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(mainly re postings on MOPR.ORG - the actual MOPR Mins are linked in the Mtgs/Mins Page List)


2/5/07 -  Postings are delayed as financial matters are the current priority, summarily because the COE & City of Valley Park came after my livelihood/property in 9/99, wrongfully took it in 8/03 via unaffordable justice, & with the support of 6/06 moronic jurors who also dictated Fair Market Rent & promoted Eminent Domain abuse, ripped me off big-time on valuation.  & by the way, the St Louis Post-Dispatch did a great job of promoting Eminent Domain abuse by minimizing my side of the story in their 12/12/06 article, "Woman Takes on Valley Park City Hall".  Just one example - since when is a jury trial a tactic!  Over the yrs, the P-D has published about 3 articles containing erroneous & misleading info re me.  Postings will resume ASAP.  Thank u for understanding & checking back.    


12/22/06 -  Posted are EM City & Levee Bills for 7, 8 & 9/06.  >  Added to I&A Page is imig'n = immigration & imig't = immigrant. 


12/20/06 -  Posted are MOPR's 12/18/06 VP BOA Mtg Mins. 


12/18/06 -  Per my call to city hall's Cassie at 1:30 today, there is no Levee Cmsn mtg tonight.  >   Posted are MOPR's 7/17/06 VP BOA Mins, including a transcript of the 7/18/06 Fox 2 News broadcast re VP & illegal immigration.  During the 9/06 Levee Cmsn mtg in the chamber room, JW mentioned that the city's new sound system was recording the mtg.  I wonder where the mics are & if it records before, during & after any other meetings, conferences & such. 

12/7/06 -  So far this yr, the 2, 6 & 11/06 LEV mtgs have been cancelled/not sched'd, the 7/3 & 10/2/06 BOA mtgs were cancelled, recent BOA mtgs have been quite brief, & now the 1/1/07 BOA mtg is cancelled.  Due to the 1/15 holiday, that BOA mtg will be held on Tues 1/16/07.  >   With my transcribing unit finally repaired, posted are MOPR's 12/4/06 VP BOA Mins where EM seems disappointed that DLC had to go & bring up the DRG/GRG matter.  Next is to complete the 7/17/06 BOA, transcribe backlogged LEV mtgs, type & post more EM bills, etc, etc.       


11/15/06 -  EM city & levee bills for 5 & 6/06, & MOPR's updated PCO's List (People, Companies & Orgs) which is accessible via the I&A & Docs Pages

Judicial Watch, Inc., www.judicialwatch.org, is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law...>   


10/31/06 - Posted via Docs Page, EM's city & levee bills for 4/06. 

>  "Economic Development in the OC" explains successful Ec Dev WITHOUT DESTROYING PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS - http://www.castlecoalition.org/CastleWatch/articles/11_30_05.html  


>  http://www.stateline.org/live/static/About+Us = "Funded entirely by The Pew Charitable Trusts as a public service, Stateline.org has published online every weekday except holidays since Jan. 25, 1999. This Web site, staffed entirely by professional journalists, was originally envisioned primarily as a resource for newsmen and newswomen who cover state government. Using computer technology as a delivery vehicle, we proposed to arm these news-gatherers with timely tips and research material on state policy innovations and trends, enabling them to make their reporting more informative and useful to consumers. This, we believed, would help nourish public debate of important state-level issues such as healthcare, tax and budget policy, the environment, welfare reform and other issues that in recent years have not gotten the media attention they deserve..."


9/27/06 -  Posted are MOPR's 9/26/06 SBA Mtg Mins re illegal immigration


9/10/06 -  New on I&A is JS - Jeff Schaub & NAN (also on PCO's) - Neighbors Assisting Neighbors. >  Posted on Docs is 8/30/06 Wishne/Landmark R.E. Group Letter of Interest re 904 Marshall Rd.  >  While John Stossel's "Myths & Lies On The Record" in the 6/14/06 West Newsmagazine explains "fraud, twice over" as to how the U.S. Cong'l Record, at least in part, is not a record of what was actually said in Congress but what members want u to think they said, proudly posted here are MOPR Mins, completely verbatim transcripts, grassroots public records.  Jeopardizing the future of this necessary contribution & rendering transcripts of other mtgs impossible due to excessive time required is the tradition of VP Bd members & such others avoiding their expensive sound system & public-speaking etiquette.  Posted are MOPR's 9/5/06 VP BOA Mtg Mins.  Its Keywords Etc are in that link above the Mtgs List.


8/29/06 -  Posted later than intended due to more transcribing equipment problems are MOPR's 8/21/06 VP PBH/BOA Mtg Mins Keywords Etc are posted & linked above the Mtgs List on Mtgs/Mins Page. >  www.tearoominthevalley.com


8/17/06  - PCO's & VP Properties Pages have been updated;  both are linked in Sec 1 on Docs. 


8/15/06  - Posted are MOPR's 4/17/06 VP LEV Mtg Mins where CLM & BW again promote Chesterfield Valley & a 500-yr VP levee.


8/9/06  - Posted are MOPR's 8/7/06 VP BOA mtg mins. >  A PBH will be held re setting VP's tax rate at 7pm, just before starting the 8/21/06 VP BOA mtg & during that bd mtg, TW will give a slide presentation re Meramec Landing Park, aka River Park relevant to Ord 1710 that the bd passed 8/7/06, auth'g that park's expansion.


7/24/06  - The whole levee project built by the COE & the city is to be inspected by the COE & the city on Wed, 8/9/06.  They plan to meet at 8:30am, I believe at city hall.  Anyone else wishing to attend or inspect it probably needs their permission.  >  Having been sentenced on 6/22/06 by a value trial jury, I'm still in a state of shock over their reasoning & apologize for the delay in postings.  Details re that sentencing as well as other info will be posted shortly.     


6/10/06  - Delay is due to problems with the transcribing unit, & also due to other levee-related priorities. Tku for your patience & checking back within the next several days.


5/18/06  - Posted via Docs Page, EM's city & levee bills for 7, 9, 11/05, 1 & 3/06 & a 5/18/06 MOPR Note on his Bill Table Page re his $35/hr raise, dereased duties, etc.  >  Added to I&A Page:  anx = annex/annexation. 


5/2/06 - Be sure to stop by a busy place such as a post office, mall, etc to sign the petition this week by Americans for Limited Government, www.getliberty.org.  Enough signatures will get the issue of Eminent Doamin on the 11/06 ballot, allowing MO voters to stop Eminent Domain Abuse.  MO-Citizens for Property Rights, mo-cpr.org (Ref 2/18/06 below), ran out of time pulling everything together to get their petition circulated.


