MOPR'S  12/4/06   VP  BOA   MTG   MINS


Notes:   As the Chamber Rm is being remodeled, this mtg started in city hall's basemt at 7pm, adjourned 7:50.  Standard Printed Agenda + BILL 1861 - an ord amending Ord# 1631 by deleting contractural svcs relating to administration of the plumbing code of City VP with StLCnty.  >  Also, but not on the printed agenda, EM has BILL 1862 (Sec 4 below).  >  Reference  PCO's  regarding:  DRG in Sec 8 below, & in Sec 1, "ORG" which should be DRG, VP's relocation consultant;  & also in Sec 8 below, GRG(D), Great Rivers Greenway (District). 


Present:   RH,  DLC,  DA,  JKB,  MW,  JW,  EM,  Ed Walker,  MP,  MMW,  SD. 


Also Present:  City reps  LtM,  JM,  Pam,  JS.      


Audience:   5 + a male newcomer who may be a reporter + Post-Dispatch Staff Writer Stephen Deere & Photojournalist JB (Jim) Forbes. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  1 of  18


JW:  Call the mtg to order for 12/4/06.  I have no Speaker Request Cards from the aud at this time, so I guess there is none.  (RH,  JKB, EdW, & SD have nothing to add at this time to tonight's agenda.)  DLC:  Yes, uh under the bills we have something from the ORG [sic];  & under Info, the Atty General's uh Conf;  & under the City Clerk's Report, I'd like to get an update on the ins;  & the 1st mtg of Jan, I think we oughta discuss what we wanna do about that.  AP:  (U watch him?).  DLC:  That's all I have for this evening, tku.  JW:  Tku, DLC.  DA. 


DA:  Um yes, YH, at the aprop time, probably under Ords, I'd like ta at that time make the rcmd to bring the sewer lateral bill out of - off the table.  JW:  Ok, we'll do that under Ords, tku.  MP:  Just a couple ques's on the uh plumbing code bill when that comes up.  JW:  Ok.  Any other items?  MP:  No, tku, YH.  JW:  MMW.  MMW:  A quick ques for uh JM about stop signs is all.  JW:  Ok, we'll do it under his report.  MMW:  Perfect.  JW:  Roll call please.  MW:  (roll call) 8 present.  (Pledge)


JW:  Is there a motion to adopt the agenda as amended?  DLC:  So moved.  SD:  2nd.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  All in favor of the motion, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  We have the bd mtg mins, wbp?  DA&?:  Move approval.  MMW:  2nd.  JW:  Any further discussion?  All in favor of the mins approval, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried. Do we have any licenses & permits?  MW:  No. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  2 of  18


JW:  We have the FWM Mins Report - would the MMW Chairman like to move those mins?  MMW:  Uh yeah sure, I'd like to move to approve the FWM Report dated 11/21/06!  EdW:  I'll 2nd.  JW:  Is there any discussion?  DLC:  Ques.  JW:  DLC.  DLC:  Uh There's a section there that says the uh bldg cmsnr would uh take over res & comm plumbing inspections.  Is that necessary for the uh other ord that we're wanting to adopt this evening?  Uh the atty -


EM   If, if I may - JW:  Go ahead.  EM:  Uh DLC, the, the reason we're doing - what, what we're doing - the ord that we would, would uh pass would, would eliminate cnty inspections for res & comm plumbing & the reason for that is, is that if we wanna use our own uh people to do the sewer lateral repair program, they must be cert'd as master plumbers by StLCnty & of course we're not!   Uh we, we don't have anybody here that is a master plumber, so therefore, we couldn't be able to pass cnty standards.  Um the City of Brentwood is, is, is one for example - simply does everything in-house.  Uh a master plumber is available in case it's needed uh, but that, that's the reason we're, we're doing this;  no, no other reason.


DLC:  Can we do this in the cnty without the - EM:  ABSOLUTELY!  We, we can go aheard &, & use the cnty code, uh talked to JS & he said he's, he's well-qualified to do both plumbing, uh comm as well as res inspections.  Uh the only thing that we're not doing is of course, using a master plumber in-house to do the taps.  As, as uno our water system - u - we had our own in-house.  Uh Don Smith &, &, uh, uh - JKB?:  Bob Rizeka - EM:  Bob uh Fowler did it, did it for yrs!   Uh, uh so sure! 


SD:  Do we need a master plumber?  EM:  Uh, I, I don't think we need a master plumber.  We have one available if, if necessary.  I, I think Jim had talked - where's Jim - u, u had talked to uh - AP?:  Too (high or hard?) to get up - EM:  2 outfits in town that said that they would be willing ta, to, ta assist if needed, didn't u?  JM:  OJ Laughlin's is, is a plumbing co here in the cmty.  Kokesh Plumbing is also a plumbing co the city has used in the past.  If there's a point in time we need to hire a licensed plumber, those would be my sources to (give away to the citizens?) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Midwest Drains is uh the uh very reputable, trained, um worked, worked on these sewers & they're uh, uh they're local here too.  Uh I would(n't?) be rcmd'g _ _ residents _ _ _uno how they did Ballwin.  


DLC:  Are we gettin' in trouble with the cnty by doing this or are we just uh stickin' our neck out here on - in some way uno?  EM:  Well, we can, we can choose what codes we want to adopt - so &, & if u look at the, the - there's a matrix in the cnty website.  I mean it runs the gambit!  Some cities do electrical inspections, some do this, some do that.  So sure, we, we can pick & choose what svcs we want the cnty to review &, & basically, this is for plan review.  Uno a homeowner comes in or a resident, or a comm & this is on their drawings, &, & they simply won't be reviewing the plumbing any more.  We'll (move?) that on our list of things that we'll be reviewing & inspecting. 


