redev.  We definitely wanna stay in the loop & uh if u need us to help with anything, just let us know.  JW: Tku.  MsS: _. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  8 of   27


JW:  & I have a 2nd one;  it's either gonna be William Reynolds or Stephanie Reynolds.  I guess it could ...(exchange tapes, during which Wm Reynolds started by apologizing for arriving late, asking if it what he heard was right, that Sansone had pulled out, & stating that it's time to look fwd)...


MrR:...instead of looking backwards, & uno I, I'm all for cleaning everything up here & I think we need to start at the bottom & that includes like uno soda cans & litter, uno & I'm all for orange suits & yellow suits & people doin' a little restitution at the age of about 10 or 11 because uh uno if u're surrounded by it all the time, u, u're gonna, u're gonna BE in it.  So uh I'm all for cleanin' this cmty up.  I'd like to see the city make an effort to work with the citizens & the, the homeowners down here the way that uh it seems to me that we pushed this deal fwd with Sansone & uh & like I said, uh I'm here to work with everybody & let's just move fwd & clean everything up!  Tku.  JW:  Tku.  Appreciate the help. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  9 of   27   


I think I been - don't have any other items under my report.  I think all the other items were under everybody else's.  MW,  Do u have any clerk's report? 


MW:  The only thing I have is uh info that I put in your pkts about the MO Muni League's Union, the Annual Conf is gonna be here in StL, 10/1 & 4th.  Um I'm sure we'll be staying at home but if u would want to go, will u please let me know so that I can make reserva- or I guess we could (log up?). 


JW:  Is there a motion to cover the - MW: _ _ - JW:  uh cost of the uh event for, for each ald that's int'd in goin' this yr?  ?: _ _ - ?&?:  I'll make a motion - MMW:  I'll 2nd it.  JW:  Any discussion?  All in favor say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Hope everybody attends (in jeans?).  MW?:  (Oh, ok?)


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  10 of  27


JW:  PKS Coordr's Report.  Pam:  Well uh SD & yourself touched a little bit on Op Clean Stream which is ALWAYS the 4th Sat of uh, of Aug, so it's not just - anybody can come down & volunteer.  The Lion's Club graciously serves breakfast & I'm not for sure exactly what time that's gonna be.  U guys gonna be down there early?  JKB?:  7.   Pam:  7:00 the uh Lion's Club serves breakfast for anybody who wants to vounteer.  & everybody usually meets down at Green Tree Pk there if u're wanting to clean up the Mer, a section of the river.


Also I'd like to thank uh Danny Fowler for helping out with the uh, the PKS Dept & the Library teamed up this yr to start off the Library's Free Summer Program & Danny gratiously helped the little kids,  We had leftover bird houses & bird feeders, so Danny was downstairs helpin' the kids uno.  & kids had signed up, whoever wanted to make a birdhouse & a bird or a squirrel feeder;  they got one & that turned out really good.  That worked out really well & it was very well attended & I hope that we'll be able to do that again next yr. 


& if anybody knows anybody - we lost our pumpkin supplier this yr & if anybody knows anybody that has any pumpkins, we're probably gonna end up havin' to pay a little more for pumpkins this yr than we did last yr.  & the, & the drought's gonna probably play into that bkgd to.  JW:  Tku.  Are there any ques's for the Pks Dir?  Tku, Pam.  Pam:  Tku. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  11 of   27   


JW:  Dave, Do u have anything for the levee that u want to uh discuss about tonight?  


DC:  No, just to maybe tell that we're going to have the grass cut on the Item 4B which comes from the UP tracks to uh StL Ave, uh probably starting Wed of this wk.  & that's to - so the COE, on their periodic inspection on 8/9, can survey the uh extent of the erosion problems & the reseeding & uh how they're going - how they're gonna fix those bollards on the, on the levee down here, (as late as it's got?) JW:  Tku, Dave.  Any ques's of Dave?  Tks. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  12 of  27    


PBW - Director!  JM: Before I field any ques's that I, I wrote down from the ald, I would see if TW or if the bd had any ques's for Tom or Tom had anything he'd like for the bd.  TW:  Nothing ofc'l - just happy to answer any ques's that - if u think of anything during Jim's report - JW:  How about a update on the Master Plan of the Recreation Complex?  TW:  Ok.  JW:  Puttin' the levee in - (trick or treat or trigger trade?);  how's that?  TW:  Ok.  Well, we, we DO have - JW:  Come up to the mic. 


TW:  Sure!  Well, we, we DO have a uh levee CONCEPTUAL Recreation Master Plan.  Part of that involved the bottomwood hardwood mitigation that the COE had asked us to find a place for.  & as previously reported to u, we were going to try to find a place on city prop, so we didn't have to go out & acquire add'l.  We've done that & the COE has in-theory, signed off on that.  We are creating approx 7 acres of that bottomland hardwood mitigation.  However, we're not gonna just do it in one big block area like had been requested.  We've been able to find some prop that will essentially uh be to the south of some new proposed soccer fields & the plan that we have for that area down - that used to be the old Johnny Mac - we have uh room for approx 6 to 7 soccer fields down there, along WITH making room for the bottomland handwoods.  & the mayor has a copy of that in his ofc.  I'm sure he'd be happy to show u that.  If anybody requests any, any add'l copies, we certainly can provide that to u. 


Keep in mind it's a Conceptual Plan & uh we will be going to the next step once we get our final contours from the aerial survey of going to a grading plan.  I would like - probably, Mayor, at the next bd mtg - maybe some kind of sign-off from the bd that they DO like the Conceptual Plan, layout, that we have for the soccer plans, so - because once we start on the grading plan, then once, once we start layin' out where the grades are gonna go & how we're gonna move the dirt down there, but that's something that u really can't go back on.  JW:  I'll make sure all the ald get a copy of that plan - TW:  Ok. JW: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - TW:  Right.  JW:  within the next (few?) (someone coughs) (days.  They can?) - TW:  Right.  JW:  view it.  TW:  &, & if they have any cmts - ?:  No.  TW:  this is, this is a good time to do that. 