4/22/06 - MOPR's PCO's List (People, Companies & Orgs) has exploded & is linked on the updated I&A (Initials & Abbrevs) & Docs Pages.  Also on Docs are EM's 12/04,  8 & 12/05 & 2/06 city & levee bills totaling $58,267;  & the 2/21/06 MRRA - MOU has moved to Sec 2 with that date + some keywords.  Info needs to be found & learned re restrictions on props adjacent to public trails.  >  Due to a blank VP P&Z agenda, there was no 4/11/06 mtg;  next should be 5/9, 7pm - 2nd Tu ea mo.   


3/24/06 - Next Levee Cmsn mtg is to be 4/17/06, 5pm.  Posted are MOPR's 3/20/06 Levee Mins including notes re a simultaneous city-hall-ofc mtg of JW, at least 6 ald & another man.  (Keywords, Etc for that levee mtg are posted & accessible on the Mtgs Page.) 


3/20/06 - There will be a Levee Cmsn mtg at 5pm today. >  Posted are MOPR's 1/16/06 Levee Mins - CLM, EM & BW pitch increasing levee protection & a VP Levee Dist.


3/18/06 - MOPR's 3/14/06 P&Z Mins re Kim Gardner's Enchanted Forest Condos, Forest Ave reconst, Blandford, PGAV, Green Cards.


3/16/06 -  On DOCS:  3/2/06 Mayor JW Letter to Citizen - word is it was not sent to Landlords;  (2/21/06) MRRA - Meramec River Recreation Assn & GRGD - Great Rivers Greenway Dist -  (2/21/06) MOU (Memo Of Understanding), Olmstead letter & Kettler memo (tho the exhibits & new Land Acquisition Status Report were absent in the respective BOA pkts).  The MOU has been linked where it was mentioned in BOA20060306-15. > Note:  Gene Blandford did not attend the 3/14/06 VP P&Z mtg;  he is no longer with PGAV.


3/14/06 - Postings were delayed this time due to connectivity problems. Posted are MOPR's 3/6/06 BOA Mins  >  John Brancaglione's PGAV Rep Gene Blandford will be at VP's P&Z mtg Tues, 3/14/06, 7pm.   >  Homepage & Button Directory have been updated.  >  Added on Docs to "VP BOA Speaker Card Form Before 6/5/02" is another form for which the mtg type & date is unknown.  Also on Docs now is 2/21/06 MW Memo to Mayor & BOA re Policy for Public Remarks & referencing a news-article which states in part that Speakers must show respect for the council & staff. >  Reminder - Election Day is 4/4/06. 


http://www.stoptheabuseclayton.com/ - Clayton Cmte to Stop E.D. Abuse.

http://www.mo-cpr.org  -  Mo-Citizens for Property Rights Campaign Cmte site.


3/7/06 - On 2/6/06 VP's Chamber Room was & remains rearranged.  Barricading the BOA on their stage (dais) now is a huge empty table & the 2 tables with the city staff & such from the back of the room are now up front, perpendicular to the stage with the podium that had been properly-angled on the right side, now centered between the tables.  The audience has been pushed to the back of the room where it's even more difficult to hear;  Speakers' backs will be to them & hinder the view of stage people mumbling far from their mics. 


Per Sec'y of State website:  Densmore Valley Park, LLC, Charter # LCO696295, status active, entity created 11/8/05, Reg'd Agent/Ofc Deborah Mann, 7733 Forsyth, Ste 700, Clayton; purpose org'd is to hold, own, lease, purchase & sell r.e. & any other lawful purpose permitted under MO laws; organizer is Allen P. Press, same address/ste.  Also, The Industrial Dev Authy of the City of VP, MO (ref 10/19/04 below) - current status is "good standing". 


2/18/06 -  Sorry for the delay. This new Dell computer's hard drive crashed on 1/12/06 & the last back-up was 10/20/05!, but with the warranty's refurbished hard drive, a $70 Recover My Files program, etc, we're catching up. >  There was no VP P&Z mtg this month.  Since Mon, 2/20 is Pres' Day, VP's BOA mtg will be Tues, 2/21, 7:30pm.  The 2/06 VP Levee Cmsn mtg has been cancelled but there should be one on 3/20.  Info re yrs of groundwork for redev is in MOPR's levee mins.  


Replacing JB, Jeff Schaub started work 12/22/05 as VP Cmty Dev Dir.  >   Posted on Docs, Sec 1:  Standard BOA Agenda.  >   After years without much ado, on 1/3/06 the VP BOA started using a timing tool on BOA Speakers & Interim Mayor JW demanded obedience.  >   This old saying begs citizens to find good candidates, campaign for them or good incumbents, register in time & VOTE on 4/4/06:  "Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote."  


MO Eminent Domain Abuse Coalition, http://www.medac.info, is enduring technical difficulties, but their info is available at http://medac.typepad.com ;  both sites are expected to be up & running soon. MEDAC, MOPR (M-O-P-R) & others are dedicated to having Eminent Domain (E.D.) PROHIBITED as a weapon of mass destruction for private dev & the taking of private property to eliminate blight.  BT&T Bank, the nation's ninth largest financial holdings company, has taken dramatic action - see new release at  http://www.bbandt.com/about/media/newsreleasedetail.asp?date=1%2F25%2F06+9%3A48%3A52+AM.

Fox Cable News' Hannity & Colmes want your stories of E.D. abuse emailed to ItCouldHappentoYou@FOXNews.com.


After Gov Blunt's Task Force only rcmd'd that the legislature adopt tougher standards for using E.D., on 1/30/06, a coalition of Missourians submitted 2 initiative petitions to the Sec'y of State.  Once the petitions are approved for circulation & at least 145K sigs are gathered by 5/9/06 to qualify for the 11/06 ballot, Missourians can bypass the legislature & change Our Constitution.  The amendments' language, simple explanations & other succinct info is on the MO-Citizens for Property Rights Campaign Cmte's streamline website, www.mo-cpr.org.   Be sure to click their contact link, thank them, click-on & Donate if u can, & then spread the word immediately because many endorsements are needed, especially from MO orgs, to help raise about $400K just to get it on the ballot.  MOPR (M-O-P-R), Missouri Property Rights, proudly & whole-heartedly salutes Missouri Citizens for Property Rights' proposed constitutional amendments.    


1/22/06 -  We are working through some technical difficulties, but hope to be back online by the end of 1/06.  Thank you for your patience.