MP:  Uno rather than - JW:  MP.  MP:  wait until the uh ord comes up, can I ask uh ques's on the ord, plus this that's all tying in together?  JW:  Yeah, we're - since we're allowing discussion on it, we might as well do it, do it here & get it over with.  MP:  EM said something about Brentwood does their own plumbing inspection.  Does the City of Kirkwood also do their own?  EM:  Uno the only one I know is that - that I TALKED TO.  I -


MP:  I think there is only a couple that do that & they charge uh - they make the people take out a license when they do - EM:  OH, OH, we, we would too!!  I, I'm - but our - the difference is, we wanna do our sewer lateral repair program.  MP:  Right.  JM:  We will be requiring contractors to does work within the cmty to be a licensed plumber.  We're not requiring the city to be licensed plumbers to do repairs to the lateral.


MP:  What - I, I think u - I'm not understanding -  taking out a license WITH the city for their plumbing.  I didn't really figure it all out or understand it.  If we could check into that, I would appreciate that.  EM:  Taking out a license with - the cnty reg- regulates plumbing - uh, uh actually the State does I, I guess!  &, & there's a cnty plumbing license!  But -


JS:  In StLCnty & where, where - in most munis that, that are under StLCnty's uh jurisdiction, I think u have to be a licensed, either drainway or, or a plumber, in order to pull a permit.  In order for us to be able to be cost effective, uh using our in-house guys, uh that's, that's the reason why we, we have to go with - we, doing the inspections instead of sending 'em thru StLCnty, we're, we're delaying a possible emerg situation also if that sewer gets clogged up, uno they've gotta go thru cnty to get their plumbing permits & everything.  It's, it's uh it's (causin' it to?) (_someone sneezes_) & it really needs to be for minor repairs.  We're not gonna be changing entire sewer lines with this -


MP:  Well, I, I understand but I, I know what u're saying about it has to be a licensed plumber, but (if?) somebody's doin' a res _ - JS:  They still - in order for them to get a permit, with me doin' the inspections, they'd still have to be a licensed plumber or a drainlayer uh in order to pull a permit uh for new const or, or just a simple remodeling, u're still gonna have to get a - you're required to show that they're uh licensed. 


EM:  We're still, we're still using - we're not adopt - we're not - WE ARE STILL USING StLCnty's Plumbing Code - MP:  Right.  EM:  which is part of the Internat'l uh - JS:  Internat'l & Uniform Plumbing is what StLCnty uses.  EM:  So, so NOTHING'S GOING TO CHANGE, other than Jeff will do the reviews!   I mean u're, u're still - all the permits that are now issued, still will be issued;  all the requiremts are still there.  The ONLY thing we're really doing here, other than giving him a LITTLE bit more work, is that we're going to be doing IN-HOUSE, our sewer lateral repair program;  which in turn allows us to capitalize some things uh budget-wise &, & do things on a cost-efficient basis to the citizens.


MP:  Well, I'll, I'll do a little more checkin' into it & then come back with it again.  EM:  Ok. Now we have 90-day window - MP:  Right.  EM: uno to - we have to give 90 days notice uh out there;  that's, that's the only thing.  MP:  I'm just talkin' about if there's a license that they - people would have to take out from the city.  I'll, I'll find out more about it.  EM:  Ok.  MP:  Tku. 


DLC:  Back to what uh I want - on the - does this - on the new const, do we do the permits, inspection of the property & everything instead of having the cnty do this?  EM:  It's like JUST FOR PLUMBING &, & whatever else we do.  I mean what do u do for new const?  JS:  I do the footing & foundation, all the structural part, (_ _ someone coughs_) now & with this passed, I'd be doing the plumbing part.  Cnty would still do the mechanic & electrical inspections.  JW:  & if it's a major comm bldg, I'm sure JS is gonna let TW review it like he currently does any big plan that comes thru VP anyway, correct?  EM:  Exactly. 


DLC:  But the final const of the bldg itself, we do the inspection, say ok fine, u can go with this plumbing?  JS:  We don't do that currently - ?: _ _ - JS: but iIf this passes, we would.  DLC:  Instead of having the cnty do this?  JS:  Right.  DLC:  Tku.  JW:  Any other ques's before we vote on a motion to approve the mins?  All in favor say (ayes - only DLC is heard opposed).  A roll-call vote, please....(exchange tapes)...MW:  7 yes, 1 no (DLC).  JW:  Motion carried to approve the FWM Mins.


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  3 of  18


I did that biz.  Ords - BILL# - oh!  Guess we need a motion to uh move this - pull this back to the floor - DA:  Uh yes - JW:  if it's _ - DA:  YH, I'd make the motion to take it off the table, Bill 1861.  MMW:  2nd.  JW:  Any discussion?  All in favor of the motion, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Was Bill# 1861 properly - MW:  Yes.  JW:  posted?  This will be the 2nd reading - MW:  2nd read.  JW:  Correct?  MW:  Um-huh.  JW:  Would u read that, please?  MW:  Bill # 1861, Pord 1718, an ord amending Ord# 1631 by deleting contractural svcs relating to administration of the plumbing code of City VP with StLCnty.  JW:  wbp? 


DA:  YH, I'd move aproval of 18 - Bill 1861 on its 2nd & final readings.  MMW:  I'll 2nd.  JW:  Is there any further discussion?  DA:  Yes, YH, again, my reason for supporting this amendmt is because, 1st, the uh voters voted that we would enter into, instead of a um, uh, a sewer lateral program - & especially for the residents of Ward 1 where there's a lot of old plumbing coming from the homes - I see that they'll be able to take advantage of this & uh save themselves a lot of ope expenses. Tku.  JW:  Tku. Any other q/c? 