There, there's a lotta room down there;  however, once we get the contours, then we'll start layin' out WHERE we're gonna move the dirt, WHAT areas need to be filled in, WHAT WE CAN FILL in according to being in the floodway.  So we have some limitations.  Uh in other words, we can't raise the elevation of the Mer any higher than what it is now, based on what grade that we do down there because we're in the floodWAYS;  we're on the river-side of the levee.  So, BUT, we feel uh pretty good.  We've laid out some pkg areas.  We've laid out some soccer field locations, uh & we also have uh an area that potentially could be a uh playgrnd/shaded tree area for people that could go with the younger kids that uh aren't playing soccer, while their parents are over watching the soccer games possibly. 


So take a look at it.  Uh maybe by the next bd mtg, we could - at least give me a favorable yes, we like it, or no, we wanna change this, that or the other thing.   & feel free to, to do that at this point because then once, like I said, once we start on the grading plan, uh that's gonna be a lot harder & diffi- more difficult to change after that.  & we have to keep in mind also, we WILL have to run what's called a HEC Analysis of that floodplain to make sure we DON'T raise the flood elevation. 


After that, then we could move into the situation where we could put together bids, facts for a grading contractor or slash, PROPOSALS to several grading contractors in the area that would then provide that grading work, along with the FILL OP, the - well, we'll call it the Controlled Fill - where we talked about filling in that borrow area.  So those are the coming steps. 


Part of that also, we're gonna have to dedicate that hardwood area, that 6 to 8 acres, & that will have to be deeded & have a restriction to our property so that once we dedicate that & restrict that, then we won't be able to do that & that will be for perpetuity or forever.  So, take a look, feel free I guess to funnel cmts to the mayor.  Is that the way we should do it?  JW:  That's fine or the next - u won't be at the next bd mtg tho, will ya?  TW:  No, but - JW: (Pete's movin' in?).  TW:  but u can get me any cmts.  We can sit down & - JW:  Yeah, if there's anything -


TW:  if u could provide the mark-ups to the mayor, that way we have a funnel point & then the mayor can - we can meet & u can say, hey, here's what we like or what we don't like - look, lookin' good so far, go to the next step.   I just don't wanna do anything that's, that's something that u guys had not envisioned.  ?:  _ _ -


JW:  But I thought - just a reminder - to a movemt of that tree mitigation, that's, that's mandatory;  we can't, can't cut that back or change that - just for info purposes _ _ -  TW:   No.  But the - that is correct.  But the GOOD news is, u don't just have to take this big block of good, usuable prop & stick it out right there & say that's about, yeah, that's our vacation (there?).  We were able to find PERIMETER hardwood area, which then allows for - EM:  U, u, u may wanna mention - TW:  more fields.  EM:  that originally, the COE did want exactly that.  They wanted forest lands in the middle of  - TW:  (& filed?) - it's just - EM:  uno our holding center - TW:  Right.  EM:  just wasted space.  JW:  He's probably gonna put it there now.  TW:  THIS IS TRUE! 


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JW:  Is there any ques's for TW while he's here?  Uno uh Jim was probably gonna take care of it, but uh I'll give him a break.  Do u have any updates on the Forest?  I, I've seen a lotta trees been fallin' down & telephone poles movin' & - TW:  Well, Jim uno is out there more frequently than I am;  however, uno we're in the utility relocation phase & they're settin' new poles &, & that's probably gonna continue for a couple more wks before we actually start seeing the, the full road closures & the contractor out there actually bldg something.  But we do have some pretty major utility relocates goin' on & I think u could probably all see that.  So - JW:  At least the 2 ald in that ward, when they start rcv'g calls if, if they haven't already.  RH:  Can I ask him a ques _ - JW:  Go ahead, RH.  


RH:  Across from Strader's - I guess u're gonna straighten the curve out there, the way it looks, down along Pam's, like - TW?:  Yeah - RH:  (Pam's?) down before the stop sign _ _- TW:  There's gonna be a wall there & - RH:  _ _ so there would be a law, a wall on that side _ _ - TW:  Yes.  RH:  cut & slope - TW:  On the west side, yes.  RH:  Because I play golf with this guy every Tues & I'm tired of hrg that uno - TW:  There's gonna be a pretty large wall - DLC?: _ _ play golf _ _ - TW:  matter of fact, uno those walls - SD?:  How tall is it - TW:  was the ones - ?: _ _ - TW:  that added a lot of expense to the project - AP:  Like somebody else!  TW:  in order to, to maintain that, that wall. 


RH:  I thought so but I didn't wanna - TW:  Yeah.  RH:  say it to him (MMW chuckles), in case it was but - TW:  & there is, there IS a lotta walls on the W side of the project &, & not just there because there are some down the hill from there.  We're trying to - we have straightened the curve somewhat.  In other words, it's not gonna be totally straight until u _  (_someone happens to cough_) _ _ - ?: _ _ - TW:  Yeah, where we have been able to make grade changes - & keep in mind uno we didn't - we couldn't start from a clean slate like _ _ _ _ _ _, so. 


RH:  Well, my concern was, there will be a stone wall or a retaining _ - TW:  There's gonna be a Versa-lock style keystone or - RH:  I wanted to tell him that - JW:  Say u'll grant an easemt - RH:  but I wanted to make sure - JW:  _ golfin' with the guy!  RH:   don't like to tell somebody something _  - TW:  No, & that's all on the drawings & that's - RH:  I know - TW:  what we did - RH:  I told him it was, Tom, but I wanted to make sure - TW:  If, if - RH:   before I tell somebody -  TW:  Yeah, if u have any specific ques's, uh Jim has a copy of the drawings here & he's been involved in enough of these now where he's really got a handle on it, so.  JW:  Any other ques's for Tom before we let him outta here?  ?:  _ _ _ - ?:  No, I'll, I'll wait.  JW:  Jim, u're up.  Hope he caught a lotta your ques's.


