MOPR'S  12/18/06   VP  BOA   MTG   MINS


Notes:  Mtg started 7:05, adjourned 7:50pm.  Standard Printed Agenda. 


Present:   RH,  JKB,  MW,  JW,  EM,  Ed Walker,  MP,  MMW,  SD.  (DA working, DLC vacationing, both excused) 

Also Present - City reps:  LtM,  JM,  TW,  JS.      

Audience:   12 + 3 women & a man rep'g Nat'l City Bank sitting at the rear table.

12/18/06 BOA - Sec  1  of  16 


JW:  Call this mtg to order for 12/18/06.  Everybody's gonna have to listen closely.  Our mic - our new mic system isn't working, so hopefully everybody'll speak up that can & uh try to get thru this problem for one mtg anyway.  (Mics are never really used anyway!)  I have 2 Speaker Request Cards.  Earlene, Come on up 1st, tell us your name & where u live.  Some of u might not know that. 


MsS:  My name's Earlene Soukup & I live at 609 Benton.  JW:  U have no topic but I know u're gonna tell us.  MsS:  Yeah!  JW:  Go Ahead.  MsS:  I wanna know how long it takes to get a yard cleaned & the roof put on a house - that lives next door to me.  Since March - JW:  I'm gonna let - MsS:  the yard is not cleaned & the roof is not on!  It's still _ fallin' off in my yard! 


JW:  We'll let JS answer that, tell us where, where we're at on that problem.  I know - JS:  We're gonna reopen the case because it was summonsed.  It went thru the ct system.  The uh ct dismissed it because they told 'em that they had a contractor to, to  - JW:  He told the judge - JS:  do the work - JW:  he had a contractor.  JS:  Right.  JW:  Correct.  JS:  Uh so he dismissed the case - as long as it was done within a reasonable amt of time.  I feel as well as u do, it's been more than a reasonable amt of time.  I'm gonna issue a summons again tomorrow to reopen the case.  Uh -


JW:  EM, Is there anything that we could expedite to keep that up since the guy's been draggin' his feet & lyin' to us & I want him to (stopped short) - EM:  I'm not sure what property this is. Was it (Craig or Greg?) (Smith's store?)?  JS:  No.  MsS:  No!  JS:  No.  MsS:  It's a house, right next door.  EM:  I'm thinkin' back when u used to live down on Marshall.  MsS:  Yeah.  No, I'm, I'm up now, down on Benton, down in - ?:  _ - MsS:  the 600 block. 


EM:  I'm, I'm not that familiar with it.  I talked to Jeff about it & he's talking to the prosecutor right now &, & they're gonna start the process.  So the guys from (Pace?)  - MsS:  Well, it's been in & out of ct, then the Clayton, he says when he cleans his yard, he just drags it all from the front yard & stacks in all in the back!  There's limbs that are laying there from the last 3 or 4 months by - EM:  Sure.  I know (Chuck wants?) - MsS:  that blows outta them trees.  EM  _ pretty strict on this & I suspect he might be summoned as a witness &, & I'm sure u can tell the judge what he's doin' & what he isn't doin'.  ?:  _ _ - EM:  Uh he'll make that _ _ - ?: _ _ - MsS:  Ok.  JW:  I pulled her off - Tks, Earlene, we'll get right on that.  MsS:  Tku. 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  2  of  16   


JW:  Mr uh Michael Weber.  MrW:  I'm Mike Weber, 225 Crescent - Um with the new assessmt on the sewer maint deal startin' the 1st of the yr or whatever, uh I'm on a septic so I mean there is no way I'll ever use that.  Is there a way to get that off the bill - JW:  EM.  MrW:  before the 1st of the yr?  EM:  Where, where do u live, Mr Weber?  MrW:  225 Crescent  There's actually several houses up there on septic.  I mean _ -  EM:  Is there - there, there's sewer available on Crescent, isn't there?  MrW:  No, they never ran a sewer thru there.  Uh Dixie Nicols (Nicolas), he told me at one time, the city had uh - this was when he was ald & I don't know when that was, right at uh - he told me at one time, the city had proposed to put a sewer line thru the back of the prop & uh apparently ok'd & everything, but I guess he never did aprop any money or never did do it, so. 


EM:  I know that I got a (Springfield account?) one that I didn't know - I don't recall - we'll look into it but, uh, uh uno if there is a sewer AVAILABLE, uh on a public ROW, those people that abut the public ROW have to connect up to it within 90 days if _ _ _ _ - MrW:  I've been up here 12 yrs & as far as I know (aud chuckles) there's never been a sewer.  EM:  Yeah.  Well, _ - MrW:  Uno & the house has been there probably close to 100, so I mean - EM:  We'll look into it.  As far as the, the, the uh TAX goes, the, the voters voted for that & there's no exemptionality uh if u're NOT on the sewer for sanitary sewers, it's a _ _ _ probably 25 or $50 assessmt - MrW:  $50 assessmt, uno, if I'm on that fixed income uno & I mean there ain't no way I can ever benefit from it.  Uno I'm payin' for - EM:  Well - MrW:  insurance I can't use!  EM:  it, it may be if, if there's a sanitary sewer there, that u may take advantage of that uh - JM:  YH. 


JW:  Jim.  JM:  Septic tanks ARE in our Sewer Lateral Program.  There are certain items - it doesn't cover the paint but doesn't cover field drains, but the actual sewer, from 3' outside the house to the septic tank, are covered under our - JW:  Actual - JM:  policy.  JW  drain pipe.  JM:  It, it, it was included in our policy.  There's - it, it doesn't cover grinder pumps or anything inside the house, but the actual - a, a septic tank has a sewer lateral just like a sewer lateral that has goes to the main.  The difference is it goes to a septic tank & then drain field(s?). 