MMW  I'd just like to cmt - echo uh DA's uh sentiments.  This is something that the people voted on & they wanted.  I think it's a good idea that we do it by bringing a lot of this in-house to be able to capitalize on some equipmt & we're also able to provide our residents the most for the, the tax money that they're paying.  JW:  Any other q/c?  DLC:  Yes.  JW:  DLC.  DLC:  This is NOT doing what the citizens voted on.  AP: _ _ - DLC:  What this is doing is eliminating our contract with the cnty to do their plumbing inspections.  The other part we can do without this ord.  So there's a DIFFerence there!  So please don't say this is what the people voted for.  This is NOT what the people voted for.  AP:  Tku.  DLC:  Tku. 


JW:  Tku.  I just have one cmt.  I, I think this is a svc that's gonna be done in-house & uh, a lotta the residents that I talked to & within the cmty like to have everything in-house as much as they can.  So I, I personally think this is gonna be an improvemt for the city, plus uh, enhance some of our projects that we have comin' up - financially for the city also.  Any other cmts?  Roll-call vote, please.  MW:  7 yes, 1 (DLC) no.  AP: _ - JW:  Motion carried;  Bill# 1861 approved. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  4 of  18


EM has a BILL# 1862 that he's gonna have to read in its entirety.  EM:  Le, let me proposi- Mr Mayor, if I could - JW:  Go ahead.  EM:  Uh last yr, uh the, the General Assembly advanced the filing dates by a wk &, & always before we've been able to, to uh prepare &, & read & ultimately pass uh these ords setting the date of the election on the 2nd mtg in, in Dec - & this caught both MW & I - MW: _ _ - EM:  by surprise.  Uh we, we got the notice - MW: _ _ - EM:  uh sent to us uh by, by the cnty.  So that's what this ord is all about.  Uh Mr Mayor, would u like me to read Bill# 1862.  JW:  I think MW would appreciate that.  MW:  Yeah, I would. 


EM:   An ord setting the date of the annual election for the City VP, MO for the election of 4 ald each, one each from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards.  Whereas pursuant to MO Law & the ord of City VP, MO, general muni election will be held on the 1st Tues in 4/07 for the election of 4 ald, one from each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards for a 2-yr term.  Now therefore be it ordained by the BOA, City VP, MO as follows:  Sec 1, the general muni election for the election of 4 ald, one from each, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards for a 2-yr term shall be held on Tues, 4/3/07.  Sec 2, that the Bd of Election Cmsnrs in the Cnty of StL, State of MO, shall perform necessary election functions, i.e., designation of polling places for each of the 4 wards & the selection of judges & clerks for the handling of said election.  Sec 3, that the polls shall  be open at 6:00am & shall close at 7:00pm.  Sec 4, (reading very fast) that all candidates in order to have their names printed on the ballot shall file written notice of their candidacy, city clerk's ofc in person at VP City Hall, 220 {sic} Benton, VP, MO, beginning no later than 8:00am, 12/12/  (someone coughs)  06 & not later than 5:00pm on 1/15/07.  Sec 5, this ord shall be in full force & effect from & after its passage & approval as required by law. 


JW:  EM, Can I ask a ques - EM:  Yes, sir.  JW:  of u on this?  I don't know if it's a good time or your bad time, me to ask the ques, but when, when does the candidate have to have his taxes paid by?  AP:  1st of Jan.  EM:  Ok but there's -  (people chuckle) &, & that's, that's the right answer, but the 1st of Jan - AP:  We'll be down the road again!  EM:  u would be de- delinquent.  So if someone files on 1/12 & they haven't paid their taxes, that's fine, but they have to have 'em paid - JW:  12/12 u mean?  EM:  Yeah, 12/12.  JW:  U said 1/12.  EM:  I'm sorry - JW:  12/12.  EM:  by, by, by 12/12 or up till the, the 31st - JW:  As long as he's paid 'em before.  EM:  That's right, & then u have to have them PAID by the CLOSE of filing which would be 5:00pm on 1/15 - MW:  16th.  EM:  Woops!  Wellll - MW:  So - EM:  I-I-I'm sorry!  MW:  _ make that change - whenever u said that I was like ooo -   EM: Yeah, uh change - MW:  my notice - EM:  on the last line, it's no later than 5pm on Jan 16, two thousand - MW:  But that's a Tues.  EM:  & 7.  Ok, so, so u have to have your taxes done by 5pm, 1/16/07. 


MW:  Well, but can I say something?  U were saying that - EM:  Well, & then there's ANOTHER - MW:  U ASKED ME TO LOOK at it BEFORE the filing closes - EM:  Right.  MW:  so if they haven't paid 'em, then I'm gonna turn something in to u that says that they weren't paid - IF the cnty doesn't have the records if they wait till that day to pay.  EM:  Right, &, & then I think then there's another drop-dead date & I can't remember (chuckle) how that works, but it's something about u, u can pay - I don't know!  We don't need to get into it right now.  ?: Yeah, really!   JW:  (laughs heartily)  Ok.  EM:  It's, it's - just have 'em paid by the close of filing on the 16th. 


JW:  Is there a motion to approve Bill# 1862, Ord# 1719?  MMW:  So moved.  ?&SD:  2nd.  JW:  Any further discussion?  All in favor of the Bill# 1862 say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Is there a motion to read Bill# 1862, a 2nd reading tonight?  ?:  Make that motion.  DA:  So moved.  JWorEM?:  (whisper)  So much for that.  (someone clears their throat)  JW:  U moved 'n aldermanic 2nd - MW:  2nd, yeah.  EM?:  (whisper)  _ (this?) we have to sue.  JW:  Any further discussion?  All in favor say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  EM,  Would u read Bill# 1862 entire a little bit? 