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  14 of  27    


JM:  Yeah, basically, I was just gonna field ques's from the ald.  I believe as they can see, the mayor has had us doing quite a bit of improvemts around city hall & we're been doing various maint & cutting grass & things of that sort, um from the, the handicap ramp to the pkg lot, um to the fence. 


Um there's been a lot of activity in the bd rm out there;  um PA system, that, we're in the middle of installin' a projector system now for P&Z I believe. 


So there's been a lot of activity & which brings me to the 1st ques from DLC re the pkg lot.  DLC:  I just feel that is too many cars in too small a space;  u've got u're ctr rm, u've got 2 spaces up above or whatever.  Can we eliminate that & just put one space in the middle there to afford more room for people getting in & out?  We need a big - I know one reason they did that was because we need a big enough pkg for the city employees.  Are there other sugs or _ _ _ _ _ I got a sug - as long as u go out the back, u go over in that field, cut out some of that & put some pkg over there.  That way the city's employees could park back there, they would have room to get to their, to their shed or workshops out there or whatever u wanna call it.  It'll make it easier for them to get their work horses in the front.  The way it is right now, I'm lookin' at that thing & I'm thinkin' do these paintings & these biggers cars, u're gonna have fender-benders all over the place out there & the way that pkg lot is set up right now.


JW:  Jim, U got a min _ _ - DLC:  I may be - JM: U're the mayor!  DLC:  I may be wrong, but that's the way I look at it.  JW:  I had a - Jim had some ques's when I called this co in here to do this & uh I told Jim, we hired the professionals;  let's, let's try it their way & Jim DID have some concerns & uh I said well, let's try the professionals that we paid uno $385 I think was attractive cost.  It wasn't major but uno I, I think it is an improvemt.  We needed something!  So if we can adjust & uh I'd look - let it go back to Jim now. 


JM:  Um I, I was skeptical!  Um however, I, I, I did some layouts, I met with the guy, the mayor met with the guy as he striped it.  Um I had concerns but uh I feel the need is, for what we've done, I, I've watched it for the last several wks.  I see the pkg spaces being used.  I haven't seen any accidents.  I've heard a few skuttle-butts from employees that don't park within the areas & I've made it clear to my employees that I want them parked within a stall. The mayor went to the extent of striping this lot.  If somebody's gonna yelled- out for not following the pkg procedures which the pkg lot's laid out for, I don't want it to be my dept.  & I have told my employees that.  I was skeptical.  It is tight, but I do believe it works.  ?:  Well -


Um & the other area about the field here, um I, I'm not sayin' that is or isn't out of the ques.  There may be other designs for that field, uno um for, for other purposes in the very near future we may have to use that field for;  & that has been discussed in the past &, &, & can be in the future, but um there were some other items discussed about the mayor & some things.  We may have to use that prop for um, but um, with that, um uno whatever u sug & the bd wants to sug -


DLC:  Well, I'm just skeptical about some - ?: _ _ - DLC:  of those spaces there & uno & there's just an awful lotta - there's not that much to 'em.  U're takin' the bigger cars & vans - ?: _ _ - DLC:  & whatever, they're really bein' - ?: _(involved?). _ - DLC:  Uh as a matter of fact already - where I pulled in this evening, the uh - I think it's the city cars, they're parked with _ _ _ _ _ _ front end out a little bit, but I walked back behind it & there's only about that far from the yellow line, so it ISN'T just getting out, it's just the - just the fact that of big cars & they take a lotta space.  & I, I just feel that uh we're gonna increase the fender-benders out here.  I mean I may be wrong but I'm just a little bit skeptical about it.  I mean the spaces are tight & uh & backin' out & pulling back in, is just gonna be a little dangerous too. 


JM:  Um several employees do have large vehicles, including the mayor, including myself.  (AP's laugh)  Um I have a 4-door truck uh but & several of my employees do.  Um I CAN get my truck in the spot & it does hangs out but still makes the flow of traffic.  But however, Donnie, I guess the thing is, is I work for the mayor & u guys, u tell me to redo it & I, I uno I'll do what u say I can.  But it is working.  Could there be an accident there?  There's one volunteer/employee here at the city that works, that she's scares the death outta me.  I don't want her close to my vehicle when she drives in it, but other than that, I haven't seen the problem.  (AP's laughing)


Pam:  Can I, can I add - talk about that a little bit?  The - may I?  JW:  Sure.  Pam:  The handi- the 2 handicap spaces out here that the StLCnty CORP uses, that is a pretty tight space back there & uh uno they come in the back way, have to use the ramp there that the elderly people that uno associ- uno Lynn walks with.  & I, I did notice a couple of times, some of the people that came really had a hard, hard time getting out, out of those handicap spaces back there.  So I don't know if maybe we could design something where we put - let 'em just pull down that way & just pull out & go onto Vest.  I don't know, but it is hard for those old - elderly people to back into the handicap spot & try to back out again. 


JW:  We'll open a bid & Jim can look at it & uh all the handicap - it seems difficult.  Maybe we can relocate 'em & do away with 1 or 2 pkg spots to, to make 'em more accessible - is what I'd like to see Jim do if that's fine with the, with the bd or if everybody wants to blacktop over all the yellow striping, that's fine too.  But I like it;  think it's works but - ald, have u done, Don? 


DLC:  I'm, I'm just uh I'm just concerned that, that it's just too small & too tight.  I, I think we've got enough space we can expand, but I don't see any - ?:_ - DLC: _ at all _ _ _ _ _ (approximately?)_ _ _ - JW:  That's where we're bldg Jim's new PBW bldg over there.  U're wantin' to take his pkg lot.  No, I'm just - DLC:  _ _ (afford or for?) that -  JM?:  That, that - DLC:  As long, as long u got pkg space.