12/20/05 -  The 12/9-15/05 St Louis Biz Journal's article entitled "Chrysler Commits to Fenton" has info re Sansone's work assembling 200 VP acres for industrial use, the only large piece of prop AVAILABLE adjacent to Chrysler's plant & well-suited for Chrysler. 

12/14/05  - NOTICES:  The 12/19/05 VP Levee Cmsn mtg has been cancelled &  it was announced at last night's P&Z mtg that Jeff Schaub will start work 12/22/05 as VP Bldg Cmsnr.  Next VP P&Z mtg is 1/10/06;  their current Speaker Card form that can be printed & used has been added to the "Speaker Card before 6/5/02" on DOCS, Sec 2.   

12/12/05  - Posted:   Slight I&A Page revisions.  On DOCS:  12/5/05 VP/Sansone Resolution/Preliminary Funding Agreemt; 11/30/05 Mayor JW letter to Kornfeld/Sansone;  VP Request Public Records Form current as of 12/2/05. >  Notes:  Another Missouri Property Rights Website is www.medac.info.  Highly recommended books re redev:  The Great American Jobs Scam, corporate tax dodging & the myth of job creation by Greg LeRoy;  Abuse of Power, how the gov't misuses eminent domain by Steven Greenhut.

12/11/05 NOTICE:  MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW - WEDNESDAY, 1/25/06, PROPERTY RIGHTS DAY AT THE CAPITAL - 11am, Capital Rotunda, Jefferson City, MO.  Tell everyone!  DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE AN EMINENT DOMAIN REFORM ACTIVIST, PROVING TO OUR LEGISLATORS THAT WE ARE THE MAJORITY & will no longer tolerate being mowed down by BMW's, Hummers & Wannabes.  To rcv more info & updates, leave your e-address &/or phone # at propertyrightsmo@sbcglobal.net

12/9/05 NOTICE:  Tues, 12/13/05, 7pm P&Z Mtg at VP City Hall re Redev.  >  Postings:  I&A Page has a few minor tweeks.  On DOCS:  12/6/05 KMOX Radio re VP Redevelopment - transcript of the Charlie Brennan Show.  >  Note:  Tku to everyone who filled the audience seats at VP's 12/5/05 BOA mtg!  With the Eminent Domain Weapon of Mass Destruction looming, why would Sansone & all of the VP landowners who have signed Sansone's Option Contracts not willingly demonstrate their integrity by posting those contracts on Sansone's or the city's website?   With verifiable copies, I'd be glad to post them here.

12/5/05  -  NOTICE:  On the BOA 12/5/05 Agenda is a Resolution approving a preliminary funding agreemt between City VP & Sansone Family Holding Co, LLC. 

Posted:  MOPR's 11/21/05 LEV Mins - where just for instance, CLM states that it really takes a YEAR to wrap up & make the levee project complete;  setting up a VP Levee Dist was again discussed, but this time laughed about & discussed in connection with a devr.  On DOCS:  11/21/05 Levee Punch List - Items that need to be resolved before VP gets finalization on the levee.  >  Note:  If anyone searches the net & finds some good sites that explain Levee Distrcits & lists the pros & cons, please submit the URL's to MOPR for posting.

11/30/05  -  I&A (Initials & Abbrevs) updated.  On DOCS:  8/30/05 RFP Letter, List of Devrs, Clayco Response.  >  Posted within the next day or so should be MOPR's 11/21/05 LEV Mins.

11/22/05 On DOCS:  11/18/05 Sansone letter to Ed Harrawood - 3rd & final letter re selling his VP property.

11/10/05 On DOCS:  4B Contract Declaration;  VP Atty EM 10/05 city & levee bills, totaling $14,346;  Sullivan Publications link added to RFP.

11/8/05 On DOCS:  Partial RFP, VP's Request For Proposals;  11/7/05 VP BOA Meeting, MM's own transcript of Fox 2's 11/8/05, 11am Newscast;  added to VP Atty EM Bills, 1/99 city & levee bills.

11/5/05 MOPR's 9/19 & 10/17/05 Levee Cmsn Mtg Mins.  >  Via DOCS, City's Mins:  9/19 & 10/17/05 LPR's;  1/4/99 Exec Ses Mins where a VERY noteworthy item is paymt to a VP landowner due to an improper legal desc of his prop.  >  If the BOA & Levee Cmsn members were forced to SPEAK UP & ONLY ONE AT A TIME, transcribing time would be drastically cut, more BOA mtgs could be transcribed & posted as well as tons of other info. 

10/25/05 -  Sorry for the delay.  Having survived a month at my wits end with old & new computer problems, frequent postings are starting up again.  Please Contact MOPR re website problems if & when u find any.  >  On DOCS - sample of a Sansone Option Contract. >  Note:  POLITICIANS HEAR FROM DEVRS ALL THE TIME, not landowners!  >  On Thurs, 11/10, 4:30-6pm at 1910 Pine St, Ste 200, Focus StL,  http://www.focus-stl.org, a non-profit membership org, is presenting in partnership with the League of Women Voters, a Cmty Concerns Forum - Emiment Domain - What is Public Use.  Free & open to the public, RSVP 314-622-1250 ext 101;  one panelist is Sen Chuck Gross, Chair of Gov Blunt's Task Force on E.D. (Eminent Domain).

 > http://www.castlecoalition.org/kelo-whitepaper  - 7 great pages re the 6/05 US Supreme Ct 5 to 4 vote, encouraging cities to be un-American by seizing homes & bizs & transferring them to others for private preference, use, gain & higher-tax uses;  includes reform suggestions.   >  http://www.showmeinstitute.org/propertyrights/kc_eminent_domain.html - 1 page of the Show Me Institute website with info re TIF & redev, missing & inadequate controls & documentation.  Happenings in Kansas City & elsewhere, happen here.  

9/11/05 - Everyone is invited, urged to come, even fill out a simple Speaker Card, briefly ask ques's & speak your mind at the VP Levee Cmsn Mtg on Mon, 9/19/05, 5pm at city hall.  It's the 1st since 6/20/05 & may be the last, so mark your calendar.  As usual, the entire mtg will be transcribed & posted.  

9/4/05  - Via Docs, City Mins, LPR's (Levee Progress Reports) dated:  5/21/01, 7/21/03, 11/17/03, 12/15/03, 2/17/04, 4/19/04, 6/21/04, 1/18/05, 4/18/05, 5/16/05 & 6/20/05.