EM:  Ok.  An, an ord setting the date of the annual election for the City VP, MO for the election of 4 ald, one EACH from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards.  Whereas pursuant to MO Law & the ord of City VP, MO, general muni election will be held on the 1st Tues in 4/07 for the election of 4 ald, one each from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards for a 2-yr term. ("reading" very fast)  Now that'll hardly ever be & by the BOA, City VP, MO as follows:  Sec 1, the general muni election for the election of 4 ald, one each from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards for a 2-yr term shall be held on Tues, 4/3/07.  Sec 2, that the Bd of Election Cmsnrs in the Cnty of StL, State of MO, shall perform the necessary election functions, i.e., designation of polling places for each of the 4 wards & selection of judges & clerks for the handling of said election.  Sec 3, the polls shall be open at 6:00am & shall close at 7:00pm.  Sec 4, that all candidates in order to have their names printed on the ballot shall file written notice of their candidacy in the city clerk's ofc in person at VP City Hall, 320 Benton, VP, MO, beginning no earlier than 8:00am, 12/12/06 & not later than 5:00pm on 1/16/07.  Sec 5, this ord shall be in full force & effect from & after its passage & approval as required by law. 


JW:  wbp?  SD?:  Move approval.  MMW:  2nd.  JW:  2nd?  Any further discussion?  Roll-call vote, please.  MW: (roll call)  8 yes.  JW:  Ord# 1719 is approved.  U don't have any other ords, right?  EM:  No, sir. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  5 of  18


JW:  _ _ Under the Mayor's Report, we had a uh Speaker Request that came in & I'monna allow Janet to come up & - Janet Renner/MsR:  _ _ - JW:  Yeah, go ahead, Janet.  MsR:  Ok, um Mayor JW & the VP BOA, Missourians Against Illegal Immigration support u as u go into the ctroom to defend your Ord 1858 in order to protect your Citizens of VP as well as all of u are against - against the destructive forces of unrestrained illegal immigration.  We are pleased to give u this check (chuckle) to help your city uh with the legal fees of the - of this landmark case.  Uh this monetary contribution reps citizen donations from Union, MO;  the City of StL;  Bourbon, MO;  Ballwin, MO;  & Wildwood, MO.  Tku for doing what u're doing with the ord.  I'm always nervous when I handle money (MsR & they chuckle).  Tku.  I don't know who exactly to give it to.  ?: _ -


JW:  We'll give 'em to MW.  We'll let her - think u oughta read the amt?  MW:  I think that, that she must've gave 'em the amt.  JW:  I'll bet.  Do u uh mind if we read the amt out publicly?  MsR:  I mean it's not very much but - JW:  Ok.  MsR:  sure it would be - MW:  It's a check for uh $300 from Missourians Against Illegal Immigration. - (various tku's)  JW:  & uh just for everybody's uh info, our website at {sic} - if u click-on News, there is a uh page where u can uh donate with any type of major credit card.  & I know they're currently comin' in in a regular basis & I don't know the total at this current time, but uh Roxanne put this together & EM helped her create the page of info that people read before they choose to donate & uh I thank both of them & everybody that was involved in puttin' that together. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  6 of  18


& the next item is uh the gift cert's for the city employees are always bought at this time of yr at Schnucks I think for $50 apiece for all city employees & I'd just like to uh get the bd's approval on doing that if - EdWalker?:  I'll make a motion to do so.  DA:  _ same as last yr?  ?:  Yeah.  ?:  Yeah.  JW:  Yeah.  Any further discussion?  JKB?:  I'll 2nd the motion.  JW:  All in favor of the motion for gift cert's, say (ayes - none heard opposed).  Motion carried, tku. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  7 of  18


I think that is all of my items unless we have something from somebody.  ?: _ - JW:  Is there a - u say there's a library bd - JKB?:  Somebody oughta take (the same ones that u do?) - ?: _ _ - JW:  Ok!  MW?: _ _ _ - JW:  Is there a motion to appoint the following people to the library bd:  Joan Shoop & Glenda Sidwell?  MP?:  I'll make that motion.  MMW:  I'll 2nd that.  JW:  Any furher discussion?  All in favor of the approval, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried.  Congrats to Joan & Glenda! 


& uh another item that DLC brought up, I guess we'll take under uh my part of the mtg is - we have 2 holidays falling in Jan for the next 2 - 1st 2 sched'd mtgs in Jan & uh I just need to know what directive the bd - I personally think that the 1st one if really in the midst of uh a lot of major holidays & uh would like to see us do away with that 1st - DA:  YH, (if?) I - JW:  mtg - DA: make the motion that we um not have the 1st mtg in Jan.  JW:  & the 2nd will be moved to Tues?  DA:  _ move to Tues.  JW:  Ok.  EdW?:  I'll 2nd that motion.  JW:  Is there any further discussion?  All in favor of the motion say (ayes - none heard opposed).  Motion carried.  Tku for the consideration. (searching his papers) _ _ -


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  8 of  18


EM:  I guess the next matter is this DRG - matter that uh DLC brought everything up.  JW:  Uh we can do the DRG under my report too I guess will all go.  DLC:  Oh, ok.  U have the uh (the fact of?) relocation svcs - WHY is the city being billed for this instead of the uh Mer Greenway? 


EM:  (speaking very slowly)  Under our contract umm, they are paying up to an amt that was appraised in 200 (_someone sneezes) & this is not a FINAL contract;  this was actually called a Memo of Understanding, I believe, MOU.  Um they did not offer, under their contract, uh relocation because they had no legal right to uh use the power of Emenet {sic} Domain.  That's, that's not part of their chow - charter or statutory powers;  only the city is.  JW:  Hu-hum. 


EM:  When we brought that up to them, they are cognizant of it, but they said that they would not, at, at least at the time we did the MOU - ?: _ - EM:  incorporate this within the amt of money they're willing to reimburse back against the city.  &, & the expense is uh - well, it's, it's not in-substantial.  DLC:  No, but I just wanted to know - EM:  Yeah - DLC:  Why we're being billed this - JW:  Hu-hum. 