MrW:  That's all proper - private prop.  I mean this ain't something that's uh a utility or - JM:  But all sewer laterals are on private prop too & that's what the ins is for.  & so if, if u would have a defect in your lateral between your house & the septic tank that wasn't anything of a mechanical nature, & it was within that drain line between the 2 pieces, u're _ - MrW:  Plastic pipe - what's the - uno I mean what's the chances of that goin' bad?  I mean it's been there no-tellin' how long. 


JW:  EM, I, I have a ques too.  EM:  Yes, sir.  JW:  I know Mr Weber probably won't wanna hear this answer, but IF there IS a sewer line that's he's reachable, by our code book & ord, he's required - he HAS to hook up to that - which is gonna cost him a lot more than his $50 that we're talkin' about if we'd make him hook up to it, to a sewer (program?).  How's that?  EM:  That's right.  JW:  Am I readin' that's what the law says. 


EM:  Yeah, he's, he's actually - if it's available on a public ROW, if his house abuts the public ROW, _ _ 90 days uh notice, (if?) he has(n't?) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  So hopefully there's NOT one for his sake.  MrW:  Far as I know & uno like I said, I was always told there wasn't one that went thru that sec of road.  Uno I mean everything built up around that area goes in the opposite direction.  Like I said, Dixie Nicols, he - I don't know if he volunteered that info to u a long time ago about the city supposedly at one time was gonna put one thru the rear, rear of the prop for all those houses up there - never came about. 


'JW:  Alright, well, I'll tell u what, Mr Weber, if u'll let us, we'll - we can do some further investigatin' & see what's up there.  & uh uno it sounds like uh gettin' the $50 reimbursemt, it doesn't sound like that's possible.  I know that's not the answer u're wantin' to hear.  JIm - as Jim says, (if?) it doesn't move - cover a lateral _ - JM:  Oh, &, & ALL residents pay that $50 including myself & I hope that even tho I have to pay that $50 in my taxes, I hope I never have to put a - put a repair in each - JW: _ _ - JM:  my, my own personal lateral program - JW:  Could u make sure - JM:  _ no other residents _ _ - JW:  Could u make sure when u & Tom find out for Mr Weber what is up there or is not up there & - TW:  Yeah, Mayor, we can pull the MSD sewer maps & give a copy of that to Jim & uh we can print that out for him.  We've got a visual version of that. 


JW:  & if u find & if u make copies, make sure - get one for Mr Weber so he can know - TW:  Yeah, I'll, I'll provide it to Jim & - JW:  & he's got _ - TW:  to Jim &  - JW: _ his backyard.  TW:  then Jim can make whatever - JM:  Yeah, I can, I can get in touch with Mike pretty easy.  JW:  Yeah, 'cause A LOT'S CHANGED SINCE Mr Nicolas was an, an ald, so I'm not sayin' it is or ain't there - ?:  Right.  JW:  that's not what we're arguing - ?: _ - TW:  Uno sanitary laterals are historically, fairly old, so it may not have changed, but we can certainly print-out that area, give that to Jim & then he can take a look at it.  JW:  I'monna hold out JM & JS to work for Mr Weber - TW:  Correct.  JW:  & try to help him get whatever's best for him.  Tku.


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  3  of   16 


RH, Do u have anything to add to the agenda tonight?...(exchange tapes, during which JW said that DA is excused as he's working)...JW:...DLC is excused, he's outta town on vacation.  JKB, Do u have anything to add to night?  (noises setting up recorder, but apparently JKB added nothing)  Ald Walker?  EdW:  No, nt at this time, YH.  JW:  MP?  MP:  Just that I got a ques for Jim when his report comes up & then since u've already taken care of Mr Weber's thing, could u keep me advised of anything?  Tku.  JW:  Both, both ald of Ward 3, yes & myself.  MP:  & the - JW:  I like to - MP:  law review.  - JW:  know what's goin' on there. 


MMW,  Do u have anything - MMW:  Nothing at this time, YH.  JW:  SD?  SD:  Not at this time, YH.  JW:  Tku & uh tonight we do have some uh guests from Nat'l City Bank to give a short presentation after we get the agenda approved.  So I'd like, when we do vote on the agenda, that would be permitted uh in our agenda tonight. 


Roll-call vote, please.  MW:  (see above)  6 present. (Pledge)  JW:  Is there a motion to adopt the agenda as amended?  MMW:  So moved.  SD:  2nd.  JW:  Further discussion?  All in favor of the motion say aye (ayes), all opposed same sign.  AP:  Aye.  JW:  Motion carries.  We have the bd mtg mins, wbp?  SD:  Move approval.  EdW?:  2nd.  JW:  Further discussion on approval of 12/4 bd mtg mins?  All in favor say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  4  of   16 


At this time, I'd like to invite the Nat'l City Bank rep - & it's gonna be Robin (MsR) or Jim - both.  There's 4 of 'em back there, so I'm sure - MsR:  There's a whole bunch of us.  (someone chuckles)  _ _ (councilman new ground?).  JW:  & I invited the uh, uh people from the bank.  (They've or Dave?) contacted with & wanted to give us some info & bids & just update us on our banking needs & that's why they're here & uh - MsR:  Turn if (off?)?  JW:  sent her the letter _ _  -


MsR:  They're not going around?  (no response heard)  I appreciate your time & we will be brief.  Uhh my name is Robin (Rhinark?) & I'm with our small biz div & this is Brian Henns (MrH) who does our Cash Mgmt.  Um Julie & myself have been going after Jeff for quite a while! trying to see if we could help u guys with your banking.  I'm gonna be very vague um with the #'s.  I'm gonna kind of ref- um refer to the actual um folder & hopefully we can maybe meet with the finance cmte & kind of go over it a little bit more in detail.  Um but what we did, we, we collected your bank statemts & really Nat'l City's niche is small biz banking.  So we've got some really great products that can really help the city out.  & what Brian does, is Brian really works with a lot of the munis & um making sure that the munis actualy get great interest rates & um being able to help u um get as much interest on those accts as possible.