JM:  When it, when it comes to the, the older people coming in to do things with, with Lynn White, I don't see anybody comin' in except for when we're talkin' elections & things like that.  & we're gonna take precautions when there's elections & if there's - this city hall's bein' used.  We're gonna suggest that our employees park somewhere else or do something like that um as we have in the past.  Um I uno &, I, I will  come up with some other designs.  Um I may have the existing design that I had uno the day that I talked to u.  I, I don't know.  I don't keep a - ?: _ - JW: _ _ - JM:  real good track of that.  JW:  I guess new - what, what everybody was used to. They had wide open.  There was no lines & - JM:  Right.  JW:  & u didn't have to be able to drive.  JM:  People parked this way, this way.  There's no way - JW:  U could just drive sideways in there & park, so I mean (someone giggling) maybe that's - ?: _ - JW:  part of the problem too. (someone laughs)  MMW.


MMW:  (he & someone chuckling)  I was gonna say it's uh - it's, it's just a little different right now & maybe - uno it does seem a little bit tight right now, but why don't we give it a, give it a month or 2 &, & see if things work out & see if we get more use to it.  It's just a change at this - JW:  Hope they don't - MMW:  point in time.  JW:  hit Don's car.  MMW:  (chuckling)  Yeah, if they hit Don's car _ - DLC:  Don't hit the car.   JM:  One of the things I might - MMW:  Well, uno - JM: _ - MMW:  if it does turn out to be too tight & everyone's havin' a problem, maybe then we could change it.  The one other cmt that I - ?: _ - MMW:  I - that I had is we might wanna do something about the handicap pkg back here because handicap spots out front don't do any good at all because they have to get around to the handicap ramp to get up anyway.  JW:  Some of those should be back there. 


MMW:  Yes!  They should all be back there & we should find a way to have - uno put a sign up front & showing 'em where the handicap pkg is - ?: _ _ - MMW:  they can uno better access it.  ?: _ _ - MMW:  But when they swing in the front - JW:  Yeah, that's what I get too - ?: _ _ - MMW:  uno, put a sign up there saying handicap pkg in the rear - ?: _ _ - MMW:  & then just make that whole area as accessible as we can back there.  JW:  Why don't we let Jim play with it & - MMW:  Yeah, I think that's - JW:  see what he comes up with & maybe we can get a happy median.  That way I can say JIM did it!  MMW:  Yeah!  (he & JW chuckle)


JM:  I like your idea better!  (they laugh)  I, I really do think it works.  ?: _ - JM:  Um I was skeptical but I thought it was worth it.  I haven't seen - like I said, I've seen one employee, but we'll look at it & - ?: _ - JM:  I'll, I'll bring something back to u, Mayor.  (others mumbling)  JW:  Alright, tks.  Jim, u got all kinds of stuff but keep on goin'. 


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JM:  Uh I believe JKB had something at 10th St (bit or bid?).  JKB:  Yeah, uh the resient there said that the pipe that went down the road, said it stopped up & already backed up in his yard.  MW:  I think it was continued.  JKB:  It's not continued.   MW:  (Yeah?) - JW?: _ _ _ - MW:  _ _ - JM:  We'll look into that right away.  MW:  _ _ _ _ _ _ -


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  16 of  27    


JM:  Uh the only other thing that I had on my list - I think the other thing u had at 10th was bldg cmsn, right, John?  JKB:  Yes, _ _.  MW?: _ _ _ _  -


JM:  Um I, I didn't know if u wanted to discuss the employee things under my report or if that was gonna be done in Exec Ses.  Um so I'm just asking Eric, inquiring on - JW:  I'll ask uh EM.  When, when u're discussing sick days & holidays & uh - ?: _ _ - JW:  personnel, is that - ?: _ - JW:  is that Exec Ses material?  EM:  I, I don't think so - ?:  _ (can't tell us which?) _ _ - EM:  not unless u're talking (facilities mtg?) - JW:  Yeah, well, no, we're talking - EM:  general policies - JW:  general, general policy I believe, isn't it, MMW?  I'm not speaking for u but - MMW:  Yes.  JW:   it is general policy.  We can do it now.  MMW:  Want me to take it now?  JW:  Yeah, go ahead -


MMW:  Yeah, ok, my concern was I, I've heard that there are a lot of uh employees that are using their sick time as really holiday time or a va- excuse me - vacation time & just kind of using it as that - using it for that instead of what it was intended to be used for & I wannna suggest a change that, that perhaps the amt of the sick days that they get per year they use a portion of them, unexcused - JW:  I believe they get what - I mean now Jim's (got several tasks?) - JM:  7.  JW:  7?  7. 


MMW:  U mean uh have 'em - let 'em, let 'em have 3 unexcused where they can pretty much do what they want, & then the rest of 'em should be required to be actual sick time I think.  & um actually I think it all should be - ?: _ _ - MMW:  but if we're gonna slowly try to get things under a little better control here & stop the abuse that's occurring, um otherwise, we should just call it vacation time. MW?: _ _ _ -  JM:  Can I, can I make a quick cmt?  ?:  _ _ _ (days?) -


JM:  Since Jeff has become the mayor, that abuse has kind of went from this to this.  Um there has not been a whole lot of sick time at all.  I think people are, are getting the warning that - & understanding that sick time is for sick time.  Um I, I've seen a WORLD of difference in it um since we have a new mayor & part of that is my fault.  Um I never really enforced our existing, (our or or?) previous policies in the past as long as somebody's absentee didn't appear - interfere with our work schedule.  I felt it just padded our budget to cover any other over-run & I've stepped that part up on my part now & I'm tellin' the boys uno, uno u just can't come & say u're sick uno without uno - so - MMW?: _ - JM:  WE ARE takin' some measures just so uno.  The mayor has been communicatin' with me & I think even some of the employees & um & unless Jeff will disagree with me, I've SEEN a WORLD of difference in the, in the last several months. 