EM:  That's, that's the only reason I can tell ya.  We DO have to go back & finalize our agreemt with them & the only reason we COULDN'T do it was, is we had to get THIS stuff on file - we had to get our matter on file; otherwise if u wait & file after the 1st of the yr, it cost u 25% more as far as Eminent Domain goes;  that's under the new statute.  So hopefully, this is something that we will recoup.  Um I mean we'll - & I'll certainly invite u along uh, uh when we negotiate out the final contract if u, if u feel - DLC:  I'm just curious - I'm just curious why we were - EM:  Yeah.  DLC:  being charged this as opposed to - EM:  That, that's the only reason that I can tell u - is that they, they - ?:  _ - EM:  indicated that they (_someone coughs) not pay us under - because they weren't allowed to under their charter, basically.  DLC:  (Talking?) just (a mtg or to me?), tku.  JW:  Tku. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  9 of  18


Clerk's Report.  MW:  The only thing I have is um - JW:  Dobbs Insurance.  MW:  next - yeah.  JW:  U got Dobbs Ins.  MW:  Oh, I was gonna do mine 1st, but if we wanna do Dobbs 1st - DLC?: _ _ _ - MW:  Ok, u want me to do mine 1st?  Um I'd like to challenge the bd, the mayor & all the um ald here.  Next Tues is the Seniors' um Christmas Party & I don't know that our donations have been as good as what they have been in the past & so I was going to personally put in myself like a $30 donation so that - because we have 100 seniors that we have to provide - or we try to provide some little type of gift cert either to a grocery store, or uh to uno Steak 'n Shake, something like that so that everybody would get something;  rather than just uno for instance if we just have $200 or $300 donations, not, not as many people would get gifts.  So I just wanted to let uno that & I'll be giving Patti my check tomorrow & - JW:  Did I hear the word challenge?  MW:  CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE - that's what - JW:  _ challenge - MW:  it's a CHALLENGE to get u guys to give some money.  So - & it's Christmas time uno - I just would like to take care of the seniors.  AP:  Can we join the seniors?  MW:  COME ON DOWN!  Come on down!  Yeah, I think their party's next Tues.  JW:  U're not old enough.  (they laugh)  AP:  Ok, well, tku!  MW:  So anyway, if, if u all would like to donate, um see me some time this wk uh so that we can try to make the holidays a little more happier for them. 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  10 of  18


& then on Don's note about the insurance, EM & I both spoke to um Steve Marsh - what, like last Fri I think?  Last Fri afternoon?  EM:  Yeah, I think it was Fri afternoon.  MW:  He's got 1 quote, the way I understand it, but it really wasn't finalized yet & he's trying to get another quote from another co.  EM:  He was supposed to come in today & - MW:  Right!  EM:  evidently, he's (passed none?) - MW:  Right!  But it - he thought that it looked good at least, because we were gonna have 2 people quote, we think;  whereas we didn't know if we were gonna get any quotes at all.  So - but I don't have it in my hands yet - EM:  &, &, & DLC - MW:  _ go ahead -


EM:  if worse gets worse, we can go back to MOPERM, MO uh, uh Public Entity Fund.  We had - because we withdrew, we had to wait 5 yrs, but that 5-yr waiting period's over.  The, the only reason we got out of MOPERM in the 1st place was, at the time, MOPERM wasn't offering uh public employee or ofcrs' uh, uh liability EXCESS policies.  & I don't know what the status is, if they're doing that now or not;  but I know Steve had indicated he could go out PRIVATELY &, & get that in the event that we, we can't RENEW with, with our current liability carriers.


DLC:  Yeah, the reason I'm asking is this - uno the one policy is supposed to lapse at the end of the yr - EM:  Oh, we're, we're gettin' close!  DLC:  I don't want us sittin' up here without ins!  EM:  Yes, sir (someone chuckles) u're, u're absolutely right..  DLC:  Tku.  MW:  Thats the only thing I have.  JW:  Any other ques's for the clerk? 


12/4/06 BOA - Sec  11 of  18


Parks Coordr - any c/q?  Pam:  Yes, I do.  Uh a few mtgs ago when I wasn't here, uh u guys voted to change the name of the Winter Festival to the Holiday Festival & if I was consulted or asked at that time, I would've been against it & this is the reason why:  uh it's just not a name;  we, we have signs.  Uh we have signs that are - already been made up for a couple yrs & uh to have those signs replaced is probably gonna be close to about $2K.  Uh we've got signs that go in the decorating contest.  We do to each ward & select a home in each ward & a biz & a non-profit org uh toward the uno middle of Dec, & we made - when we stick this big, huge metal sign which is probably about - it's pretty big - in their place of biz or their residence & it says Winner Winter Festival on it.  So uh if we're gonna keep the name of the holiday festival that u guys have decided, then I'm asking for uh more funds so that we can have those uh signs changed. 


JW:  DA, I think u brought this up - DA:  Yeah, so again, I - JW:  so maybe u can shed some light on the logic there just to help the director.  DA:  Again, mine was for - because I personally had residents who uno believe that the Christmas & holiday season is more than just a winter festival.  & that was shared to me & I just merely reflected what they said & um altho it may be late this yr, I still stand by uno my desire & their desire to have it be something more than a winter fest - opp to, to celebrate THEIR various holidays.  & again, I'm not sure what the cost - & certainly we didn't discuss the cost at that time;  however, I still stand by that I would like for it to ofc'ly be named the Holiday Festival, & the mayor, be auth'd to take whatever method is necessary to accommodate that.  JW:  I don't personally think that somebody's gonna be upset by that sign bein' that, that small of a difference in their front yard.  Maybe I'm not readin' into it deep enough.  If I'm not, please, somebody speak up & say they think we need new signs.  I'm not seein' that deep into it. 