Uh we did have 3 of your months' bank statemts & if u look over onto the L-hand side of, of your folder, what we did is we did a comparison analy- um comparison on your - where u're banking now to where u would be banking um with Nat'l City.  Um currently, u're earning 2.25% & with Nat'l City on our public funds, which is collateralized 105%, u would be earning 5.35%.  So that's a pretty huge difference um with your accts.  Um on the L-hand side it will show u what u're monthly um earnings were at your current bank, versus what the net benefit would be with Nat'l City.  If u look at the very bottom page - I mean it's right towards the middle of it - u will see the annualized net benefit which is pretty substantial. 


Um & then we did go thru it - um behind that, we went thru it month-by-month & we actually did use the #'s that are actually on your statemts.  Um yeah, so we aren't just uno - we actually took those #'s off of your daily balance.  ?:  Hu-hum.  MsR:  & what it is, is a Sweep Acct, so u'd have one acct & it is a ckecking acct.  There's a target balance in your ck'g acct & past that, is what's gonna earn um the int on your - the 5.35%, so.  I know I'm being very vague (chuckle) but I guess really it's to kinda get u to look at some of these #'s.  Does everyone see them or is - JW:  Right.  MrR:  there anyone that's not -


EM:  Robin, I, I think what u're saying is that if, if the city needs uh $50K on a daily basis to op - MsR:  Um-hum.  EM:  & then everything over & above that is subject to the money market rates or whatever rate - MsR:  Right - EM:  u're using.  MsR:  It's one - what it - how a Sweep Acct works, it's a one acct.  It's a ck'g acct & fed guidelines isn't really like - a ck'g acct actually earn int.  But how things have really kind of gotten around that, is that there's a sub-acct that's actually part of your ck'g acct.  So it's still one ck'g acct # versus having a ck'g acct & a money market, it's having one acct. 


We figure out your target balance;  um let's say it's 50K.  Everything over 50K would fall into the sub-acct.  The sub-acct's what's gonna earn the 5.35% & when u're making your deposits, I mean the money's still liquid;  u can still write cks on it.  U've got something that's large as this going out, um the money's all um liquid & what it will do is it will go back & forth for u.  But what it's taking advantage of is your FLOAT.  So let's say u're gonna go out & buy something for the city, maybe a new truck or some things, instead of having to take the money from a money market acct & putting it into the ck'g acct & waiting for someone to cash that ck, u're really getting to take advantage of that float.  It's all still in your ck'g acct - if that makes sense.  Um & it's everything in that sub-acct that's gonna earn that 35 & then what's the target balance is not going to earn anything.  Currently, like I said, u're earning .25% {sic} on the whole acct while Nat'l City would be paying 5.35 & it is collateralized, so.


MrH:  We know from working with public funds that collateral is, is an issue that's a, it's a statewide regulation that all public funds, whether it's a fire protection dist or, or a muni like yours, or a cnty, it must be collateralized.  Our collateral policy, uh bank-wise, that we (buy or by?) ourself months from our - from (my?) (someone coughs)  (prospectus or perspective?) of the acct value.  & I'm being vague.  We've got a, a dept that manages that, so.  Uh that policy's included in, in the - MsR:  Yeah - MrR:  folder too. 


MsR:  On the R-hand side, & we'll kind of go over it, how a biz Sweep Acct works.  I kind of gave u a very brief description of it.  The actual um the rate on the public funds acct & then our corporation um collateral policy.  Um & then on the L-hand side, I did go a little bit more um in-depth & I thought it would be more - since we're on limited time, maybe some night-reading for u about Nat'l City.  We are a large bank but we are very customer-svc oriented.  Um we're very uh, very in-tune with relationships & bldg it, uh relationships within the cmty.  So this is our niche.  We're very good at it um & we've got great products to really back us up. 


JW:  Could B-line it.  Let's hold her up to the bd.  I know I, I personally would like to put this in MMW's FWM Cmte to study & uh compare with what we're currently using.  & uh but if anybody's got any ques's, quick ques's, now that they would like to ask Robin, that's fine too right now or wait till the cmte.  Could u come back to another uh another evening - MsR:  Absolutely.  JW:  cmte?  MsR:  Absolutely, & my card is in here in the um the front, along the frames.  & feel free, u guys can call me any time.  & yeah, we'd love the opp to come back to any other mtg.  


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  5 of  16   


JW:  Ok, & uh I, I showed Robin - & I don't have (chuckle) a copy for Eric - but uh there's a state bankruptcy in the evening news where they busted - EM:  Yeah, MW showed me that & I'll, I'll take a look at that &, & figure out - JW:  Because their 6308 {sic} zip code is their - EM:  it, it talks about MAY, if, if uno if u MAY thin it out - MsR:  Right.  EM:  on a quarterly basis &, & something to the effect IF possible, include it in your local bank _ _ _ _ _ but we, we can - MsR:  Right.  EM:  but that, that doesn't seem like he should be penalized.  JW:  Right.  MsR:  Right.  EM:  Uno & it, it doesn't make sense.  JW:  & it wouldn't fair if u could earn more money somewhere that - EM:   Yeah, (why?) would there be any (jurisdiction?) - JW:  RIGHT, yeah!  If that's the case, they (gotta or coulda?)  block_ _ _ _.  MsR:  Right, & it's very common with um other munis of having the same guidelines & stuff but if it's showing u a huge difference like it is right here - JW:  Right.  MsR:  & it makes sense for the city.   EM: That's true.  MsR:  Tku, guys, for your time - JW: Alright - MsR:  I really appreciate - JW:  _ _ - MsR:  U have a great _. 


