MOPR'S   8/7/06   VP  BOA  MTG  MINS


Notes:   Mtg started 7pm, adjourned 7:57.  Standard agenda + under Bd Mins is Kristal Pierce - Dream Girl USA;  under Licenses & Permits is VP Memorial Post # 439 American Legion;  under Ord & Resolutions is Bill 1852 - an ord re-establishing an Ord of City VP to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest & substantial interests for certain ofc'ls;  & BILL 1853, an ord auth'g the expansion of Meramec Landing Park, aka River Park, in City VP, MO. 

>  As with the old ($5K?) mics, the ald & EM do not use the brand new ones, even when asked to do so.


Present:   RH,  DLC,  DA,  JKB,  MW,  JW,  EM,   Ed Walker,  MP,  SD.   (MMW on vacation - excused)


Audience:  About 12, including MO St Rep Dwight Scharnhorst, 93rd Dist, his Campaign Mgr Rene Artman + Reporter Mary Shapiro & an unfamiliar man who may be a reporter  +  city reps:  Roxanne, Cassy, LtM, Patti Laufer, JM, Jeff Schaub, DC.     


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JW:  Call this mtg to order of 8/7/06.  Got a few little extra uh things to do tonight - should be int'g.  First, uno uh all the city workers hardly ever gettin' a pat on the back - each couple of mtgs, we're gonna try to get each div in at one time to recognize 'em & thank them & let u see some of their faces.  A lot of 'em, u talk to 'em over the phone but u never actually see 'em.  & I guess I'll start with MW, the City Clerk & Collector.  Stand up.  (applause& laughter )  MW:  _ _ _ _ _ _  - JW:  Ok.  MW?: _ _ _ - JW:  We got Patti Laufer.  She's our bookkeeper & - MW: _ _ - JW: _ _ (applause).  Then we got Cassie Kollmeyer, Court Clerk (applause).  Roxanne Rupple & she's the Admin'r _ _ (applause).  & uh if we could dim the lights - we just got some photos & some things that's been accomplished in VP & uh we got a new camera we're gonna check out & test. (tape recorder turned off during video shown on huge screen in back of room till about 7:15)


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...JW:  _ _guests out in the aud.  We'll start uh, Dwight, with the young lady _ _ _ - RepS:  Ladies first!  JW:  Will Kristal... (tape recorder off while Kristal Pierce explains Dream Girls USA org.  Then MO St Rep Dwight Scharnhorst spoke from center stage) honor & a priviledge to rep u in the State House.  Believe me, I walk out there & it's serious!  I'm not there to pass a bunch of laws, folks.  I'm there to pass only the laws we need.  Have u run out of law lately, any of u?   ?:  _ - ?: _ _ -  StRepS:  I don't think u have.  ?: _ _ - StRepS:  We need GOOD laws;  we don't need a lot of 'em!  That's why I'm over there, like I say.  I've been uh - I live actually in uninc'd StLCnty back on Hillsboro Rd, behind Valley Mount Ranch.  So my svcs are from VP as far as Fire & that & I wanna mention this right away.  I need to thank the VP Fire Dept.  Uh my grandson is epileptic & autistic & 3 wks ago on Sat night, he had a seizure & your fine dept came to help Brice.  It touches me very deeply.  Fine men!  Good job!  AP?:_ _ -


StRepS:  Couple things I wanted to share with you - I have noted in the paper that your ald were uh wise enough, to me, to pass an ord uh making the English language the language of VP.  I think it's a great idea.  We did it at the State Capitol.  (applause) It's not _ _ - it's not about excluding anybody;  it's about INcluding everybody.  & uno yourself, more disagreemts start with a lack of communication than anything else.  If we all start on the same page, by golly, we got a better chance of gettin' where we're goin'!  So uh I wanna commend u for doing it & stepping fwd & being the kind of stand-up people that u are.  That takes a little bit of nerve. (applause_ _) who's a uh State Rep from from the Washington, MO area introduce it at the State.  We passed it over there as well so uh once again, congratulations.  I did notice coming by the little park by the caboose, that that American Flag's gettin' a little bit (hand gesture) uno, so I brought the city a flag that's been flown over the U.S. Capitol - ?: _ _ (applause) - StRepS: _ _ There's also a MO State Flag that's flown over our capitol.  So we got 2 brand new ones. (applause)