Pam:  Well, does that mean from what DA is saying now, then next yr - I mean for now it stays the word festival because we have those signs, but next yr, if he wants it the Holiday Festival, are u guys gonna put in the budget for about $2K more for signs to be changed?  I mean - DA:  YH, that would be my intention.  I, I, I don't think that I'monna be or anybody's gonna be so offended this yr that it needs to come at an expense at this point in time.  But I would ask at the time of next yr's budget for the BOA to consider that;  & if we have any more, any more ofc'l advertisemt of it, or cancellation, that it be noted as the Holiday Fest as opposed to the Winter Fest because again, I think mine & the bd's intent was for a purpose - JW:  Right.  DA:  more than just a sign.  But again, I'm not offended &, & I certainly understand - JW:  Right.  DA:  the logic at this point. 


JW:  Yeah, & uno just for bein' fair too with Pam & the bd, I believe that she was gone on vacation or sick or she wasn't here the night that that went down, so that's the reason why she was unaware I guess until she got back that something had changed, so.  DA:  Again, I'm not offended.  Pam:  & not that it's earth-schattering or anything, but I would've preferred maybe if DA may come to a PKS Bd mtg or something or maybe mention it because uno we had - kinda got changed & the Park Bd members didn't know it was changed or anything & it was kinda - kinda just out there, so -


DA:  Again, I guess I could come to a Park Bd but I did it in a public mtg that was advertised - Pam:  Ok.. DA:  Again, I, I don't think there's any harm.  I'm not mad, not angry about it.  I just would like to, before next yr, that we're all on the same page on this - if this is the bd's desire as it was when we voted on it, so - Pam:  Then at this time, I would uh ask that the record would reflect that DA has asked for the uh, the next yr's budget to reflect that uh those signs all be changed.  Because the little signs that are out, like are - were out, I usually take those right away to the other place & we change the date & whatever on it, so all those will have to be made new then.  DA:  U're doin' a fantastic job by the way, & so this is just for the purpose of the naming - Pam:  Ok.  I, I just wanna make sure that uno the money's budgeted so somebody in July doesn't say, oh, we don't have the money for that _ all upset.


By the way, with the Caboose, we'll have Santa up there this wkend, Sat or Sun from 2 to 4 -  EM?  (That's overtime?) - Pam:  (Um that's for free of them too?) for the kids. 


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Uh also, I wanted to bring up the Brignole Ctr for election.  Uh 1st of all, the last election we had there, it took the election bd QUITE a long time to uh to get their equipmt out of the uh Brignole Ctr & we do have those uh - the Brignole Ctr rented uno quite often, especially just about every Sat & Sun & I think it was all, all - over a wk, 8 later, that they came & picked up their stuff.  So I don't know who uh - uno maybe we can tell whoever has the election or whoever's in charge of scheduling that room or whatever when there's elections, that that was a problem.  Uno they were large _ _ boxes & they were just kinda sittin' in the middle & - JW:  We'll have somebody contact 'em & ask 'em to uh -


Pam:  & it's been brought to my attn &, & probably anybody that goes to the Brignole Ctr, that there's absolutely no pkg.  I don't know if u cities want to discuss this a little bit better, but if we have a major election like a Pres'l Election, I don't think that the Brignole Ctr - ?: _ _ - Pam:  is the ideal place to have that - MW: _ - Pam:  type of election.   MW:  _ got less pkg - JKB?: I agree with u 100% - MW:  That's why _ - Pam:  & maybe - ?: _ _ - Pam:  MAYBE the city can work with uh the - MW:  couldn't get up the ramp - Pam:  election bd - the - MW:  _ - Pam:  election cmsn or whatever maybe if _- ?:  & that's right _ - Pam:  _ we could switch it to uno Sacred Heart Church or something for larger elections. 


JW:  I don't think we control over where, where they - they pick to poll at.  I mean that's - VP can't say u're gonna do it at the church or - Pam:  Well, I know - JW:  or the city hall.  Pam:  people don't like it here because it - JW:  Right!  A lot of 'em can't get up the ramp - Pam:  That's right - JW:  & stuff - Pam:  but uh - JW:  They disrupt city hall too all day - Pam:  Right.  JW:  'cause they used to shut it down & it's not good for us either, so.  Pam:  But uno they need to be aware of it, uno maybe the site's not the perfect - JW:  We'll - Pam: _ _ - JW:  we'll pass on your suggs to the uh election bd & possibly they can do something for us. 


JKB:  YH.  JW:  JKB.  JKB:  When we - when I was at the firehouse, they came down there & said they was gonna have the election there & we said well, we'd rather u do not to have it;  & they said as long as the taxpayers pay for this bldg, we'll have it here.  JW:  Oh, yeah - that's what I mean - JKB:  & they said we couldn't do nothin' about it.  JW:  Yeah, (MP's?), they go - JKB:  U don't tell them - JW:  They go - JKB:  (not to do sh_t?)!   JW:  where they wanna go. 


DLC:  I would hope that somebody would listen tho, but I'll agree with Pam that that is - it was bad - ?: _ - DLC:  as small as the election we had this last time, I ended up having to park here on Vest Ave & then walking over here & end up getting the car in the mud & whatever the - get outta there.  It's a mess!  If u're havin' a major election here, as many as _ people gonna park there, u can't park on StL Ave - ?:  (sigh!)  - DLC: &  u can't park there & a few pkg places are in front of the bldg, but of course the people that work at the election - Pam?:  Or use that handicap, yeah - DLC:  have to park THERE, so by the time u get them, u get a few candidates campaigning, u got parked a few other places - (_ _ sighing/growling- type noises_ _ )  _ _I mean u can keep the election down but uh (someone chuckles)  there's just, just no room & I think we do need some - suggest that we maybe try to find some place else for that election.  It is NOT enough room! 