MP:  Oh, wait - I've got a ques for her.  MsR:  Oh, I'm sorry.  JW: Oh, MP has got a ques for u.  MP:  Average trans - transactions a month the city does - how many?  MsR:  Um if was like - for most of it, it was uh less, from the statemts we were looking at, it was less than 500 transactions.  Uh if it did go over 500 transaction, it is 40 an item.  MP:  Right.  MsR:  But even with that, I think when u collect some of your paymts maybe thru um, maybe like the city trash, or I mean some paymts - are u thinking might go over that - but even with that, let's say u're collecting um 700 transaction, 200 over times 40 um u're still earning a lot more int than that small amt for that month.


MrH:   I think we gathered from the info - when we in our info-gathering at this stage, we uh looked at about 700 was the MAX & that was a - MsR:  Quarter.  MrH:  a little bit of a - yeah, in a given qtr.  I think that was the max that we ever saw.  So in, in that scenario then from a B-standpoint, u would be able to report it up to about $80.  Again, we're - the, the breadth of the, the discussion really involves the large difference in the int rates.  MsR:  So it'd be (minus'd?) $80 & maybe times 4, $240 off the, the net annualized - u're still - MrH:  & there may be some other things that we can discuss that would lessen the # of transactions that u have too, but that we can go into more detail whether it's uno double cks (to the employees?).


JW:  & is there some things that might be a bargaining point too, that the bank shouldn't flex on?  MrH:  Sure, yeah - JW:  (Fee?) - MrH:  &, & - JW:  I mean once a year it's - MsR:  Absolutely!  JW:  it's maybe not cast in stone, is what I'm askin'.  MsR:  RIGHT, & we're willing to work with u & uh - JW:  Right.  EM?:  Sure.  JW:  Right.  MsR:  & I know one of the local banks, they say they have a Sweep Acct;  however, it's not a true Sweep like Nat'l City's.  So I - if u DO go back & ask them about it, be very careful what product they offer & make sure that u're really comparing apples to apples with that, so.  JW:  Ok.  MsR:  Ok?  Any other ques's?  JW:  MP,  Do u have any more ques's?  MP:  That's it, tku, YH.  JW:  Any other ald have any ques's?  Tku, Robin.  MsR:  Tku.  Does anyone else need any more copies for the individuals that are not here?  ?:  There's 2 more _ - ?: _ _ - MsR:  Should I give -


JW:  MMW.   MMW:  Not, not a ques, but I'm not gonna be able to do another Finance Cmte probably till afer the holiday season.  JW:  I understand.  MMW:  So I'd be happy to - JW:  That's  understand - I'm sure - MsR:  That's fine.  ?: _ - ?:  _ appreciate that - (they laugh) - ?:  That's no problem at all.   JW:  I don't think she wants to do it before the holidays either I don't think - MsR:  Yeah - JW:   but I could be wrong.  MsR:  But yeah, just let - I guess should I contact u to find out - JW:  YEAH, we'll be in contact.  Uh myself or MMW will get in contact with u to uh tell u what night, try to get something coord'd where u both can call all of us (for the wkend?).  MsR:  Ok, tku, guys.  JW:  Tku very much for comin' up.  ?:  That's _ _ - MsR:  Byyyye. 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  6  of   16 


JW:  Do we have any licenses & permits?  MW:  No.  JW:  Thare's no aldermanic cmte reports. (someone chuckles)  It's unbelievable we have no ords!.  AP:  That means _ _ - JW:  Mayor's Report - I'll start off with uh - I asked EM to attend the mtg about the uh park grant monies that was available to City VP, & as u see on our desk, VP originally was allocated zero & thanks to EM attended the mtg & uh spoke up for City VP & shared some info with these people, I believe the new total that he got us was 200 & - EM:  24K.  JW:  $24K.  So it went from zero to $224K for our trail-head.  ?:  (Don't let Tom see?). 


So that is amazing & EM deserves a lotta credit for that 'cause uh otherwise if he wouldn'tve attended the mtg, we would have zero.  So tku, EM, (again or I guess?).  (aud applauds)  ?:  He's (as bad as u are?).  ?:  Yeah.  ?: _ _ - RH:  I'd say give him a raise but I don't - (5/1/06, the BOA approved EM's $35/hr raise) - JW:  (chuckling)  Yeah, don't say that!  (people laugh heartily)  He'll take it!  ?:  No!  