9/1/05  -  I & A:  some abbrevs deleted, others added + a note that the city's website is supposed to be changing from .us to .org.  On Docs:  8/24/05 Sansone letter to Ed Harrawood  >  EM's 8/03, 12/03, 4/04 & 1/05 (Novus) city & levee bills;  formatting updated on others, a couple minor typos corrected & a few mopr notes added  >  Various City Levee Cmsn Agendas, also mins dated 3/15 & 9/21/04 & 5/16/05. 

8/28/05  - MOPR's 8/15/05 BOA/2PBH Mins.  Reposted on Docs is the 5/4/05 Lac Gas Ut Agreemt with a note that on 8/23/05, Exh A was not found in the 5/16/05 pkt. 

Info re the COE & the $10B Water Resources Dev Act approved by the House of Reps last month = http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/chi-0508190305aug19,0,726419.story?coll=chi-newsopinion-hed

8/21/05  - ON DOCS:  > Expanded Page - City's Mins & Reports - their official versions of BOA, PBH, Levee Cmsn & Cmte Mtgs - also linked on Mtgs/Mins Page   >  New Page - ODocs - Others not listed on main Docs Page.  City Mins & ODocs have various info from 1997 thru 2005 & much more forthcoming.  >  DM 1/15/03 letter to Richter/UMB Bank re $1M785K Tax Incremt Refunding Revenue Bonds - complying & not with continuing disclosure   >   EM 4/14/05 letter to Croghan re Pending &/or Threatened Litigation as of  FY ending 6/30/04 & continuing to date.

8/19/05  - http://www.mo.gov/mo/eminentdomain/index.htm  = Gov Matt Blunt's MO Task Force on Eminent Domain.  Get info & submit your recommendations. >  A report just rcv'd re the Task Force's 8/18/05, 10am PBH is that it lasted until after 6pm with many testifying as to their suffering via E.D. Abuse even before the new legislation;  even male tears appeared, not to reporters already gone, but to an empathetic Force; some testimony revealed even grossly insufficient jury awards (which I find most deplorable & certainly not only because it's my next step).  

In continually maintaining this website & proper records, the format of more old postings has been updated.  Those updates periodically include improved bold emphasis, punctuation & such.  Any noteworthy revisions will be noted, such as now with LEV 20020415 & 20030421 where CLM's mumblings screamed to be deciphered (tho not as much as Exec Ses tapes would), resulting in for example:  aprops subcmte members paid to not award projects;  (Enacted or inactive?) for our bonus;  Should've known it made no difference.  Also obsessively deciphered:   ?:  That area is bought!   EM?:  I don't think u can tell.  >  Ref those Mtgs/Mins for add'l info.  MOPR Transcripts/Mins are punctuated best-possible considering speakers running sentences together, using countless verbal hesitations, speaking secretively &/or while others do, etc.  

> On Docs - in connection with revised LEV 20040215, EM's 4/15/02 Levee Event Timeline contains add'l MOPR Notes > 12/26/02 EM letter to Karen Schwartz/Halibut, LLC re offer  > Updated VP Props.

8/6/05  -  With redevelopment plans entangled from the git-go with the levee proclaimed to protect flood survivors, it's not too late to have finally also linked the City's LPR's & their versions of Levee Cmsn Mins on DOCS, vs Mtgs Page only. 

Also on DOCS:   >  2/2/99 Mayor DA Memo to Landers, VP Cmty Dev Dir to inspect & report;  includes Landers Memo to Mayor DA re Cmty Enchantmt Program - windshield survey, whereby the interior condition of structures will not be initially included.  >  5/4/05 Laclede Gas Utility Agreemt with the city for Pharoah, Pyramid, Marshall, Kena area.  >  5/2/01 Hamell/COE Letter to EM re MDNR, contaminated material in eng'd fill facilities, land ownership & city's creditable contributions.  >   5/3/01 EM Letter to Waltrip/MDNR re contaminated material & city acquisition of all lands.  >   2/05 Update of City's Comprehensive Plan (CPlan), but regrettably only 3 of several pages have been obtained thus far;  at least it's a start.   >  simple references are now links.

Updated I & A.  Mtgs Page revised a bit.  Coming REAL SOON are old & current BOA Agendas, Mins, Cmte mins & reports & even a new OTHER Docs Page.  It'd be great if the city would just send me all their BOA packets from at least the last several yrs - fantastic at no charge!

7/22/05 NOTICE -  DM Letter rcv'd today by VP Residents dated 7/20/05 - Dear Resident:  The City of VP will be holding an info'l forum on Th, 7/28/05, 7pm re buy-out offers being proposed by a real estate devr in the levee-protected area.  This mtg will be held at the VP Middle School Cafeteria located at 1 Main St.  I welcome your comments & hope that you will be able to attend this very important meeting.  Sincerely, (signed Dan) Dan Michel, Mayor.  DM:mw 

7/16/05 -  (TCS - Taxpayers for Common Sense) www.taxpayer.net currently has several articles & links re the COE, for example:  the FY 2006 E&W (Energy & Water) Aprops Bill passed by the Senate on 6/30/05, a $23B package;  Watch TCS VP Steve Ellis discuss Army Corps reform on OnPoint - E&E TV;  $10.6B WRDA (Water Resources Dev Act) passed by the House on 7/14/05;  TCS Statemt on WRDA Mgr's Amendmt.

7/13/05 -  MOPR's 6/20/05 LEV Mins where EM mentions needing more money to finish up the levee.   & since the mayor cmt'd that this Levee Cmsn mtg is the last regularly scheduled *, that transcribing time will be devoted to BOA mtgs altho they last longer & those members also frequently mumble & talk simultaneously, assuring nearly impossible transcriptions & that people are not fully informed as to the levee & other projects in order to vote wisely.  >   Reminder:  Italics = barely audible which also signifies that some mtg-attendees may not have, or did not hear, those cmts. 

* altho the CLOSED trailer mtgs, aka (also known as) Levee, aka IPR, aka PRM, aka COE mtgs, pertaining to the same Levee-Cmsn mtg topics, are held weekly & last for hours at times;  not to mention numerous phone calls between EM, JZ, CLM, etc.

>  To Be Posted Hopefully soon are more of EM's Bills;  MOPR's 3/15/05 (currently the last) VP Ec Growth (ECG) Cmte Mins (there appear to be no City Mins at this time);  updated PCO & VP Props Lists.

7/11/05 -  A new link to kick-off MM's 6th Year of Condemnation Hell -

"THIS LAND WAS YOUR LAND - High Court's property decision stirs anger - seen as 'slap in the face' to American Homeowners"  =  http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=44958 

7/1/05 - Both via Docs:  EM's 4 & 6/05 City & Levee Bills & per his 6/5 levee bill, 654 River has been updated on VP Props.