MMW:  Nothing - I mean my, my point is kinda 2-fold.  1st of all, to keep, to keep the city running at it should - actually 3-fold - & the, the - another reason is this is a tour of the general policy almost anywhere that u go to, to, to be employed nowadays.  U can't just use sick days whenever u want & I think that by just really putting it in writing in the handbook would solidify that.  & the 3rd, 3rd thing - ?:  _ _ - MMW:  & most important is one of these days, these employees are gonna need these sick days - JM:  I agree with - MMW:  & use 'em for what they are because they accumulate & when they really need 'em & they don't have 'em, they're gonna be in a real bad situation & I almost feel like I'm watching out for them up front here by tryin' ta, ta, ta pull the reins in on this one & I think that it would be a good idea just to get something in the handbook in writing, stating that this is the ofc'l policy here & -


JW:  If u don't mind, I'd place it by Exec Order in the LEG Cmte &, & we could do some investigative work & take some uh input from the employees & dept heads &, & uh I think Jim's right.  He has cut down the, the abuse a lot.  Uno I'm not sayin' that I guess every company, biz, city is gonna have a little bit, but he is correct in there, it's helpin', but I, I do think there is a little fine tunin' _ - MMW:  It might be good - have something in, in writing as to what the ofc'l policy is.  It's just good biz sense.  ?:  Yeah.  JW:  So unless uno any bd members have any problem, that's what I'd like to do with this problem - ?&?: _ _ _ _ - JW:  _ _ - ?: _ -  MP:  One ques, YH.  JW:  MP.


MP:  How does the handbook read? (people chuckle)  Everybody says - JW:  It says u got 7 sick days & uh I, I think even - JM:  CAN BE USED for sick time & um that the city understands that um not all doctors' appt'ts & dental appt'ts can be sched'd on your off time but too they, they - JW:  I'm gonna get - have MW go get that book & let her read it.  It's a short sec - read the whole thing & that way, we - JM:  Yeah, is it - JW:  can't say we're - JM:  it is very short.  JW:  That way we can't uh say we put words in anybody - not accusin' anybody of doin' - JM:  & if u don't mind, I'monna sit out since u're puttin' this in LEG Cmte - JW: _ - JM:  unless u have any more ques's.  JW:  Is there any other - did I miss anything for Jim?  JKB.


JKB:  Well, I'd like to know, are they allowed to carry sick days over?  JW: Yeah, they carry - JM:  YES, sick days do accumulate.  JW:  They accumulate.  JM:  Yeah, &, & uh MMW is correct on that.  Uno some of us will accumulate sick days & uh uno uh at one time I had a guy had enough time, he was hurtin' &, & was able to, to use personally or not at work & he was able to use 'em for the accumulated, & then other times I had people that DOESN'T save 'em & then hard times hit & uno, uno they're out doin' whatever & they get hurt on their own time & they have no time available. 


MMW:  Or they might come to work & - ?: _ _ - MMW:  not be able to really perform the way that they need - MW: _ _ - MMW:  to be because they're  - MW: _ u mentioned _ - MMW:  too bad of shape to really come in because - MW: _ _ - MMW:  they don't have the time saved up.  MW:  I'll tell 'm u're gonna get investigated _ _ _ - 


JM:  We actually even get reimbursed - MW: _ _ - JM:  some of them when we retire now, but it's um based - ?: _ _ - JM:  on a %age basis.  I'm sorry, John.  ?: _ _ - JW?: _ _ _ - MW?: _ _ _ - JW:  How about if we let Mr. Marguerite - it's real short.  EM:  Sure.  JW:  Go ahead, Eric. 


EM:  Um there's 4 provisions under our Sick Pay Policy.  It says that it can be granted to employees under the following circumstances:  employee illness & bonafide injury or illness, medical or dental exam, each employee('s, if under?) schedule routine dental, medical & dental appt'ts on their own time when it's impossible, except for the time may be used with advance permission of the dept head;  pregnancy shall be treated as (income?) under the (provision?), family medical _ _ may be utilized during the  pregnancy, childbirth _ _ _ duration;  finally, serious illness - serious illness of a member of an employee's family which includes the employee's children, spouse, or parent, (except?) the illness requires the personal & direct attn of the employee.  & then it, it does accrue uh 14 hrs per quarter, (or or for?) a maximum of (16 or 60?) days sick pay shall accrue, & thereafter, (it would be represented?) at 25% of your maximum 10 days/yr _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-


JM:  YH, Um when u put this in LEG Cmte, I have a request.  Would u also - uno the incentive that u had me working on?  JW:  Yeah.  JM:  Can we incl- tie them 2 into this?  JW:  Yep, that'd be a good time.  JM:  I think it'd be.  I just - that'd be because of what hitted me too.  I thought it'd be a good _ _ _ _ -


JW:  & that incentive Jim's talkin' about - we talked - Jim & I talked about it, the bd's - uh a safety awards program if u - u go so many quarters without an accident that uh u, uh accumulate time that u can use as a uh uno holiday or extra day off or for something like that.  & we need to talk about givin' 'em a nice car or a coat at the end of the yr that we have zero accidents, so hopefully we'll give away a lot of coats.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - JW:  Any other ques's for Jim?  Alright. 


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Scott!  POL Cmdr, u're up!  LtM:  U have a written report from - JKB: _ _ _ _ - LtM:  the POL Dept in your pkt.  JKB: _ _ - LtM:  In addition to that I would like - JKB: _ _ _ _ - LtM:  to mention that Aug, Tues, 8/1 - JKB:  _ & that's _ _ - LtM:  between 7pm & 9pm is Nat'l Night Out Against Crime.  The POL Dept encourages uh citizens to org their own block parties for flashlight walks or cookouts in their nbhds.  ?: _ - LtM:  The POL Dept right now has plans for 2 - what we would call Walk & Talks - where we'll have ofcrs that walk nbhds & talk with neighbors, individual people.  Uh we try to concentrate on different areas.  This yr we'll concentrate - ?: _ _ - LtM:  on Glen Eagles Subdiv & uh we'll be starting from here at city hall & walking this lower end - JW?: _ _ _ - LtM:  unless we get another nbhd that wants to do something. 