I'll tell u what!  You're living in a great place!  VP has got a bright future going!  Things, things are going in the right direction.  We just gotta make sure, all of us, that we pay attn & do it right because your potential right now is as good as anybody in StLCnty with, with the, the new levee - the kind of money that will come our way.  We all know it takes capital.  U can't, u can't get these things done & u can't have the kind of cmtys which we want without the people that have the money comin' to see us. So uh VP's lookin' good!  I can tell u right now, my home address is VP!  & uh I'm proud to come - I've been coming to the post ofc for 25 yrs!  So - ?: _ _ - StRepS:  I'm watchin' it go by too.  U got good gov't.  U're goin' in the right direction!  Keep up the good work!  I don't wanna take any more of your time.  I've got some directories here I'm gonna leave.  It's the State Directory.  It helps u with phone #'s that u can access me over at the capitol or other uh ofcs, ok?  ?: _ _ -


StRepS:  Please keep this in mind for your seniors & friends of yours that are seniors.  There are several programs now that are helping with prescription drug.  Merck just contacted our ofc & they will furnish drugs if u cannot afford it - free of charge.  So if u get into a situation where u've got somebody uno or a relative or somebody & they're having some problems that way, call the Capitol!  Access yourself of the kind of things that are going thru that Capitol that can help u out, uno.  AP: _ _ - StRepS:  The people that - AP: _ _- StRepS:  The people that can't afford it need the help & by golly, we gotta make sure we take care of 'em.  Not everybody can compete in this society.  Some people need a little more help.  So uh that - u can get my ofc # - I've got biz cards if u want one.  I'm gonna leave uh the directories here for the city gov't.  Sometimes u're goin' 'how in the world do I get a hold of 'em', well try coming thru the Capitol, ok?  Tks for having me!  Tk u, mayor.  Tku, ald.  I appreciate it.  (applause)  JW:  Tku, Dwight.  StRepS:  U're welcome. 


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JW:  & we have one aud participation request - MW: _ _ - JW:  & it's Maureen Morris.  MM:  Good evening.  Cmts for you & the City's Journal are that in the Fall of '02, my Condemnation by Judge Seigel, you & the Corps, for the levee OR redev purposes was overturned.  But then in 8/03, Judge Wallace gave you my only rental property - StRepS & aud members: _ _ _ - MM:  as she approved your redesigned paperwork which alleged  levee & levee detention purposes.  Actual purposes known to me are future muni redev & profiteering.  My Eminent Domain Valuation Jury Trial was held just last June.  Regarding the jury award, I congratulate the Corps' StL Real Estate Div Chief Hewlett, the Levee Cmsn, the mayor, the aldermen, the city & levee attorney, the city's appraiser, Ernest Demba of Demba Valuation Services, & former alderman Sidwell who provided valuation info. 


At the trial, Real Estate Expert Demba presented no Value by Income Approach on my income-producing property.  My attorney & I did, & based on our Fair Market Value CONTRACT of 995/mo, the result was a value of $203K.  We did not expect any such jury award with Hurricane Katrina still splattered everywhere.  Mr Demba, having been paid about $140K for appraising over 100 properties for the city, testified under oath that he has been investigated by the Appraisal Institute 10 to 15 times, is no longer a member, & that my property value was $54K & a Fair Market Rent would or should be 450/mo.  The jury, which included an attorney, agreed.  In declaring Justice, they simply labeled me Lucky at 995 & sentenced me to a value of $70K. 


Lastly here, my meticulous transcription of the 3/06 Levee Cmsn meeting tape reveals the following:  Levee Consultant Colonel McKinney's comment about Superfund;  Cmsn Member Don Smith's reminder of my presence;  the Colonel asking, "(Are) u gonna make her moot?";  Mr Martin's exclamation, "Doesn't that sound good!";  & the Colonel's suggestion to put me somewhere that nobody finds me.  I believe that he's saying in the levee.  Despite considering that a THREAT, I would like to attend the 8/9/06 levee inspection tour.  Is that open to the public, Mr Mayor?  JW:  Sure!   MM:  Tku very much.  Are there any q/c?  JW:  U have to uh furnish your own uh transportation or walk or - M:  That'll be fine.  JW:  well, it'll be walk because there's no vehicles on the levee.  MM:  That'll be fine.  Are there any c/q?  JW:  Tku for your info.  MM:  Tku very much for your time.  I appreciate it. 


