O T H E R   (O)   D O C U M E N T S

Page created 8/21/05


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8/21/05 Notes:  While the main Docs Page contains the most important ones & mainly re the Levee Project & entangled redev, ODOCS are all of the others that managed to get copied over the yrs from BOA Packets (pkts) or were otherwise obtained, prepped & posted. 


"Docs Info" that had been listed along with the city's BOA, SBA & PBH Agendas & Mins has been disbursed to Docs & ODocs, but to avoid repeating info about bills/ords were copied in their entirety & consist of only several lines, that info will still be posted along with their BOA Agenda captions & may be condensed. 


Notes atop the main Docs Page also apply to ODocs & on retypes here, standard Bill/Ord opening statemts such as,  "NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN OF THE CITY OF VALLEY PARK, MISSOURI, AS FOLLOWS", are eliminated or shortened to "Ordained".  Omitted when dates are incomplete & there are no sigs, are standard closings such as "This Ord shall be effective from & after its passage & upon approval by the Mayor.  PASSED & APPROVED this _ day of _, (year), _(Mayor name & sig) (seal) Attest: _ (City Clerk name & sig)";  in fact, even more info may be efficiently condensed.  Pkt dates are helpful to those wanting to obtain hardcopies from city hall or the library.  Updates to these pages will be noted on What's New.  Thank you for your comments, suggestions & contacting MOPR to immediately fix any non-functioning links.