JW:  We'll, we'll contact the bd & offer the bd suggs & cmts &, & see what happens.  No guarantees!  DLC:  I don't know where - that bldg - there's gotta be some place that they can go in the cnty.  It's gotta be changed or something.  Maybe we'll catch - JW:  Anything else?  DLC:  _ conference _ - Pam:  Uh not at this time.  Any ques's from the bd?  JW:  Congrats on your new job at the library.  Pam:  Tku very much!  I do have a ques for SD, but he's gonna answer it later on for me _ _ - (someone chuckles) JW:  That bad, huh?  Pam:  Well, if he says no, I'll have to ask MP.   JW:  Lookin' for a Santa Claus;  I can see that already (they laugh)  MP:  Ho, ho, ho. 


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JW:  Jim, PBW Dept.  JM:  MMW has a stop sign.  MMW:  Yeah, I was _ing around the way up into Vance Rd, there's one that's really dull on the corner.  I don't know if u have any out there that are a higher priority or, or whatever, but if u could take a look at it & perhaps _ - JM:  Up into Vance Rd - could u be a little more specific?  MMW:  Oh, I'm sorry.  Not Vance Rd;  up Hanna Rd, 1st stop sign that u come to, goin' up the hill.  It's pretty dull, faded out. 


JW:  Hey, Jim.  JM:  Yes, sir.  AP: _ _ -  JW: As always again, the uh - u & the PBW did a superb job on the snow removal & I hear a lotta good cmts & everybody's uh really satisfied with all that's - hope u pass that on to all the - yourselves & all the men that uh it was excellent work again as usual.  MMW:  Yeah, I'd just like to add too then that everyone in uh - everyone that I talked to in my ward has always been hugely impressed with the way u guys get out there & do your job when the snow comes down & this time with no exception at all.  It was great comin' in & even tho Vance Rd wasn't as clear as my subdiv, so.  JM:  I'll pass to that msg to the employees (_ _someone coughing_ _) Friday that was here at the end of the day for the hard work & dedication that they put into it & for my own self uh, there's a lot of - there's a lot goes on with that _ _ _.  I, I -


EdW?:  I think u did a better job than the cnty or the - ?:  Yeah!  ?:  Uh-huh.  ?:  Absolutely.  ?:  Oh, yeah.  JM:  Tku.  JW:  & uh Jim, Jim's been dealin' with all kinds of personnel overtime issues & uh I've been dumpin' all kinds of headaches on him.  He's been solving a lotta problems & he's even got the trash guys trainin', the new guys on snow removal.  So he's, he's been doin' a lot & uh I'm overloadin' him a lot (MMW? chuckling), so (chuckle) if he looks cranky, it's my fault. (they laugh) 


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JM:  Uh the only other thing I had on my report is, is a mtg or 2 ago, we were asked to check with Cape Albeon & their (patrol inemeroll??) about trash svcs.  I did place a contract to him & explained to him that there was private streets & uh we've been providing trash svcs for them.  However, we think something in writing from the head person at Cape Albeon - that's there request & that they would have to pay the same cost as us with the work we (would?) want them to pay more than our normal residents pay for that svcs. 


Plus, I think our atty would have to be involved if they wanted to proceed any further to write up something holding us harmless for their streets;  make sure they understand it's still their own street maint & snow removal & then things like that.  Uh gave him some other options for recycling & things like that.  Uh had a pretty lengthy conversation & uh left him fill out his (courtesy?) contacts & if this bd will approve it, I would probably put them in contact with me & EM, or me & Eric & the mayor if the mayor would like to be involved, but I think we oughta uh make sure we need - we leave the uh - uno do this properly to protect ourselves from, from those other small liabilities.


& I'd like to thank the bd for uh people for the uh Christmas gift u did tonight;  appreciate that.  JW:  U earned it.  Any other q/c for Jim?  Tks, Jim.  JM:  Tku.


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JW:  Police Cmdr.  LtM:  Uh my report's - written report will be in the 2nd mtg of the mo.  However, I would like to take this opp to remind everyone - we don't have this problem in VP;  it's such a tight cmty, people look after each other, but over across the area, there's a, uh there's still a lotta people without power & StLCnty has several warming centers uh thruout the area.  If uno of anyone that is in need of a warming ctr, um have 'em contact our, our ofc (thru daily?) - if u could pass that on - or our communications ctr, 24 hrs a day & get up to the mayor's (one?). 


& also, I'd like everybody to be aware of the hazards of trying to heat their home within proper heating devices.  We're seeing a LOT of incidents of people've been using those & not being aware of carbon-monoxide hazards & uh some of the other fire hazards of those types of things.  The fire dept, I've talked to them;  they're a little concerned about it too.  So if uno of anybody that's in that situation, please ask 'em to get in touch with VP Fire Dept to see - they can check for CO2 in the bldg to see if the device they're using is putting off too much, things like that.  Hopefully we can keep VP accident-free for the winter.  Any ques's from anybody? 


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JW: I got one for u, Scott.  It's just more a cmt or compliment I guess.  I, I noticed - I was uh runnin' around town this past wkend & I noticed that - I, I seen a lotta patrol cars in VP that wasn't VP cars.  (someone chuckles)  They act like extra - for whatever reason, I don't know why - but I just didn't know if we was gettin' the extra patrols or, or what was happening, but it wasn't a VP car that I seen - EXTRA is what I'm sayin'.  Those guys was out but this was an extra car.  It had nothin' on the side about VP.  I just - I guess he was just patrolling in our area?