JW:  How, how small of a - can a nbhd be?  If u got 2 houses in - I'm just saying kinda dark - when they're - have a nbhd watch? JW:  Would that - ?:  _ - JW:  be considered a - LtM:  Sure, that's - that includes a nbhd.  I mean the whole idea of Nat'l Night Out  Against Crime is to get neighbors out, talking to their other neighbors & letting everybody in that nbhd know that there are citizens who are org'd against crime &, & uh just making that known.  So I think - JW:  MW just volunteered - ?: _ - JW:  (by?) now.  MW:  I don't think so - JW:  Will it fly?  MW:  but I have to.  LtM:  Ok.  JW:  She's sayin' if I assist u, but I - (someone chuckles)  ?: _ _ - JW:  Put her name down. MW: _ - LtM:  Ok, that'll be our other location then.  JW:  _ there's another alternate, (I'll?) be contact u.  ?: _ -


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LtM:  Other than that, the only thing uh special that the - ?: _ - LtM:  POL Dept's working on is working on the detachmt - ?: _ _ - LtM:  of that ofc for over in the public to uh cmty dev - ?: _ _ -


LtM:  & we're also obtaining some bids on special utility vehicle to replace the ATV.  Got some bids on that;  specting that out.  JW:  I think Eric has a ques for u.  LtM:  Ok.


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EM:  Not going to put u on the spot, but u & I - uno over the yrs ago that we've talked about code enforcemt down here & a Conservation Dist - AP? _ _ - EM:  um & I wondered if u could maybe expound a little bit on, on a Conservation Dist & - LtM:  Yeah - EM:  if u've got any experience in the cnty.  LtM:  I, I've had a little bit of experience with the Conservation Dist in the county.  In uninc'd cnty u need a vote of the people & I think it, I think it requires a certain %age of people to vote in a conservation area, Conservation Dist for it to become one.  & it - & then basically, what happens in that uninc'd area is it starts functioning like a muni.  They start issuing occupancy permits, uh stepping up code enforcemt, doing things that VP really already does.  It's a way for uninc'd to emulate that. 


Um but in addition to that I was uh had some dealings with Project Lemay where we met with cmty leaders, uh church orgs, with the cts, with POL & with code enforcemt, & we met uh - I think it started out like every other wk & we identified TARGET props & we followed those target props all the way thru till compliance um or the props were torn down or whatever, whatever it took to bring them into compliance;  um not just seeing them thru the cts.  But we worked on different things like uh NAN & there were church orgs that helped people that couldn't do some of the fix-ups.  They were - there's uh some different grants for painting exteriors & things like that. 


So we met in this uh group so that we could identify these & I think it - when I left the 4th Precinct which is the Lemay Precinct, I think there were 50 something props on that list.  So we called it a Top 10 Mtg, but in actuality there were a lot more than 10 props & they were at various states of disrepair or legal remedy & things like that.  So it's definitely something we could set up here that will probably benefit a lot of people uh as well this - it benefits the citizens uh more than the actual government body because they're really the beneficiaries of improving their props & their nbhds.  & we bring in all kinds of outside agencies & get everybody talking in one mtg. 


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JW:  I'm glad u brought up the uh new vehicle.  The city has allocated some money for the POL Dept to have a, a new - I, I guess we can call it an ATV - not a 4-wheeler even tho it is a 4-wheeler, but it's more of a small truck version-type.  & uh JM been braggin' but he, he just took a new backhoe - the city owns a new backhoe now, new Case backhoe & Jeff's got a new Blazer, 4-wheel drive Blazer - runnin' around doin' some inspections so we're, we're, we're makin' some good improvemts for the city.  


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I know he had one on cut-thru - AP?:  Uno I can't see _ - LtM:  Cut thru on Main.  JW:  Cut thru from - LtM:  That, that's, that's a little bit of a, um an issue & I think that we delivered some data & been workin' uh with Weis Design Group on - getting a grant for that area?  This is the area where they cut thru Jefferson all the way thru to Main.  I'm trying to show that that's actually a regional - TW:  Yeah, &, & we did apply -


MP:  Wait, no, they, they cut off at Helfrich & they come down Valley School Rd & hit Plainview & then turn on Main when the traffic is backed up & - LtM:  Yeah, they're usin' all public roads, so we can't regulate - we can't keep people from doing that - I mean unless u legislate something.  MP:  Well, they're making a L turn onto Vance to get around that little slow-winded light & then they cut thru the carwash, they hook on thru there & - ?:  Cut thru, right, right.  MP:  the people that have lived thru there, sit back around the curb to the subdiv to get out;  & there's nothin' nobdody's gonna do!  LtM:  Uh I don't know if there's anything u guys are gonna do (chuckle).  I mean we'll enforce any ord that u have!  There's not an ord - there's not an ord against people driving on the public roads to get thru to other public roads.  Um if we have a traffic control problem or something like that, we could certainly uh look at that or if u wanna make some kind of LEG. 


JW:  Yeah, we, we did cut-thru ords before.  That was just private prop _. LtM:  That's private prop, right. JW:  That's what we do.  It stopped.  If it was comm traffic, we could do something about that, correct?  LtM:  Or u could - JW:  We needs a car - LtM:  Right.  JW:  far as I'm concerned.  LtM:  U'd have to look at - MP:  There are cars, but I'm just sayin', they're backed up to Plainview there - LtM:  It's a volume problem is what u're saying.  ?:  Well then I sure hope - MP:  It's a problem that they're tryin' to get around that intersec where the lights are so slow.  (people mumbling)  LtM:  We, we will - tried to contract MODOT on those lights & - ?:  _ - LtM:  they say they're at their cycle-limit.  They can't cycle that light any longer.  Um actually I think it's cycled long, long as it'll go, but they say they can't do anything with the lights.  I've been in direct contact with them. 