For many articles re the 6/23/05 U.S. Supreme Ct approval of Eminent Domain for Economic Redevelopment, click on  www.emdo.blogspot.com which includes info on Gov Matt Blunt's Missouri Task Force on Eminent Domain.

6/30/05 - MOPR's 5/16/05 BOA Mins.  ITALICS  within MOPR Mins are in lieu of signifying "(barely audible)".    On Docs:  6/27/05 Sansone Letter to Ed Harrawood - expressing interest in 904 Marshall Rd.  >  To Be Posted Probably Next are EM's 4 & 6/05 bills & LEV 20050620.

6/24/05 - Both On Docs:  6/18/05 Levee Dedication Ceremony - MM's own transcript of Fox 2, 6/18/05, 5pm Newscast;  6/22/05 Lechner Realty Letter to MM - expressing interest in #8 Arnold Dr.

6/23/05 - Sorry for the delay.  See today's news on the Institute for Justice' website www.ij.org - once there, click on "Supreme Court Rules Against Homeowners".  More MOPR postings will be made within a few days.

5/29/05 - Via Docs, EM & KButler 12/10/97 bills. 

5/28/05 - MOPR's 5/16/05 Levee Mins where after months of silence re a 500-yr VP levee on the Meramec River, EM's just-one-more-end-of-mtg surprise is another sales pitch by him, CLM & BW DESPITE THE 100-YR LEVEE BEING LUDICROUSLY OVER BUDGET & BEYOND SCHEDULE.  No mention was made of the 100-yr levee maintenance responsibilities, schedules, agreemts or costs. 

5/20/05 - On Docs, EM's City & Levee bills for:  6/11/03 totaling $14,595;  7/16/03 totaling $15,907;  & 5/12/05 totaling $13,422.  Updated PCO & VP Properties Pages.  Updated notes on MM's VP Public Records Requests 02 & 03. 

On I&A:  some of each have been spelled out in postings where they were rarely used & then deleted from the lists & a few minor revisions were made to others. >  Formatting has been updated on some old MOPR Mins & other docs, & notes re levee mtg times have been added to various EM bills. 

5/15/05 - On Docs, EM's 3/16/05 City & Levee bills totaling $15,684. 

5/13/05 - On Docs, EM's 4/16/03 Levee & 4/17/03 City bills totaling $18,060. have been posted;  a couple items have been posted in MM's VP Public Records Requests '04 & 05, & the one for '02 & 03 has a few new notes.  On I&A, substantial updates to the PCO List. 

05/05/05  > Excerpt from a recent COE Newsletter (obviously with some MOPR abbrevs)VP Levee & Structure Item IV-B - ESI of Kansas City, MO has completed nearly 75% of the contract.  The contractor resumed hauling & placing impervious embankmt in levee segmts between Sta 88+00 - Sta 105+00 after weather delays.  Work continues on storm & diversion structures SAI-7 & SAI-B.  Contractor completed the installation of the relief wells & is waiting for the analytical test results for lead before releasing the impounded water in the det areas.  Contractor earnings to date is $11M, however the amt paid to date is $8M, due to limited funding.  The revised contract completion date is 9/17/05.  >  However, at the 5/2/05 BOA mtg, DC said he had not heard this & still believed the date to be 6/05.

On DOCS:  8/25/03 Info re Phase 4B gov't estimate & ESI & Kozeny Wagner Bid Results.  EM City Bills dated 5/16/01 & 1/16/03, & Levee 1/16/03.  MM's VP Public Records Requests '02 & 03 now includes TG's 3/30/03 Discovery Letter to EM & his 4/1/03 Response, & excerpts from EM's bills.  >  On  I&A, the PCO list has expanded.    

4/28/05 - MOPR's 4/18/05 BOA Mins > Updated I&A & PCO List > Addition to Mtgs Page notes:  The tape recorder often "hears" comments that meeting-attendees & even some board or committee members do not. 

4/16/05 - It's quite possible that the 4/18/05 Levee Cmsn mtg is being cancelled since DC will be unavailable & not many showed up at the last one anyway. 

>  Excerpts from a 4/8/05 COE Newsletter (obviously with some MOPR abbrevs):  VP Levee & Structure Item IV-B:  ESI completed the eng'g fill levee segment at AL.  All eng'g fill quantities have been exhausted & remainder of the levee will be constructed of compacted impervious material.  The contractor resumed hauling & placing impervious embankmt in levee segmts from Sta 88+00 - Sta 105+00.  Work continues on storm & diversion structures SAI-7 {sic} & SAI-B {sic}.  Contractor continues to install & test relief wells.  VP Simpson Lake Wooded Wetland Mitigation:  Rhodes Valley Farm, LLC completed the site grading, grouted riprap, seeding & the planting of 658 trees & shrubs in the Simpson Lake det basin.  This contract fulfills the 6.6 acres of forested wetland mitigation required due to the lost {sic} of the forested wetlands along the Meramec River cleared to build the main levee embankmt.  On DOCS, a new VP Properties list has replaced Offers & Settlements altho that elusive info is still being sought;  is under construction by MOPR;  will pertain to various VP properties but especially ALL of at least 157 properties + esmts acquired by City VP so far;  & has new info re 10 & 10A Arnold Dr & 926 River Dr.  

4/9/05 - Linked on the I&A Page, the People, Companies & Organizations (PCO) List replaces the list of Contractors & Such Associated with VP/EM that was on the Docs Page.  The PCO List is under construction by MOPR & pertains to names mentioned in connection with the COE/VP Levee Project & City VP/EM, regrettably or not.  However, the PCO List also provides links to other PCO's & is in lieu of a LINKS Page. 

On Docs/EM's bills - levee 5/16/01 bill, & levee & city bills dated 6/14, 9/13 & 10/10/01;  also revised MOPR Notes only re the PCO List as a key to names & versions of names within his bills.  On Mtgs Page - 3 old MOPR Mins have been reposted simply with better formatting. 

4/5/05 -  MOPR's 3/21/05 Not-A-Levee Mtg Levee Mtg Mins which include a COE Newsletter excerpt re Brigadier General Crear's 3/1/05 VP mtg & levee tour.  Also via Mtgs Page:  CITY's 3/7/05 BOA Mins (where it seems the mayor's absence was somewhat enjoyed) & Docs Info  >  Items added to l & A & Mtg Codes:  MW - Also at one time or another, Human Resource Director;  Assistant Court Clerk.  MACA = MO Assn for Ct Administration.  ECG = Economic Growth (Cmte)  >

As mentioned in the 3/15/05 Ec Growth Cmte mtg (MOPR's Mins/tape not yet transcribed), anyone can look up people's personal property tax info.  I found for StL Cnty:  https://revenue.stlouisco.com/collection/ppinfo/.  Also, for StL Cnty real estate property taxes:  http://revenue.stlouisco.com/ias.  (One of these days, we'll have a Links Page.)