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JW:  RH, Do u have anything that u wanna to add to the agenda tonight?  RH:  Uh, nothing, YH.  JW:  DLC?  DLC:  Not at this time.  JW:  DA?  DA:  Nothing, YH, tku.  JW:  JKB?  JKB:  I have 2 for _ _ police.  & I would like to tku u & the city workers for makin' the bridge & the park bench look so good & out by the (mini park?) by the _ _ _ _ _ broke off _ the concrete's (real bad?) _ _ (it looks good?).  JW:   No problem.  Them city workers all doin' good jobs so they get all the credit & I hope Jim passes it on to 'em.  ?:  _ - JW:  I'll get your 2 items whenever Scott comes up under his report.  Ald Walker, Do u have any items?  EWalker:  Not at this time, YH.  JW:  MP?  MP:  Just one thing, YH, when the lieutenant comes up, I have a couple ques's on _ _ _ _ - JW:  Ok, is that it?  MP:  That's it, tku.  JW:  SD?  SD:  Not at this time, YH.  JW:  Tku.  Roll call (see above) Would RH lead us in the (Pledge)  Just for the record, MMW is on vacation. He is excused. 


Is there a motion to adopt the agenda as amended?  DA:  So moved.  JKB:  2nd it.  JW:  Any discussion?  JKB:  Try to make this quick.  JW:  All in favor say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  We have the Bd mtg mins;  wbp?  DLC:  Move approval. ?:   2nd.  (Kristal & her mother leave saying tku)  JW:  No problem.  Good luck.  Tku.  MW:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  Is there any discussion on the mins?  All in favor of approvin' 'em, say (ayes - none heard opposed).  Motion carried.  Do we have any licenses & permits, Collector?  MW:  Yeah, VP Memorial Post 439 American Legion.  DA:  YH, I move approval of that & uh, uh - JW?: _ liquor?  DA:  _ _ - JKB:  I said I 2nd it.  JW:  Is there any further discussion for the approval?  All in favor, say (ayes - none heard opposed).  Motion carried. 


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Aldermanic Cmte Reports - I believe we have zero.  Ords, we have BILL # 1852, was it properly posted?  MW:  Yes.  JW:  Would u read it in caption?  MW:  BILL # 1852, Pord 1709, an ord re-establishing an Ord of City VP, MO to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of int & substantial ints for certain muni ofc'ls.  JW:  Is there a motion for approval?  ?:  So move approval.  JKB:  2nd. JW:  Any q/c?  RH:  Why does - I mean don't we do this every yr?  Is this -  JW:  I think it's every 2 yrs.  EM.  EM: Yes, it's every 2 yrs & it's on the books.  It's just that the, the uh Ethics Cmsn requires us _ _ - RH:  Nobody's in trouble or anything?  EM:  Not a soul!  (they laugh)  JW:  Is there any other further discussion?  All in favor, say (ayes - none heard opposed).  DA:  YH, I make the motion to read the Bill on the 2nd reading this evening.  JKB?:  2nd.  JW:  Discussion?  All in favor of 2nd reading say (ayes - none heard opposed).  Motion carried.  Would u read the Bill uh caption only.  MW:  Bill # 1852, Pord 1709 (same above).  JW:  Is there a motion to approve?  DLC?:  So moved.  JKB:  2nd.  JW:  Any discussion?  Roll call vote, please.  MW:  (roll call)  7 Yes, 1 absent.   JW:  Motion carried.


We have BILL # 1853, was that properly posted?  MW:  Yes it was.  JW:  Would u read that (quickly?) _ _?  MW:  BILL # 1853, Pord 1710, an ord auth'g the expansion of Meramec Landing Park, aka River Park, in City VP, MO.  DA: YH, I move approval of Bill 1853.  SD:  I'll 2nd.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  DA:  Yes, uh a quick cmt - JW:  _ _ - DA:  This _ _um is a great opportunity & um a very exciting project for VP.  & I guess I would be curious that (if or at?) some point in time, um with our design group, if u could possibly present another presentation outlining the details of this uh to get some int behind it.  JW:  U must be reading TW's mind because at the next mtg, he has a presentation that he's gonna present with a slide show.  DA:  Tku.  JW:  Any other ques's?  All in favor, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Is there a motion to have this Bill read for a 2nd reading?  DLC:  I'll make that motion.  ?:  2nd.  JW:  Any discussion?  All in favor of a 2nd reading, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carrried.  _ _ 2nd reading.  MW:  BILL # 1853, Pord 1710, an ord (same above).  JW:  Is there a motion to approve?  DLC:  So moved.  JKB:  2nd it.  JW:  Is there any further discussion?  Roll call vote please.  MW:  (roll call) 7 yes, 1 absent.  JW:  Motion carried. 