JM:  I think it creates a bottleneck & that stuff.  It was u can come thru the town either way & I can sit over on the hillside comin' up, hittin' at 44 & look over here & I'm in a bottleneck of traffic thru VP, but I can look up the hill past Helfrich Expressway & they're just FLOWIN'.  & Scott is right;  we've contacted MODOT NUMEROUS times on that intersec with them lights & I don't know if MODOT - & I'm not put - accusable & I don't know if they're doin' it intentional, but - LtM:  No, it's not just the lights, it's the # of lanes.  If u go, if u go - u have to go down thru the RR overpass & the # of lanes are restricted there.  So u're basically takin' it from uh 6 lanes to a 2-lane - I mean to a 4 lane.  So u're cuttin' out a lane in either direction, maybe even 2 lanes & some on the north side.  Um so u, u can talk to the eng'g aspect of it a lot better than I could (chuckle)


TW:  Yeah, well there's no ques that interchange needs improvemt & I think it's gonna happen some day when something else happens to dev in that area.  JW:  Tom, Wouldn't that possibly be relieved a little bit when & if there would be a dev right there on that corner?  ?:  Oh yeah, _ - TW:  Uh well, we will FORCE whatever happens on that corner, that devr, to make the necessary changes to help alleviate that situation.  We will FORCE that issue as part of ANY dev that would occur there.  I don't think anybody from this bd will allow any dev to occur, including myself, without that issue being addressed. 


?:  YH, May I?  JW:  I think Scott had a little - _ _ - let him go - JKB:  Up in front of Plainview, I sit up there & drive more than 1 day, & within 15 mins, there was about 15 cars runnin' the stop sign - LtM:  Now we could definitely do something about that!  (someonce chuckles)  That'll help discourage a LOTTA traffic _ _ - JKB: _ _  - AP: _ _  -


JKB:  _ & woman pulled out in front of _  (_ _others mumbling_ _) _ comin' down to Main.  LtM:  When - I mean when I say we can't do anyting about it - JW:  Right.   LtM:  I'll,  I'll go up there & look at it & - it seems like it's an eng'g problem, but there are a lot of things around the edges that we can address & - JW:  Yeah, maybe if we just uh - LtM:  discourage.  JW:  (sitting?) in there, might be - LtM:  They (sorta?) noticin' POL cars in there a - ?: _  - JW:  When _ - LtM:  little more - JW:  (say or see?) it's vacant _ - ?:  (They can see?) _ load it up with_ - JW:  Yeah - ?: _ _ - JW:  _ they ain't no uh stop-sign violators.  LtM:  We can do what we can.  JW:  Hopefully, most of 'em live outta town. 


LtM:  U talkin' about this is uh in the morning or at night?  MW?:  All the time.  MP:  In the evening, late - JW?:  3:30 to 6 _ _ - MP:  The traffic on 141 - LtM:  Afternoon rush hour.  ?: _ _ - MP:  stacks up!  They just love to come down there & _ _ - LtM:  It just seems like there's little - just no good way to get to 44 & 141.  ?:  U have to show me.  JW:  Well, everybody wants to go the same way at the same time.  LtM:  Well, it's gonna get worse probably when Forest gets goin'.  ?: _ - JW:  RH, u had a -


RH:  Well, Tom said thru dev, so let's make sure when Sacred Heart, who's buyin' my whole nbhd up here, gets their dev started, that they have a way to divert some of the traffic thru to new 141 - JW?: _ _ - RH: _ _ & I want that in their plan.  It's gettin' old, VERY old.  Tku.  JW:  DLC.


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DLC:  Yeah, I got one far as the, the State at one time was, was studying that intersec, the intersec's of Elam, uh Marshall, Vance because that's where your traffic gets tied up & they were looking into dev'g something different on the other side, bldg, to maybe loosen that up a little bit.  Is there anybody that knows anything - LtM:  It was the - DLC:  that was done with this or - LtM:  the county - DLC:  _ _ _ - LtM:  had something like a town hall mtg. 


MMW:  I know the last, the last that I've heard about that, the cnty was proposing - I think some sort of a jug-handle over there & as far as I know they were expecting uh all the bizs, Moto-Mart & all those guys, to actually foot the bill for doing this - of course which isn't gonna happen in any big hurry whatsoever.  The cnty gets a great idea & no $ to back it up - it's (Bob Mahr?).  DLC?:  I thought that they was gonna do it, not the cnty.  MMW:   No, it was the cnty, StLCnty, yeah, our good buddy Skip.  


JW:  DA.  DA:  (If I could?) - again I apologize - _ got 2 group of friends.  1st, um I've not seen myself, but I um I've been getting some reports that there's a, a 4-wheeler goin' um on Vest Ave, um he's goin' east, then to the levee & ridin' up & down the west side of the levee.  Now I have not seen myself, but I, I believe it must be happening so - LtM:  & it wasn't the POL Dept - DA:  No, it was not u _ _ (_ _people chuckle_ _) - definitely not, (but that's the other or put that together?)


& um just in, in general, at least in speakin' tonight about cleanin' up, um do code enforcemt, um bldgs & structures, again, I, I have all the confidence, the cnty POL they do a good job, but now that we know that we're gonna have a nbhd of, of residents, 1st of all, I can tell u most of the residents in VP are outstanding, law-abiding citizens, but there is that one small elemt that is not - & again, I ask that special attn be paid to those who speak, especially now that we've decided that we're going to um rebuild our, our nbhd & make it right;  so again, nobody's grandfathered in that as well.  Tku.  JW:  Tku.  Any other ques's for Scott before we let him go?  Tks, Scott. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  23 of  27   


Jeff, u're up!  JS:  Alright.  I think uh JKB had - JKB: Yes, 10th & StL Ave - is that tree svc?  I believe it's the cnty, Cnty Tree Svc?  That's gettin' to be a junkyd out there!  JS&??: _ _ _ -   JKB:  I didn't think there was supposed to be any outside (svc?).  There's not supposed to bollards out there & now then they're startin' to bring in landscaping blocks.  JS:  I'll do it - put a check on that tomorrow for u. 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  24 of  27    


DA:  I think also,YH, again, I didn't bring this up, but on Vest Ave, on the 800 block in the apartmt complex, there's somebody (walkin' um up;  they're?) bldg walls.  So, I don't know if they were moved this morning, but they were there on my way to work this morning.  JS:  Ok.   JM:  YH,  I believe the prop owner removed the dead tree 'n her - it's probably from that dirt _ the tree.  If u look right there, there's a tree taken down & most of it's cleaned up, but there are 3 or 4 pieces there that's going in the ditch on account of tree.  ?&?:  (Stick 'em or Should come?) back in there - ?: _ _ - JM:  'em a letter - ?: _ - JM:  to ask the citizen to finish the work they started. 