JW:  & uh any other items that I really don't have - I just wanted to make sure that everybody uh has a great Christmas & New Yr's & all the holidays comin' up.  & I know the 1st mtg in Jan is cancelled, so uh we're gonna miss ya (people chuckle & cmt indec) but uh, we'll see ya - ?: _ _ - ?: _ car.   JW:  at the uh 2nd one in Jan which will be on Tu after MLKing's holiday.  AP:  Oh, Lord!  (What will some break that?).  AP:  Halleluiah!   ?: _ _ _ -


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  7  of  16 


JW:  I don't think - did I miss anything?  The Clerk's Report.  MW:  The only thing I have & I'm gonna probably turn the floor over to EM - JW:  _ _ - MW:  is that DLC - JW: _ _ - MW:  was askin' me about our premiums for our ins, our public liability.  & uh EM & myself, myself met with Mr Steve Marsh & u have a paper in the pkt.  & EM, I'm gonna turn it over to u _  -


EM:  A-absolutely.  Um as, as uno, the, the Reynolds lawsuit caused the public liability insurer, which was American Internat'l Group, to pull coverage &, & uh - not, not to pull coverage, but uh ta, ta not offer to rebid uh ins effective the 1st of the yr.  &, & this ins, it's, it's actually Public Ofc'ls' uh Errors & Ommissions Policy if u will.   It is the one that's covering the Reynolds lawsuit uh & it's important coverage.  Uh he was able to secure uh 3 options of coverage - ?:  Wonder what - EM:  set out in the pkt - MW:  It's right behind - MMW: right behind - EM: _ - MW:  Sec 7. MMW:  _ -


EM:  Uh & he's provided Options uh 1 & 2.  So if u look at - is everybody on the same - uh, uh if u look at Option 1, we currently have state audit always our automobile liability policy.  St Paul Travelers' has been uh a long-time uh, uh liability insurer & RSUI's our excess liability carrier.  If u go down currently to our - this yr, we're paying 74, call it $75K.  He's gotten bids excluding uh AIG & in their place, he's bringing in a co called Darwin.  &, & Darwin is an A+ Best Rating which is - that, that's anything A- & above is satisfactory under uh Best Rating Standard - uh to, to come in & fill the gap for AIG 'n the excess lines.  & uh we've got a premium that actually DEcreases from where we are today & now u'll see that we're saving around $5K. 


The PREFERRED Option however, is the next one & here's why:   Uh a, a co called Ebonston is - they have a, a program where they're taking all muni liability uh &, & rolling it into one;  & uno this excludes "Comp".  But for $75K, which is uh $5K in excess of the premium under Option 1, we would basically have all our coverages with, with one entity of the same or equal Best Rating. 


The reason that that is, is better for us is, um if we have a risk that can be covered by 2 different policies - so, so u'd have a public ofc'ls' risk & u have a liability coverage risk - they start pointing their fingers to ea other when it comes to coverage issues & it's, it, it, it's a pro-rata deal versus an excess & it's a mess!  Uh & THIS way - &, & Marsh is the one who's brought it up, &, & the more I thought about it the more I really agree with him.  This makes a lot more sense.  By having your coverages streamlined, it eliminates in-fighting & it just makes for a lot easier on your submissions of claims.  Rather than going thru 5 different co's like we've been doing, frankly, uh & getting declamations on some,  (companies?) on others & then it's, it's - it takes some time on my end & to ferret it out &, & try to get it straight too.  So I - even tho the, the, the thing that was 5 more, in the long run, it's going to save us any (more than 5 grand?).  Um that's his rcmd & I would certainly support his rcmd & u all go with Option 2.


JW:  Is there a motion for Option 2 so we can further discussed'd {sic} it?  MMW:  I'll, I'll make that motion for Option 2.  JW:  Is there a 2nd?  ?:  2nd.  JW:  Discussion, MMW.  MMW:  Yeah, lookin' - I mean it doesn't - it's only a $600 approx increase over our last yr's premium & I'm still not sure - how was it gonna save us money?  Because u won't have to spend as much time dealing with 'em & they won't spend so much time?  EM:  Well, we eliminate the possibility of having a coverage dispute among co's where they, they - one ends up - in, instead of having aggregate liabilities, u reduce your coverages because they're doin' at a pro-rata. So if each has a hundred hundred, ok, then they'll come in at 50/50 apiece;  rather than if u have this sort of coverage with one co, u have a - an aggregrate that's never going to increase because of - because u won't have multiple coverage ques's. It, it's JUST A LOT better. 


MMW:  Um & the other thing that I'm kind of seeing is uno the general liability policy, both of the #'s are confused a bit in this Option #2.  Is that gonna (stopped short) - EM:  Your coverages are increased;  uh &, & they are!  It's, it's uh 2.3M versus 2M.  I don't know that that's really significant.  MMW:   Uhhhhh it's the 1M versus 2.3M;  that one seems to be significant.  EM:  Where are we at?  Under general liability?  JW?:  Option 2 - EM:  Is that where u're looking at,  general liability?  MMW:  Yeah.  EM:  Ok.  MMW:  It's got 2M slash 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  Yeah, but everybody that's lyin' should form in one line.   


EM:  Yeah, I think he's - I think that's a mistake.  I think what - I mean what it - the only thing it can be - it's 1M per occurrence, $2Billion {sic} in aggregate.  I mean u don't go - u don't go opposite.  & where here, this, this 2.3M is a combined single liability limit.  So it's - &, &, & it, it is - it is what it is!  (AP chuckles)  Altho he's got this spaced so that it looks like $2M per occurrence - when u've got it that way.  Man, I don't know.  MW.  MW:  I've got his phone # if u want it.  EM:  Yeah, let's give him a call here.  &, & I'll tell u what we him do, is uh he revised this.  This may have been transposed.  Why don't u - why don't u move on to another issue - JW:  Yeah. 