3/23/05 -  MOPR's 2/22/05 Levee Mins, also that mtg's 3 hand-outs on DOCS:   2/22/05 Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI;  Dept of Army Preface & COE Project Chart.  The List of Contractors & Others Associated with City VP/EM that was on MTGS/MINS/LPR, is now on DOCS & has expanded.  EM's 2/16/05 bill which alone totals $19,366.26, also the names of 4 attys currently sharing ofc space with EM;  TW's 3/10/03 bill which alone totals $16,170.45;  & Disbursemt Requests # 9 & 11  >  MTGS List has been improved.  LPR Link for Lev Progress Reports now includes 3/17/03, 10/18/04, 2/22/05 & 3/21/05  >  Improved I & A Page has just a couple new abbrevs, & the MTGS LIST on the MTGS/MINS Page has been condensed. 

DC addressed the 3/7/05 BOA re a 3/1/05 VP mtg & levee tour attended by Brigadier General Crear & many others.  It seems perhaps the Levee Cmsn forgot to customarily announce this major event at a regular mtg.  It's a shame that the General missed my van with "$49M VALLEY PK LEVEE LANDGRAB, www.MOPR.ORG" shoe-polished all over it.  Perhaps CLM, COE Counsel William P. Levins, COE Eng Greg Bertoglio, COE Real Estate Div Chief Tom Hewlett, JZ, EM, TW, MW, Purdy or Demba could send him an apologetic letter & a 7/03 photo of when my van just said $45M.   

According to DC's LPR's, perhaps the name "Mosby" in Keywords, Etc;  LEV 20040621 & 20041115 should be "Mosley".  Last but certainly not least, MOPR's 3/21/05  Not-A-Levee-Mtg Levee Mtg Mins will soon be posted. 

3/4/05 -  Proclamation added to Maureen's Nightmare: 

3/1/05 -  Hopefully once u've read the 2 transcripts, u'll understand the delay & accept my apology.  Updated Initials & Abbrevs.  MOPR's 1/18/05 LEV Mins with some VERY INTRIGUING cmts FINALLY deciphered.    

Also posted are MOPR's Mins of the St L Cnty Bdry Cmsn's 9/20/04 PBH re VP's Plan of Intent to annex part of the disinc'd City of Peerless Pk where EM had been the city atty.  On DOCS, the 9/20/04 St L County Annex Fact Sheet link now includes Unicom Arc's 9/9/04 Invoice to EM's attn for $20K;  2/23/05 MM letter re that invoice;  & info re Unicom.   Also on DOCS, Offers & Settlemts, #8 Arnold info has been updated.  Coming soon are MOPR's 2/22/05 LEV Mins. 

2/14/05 - Transcribing the 1/18/05 no-quorum levee mtg where 3 & more people kept speaking simultaneously is extremely difficult & time-consuming but those MOPR Mins will be posted on 2/23. 

1/27/05 - (Sorry for the delay)  MOPR's 12/20/04 LEV Mins.  On DOCS is that mtg hand-out, the 12/20/04 (COE/ESI) Progress Payment History. 

12/6/04 -  Linked atop the Mtgs List on the MTGS/MINS Page is KEYWORDS ETC for MOPR Mins.  It includes the Keywords Plus, Topics & Synopses that had been posted on this page as well as keywords for some other MOPR Mins.  

12/3/04  -  On DOCS - City VP's Summary of Receipts & Disbursemts for 1/1/04 thru 6/30/04.

12/2/04  -  MOPR's 7/6/04 BOA/PBH MINS.

11/24/04  -  DOCS - More VP Atty EM Bills, improved list & minor notes added to each 9/15/04 date within the bills.  City's Summary of Receipts & Disbursements for 7/1/02 thru 12/31/02.  >  MTGS/MINS - More Levee Progress Reports & City Levee Mtg Mins.

11/21/04  -  Recently linked on the Mtgs/Mins Page, the links/pages for the City's BOA/SBA/PBH Nins, Levee Cmsn Mins & Levee Progress Reports now include ALL obtained & posted so far;  no need to go to the end of MOPR Mins for them.  The City's BOA/SBA/PBH pages also include info on other docs obtained.  >  DOCS PAGE - More VP Atty EM Bills have been retyped & posted, & on MM's Ct Docs is the 10/31/02 Condemnation Hrg Transcript by Ct Reporters.  >  An interesting tidbit is that the 3/04 West County Yellow Pages lists Fox Creek Mitigation Bank under Attorneys on page 32;  636-938-6940 but no address.

Info re the COE:



EPA link re VP:


Link to Sullivan Publications re VP's ords: http://www.ctspublish.com/sullivanpublicationslp/lpext.dll?f=templates&fn=main-hit-h.htm&2.0

MOPR's 11/15/04 LEVEE MINS. 

11/8/04 -  ON DOCSRevised page notes.  >  VP Atty EM Bills  >  VP Atty Butler & Associates Bills  >  City Engineer TW Bills  >  Disbursement Requests Project Account  >  10/14/04 DM Memo to BOA, City Clerk & Treasurer re removing city checks before properly signed.  >  (5/11/00) Petition to Quiet Title - 1001 Marshall + MOPR Notes re Pharoah Valley Subdiv Properties.  >  (3/6/00)  Bill 1606 & Exhibit A re CDBG Funds Supplemental Agreemt 2000-1 to the Municipal Housing & Cmty Dev Coop Agreemt with St L County - $25,900 - new storm water inlet Front St & Marshall & new reinforced concrete pipe northwardly on Front St.  >  9/20/04  St L County Annex Fact Sheet - opposes VP annexing Peerless Pk  >  Offers & Settlements doc revised a tad.  >  Revised notes on MM Court Doc, Motion of City to Disqualify TG as MM Counsel. 

Photos Page rearranged.  Corrected last What's New date from 10/17 to 19.  Revised notes & added Initials & Abbrevs.  On MTGS Page, new links to City's BOA, SBA & PBH Mins with info on bills/ords & other docs copied over yrs from BOA Packets;  Levee Progress Reports Prior to 8/00 & City's Levee Cmsn Mtg Mins Prior to 8/00.  (Coming hopefully in a month or so, some City Mins for FW&M, LEG, PKS, P&Z & POL Cmte Mtgs & PBW Reports.)