JS:  I just (proudly or probably?) wanna thank the bd tonight for uh all the support that they are giving me & uh I know uh I especially wanna thank the mayor & uh MP & MMW for a situation that happened last wk that uh that they supported me very much on so uh - 


Um as far as the code enforcemt & uh clean-up of the town, uh I'm very willing to do everything possible to, to clean up the entire town, not just down here, but the entire town.  ?:  _ _ _ - JS:  I appreciate all the support from the Lt & the entire StLCnty POL Dept. 


JW:  Uno as everybody knows, Jeff's got a terrible job.  I, I wouldn't take it for all the money in the world (people chuckle) because uh everybody u're dealing with there is generally not happy.  (aud chuckles)  So I'm glad the bd's behind u, & I'm behind u!  Keep up the good job.  I think u're doin' a fine job! 


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  25 of  27    


?: _ _ - JW:  Yes, EM.  EM:  I, just wanted to add that Jeff, w-w-who, who was basically new to The Landings project, & I've been putting together some new tenant to stop a lot of this (default?), &, & they are in the uh pkt, but I did wanna note to, to the aud really, as well as the bd - ?:  (Oh god?) - EM:  we've got 2 establishmts that are definitely coming in.  There, there will be a Starbucks with a drive-in window.  Uh permits have been issued, occupancy when u got money persons like that. ?:  Mr Martin's one of our persons.  JW:  I seen some badly people around here.  EM:  Oh!  I'm tellin' ya!  Uh they'll be great! 


&, & then the other one is JJ Twigs - AP:  Let's call up all the - EM:  Pizza!  (JW cracks up)  AP: ones he's called.  EM:  & this is a, uh an establishmt with 2 locations in - ?: _ - EM:  in uh the suburbs of Chicago & this will be their - AP:  I think - EM:  1st StL (change or chain?) uno.  AP:  they meet in Chicago. 


EM:  Uh &, & I understand that they're quite well rcv'd up there.  JS:  Yes.  JW:  (Oughta hold pizza drive?)!  JS:  All I have is one other _ _ - AP:  (Why don't u write a page?) - JS:  I've been gettin' quite a few - AP:  (These guys?) - JS:  phone calls - AP:  (lie on everything?).  JS:  from uh over in SD's Ward, uh - ?:  _ _ u also. (someone chuckles)  


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  26 of  27    


JS:  Evidently uh some of the trustees have sent out letters uh with VP's name on it - JW:  Playin' code enforcemt _ - JS:  Playin' big code enforcemt & then uh basically stating they're gonna send all of the violations to city hall for me to take care of _ - MMW?:  Uno how he takes care of them (days?) - ?:  Yeah.  ?:  Sue 'em! 


SD:  I've been - I've got something to add on that.  I, I've been in contact with one of the trustees like 4 times & it's just phone tag & uh as soon as this mtg adjourns, I hope to have to a little lay-over opp to catch him.  JS:  I, I will talk to him at some time - SD: Maybe we can get - JS:  if u're willin' to give the - SD:  together.  JS:  name too, so - SD:  Maybe we can get 'em together. JS:  That'll be great. 


MMW:  I, I, I've sent Michael's call, but I fielded them & I told them that it was indeed the trustees & was absolute without _ doubt.  I know Ken Klimen is one of the trustees over - SD:  Yeah, that's, that's who I'm tryin' to hook up with.  MMW:  & uh I, I've sent the residents that I've spoken with in that direction too & I'm lettin' 'em them know the city has been unaware of the situation - JW:  All, all - MMW:  At this point - JW:  of our code enforcemt  - MMW:  At this point, we're - JW:  comes thru Jeff - MMW:  at neutral, yeah - JW:  Yeah.  MMW:  in terms of city code enforcemt, it comes from our bldg cmsnr, but he did not send a letter.  We will not be there at their beckon call.  JW:  Tku, Jeff.  JS:  U're welcome, Jeff.


7/17/06 BOA - Sec  27 of  27    


JW:  We have some bills.  Is there a motion to pay the bills?  DA:  So moved. JW:  Is there a 2nd?  JKB?:  2nd.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  All in favor say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried to pay the bills. 


Is there a motion to go into Exec Ses _ recess?  ?:  _  - ?: _ - JW:  Exec Ses with a 5-min recess?  (numerous people begin & continue speaking sim & indec as MW does the roll-call vote & her final results are indec - end taping 7/17/06 BOA - add'l, relevant transcript below)


 MOPR's transcript of  7/18/06 Fox 2 News (5pm?) broadcast re VP's 7/17/06 BOA


Female Reporter:   A judge issued a temp restraining order prohibiting VP from enforcing its 2nd try  (at an?) immig ord.  The city passed a NEW ord last nite with hopes the restraining order issued on the old one would be lifted.  Some VP landlords & biz owners say it's unconst'l & it's discriminatory to punish them for renting to or hiring an illegal alien.   Margo Schlanger, Atty for Landlords:   The fact that she struck it down, just temp'ly, it's not, it's not an ultimate victory, but it's a pretty it's a pretty big win.  EM:  I TOTALLY  uh, uh resent uh, uh any inference that City VP or its ald or the mayor are acting either mean-spiritedly or with any discriminatory intent here.  (he kept talking but they cut his audio)  Reporter:  Today, the judge said its a highly debatable issue, but questioned VP's authy to change a fed issue like immig.  Well, that cooler weather..."