EM:  & lemme call him up & find out what the heck this is, why, why it's reversed &, & what it means in decreased coverages.  We have - even tho these are - your general liability's underlying coverages.  We've got excess coverages down here at the bottom to 5 mil.   So even tho u have a $2M per occurrence, on all of these, u have coverages up to 5 mil.  Are u with me?  ?:  _ - EM:  &, & it's just with this one under the 1st one, the 1st that we - MMW:  Just the way it breaks down - EM:  have currently now - MMW:  is it's that # up there, but in the end they're all the same?  EM:  Yeah.  MMW:  Is that what u're saying?  EM:  Right, our, our - in - EM:  in the current one, RSUI takes the coverage from 2.3M to 5M.  & this Option 2, it's all the same person, Ebonston, Merkel & Princeton are like a combined co & they take it up to 5 mil.  So u've got the same basic coverage limits under the umbrella excess coverages.  ?: _ _ - JW:  Uh u finished, MMW?  MMW:  Yeah, (till we get up?)  (chuckle)  ?: _ _ - JW:  MP.


MP:  If, if EM was gonna ask him a couple of ques's, ask him about the liquor liability, when it's only 1M instead of 2M slash 1M.  EM:  Again, I'm, I'm lookin' at that too.  It's the same thing, 2 slash 1, backwards.  MP:  & the employee benefits.  EM:  &, & again, on all this, your umbrella applies to all underlying coverages.  So I guess he's doing this for purposes of claiming (opposed?).  But again, the important one to look at is your limits are $5M when u take it under the umbrella excess.  Let me run off - JW:  Alright.  Hopefully the next time that the gentleman's wantin' to sell a premium of this amt of money, I would hope he'd show up - EM:  Yeah.  JW:  to answer ques's.  (MMW chuckles)  MW:  _ me hold the (count so?) -  JW:  Yeah, we're gonna hold up on this vote, this motion _ _in limbo right now.


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  8 of  16 


& I gotta slip in one little item I forgot to uh report & thank - I'd like to thank Janet & Gary Renner for another nice donation to the, to the legal fund - ?: _ _ _ _ - JW:  & uh I don't know if I reported at the last mtg, but out website's been collecting uh some large sums of money from people.  One gentleman from Chesterfield sent $750 in.  So there's, there's a lotta people out there like that, sendin' in money like that.  So it's, it's amazing from across the country that uh people are willing to help in our legal cause.  Are u finished with your report now?  Is that why u asked?  MW:  Uhhhh, oh! & I would like - go ahead _ _ _ _ -


MMW:  I just have a quick _ - MW?:  Oh _ - MMW:   We, we have to - this (the insurance) is something that we need to get done tonight?  MW:  OH YEAH!  MMW:  Ok.  MW:  Yeah, because it - MMW:  I just wanted to - MW:  comes Jan 1st. 


Um I'd just like to uh thank everybody that participated in that - the uh challenge that I gave for the seniors luncheon.  Uh they said it really came off well.  I think the seniors enjoyed it;  uh had a real good time & uh I think the man had a good time & then he announced on every, everyone who gave us donations that - whether it was bizs or individuals & I'd just like to tku.  JW:  & if u'll look - uh it's not in this pkt - MW:  We'll probably - JW:  but we've been getting cards coming in from all the seniors & uh they really appreciate all the time & effort the city puts out for 'em down there & it's amazing to watch 'em really have a good time & enjoy theirselves.  Hopefully we'll all be there some day.  (people chuckle)  AP: _ live that long.  JW: That's what I'm sayin'!  (more chuckles)


The PKS Coordr, I believe is not here tonight.  MW:  I think she has classes.  JW:  What about equipmt?


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  9 of  16 


PBW - Jim,  Let u & TW share whether u've done any - hand it over to TW.  JM:  Umm actually, I don't have a lot to report.  Uh the PBW crew's been busy:  we've been repairin' a few streets, lotta remodeling work & upgradin' here in city hall, movin' all ofcs, settin' things up, um equipmt - JW:  That's an understatemt!  JM:  equipmt, uh equipmt of req- repair.  Um we have been very busy & uh morale is high & they're doin' a good job! 


Um I really don't have anything else to report except for MP had a ques for me.  MP?:  Just one quick here.  JW:  But - MP:  Just one ques.  I had a resident that called me & said they had seen your workman workin' on Crescent on Saturday.  What was goin' on?  JM:  I don't believe there was a city worker workin' on Crescent (other than Ray's?).  


MP:  Said there were 4 of 'em out there & I said I'll ask.   JM:  No, I'm - ?: _ - JM:  We had city workin' at the uh Santa Train, but that's the only employee we had workin' Saturday.  JM:  Well, we might - did we have anybody in here moving anything Saturday?  City hall was workin' I'll bet.  MP:  Yeah, they, they said there was a backhoe & 4 men.  _ says are u sure.  Yeah.  JW:  Yeah, I'm sure! 


JM:  YH,  the way - JW:  I think that was Twin Oaks people & that would've been on Crescent too.  MP:  (Might've, might've?) been uh dealin' with Christmas _ _ _ _ _ - JM:  Yeah, it, it definitely wasn't us.  MP:  Ok!  Tku!  JM:  U're welcome!   Happy holidays!   JW?:  Same to u!  (some chuckle)  Tks, Jim.  As always, guys & yourself always doin' a fine job & uh u're a good carpenter, remodeling & everything else that they've been instructed to do.  They're good movers too.   JM:  Tku.  JW:  They moved that ofc furniture about 4 times in & out back there. 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  10 of  16 


POL Cmdr - LtM:  My report's in written form for this, this qtr;  however, I would like to add that the POL Dept's very appreciative of the city's generosity during the holidays.  It's something that the cnty doesn't do for us.  They appreciate the gift cert's.  JW:  _ - LtM:  & uh the end of the yr, we've already, already checked the records & all the POL ofcrs have completed their required training for the yr in firemans & other re-cert'n.  So we're ready to begin 2007.  I don't have anything else unless someone has any ques's.  JW:  Any ques's for the cops? 