Posted late due to computer problems, MOPR's 10/18/04 Levee Mins with DC's Levee Progress Report.  

10/19/04   A search of www.sos.mo.gov/businessentity/soskb/csearch.asp shows Charter #L00462479 for The Industrial Dev Authy of the City of VP, MO created 11/16/98, in good standing, perpetual;  agent name & office address, Dan Adams, 320 Benton Ave, VP, MO.... 

At http://revenue.stlouisco.com/ias/, clicking the "OWNER" circle & typing-in just "Valley Park" reveals a list of 157 properties in the city's name;  clicking on the locator # brings up more info.  It's unknown how long that info will be there.

ON DOCS:   10/18/04 Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI.  >  10/6/02 Condemning Alderman's Property For Sale (also on Photos Page)  >  EM's 8/30/02 Letter to MM with note revision that was meant to have been posted 5/1/04  >  10/13/00 MM Letter to EM   >  Updated existing Offers & Settlements  >  MM's Court Docs starting to post when time ever permits.   >  Doc-description revision for 12/21/99 Rucci Ltr & Plan! 

CITY'S 9/21/04 BOA mtg mins - which state in part that added to the bill list to be paid was DRG - 1101 Pyramid;  also, after returning to regular session from their ex ses, Bill 1791 - An ord amending Ord 1644 pertaining to the Real Property Tax Levy for 2004 for Agricultural Property located in VP - carried unanimously.  (MOPR Note:  DRG is the city's relocation consultant & 26P633942 is the locator # for 1101 Pyramid which was owned by ex-ald William E Sidwell.

MOPR's 10/4/04 BOA Mins. 

10/5/04 - On Docs 8/31/04 Projected Short Fed Funds to Pay ESI.  Updated Initials & Abbrevs Page.  MOPR's 9/21/04 Lev Mins with DC's LPR, Lev Progress Report.  

9/27/04 - According to Don Pritchard's 7/28/04 Suntimes News article pertaining to the City of Ste Genevieve, MO, following the open session, the BOA met with JZ behind closed doors.  Mtg subject was not disclosed, but may have been the COE's request for city to pay $271,000 to settle a claim from a levee contractor.  The Joint Levee Cmsn voted 4-2 to recommend the city pay the money at its mtg earlier this month.  The 2 no-votes came from 2 BOA members who serve on the JLC.  No litigation has been filed re the matter.  State law allows mtgs to be closed only to discuss real estate, personnel &/or litigation.  >

Revised Mtgs/Mins Page showing that the city's own mtg mins & DC's Levee Progress Reports are being added.  On Docs, 9/21/04 Levee Mtg hand-outs:  8/20/04 EM Remarks to Mississippi River Cmsn;  9/21/04 Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI;  (& city's 8/16/04 lev mtg mins - posted at the end of MOPR's). 

Also, MOPR's 6/16/03 LEV Mins that were somehow & MOST UNFORTUNATELY missing from the Mtgs List, are there now & posted along with the city's mins!  (ref 6/19/03 below)  Coming real soon are MOPR's 9/21/04 LEV Mins.  Thanks for everyone's input!

9/3/04   -  MOPR's 8/16/04 LEV Mins.   

8/11/04  - MOPR's 6/21/04 BOA Mins.  

8/6/04   -  MOPR's 6/7/04 BOA Mins.  

7/30/04  - MOPR's 7/19/04 LEV Mins.

7/11/04  - MOPR's 6/21/04 LEV Mins (sorry for delay).  Additions to Abbrevs Page.  VP city website changed to www.valleyparkmo.us.

5/27/04 -  MOPR Mins for 5/17/04 LEV & BOA.

5/14/04  - MOPR Partial Mins for 5/3/04 BOA.  A note has been added to MOPR's 4/19/04 BOA mins regarding inaccurate official & approved city mins for that mtg.

5/1/04  - MOPR Mins for 4/19/04 BOA;  extra hours were spent deciphering whispers in Section 22.  On Docs, some descriptions on EM's letters to Ed & MM have been revised & a few notes have been added to the note section on EM's 8/30/02 letter to MM

4/22/04 - MOPR Mins for 4/19/04 LEV.

4/14/04 - Better late than never, MOPR Mins for BOA 2/5/01 with a handy index.  On Docs, MM's VP Public Records Requests '02 & 03. 

3/23/04  Note: ALL future BOA mtg tapes could be transcribed & posted within a few days if the alderpersons, mayor, city atty & clerk would simply wear clip-on mics;  it would cut transcribing time in half, not having to constantly rewind & strain to decipher.

1/21/04 thru 3/20/04 - My web mgr sends her sincere apologies for being so far behind in postings;  & a big thank you for your patience, checking back. 

MOPR's Mins for:  BOA 1/5/04;  LEV 1/20/04 & 2/17/04;  BOA 2/17/04 (partial);  BOA 3/1/04 (partial);   LEV 3/15/04;  BOA/PBH 3/15/04 (partial, but nearly all). 

Improved DOCS Page has brief descriptions of its new items:

8/16/96 Hemenway/CDBG Memo to EM - usage of flood funds;  11/23/98 EM Affidavit - usage of flood funds;  12/17/98 Katt/SEMA Letter to Gilliam/FEMA - FEMA 404 funded properties purchased in VP - deed restrictions;  1/12/99 Gilliam/COE Letter to Mayor DA - Hazard Mitigation Grant Program - open space deed restrictions;  2/23/99 Nicolas/VP Emerg Mgmt Memo to Gentleman2/24/99 EM Letter to Hamell with 2/25/99 Entry Permit2/7/02 EM Letter to MM11/5/03 LCA Amendment #2 Draft2/25/04 US House of Reps Resolution & Letter - preparing to partner again with the COE to increase flood protection perhaps to the 500-yr level.  (minor note:  12/31/03 below has been clarified)

1/15/04 - On Docs, Condemning Ord 1622, passed at BOA 1/5/04, amending Condemning Ord 1505 again.  Posted MOPR mins for:  BOA 12/1&15/03 & LEV 12/15/03.

1/5/04 - On Docs:  9/15/97 Chief Leake Letter To Mayor Harrington re levee costs;  also posted, 9/22/97 Police Sports Facilities Layout.

