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(this page updated 8/17/06)


Notes:  MOPR's PCO List supplements other MOPR Pages, especially I&A (Initials & Abbrevs) & (via the Docs Page) VP Props, & pertains to all names mentioned in connection with the ACE/VP Levee Project & City of VP/EM regrettably or not, but is also in lieu of a separate LINKS Page to other Property Rights Orgs, gov't watchdogs as well as gov't websites, etc. 


In the PCO Pages linked below are puzzle pieces & references to some others in Levee Progress Reports (LPR), various mtg minsDocs,  ODocsEM's city & levee bills, etc, reducing MOPR notations therein.  In this clarification effort, pieces from EM's bills are being sorted as best possible into PCO's whenever time allows.  One can only wonder names & info possibly overlooked by the city whenever they create their public & private records. 


Important MOPR Notes atop the Docs Page apply to PCO's.  Additionally, parenthetical names are from tapes of mtgs where the name may have been mispronounced, mumbled, not clearly heard or understood & was therefore best-spelled.  Considering the time span, listed titles, addresses, etc may be out-dated.  Sorted excerpts may be condensed.  LPR dates referenced are Report Dates, not the "wk of" date within them.  PCO updates will be noted on What's New.


Chain of Command - While attending the 6/3/03 Levee IPR Mtg at the Downtown St L COE 4th floor ofc, I noticed this undated wall-hanging & quickly noted:   Top ctr:  Pres of the U.S.  Next row:  Sec'y of Defense, Rumsfeld;  Sec'y of Army (name was blank);  Chief of Staff of Army, Shinseki.  Next row:  Chief of Engineers, Flowers;  Div Commander Mississippi Valley, Riley;  St Louis Dist Commander, Williams.