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I don't have any uh major things to report under the Mayor's Report except that uh the city workers & uh JM, (they?) repeatedly keep reminding everybody they're doing an excellent job & uh thank John for noticing some of the, the extra work that they've been doin'.  They even uh had a tough job of paintin' the very top of the city hall & a few uh city workers I believe it was uh Junior Reeves & Mike Yost - JM:  Mike Yost.  JW:  Those 2 guys deserve a real pat on the back.  _ _ _ climb a ladder & get on top of that little _ _ up there.  Everything else is goin' uh fine & uh I know the city's been uh rcv'g a lot of extra publicity over our passed ord & uh we'll just keep dealing with that on a daily aspect & I believe _ _ under Scott's Report, he might give us a update IF, & if there's been any uh - I won't say - VIOLATIONS  is probably the proper, proper wording for what I'm lookin' for there.  & I believe that is all that I have unless MW _ _ _.  I can always come back. 


Clerk's Report.  MW:  Um I have 2 things.  The 1st thing is I have a list of our current liquor license applicants.  Uh they just kind of turned in their applications during the day.  I will be turning them over to LtM for uh ref checks that we - that LtM talks about - provides a new (super?) application, liquor license application that's much more in-depth.  They have a lot more ques's on it.  Uh so I guess what I'm asking for here tonight is, if u will approve these if the Lt finds that there's no problem with these people.  DA:  YH, I - MW:  & I assume that if there's a problem, then we'll revisit & bring those problems back.  DA:  YH, I'd make the motion to approve the listed liquor licenses with the contingency that um that they, they check out these apartmts if not a 2nd time. 


JW:  Is there any further discussion on it?  DA:  Yes, YH, uh looking thru the list, I just want it to be noted that um there are bizs here that, that are op'd by legal um immigrant residents of VP.  They do a fine job uh & I know we had a few words of criticism about um our reasons after the fact.  Again, these are citizens of VP who are legally here & they are gonna rcv their biz license just as any other um _ _.  Tku.  JW:  Any other further discussion?  All in favor of the motion, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Any other items?


MW:  The only other item I have is at our next bd mtg at 7:00, we'll hava a PBH on setting the tax rates for our next yr.  JW:  Is it lower?  MW:  Uhhh _ - ?: _ _ - DLC?:  _ _ what we do.  (they chuckle)  MW:  Well, & that's not up to u.  ?: _ _ -  EM:  We're, we're proposing a lower res - JW:  Lower res rate.  Well, that's good!  ?:  _ _ - ?: _ _ - JW:  Come to the next mtg then (chuckle).  ?:  Ok.  AP: _ _ _ - JW:  Do u have any other items?  MW:  I think that's it. 


JW:  I did forget one item.  I have to thank the cnty police & don't ask me how I got it but I got elected the Citizen of the Month.  (laughter, applause & various indec cmts)  ?:  _ draw straws - JW:  I don't know.  U'll have to ask Scott how they came up with that thing.  Thank u a lot. 


Park Coordr is not here.  PBW - Jim, u're up.  JM:  Nothing, YH, unless the bd would have any ques's.  JW:  Anybody got anything for Jim or - JKB:  I'd just like to say, Jim, uin's are doin' a great job.  JM:  I'll pass that info on to the employees.  AP:  Bless your heart. (chuckles)  JKB:  _ _ _ when they got out there, _ _ _ _ _ thing that (bent - cost 800 a month?).  AP:  _ _ _ - JW:  A lotta people thought they were sellin' hot dogs (AP laughs heartily) because they had a tent & they was walkin' down the tent - the fence with a tent open, but it worked!  JM:  Yeah, it kept some of that sun off of 'me & I _ _ _ that it was like 100 degrees out there.  JKB:  Well, I stopped & asked 'em for a hot dog & they throwed a brush at me.  (they laugh) AP:  That ain't what I asked 'em.  (more laughter) 