RH:  YH, I have one.  JW:  Oh.  RH:  I know I didn't get on the agenda for it, but we had a wreck up in our nbhd the other night.  I don't know if she made a POL report on it or not, but she called me.   AP: _ _ - RH:  & uh it's the 2nd time it's happened probably in 6 months.  But it's like when u come down uh Lookout, u have traffic on one side is what I'm tryin' to say;  traffic on one side, which is the W side I guess u'd say;  the E side's open.  When u come up the E side, which u have people whip around the cars on the W side - which to me, the E side would be the - have the ROW - & they shoot over the hill fast.  But anyway, they hit her, side-swiped her, & then _ run up to her car & goes, oh, I messed your car up, didn't I clipped u bad.  & she goes, yeah u did.  & she goes, well, let me get to my ins card - it's in my glovebox - jumps in the car & leaves. 


LtM:  _ _ _ this past Saturday?  RH:  Yeah.  LtM:  _ _ report on it -  RH:  I didn't know if she made a report.  I think she felt like it was - she didn't see the car.  I mean the car parked away from the path of this, uno they were both going the opposite way, but _ gets outta the car real quick.  I mean - I'm just sayin', what do u do in a situation like that?  I mean besides call the POL.. I mean u can't identify the car if it happens that quick.


LtM:   _ _ - AP:  Punch 'em out!  LtM:  This is a small town & - RH:  Well, I mean the same thing happened to my wife, uno but uno this was a yr ago & they get out & they're mf'in' her & this & that;  she's by herself.  I mean what do u do _ _?   AP:  _ _ - AP:  _ (laughing)  LtM:  No, I wouldn't get out if someones's - RH:  Well, I told her to uno lock your doors & - LtM:  _ _ _ - ?: _ -  RH:  uno I don't know.  I - uno I just - LtM:  Drive up & get the license plate #.  We can still take a report, whether we're there or not, if they come directly to the POL sta.  But get as much description as u can & get the license plate #, & we'll follow it up.  JW?:  I guess the main thing is make sure that u make that call to the POL _ - LtM:  Yeah, I mean u should try to call right away, especially if - AP:  _ - LtM:  someone's after u.  I would call - AP:  I know it.  LtM:  On that, u can save the license plate # right into your phone & it's all reported live if they dial - RH:  Sure, get on 911 & just dial in the same - LtM:  _ someone just hit me & it was this license plate & they just left & they looked like this & then they'll - u've got it then & the POL can come before  u even go.   U can go home or  wait there or whatever.  ?: _ _ -


LtM:  & at this points, we could just - our clearance rate is so much higher than (_ _someone coughs_ _)  we cleared some stuff up that uh that other areas - RH:  I'll talk to her - LtM:  in the cnty - RH:  & ask her what  - LtM:  might not even investigate it - RH:  _else they did, yet I don't - uno if she talked to 'em on the phone.  _ she talked to my wife but I was at work.  I've been working Sundays - ?:  John - RH:  but she called my wife.  I don't know if she - ?:  John - RH:  actually made a report or not _ _ _ - ?:  U're on (public grounds?).   ?: _ _ - RH:  But it's like it's happenin' - it's startin' to  happen a lot _ -


LtM:  Is this because they're pkg on both sides?  RH:  No, one side & they won't wait - uno the one side's open so to me, that's the lane that's uno I mean - ?: _ _ - RH:  I'm not sayin' that's - u would think that would be the ROW - is what I'm tryin' to say - & wait behind the cars _ - LtM:  But there's nothin' in writing?   RH:  No, I know I have a common sense is what I'm tryin' to say.  ?:  Nothin' but common, common sense.  JW:  U had common courtesy.  LtM:   U had common sense - JW: _ - ?:  _  there's a lot u can tell.  (MMW chuckles)  JW:  Alright.  Any other ques's for Scott? 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  11 of  16 


JKB:  YH,  I'd like to thank the bldg cmsnr & the Lt for taking care of a job well done.  Your men at that burned house that's supposed to come down, well, (it'll be down?) tomorrow.  ?:  _ (move the table?).  JKB:   I asked him 3 days ago I think & they've already taken care of it, so I wanna thank him for that.  JW:  Good deal & (his next bonus's from that?) - exceptionally on all items I've ever sent out to anybody in the city, they're all workin' with a nice crew so it's good to hear somebody else is seein' that too. 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  12 of  16 


TW,  Did u have anything u wanna say?   We, we passed over u (someone coughs_) _ - TW:  Well, I'll answer any ques's for now - uh (equity?!) - Um I just - JW:  How old are u?   TW:   will, just will say that - (JW chuckling) the uh Master Plan & the &, & (JW chuckling) as we progress on that, we are going to provide to your ofc, a colored rendering of that &, & we'll probably have that laminated so that u can keep that in case anyone asks any ques's about it or wants to see - JW:  There like to be a looks of the residents this, this morning. (!) TW:  &, & also what we can do for that too is, at some point, be able to post that on the city's website for u & we'll coordinate with Roxanne on that to get that done as we'll probably have that finished probably 2nd wk of Jan;  be able to have something for u that's colored that u could be able to talk about if somebody has any ques's. 


& I'm talkin' about the, the soccer fields & the, the uh playground, that area down there, the boat ramp & all that that we're, we're, we're starting more work on the trail head & all that with GRG park & project.  Even tho they're together, they're somewhat separate projects & even tho the master plan is together;  the projects are separate.  & then I'd be happy to entertain any ques's, answer any ques's.  JW:  Any other ques's for TW?  AP:  Ask him a ques.  JW:  Tku.  