12/31/03 - On Docs:  Chief Leake's 9/5/97 Letter & Amendment #1 - Unlike the previously posted Amendment #1 which was signed on 9/23/97, all pages of this unsigned version are completely legible & it states that the Dept of the Army or Gov't is rep'd by the Assistant Sec'y of the Army (Civil Works). 12/29/03 - Abbrevs - CPlan & subdiv(s). BOA 12/15/03 partial mins with info on:  the City's Comprehensive Plan & simplifying software for city officials to plan their use of everyone's land;  the levee;  the city's new website; water mains;  Crescent Springs escrow;  etc.

11/29/03 -  A link to a fantastic Property Rights website on Maureen's Nightmare & minor changes to the Homepage.

11/18/03 - 6/3/02 BOA Mins where Alderperson Mary Corbett of the Disincorporated City of Peerless Park, 2 VP Citizens & I addressed the VP BOA.  By 6/5/02, VP Speaker Cards were revised (as seen on the Docs page).  Also posted, 1/6/03 BOA Partial Mtg Mins.  On Docs:  Ord #1588 per BOA20030106-8,9,10.
11/7/03 - 10/20/03 Levee Mins.  On Photos:  Fishpot Creek 9/03;  Arnold's Landing Plat 2001 thru 2003;  Arnold Drive 2/02.     

10/23/03 - On Docs, 2/8/98 Ed's Rucci Contract, 12/21/99 Rucci Letter & Plan to Mayor Dan Adams, 9/29/99 EM Letter to Ed, 7/11/00 EM Letter to Ed, 3/8/01 RC Affidavit. (Ord 1576 has been deleted from Docs since it's not levee related.)

10/10/03 - See what you get when you do a web search by entering "Valley Park Levee", especially a Yahoo.com advanced search; altho I found the following with MSN, & you can access the whole article by clicking on Docs - 12/9/96 Post Dispatch Article re Levee Counsel:  LEVEE COUNSEL TO KEEP JOB - FOR NOW - DESPITE RULING OF IMPROPER HIRING. 12/09/1996; St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Pauline Masson Special To The Post-Dispatch.

Maureen's Nightmare has been updated a bit.  On Docs, MDNR 6/6/01 letter to COE and St.L. County DOH 6/22/01 letter to COE.

9/24/03 - Revised 7/03 Flag Flyer on Docs. Posted 09/15/03 LEV mins.

7/15/03 thru 9/3/03 - Revised:  Intro, Button Directory, Initials & Abbrevs, Mtgs/Mins Info, What's New & City VP Info Pages.  Posted:  7/21/03 & 8/18/03 levee mins.   Docs:  City VP Request Public Records Form & info;  the old (just FYI), & current (after 6/5/02) Speaker Request Forms for VP;  & the LCA, the Local Cooperation Agreement between the city & the COE for the levee project. 

7/11/03 - on Photos & Maps Page, more levee project photos & drawings.

7/7/03 - computer problems;  but posted on Docs is EM's LEV20020415-5 Levee Event Timeline.  On Photos & Maps is EM's LEV20020415 hand-out, Drawing #ME-VP-6/RW-2, dated 7/01.  Links to those have been added in the 4/15/02 levee mins & notes.

6/20/03 - 8/27/01 VP/QT Mtg mins - a rather clandestine mtg of VP City, School & Fire officials, & 2 Quik Trip reps, all salivating over privately owned property at Arnold's Landing.  Maureen's Nightmare has been updated regarding that mtg, etc.

6/19/03 -  6/16/03 levee mins. JZ's answer as to why the Levee/IPR Mtgs have been cancelled, is that he thinks, & this is just what they've told him, he thinks they think that basically, they've resolved most of the issues & so there's no need for mtgs.

6/15/03 - Additions to Maureen's Nightmare for 6/03.

6/13/03 - Temporary partial draft of the 8/20/01 Bd of Ald mtg where Ald DM comments on the city atty's bills & Mayor FP responds re a liquor license in his name & also a lawsuit;  JW & JM on misquito fogger & spraying costs of nearly $7000;  & Tory Catanzaro addresses the bd re the acquisition of his property.

6/8/03  -  6/3/03 Levee IPR mins (where I was scorned, blamed & riduculed); 5/5/03 Bd of Ald Temp Partial Draft;  a couple of minor changes to the 6/2/03 Bd of Ald Temp Partial Draft;  additions to Maureen's Nightmare;  & on the Docs page, MM's 4/2/98 $100,000 Rucci Contract.
6/6/03 - at 2:44 pm, EM courteously left me a phone msg that, "there are NO FURTHER IPR MTGS, the INTERNAL PROPERTY Review Mtgs, scheduled for the month of June by the US Army COE;  & any further mtgs, they indicated, will be announced in July."

6/3/03 - Temporary partial draft of the 6/2/03 Bd of Ald mtg where EM & DM indicate that the new Weekly Levee/IPR Mtgs might now be closed to the public. 

5/30/03 - In the 5/5/03 Bd of Ald mtg, EM stated that the First Weekly IPR, IN-PROGRESS Review, Mtg would be held at 1 pm, Tues, 5/6/03 at city hall & was open to the public;  it's an internal COE mtg where they go over levee progress;  they were being held every 2 wks, but since we're coming to a head, they decided to do weekly mtgs;  & he thought they'd alternate between city hall & the COE's headqtrs.
I couldn't attend the 5/6 or 5/13 Levee/IPR mtgs because I had to meet with my Condemnation Atty & attend my 2nd Condemnation Hearing on those dates. 
Posted are the 5/20/03 Levee/IPR mins & info on the 5/27/03 Levee/IPR mtg. These Weekly Levee/IPR Mtgs are regarding levee progress, especially
LAND REQUIREMENTS, utility relocations & such.

5/30/03 - 5/19/03 levee mins.  Docs:  TW's 5/19/03 levee mtg hand-out;  & updates to Offers & Settlements. 

5/21/03 -  4/21/03 levee mins & the 4/1/03 VCOE/Levee attempted mins.  Docs: TW's 4/21/03 levee mtg hand-out. 

5/12/03 - 10/21/02 levee mins.

5/4/03 8/19/02 levee mins. Elliott "You Paid For It" Davis of Fox 2 News & his cameraman were there.  Maureen's Nightmare has been linked in the mtg's top notes & opened with details on Elliott's visit & other notes.
Also 9/16/02 levee mins. Please understand that since I'm still dealing with a family crisis & my 2nd Condemnation Hearing is set for 5/13/03, transcribing & posting the 10/02 & 4/03 levee mins will be a bit delayed.  I hope my Condemnation Hearing will draw attn to the entire levee project's finances, policies & procedures.

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