8/7/06 BOA - Sec  7 of  10


JW:  Police Cmdr's Report - Your mic is droopin', Scott. (they laugh)  LtM:  Yes.  (turns podium mic upright but does not use it)  ?:  _ _ _ _ - LtM:  I don't have anything specific unless somebody has some ques's.  JKB:  I have a couple.  Ok, the - I call it the Old Panty, Cheap, Cheap Store or something, whatever it is up there - JW:  Cheap, Cheap cigarettes (as I recall?).  JKB:  Yeah & uh the Pet Shop - Wed or Thurs they counted 72 cars makin' a right, goin' thru the pkg lot, goin' down & hittin' the other (stop?) & they're doin' the same thing in the back, evening & morning now.  SD:  Would it be possible just to close off that pkg lot to Vance Rd right in front there so - JKB: _ _ gotta get to biz _ _ - SD:  Well, they could always get in thru uh Marshall Rd entrance.  JW:  Oh, u're talkin' about closing the Vance side off?  SD:  Yeah, closing the Vance side off.  AP:  _ _  - JW:  Guess it's something to consider & I guess Scott can bring back a rcmd.  I'm sure the biz owners wouldn't like that but - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _  - LtM:  We can step-up enforcemt.  JW:  Ok.  LtM:  Since _ - the trouble with the cut-thru, it just takes more than one person a lot of times.  So we'll see what we can do about it - trying to deter it.  ?: _ - LtM:  Uno the problem with that is when u're not there.  ?: _ -


JKB:  & the other thing is are there a lot of break-ins down here;  lotta stealin' goin' on down this end?  LtM:  Umm - AP:  I don't think any more. (some chuckles)  ?:  _ how u got your job - LtM:  We probably had - ?: _ _- (AP laughs heartily) - LtM:  had a little bit of an increase.  Uh we made an arrest yesterday that was related to several of those & hopefully that will get it under control.  There was a recent uh penitentiary release that we think might have contributed to that increase.  So there was a, a small increase over probably a 2-wk period.  JW:  But that's probably solved or - LtM:  Um well, we haven't seen anything this last wk so it's back off again, back to normal #'s, but there was a little bit of a spike & um we had a couple of what we call Wanted's out, where we have people entered in one & they've been - I think there were 3 of 'em - they've all been picked up now.  The last one was yesterday.  So hopefully, that will keep the spike down again.  JKB:  Well, I know there was 3 just right down the road from me that uh (Walt Smith?).  LtM:  Yeah, sometimes people don't report 'em so uno if anybody talks to u about that, please encourage 'em to call us so we know about all of 'em.  I think it was when Palmer was worried about (people?) _ _ (_someone coughs) _.  JKB:  Alright, tku. 


LtM:  & also, ask 'em to be diligent.  If they see anything unusual, call us.  U wouldn't believe how many calls we get on a Mon or Tu morning where somebody says, oh, there was somebody suspicious walkin' down the street on uh Fri night or I saw somebody at the neighbor's house THE OTHER NIGHT.  If they could call us when it's happening, there's a lot more we can do with it.  JKB:  Well, a couple of 'em that they got into, I don't think - if they would've caught 'em, they would've probably called _ him.  LtM:  Yeah, that's fine!  (they chuckle)  Yeah, but we'll help whoever we can.  JW:  Is that all, JKB?  JKB:  That's all I got.  (AP laughing)  JW:  MP, I think u, u had an item. 


8/7/06 BOA - Sec  8 of  10


MP:  Yes, YH, on the uh - there's like 3 bids in here for the utility vehicle that the police are wantin' to get.  What happened to Power Sports?  LtM: Uh, well, what happened was, we looked at several vehicles.  We drove um I think 3 or 4 different vehicles & uh we had driven the Polaris, which I think is what they sell over at Sports uh - JW?:  That's the Ranger - LtM:  The Ranger.  JW:  Polaris Ranger.  LtM:  Polaris Ranger, ok.  & uh uno it's a, it's a good piece of equipmt for a person to own maybe around their farm or something like that, but we were looking for something a little more comm, that's gonna hold up over a period of time.  So someone had sug'd we take a look at the Caboda.  So we brought in the Caboda & looked at it & we felt like the Caboda was a MUCH more comm vehicle.  It has an all-steel bed, has a 5-ft bed. It comes with diesel which allows us to fuel it right here in the city. It also has a govenor or an engine limiter that keeps the uh engine from going over about 25 mph, maybe a little more, uh which will be good because I really don't need policemen driving along at 40 mph in a utility vehicle.  Plus, the extra capacity of the beds can allow us to do some rescue work uh along with the fire dept because that'll actually take a stokes - u can actually mount a stokes.  We talked to uh another fire dept.  One of the guys made a call & that's what they ended up with was the Caboda because of the longer bed.  But basically it just boiled down to the Caboda seemed like the BEST piece of equipmt um in that, in that price RANGE, so we got - we just took bids on that particular equipmt, that piece of equipmt.  It's mfg'd in the U.S.  So it's made in Georgia uh which was a concern & was one of the limits but if um, if the city feels strongly about putting further limitations on the bid specs, I'll be happy to stay within the limitations. 