JS:  Now I can say see u out in front.  ?:  It was right afterwards.  JW:  I was askin' your age when u said I could any ques's but then u never did answer me.  EM thinks u're at least 45.  TW:  Oh, I'm older than that!  (they laugh)  


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  13 of  16


JS,  U got any items - AP: _(assume that group said?).  JW:  for bldg cmsnrJS:  Nope, just to say that uh besides the one on Pyramid, we've got a uh comm bldg that's gonna be comin' down within the month on StL Ave.  & then uh up on Jefferson Ave, there's another house up there that's gonna be comin' down uh within the month.  JW:  Are these for re-bldg or are they just aren't - AP:  (Whose?) house it gonna be?  


JS:  Uh Pyramid, they wanna try to uh - she's been talkin' about uh a house down there again.  Uh the pkg lot on StL Ave uh is badly needed by H&H Sheet Metal.  & then up on uh Jefferson Ave is the owner has uh talked about putting a slightly bigger house farther back on that prop so (I can control?) - JW:  (Good?)  Any ques's of Jeff?   Like uh John said earlier, keep up the good work - Jim & everybody, doin' great!  JS:  Merry Christmas. 


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  14 of  16


AP: _ _ - JW:  Now we need to get back to the ins motion - AP?:   I'm gonna watch him.   JW:  pending with a 2nd.  I think EM has clarification on that coverage.  EM:  I do!  AP: _ _ - EM:  He said basically, the only reason that the underlying coverages are set out is for premium rating info.  & what the important thing here to look at is your umbrella excess & it's 5M roughly, so THAT'S your coverages, is $5M!   Uuh so then if u have a $M occurrence, it brings it up to 5Billion & if u have a claim that, a multiple claim, & u still have $5M in aggregate claims.  So it's, it's basically unchanged from the other one. 


One thing he did want me to point out is that the ST PAUL CURRENT has an excess far as employmt practices & liability risk because the employee benefits excludes that, but in the current one & we can get rid of that now.  Uh then there's some other (2?) points _ _ _ (other than that?).


& the only other thing he did want me to remind u is, is that IF u have multiple carriers & ques's of coverage, again, they point the finger at each other, each declines coverage & THAT'S when u get MESSES!  & that's why he's saying Option _.  MMW:  But as long as we have everything clarified (that uno?).    JW:   Any further discussion, q/c on it all?  A motion to approve Option 2?   All in favor, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried to push Option 2!


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  15 of  16 


EM:  Mr Mayor, I just want one other thing.  Uh in the - laying on, on your desk, I got fax'd to me a uh letter from Joe Kellett, the uh Deputy Dist Eng, & they are requesting $24K for  FY07.


& that should close out uh the cash contributions for earth-work-related-levee-infrastructure-related-BUT for the uh, uh the pending uh recreational (uh things & uh?) _ -


JW:  Absolutely?  EM:  Right, absolutely _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ this is for FY 2000 {sic} which started already, the end of September, October - for our cash contribution. 


JW:  Is there a motion to approve the uh requested amt?  SD:  I'll make that motion.  MMW:  2nd.  JW:  _ - further discussion?  All in favor say (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carried


12/18/06 BOA - Sec  16 of  16


Is there a motion to pay the balance of the bills in the book?   AP: _ _ - SD:  So moved.  MMW:  I'll 2nd that.  ?: _ _ - JW:  Any discussion?  MP:  One, one ques, YH.  JW:  Ald.  MP:  Is that including the uh - JW:  (He's just bringin' up an awful?) _ - AP:  They said to bring - ?: _ - EM:  It, it, it would & here's why.   There's a - AP:  These ald can - EM:  separate letter in there - AP:  _ _ - EM:  where we have a $15K deductible on Cost Of Defense.  Um u'll see a letter from (Dana?) & - AP?  I saw it.  I saw it.  EM:  she (sat in?) that ct & uh - JW:  Eric just wanted it put together in the pkt.   EM:  Right, that, that's correct.  & they requested that we pay the 1st $15K in his legal bills, then the rest is _ _ _. 


MP:  Does that include the atty from Kansas City that we (claimed?)?  EM:  No, he's - AP: _ _-  EM:  not assigned (by?) _ - AP:  (more or our?) money.  EM:  The, the only, the only person that's assigned by the ins co is the (new one?)Yeah, that's, that's (called in by Wash U - I think?). 


MP:  Now is he just - can I keep goin', YH?  JW:  Yeah.  MP:  He's just for the pending lawsuit or various lawsuits?  EM:  It's only this lawsuit.  & this is the only - AP?:  _ _ _ _ - EM:  This would be the only claim that we have a deductible to bid. 


& the only, only lawsuit that we have that's covered by ins would be the uh - ?:   (Would have to vote to have it?) - EM:  Bechtel _ _, &, & that, that's a zero-$ deductible.  That was under an old MO Public Entity (MOPERM) ins policy, & it was - (they inspected a bldg?) _ _.   MP:  Ok, tku. 


JW:  He's probably not voting.  MW:  I can count on u.   JW:  Any other q/c on the bills before we vote?  All in favor to pay the bills say (ayes - one heard opposed)  Roll-call vote please.  MW:  (Yes:  JKB, EdW, MMW, SD.   No:  RH & MP.)  4 yes & 2 no.  JW:  Motion carried


Is there a motion to adjourn?   ?: _ - ?: _ _ - ?:  _ 2nd.  SD?:  I'll 2nd.  JW:  Roll-call vote please.  MW:  (roll call)  6 yes.  JW:  Mtg adjourned at 7:50.  (end taping 12/18/06 BOA)