LtM:  Well, as uno, we've been in a contract here for - since uh 10/98, so we've had several ofcrs come thru the contract that still have a lotta fond memories & svc here (many laugh)  in VP, so some of those ofcrs, even tho they're assigned to other areas, some of those areas uh - I mean there is inclement weather - get sent out to patrol certain areas & I know for instance Ofcr Lane is assigned to hwy safety.  Well, whenever he gets sent to the West Cnty Precinct to patrol, I know he spends a lotta time in VP, trying to augment our patrols during inclement weather.  JW:  Is it true he's a CAT member now?  LtM:  He's recently been transferred to CAT, yeah.  JW:  He's keepin' real close to bein' SWAT, ain't he?  LtM:  He's gettin' closer. (MW? chuckles)  He's gettin' close.  He's doin' - just a step away.  Uh in addition to that, the cnty puts on extra cars during nclement weather & since the, the way the city is situated within the WCnty Precinct, it's fairly central, we have a lot of uh traffic that passes thru here & uh just the length of the contract makes those guys more familiar with the area.  They're not afraid to get off the main drags that come thru town & they use our facilities, sometimes they use the phone & things like that, so we're definitely the benefit of that - those uh the longevity of the contract.  JW:  I thought maybe he's drivin' down to use the gym or something.  LtM:  Mighta been.  (they & others laugh, JW heartily)  Mighta been.  LtM?:  Yeah, _ keep ('em?) comin' in. 


JM:  One other thing while Scott was talkin' on safety, since we did have the mtg down here, we would like to have everybody after the mtg, to try to go back up either thru the steps or out JS's ofc.  We, we've done a lot better job gettin' that area clean for ice & snow.  This isn't clean, but I, I'd feel more comfortable with everybody goin' out the front of the bldg uh so nobody would get injured or slip & fall. 


JW:  Hopefully by the next mtg, I THINK we're gonna be back up there, tks to the ct system havin' to have ct, I think the ofcs might be gettin' moved a little early back in, so I'm thinkin' the next mtg will probably be upstairs in our normal position.  Tks for puttin' up with us & comin' down to the dungeon - still school, isn't it?  AP:  Right, there u go.  (Just before the mtg started, an AP cmt'd that she'd attended school here as a child.) 


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JW:  Bldg Cmsnr.  JS:  I really don't have anything uh tonight.  We uh finalized JJ Twigs at about uh 4:30 this afternoon, so it'll be uh - AP: _ _ - AP: _ _ - JS: having an unofc'l opening uh Wed on that.  Uh it's comin' up on, on a yr, 12/22, that I've been here.  I just wanna tell everybody thanks for all the uh - ?:  Are u buyin' (down there?)?  JS:  appreciate it.  AP?: _ commercial _ - JS?:  We can't say that.  (they chuckle)  JW:  Did u tell Don u're quitin' - it's been a yr so u're gonna quit?  (they laugh)  DLC:  Your time's up!  (they laugh)  JS:  I just wanna thank everybody for all the support that they're given me for the entire yr.  AP:  I'll tell Earlene.  JS:  Tku very much.  (they chuckle)  AP: _ _ - AP:  Jeff, I'll tell Earlene tomorrow. (people laugh)  ?:  Tks.  AP:  She wanted to be up here.  JS:  Tell her 8:00 is whenever I'm here.  (they laugh)  JW:  Any other q/c for Jeff?  Happy anniversary & good job.


 JS:  I would, I would like to say just to set everybody's mind at ease on the plumbing program, I do have about 6 yrs worth of experience, laying sewer mains & water mains, as well as inspecting 'em, so I uh - ?: _ _ _ - JW:  Don feels better already.  Is there a motion to pay the bills?  AP:  NO!  (people laugh)   MMW?:  Yes.  JKB:  2nd it.  AP: _ _ - JW:  Uhh, is there any further discussion?  I know Don discussed this once, but it's only one bill in there.  DLC:  That's the only one that's in there.  JW:  All in favor of paying the bills say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried to pay the bills. 


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Is there a motion to adjourn?  DLC:  One more thing - JW:  Oop!  U had something in info.  DLC:  Yes, uh the Atty General's uh conf is coming up.  I would hate to speak of - maybe have someone from the city to attend that, to (install Boswell?)  JW:  How about DLC?  DLC:  Uh, DLC's gonna be just either getting us back in town or will be back in town just for a couple of days.  No, I don't wanna - feel like driving (chuckling) that far again.  Um maybe uh the Pres Of the Bd, or the mayor, one of u that maybe will volunteer to do this or something, but I think it would be uno beneficial to the city.  I wanted to get some info on this.   JW:  We'll get one or 2 or somebody to go, I'm sure, Don.  The Pres Of the Bd looks like he's ready! 


MMW:  The Pres Of the Bd might not be able to get off work.  JW:  Oh.  MMW:  We'll see what we can do.  JW:  MP is always good for that kind of stuff too.  MP:  Why not!  (they chuckle)  DLC:  I, I would like to see somebody go to this & bring some info back to the rest of the Bd & I like I said, I personally can not go  - ?: _ _ - DLC:  I'm gonna be coming back from Virginia about this time & I don't feel like getting back home & then driving - JW:  I can understand that!  MP:  Can I drive the new Blazer?  JW:  Take Jeff with u.  DLC:  Jeff City.  MP:  When is it?  JM:  We'll just take one of the new city trucks.  We'll clean it up, MP!  JW: (chuckles)  Well, no, u guys could combine that & look at the generators up there too.  JM?:  Yeah.  JW:  Could make it a one-day run up there.  AP:  Bring a couple back. 


JW:  There any other items?  DLC:  That was the only thing I had.  JW:  Is there a motion - we did make a motion to pay the bills.  MW:  No. Yeah, u did.  I just got - ?: _ - MW:  u said move to adjourn but nobody said anything - ?&?:  I'll make that move - ?: _ - MW:  Carroll, 2nd'd by who?  EdW:  2nd - MW:  Walker.   JW:  Roll-call vote.  MW:  (roll call) 8 yes.  JW:  Mtg's adjourned.  (end taping 12/4/06 BOA)