MP:  YH, my only thing - the bizmen & Power Sports put together that deal for the all-terrain vehicle that u all have now.  LtM:  Right, they think - uno they bought it & donated it.  MP:  & it seems like that this is taxpayers' money that we're spending.  Why don't we keep it in our own town?  LtM:  I'm not makin' that decision.  I'll be happy - MP:  I - LtM:  U - MP:  What I - LtM:  U as a body could limit the specs however u like!  MP:  I'm against sending this money out of our town when the bizmen plus Power Sports STARTED this;  & we're gonna send it out of town, that's WRONG!  So if, if this comes up, I will NOT support this. 


JW:  Tku - JWorLtM?:  U can get some other cmts.  JW:  DA.  DA:  I, I'm, I'm afraid I, I disagree with um MP.  This is taxpayers' money - AP: _ _ - DA:  & if we've got a piece of equipmt that will hold value better & serve the cmty better, um I think we owe it to be wise with our, our money & I certainly appreciate the donation that the um bizmen made early on.  Um I wish we had a Caboda dealer here in VP.  But again, I think we're offered a svc here & this is not a gimmick or a toy.  This is a piece of equipmt that will be used, hopefully for many, many yrs & I can tell u it's superior piece of equipmt & it sounds like um Lt Scott here has done his homework.  I think it would be the responsible thing um & responsible actions take place over how u may feel about um uno votin' for it just to _ _ & I, I regretfully disagree with MP but I do disagree. Tku.  JW:  Tku.  Is there any other c/q on this item? 


DLC:  I have one ques.  2 out of 3 bids, is that a percentage we made or  _- JW:  NO!  No - DLC:  _ (was giving the %age to the Mike?) or - JW:  Uh I guess that's why they're in there, as Scott's presented 'em to me &, & I was the one who was askin' if it was made in the USA, so that's one of my stipulations.  I asked Scott I'd like to see something bought that's made in the USA, so but (pause)  - DLC:  I was just debating!  I wanted the lowest bid comin' in from Steelville.  DA:  2nd that motion.  JW:  Any further discussion? 


MP: Ques.  Again, I'm, I'm still stuck on keeping our money in our own town.  Who is gonna actually own this, the police or the city?  EM?:  The city's buying this but - LtM:  _ city's piece of equipmt.  MP:  If, say the mayor or somebody needs to take somebody on that, are they allowed to use it?  LtM:  Sure, it's the city's equipmt - designated for the police dept I guess.  I mean - ?: _  - LtM:  I think it's just a matter of um accountability.  If u have a piece of equpmt that's gonna be used by - the more people that use a piece of equipmt, the less accountability there is so u try to limit the # of people, u try to provide for um inspections & svc, things like that, uh thru the police dept, thru our accreditation, uno every piece of specialized equipmt has a long list of things that we have to account for.  & um uno it still belongs to the city.  We will try to uh use it in accordance with our accreditation uh stipulations.  But um it's the city's equipmt.  They can use it or deploy it however they wish, whatever suits them best.  MP:  Tku, YH. 


JW:  Ald Walker, u have a cmt?  EWalker:  Uh yeah, I think there oughta one person in charge of, of who's lettin' use this vehicle.  JW:  My intention was it's the police dept's.  & don't get me wrong, if the city needed it to um run somebody to the levee or show an ofc'l somewhere that a normal vehicle couldn't get, I asked Scott that, if he gladly said that the city paid for it if we could take it whenever, (what) but I know the cnty police did the maint on the other one & if they can continue to do that with the new one, that's - I would hope the bd wouldn't have any problems with that (except?) I see a rare occasion that we'd ever ask for it.  It is clear that we could, so I, I don't have any problems (foreseen or perceived?).  ?: _ _ -


JW:   Is there any other cmts?  All in favor of the motion to purchase the equipmt at Wade's Equipmt for the price of $10,8-- MW:  $8K4 _ _ - JW:  8, 9, 88-9 (move up?) - MW:  10889 - JW:  10889 pt 40, say aye (ayes - one or more heard opposed - one may be AP)  Roll call, please.  (MW did roll call - MP opposed)  Uh motion carried.  Scott, I guess u can uh call up the uh - LtM:  Ok. JW:   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - LtM:  It'll be a good additon.  It'll be a lot more useful in the current terrain of the city than the, the other vehicle since we do not have any woods & things like that uno.  JW:  Hopefully, _ - MW?: _ _ - JW:  _ _ rescued but u'll have it there.  MW?: _ _  - LtM:  Well, u'll have a long trail when it's all done.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ -


MP:  YH, one more quick thing.  JW:  Sure.  MP:  What's happening with the bd on that - that the bizmen donated this?  MM:  What?  ?: _ _ - LtM:  Yeah, the _ _ _'ll have to be - I guess sold off in accordance with the city's procedures & the State law.  Surplus - MM:  Can u use the mic? (totally ignored)  MP:  Is it, is it hurt or anything?  LtM:  Um currently, it has some mechanical problems that need to be repaired.  AP?:  They don't _ _ - LtM:  We don't know what's wrong with it.  It - we think it's got a problem with the differential.  We've gotta get it in the next wk um to our garage & see what's wrong with it.   But we dont' wanna, we don't wanna put it on the auction or sell it thru bids or whatever until it's fixed & we know that it's in proper working order.  


JW:  & if the bd - LtM;  We have been - JW:  wishes, they could keep it for PBW or, or have both of 'em here.  I guess that'd be a good decision the bd _ make tonight, if they wanna sell it or keep it or what.  MP:  I'd make that motion to keep it because - LtM: _ - MP:  it's a back up for anything, anything.    DA?:  Yeah, I'd 2nd that motion.  JW:   Sounds like we've got the right direction.  Is there any discussion on that motion to keep _ - DLC:  I've got one ques.  _ _ _ _ _if u did try to sell it?  JW:  Uh I'm sure some, but - couple K bucks, I don't know. 


LtM:  Yeah, I think that the value is quite diminished in huge 4-wheelers.  DLC:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  - JW:  Long as Jim ain't out ridin' around the levee on his blood pressure or something.  (they laugh) ?: _ _ -  JKB:  _ _ _ _ _ - LtM:  It COULD come in handy during different kinds of emergencies, adverse weather & things like that.  JW: All in favor of keepin it - I hope u - MP:  Would, would (the maker?) include to have it fixed _ _ _ _ - LtM:  The cnty police - JW:  I would say - LtM:  pays for the maint - JW:  I trust _ _ - LtM:  on _.  U don't have to pay for it.  JW: (chuckle)  _ _ _ - MP:  I didn't say that.  (they laugh)  JW:  All in favor, say aye _ _ _ _ (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  MP:  I'm gonna get it from both of u.  JW:  I hope u get that Caboda dealer here.  ?: _ _ - LtM:  I think they'd do a good - do good biz here. 


8/7/06 BOA - Sec  9 of  10


JW:  Is there any other q/c for Scott?  JKB: _ _ _ _ - LtM:  I can update u on the current investigation _ _ - JW:  Yes, u would.  I'd like to hear that. ?: _ _ - LtM:  Uh I've been in contact - ?: _ _ - LtM:  & dev'd a contact over at the uh Immigration & Customs Enforcemt Ofc in StL to determine uh some protocol in dealing with the new city ord.  & thru past contacts & info that the ofcrs have, we'll be using that info to um make some informal contacts with different citizens uh based on reasonable suspicion & to try to determine if there are any violations of the city's new ord on aiding & abetting illegal immigation. 


Um with that said, we currently have 2 investigations that are on-going & uh contrary to the newspaper, we do have a plan of attack on these things & a procedure that we'll be following.   Generally speaking, the uh - if we get wind of a violation or the ofcrs dev info that they will prepare a police report identifying all the suspects, facts & circumstances of the incident & then they'll present that police report to the city prosecutor who will make a determination of prosecution or not in the city.  Um I don't anticipate, except in extreme circumstances, our failure to identify or where we are in doubt about a person's identity or we, we think that there's a possibility they may flee, that we would make an arrest right off the bat.


JW:  Scott, Can u tell me & the bd & citizens what u have to have to identify yourself as a citizen of the U.S.?  LtM:  Um according to the agent that I spoke with over at Immigration & Customs Enforcemt, commonly referred to as ICE now instead of the INS, he said that anybody that's um not a natural-born citizen, that doesn't possess a MO - I mean a U.S. birth certificate or doesn't have a SS #, should have in their possession, uh 2 docs, a passport & a visa.  There's sort of a combo doc;  it'll say like passport visa on it & that'll have an expiration date, uh & all the info. 


So if someone doesn't have those docs, there's a really good chance that are probably in the U.S. illegally.  & it's not uncommon for members of the same family to have a different immigration status.  U could have one person with work visa & then children or spouse without visas or passports.  ?:  Would they be illegal then?  LtM:  Yes, they would still be considered illegal.  The only person in that family that might not be considered illegal is a child that was born here in the states & they would obviously have a birth certificate from the U.S.  ?: _ _ -


JW:  Any ques's of Scott?  MP:  One, YH.  Can u explain how they work their card?  People who work their card & they're licensed out of state (but they're?) living in the state, MO?   LtM:  I don't know.  I don't know what u mean.  If someone registers their car in another state?  MP:  they live in this state.  LtM:  Well, that's a violation. I just wrote a ticket for that MYSELF tonight!  ?: _ _ - JW:  Uh-oh.  LtM:  Failure to - er out of state registered motor vehicle in - when a MO resident.  So we write those tickets;  quite a bit actually.   MP: Tku.  LtM:  The only - the other thing is that the only valid driver's license in MO for a MO resident is a MO driver's license.  So if someone lives in MO, they have to have a MO driver's license - well, with the exception of military uh personnel, but they don't really consider uno living in MO to be living in another state.  JW:  Tku, Scott.  Any other q/c?  Tku. 


8/7/06 BOA - Sec  10 of  10


AP:  I know (little time?) - I would  like to suggest a ques that was posed.  JW:  Uh generally, we don't.  We do at the beginning of the mtg, but I'll allow u to come up & u can have uh 2 mins to ask a ques, come up to the mic.  AP:  I appreciate it. JW:  Introduce yourself, your name & where u live & - MsR:  I'm uh Martha RodriguezI'm a resident of VP & I've lived in VP approx 12 yrs or so.  & uh I'm here because I became int'd uh about your uh ord that u just recently passed & which has been uno drawing a lot of attn. 


Uh I was wondering - & u mentioned that the person needs to have a passport & a birth certificate?  LtM:  (Be still?) - I'm - MsR:  _ - LtM:  What I said was that the person that I talked to over at Immigration Customs - MsR:  Right.  LtM:  Enforcemt said that GENERALLY SPEAKIN, if they're a legal immigrant in the U.S., they will have 2 docs;  1 of 'em is a passport & the other one is a visa.  MsR:  Right, but do they have to carry those on your person all the time?  Uh because I have a passport & uh - LtM:  Those are the docs that - MsR:  I'm afraid to lose it.  LtM:  we're gonna be looking for to identify the person - MsR: Right.  LtM:  as a legal.  MsR:  Right, well I would be afraid to carry a passport uh with me because that's a pretty valuable doc & I would be afraid to lose it as well as a visa.  If u're going to work, do u have to carry those on your person at all times?  I'm just wondering because those are pretty valuable papers.  I'm just asking the ques, but that's ok.  


LtM:  Well, most of our investigations are gonna be for people who are living here.  We'll be conducting them at their house.  MsR:  Right, right. Ok, & the other uh statemt - before I go on & before I forget, I do wanna thank uh JM & uh he has been real helpful to me & I know that overall in VP, he's been a real asset to the city & I don't wanna take anything away from what the city has done for its citizens & for itself.  Uno it's, it's a nice little town. 


I just want to say that in my perception, uh this ord that has just passed, seems to have a flavor of, of uh being unkind & intolerant & somewhat even punitive if u're going to fine somebody $500 for renting to someone that perhaps they didn't even know what may or may not have be a legal person or an illegal person.  Overall, it just leaves a bad taste I think about VP & I'm sorry to say that I hope that that will somehow be ameliorated &, & it will uh kind of give a better, a better uh perspective of the citizens of VP.  & I'm not saying that it was an intentional uh, uh intolerate kind of an approach, but uh I just needed to come up & say that. 


I am fortunate that uh even tho I'm a Latina.  I uh, I uno was born & raised here & my parents were born & raised here for generations, many generations.  But it just doesn't seem to have a real kind kind of a flavor to it & uno u hear little remarks.  I've heard 'em back there & uh it's really unfortunate, but I hope that somehow the people here uh will kind of look at that.  At least tku for listening to me & uh, uh I, I, I will be coming to these more often. 


JW:  Tku. ?: _ _ _ - JW:  There's no bills, right?   _ _ _ exec ses?  Anybody wanna make that uh (statemt?) _ _ _ - DA:  YH, I'd make the motion to adjourn.  JKB?:  2nd that, YH.  JW:  Roll call.  MW:  (roll call) _ _ _ - (end taping 8/7/06 BOA)