P C O's   -   A   thru   B


10S - EMlev 3/14/05:  Calls to & from 10S at BNRR. 
A New Place inside the levee - Ref Laclede Situation.
a real estate speculator - Ref LEV 20050620-17.
Aarow Boring Inc, 13617 Northwest Industrial Cir, Brgt 63044, 314-770-2673 - Hwy 141 water main relocation - EMcity 4/16/01:  Call from Ethan Bryant on change order for contract, discuss procedures & time for Aarow boring.   4/17/01:  authorize Aarow Boring change;  call Bryant;  go over waterline problem with mayor. >  Ref Mike Carey.
Abernathy, Dave - EMcity 4/20/01:  Conf with Abernathy of Cnty Water, tentative date of 5/14/01.   EMlev 5/9/05:  Legal research on Laclede proposal.  Conf with legal counsel at Laclede - Theroff & Abernathy.  >  Ref:  Laclede, Lincoln, water. 
Abts, Rebecca A. - Ref:   DRG, John Tom Sloan & Donald Singer.

Acco - EM's abbrev presumed to = Absorbent Cotton Co & a div of US Cotton - 401 & 501 Marshall Rd, VP.  Acco = old Megus Beauty Products *  >  EMcity 9/10/97:  Call Dan at Title Co on MSD/Acco deeds.  lev 8/30/01:  Call Acco on progress of profile.   9/11&10/10:  Conf with Nelson Everhart on status of land acq requiremts.  city 10/4/01:  Call from Eberhardt, obtain & send prop info. 


lev 1/10/03:  Mtg with Nelson Everhard of US Cotton.  1/13:  R&R of letter from Everhart.  Speak to Kirk Carson on status.  1/14:  Response to Everhard;  call Kirk on sq ftage;  calculate same;  review Demba appraisal, calculate damages & just comp offer.  3/25:  Calls to Stuart Zimbalist on Cotton. >  Per LEV20030218-4, EM:  401 & 501 Marshall, US Cotton Co, a lot of land purchased on that was done back in 1999 of this new ROW necessary.  We rcv'd those in Dec & KCarson & I met with their attys at (Solthouse) Kaplan on 2/11 & got strong indication they're gonna go ahead & close on that. > Ref LEV 20030421-4 * & 15 (adopt survey, sold, doing them favor) & 16. 


EMlev 6/30/03: Call Zimbalist on CottonCo.  7/8:  R&R of USCotton, call JZ.  11/5:  Call from Stuart Zimbalist. city 3/31/04:   Call from Jack Reis on CottonCo.  4/1:  Call from Reis on aerial photos & general info on area.  lev 8/12/04:  Review Acco files for esmts & scope;  mtg with Greg Bertoglio & Scott Garner on site.  city 11/23:  Call from Cooper on Cotton Co.  Call from Sepac on failure to purchase adjacent lot.  12/8:   Call from Sepac.  12/9:  Appointmt with Garner for P&Z.  Call Weis on mtg.  1/4/05:  Call from Scott Garner.  1/5:  Call from Scott Garner. 1/6:  Zoning crsp to Cnty for Garner.  Discussion with Paul S.  Call from Scott Garner. Call Garner. Call Cassie on same.

>  Ref also:  Asbud, env'l info, water;  Docs TW ROW & Esmts, LEV 20050620-9. 

ACE/COE/USACE - Dept of Army, Corps of Engineers, St Louis Dist (Mississippi Valley Division), 1222 Spruce St, StL, MO 63103-2833, 314-331-8008.   For various names of COE individuals ref Docs 10/7/05 4B Levee...;  also LEV20020617.  Ref also:  PCO MRC, Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS), Col C. Kevin Williams, www.taxpayer.net/corpswatch/ , COE's own site www.mvs.usace.army.mil
Adams, CR (Curtis) & Ken, also Main & Vance house/area.   Ref BOA 20010205-1,19&20;  LEV20010820-1.  >  EM lev 3/23/04:  Conf with JEM;  research C.R. ((Curt)) Adams.   3/24:  Call on C.R. Adams.  4/6:  Call Mary at abstracting on Adams.  Go to ct;  review L.C.{sic} Adams exceptions file for ownership;  conf with JEM - assessor's ofc error.  >  Ref PCO Harrawood.  >  EM city 8/17/04:  Call Roxanne, 4 Vance.  Call on CR Adams from Chad Lewis {sic}.  Review Ken Adams warrant;  call Mellies, fax back.  9/9:  Call JM on Vance.  Calls to StL Cnty Archives.  11/11:  CR Adams file review =2.4.  12/15/04:  Go to Recorder on CR Adams.  >  In 5/05 & 4/06, address of 4 Vance not found on StLCnty websiste. >   Ref:  BOA 20050418-20, 20050801-22 re LC or Elsie Adams;  (& (whenever can be posted, BOA 20060320).  >  Jerome/Jerry Wallach rep'd Curt Adams' property acquisition?  >  Ref:  Docs VP Props 103 & 105 Vance;  also PCO, Vance Rd.  >
Adams, Dan - Ref DA. 
Adams, Gary - ex VP Ald.  Was on VP TIF Cmsn;  ref MOPR's  4/11/02 TIF PBH Mins.  Ref Docs, 6/11/02 Fax to Mayor DM.  >  Just before taping started of LEV 20020715, DC said he wanted to welcome Floodplain Rep Gary Adams & School Rep James Probert who were notified to be there as new members & had been sent a packet, but they were not there. > It's believed that neither showed up at any subsequent mtgs.
Agathen, Atty Alan of Boisaubin & Agathen, 130 S Bemiston, Ste 610, StL, 63105. >  1 of 3 of MM & McGhee's 7/14/03 Cond Cmsnrs - Christina Hart & Thomas Stewart.  Ref also Commissioners (cmsnrs) Cond.  >  EMlev 6/12/03:  Fax Agathen Motion.  Call Tom C for dates.  Call Agathen for dates. Receipt of Motion, legal research. 
Akin, Cgsm Todd - Ref:  Mitas, MRC, Docs 6/18/05 Levee Dedication.   

AL - Arnold's Landing/Grove - a cul-de-sac of almost 10 acres on the NW corner of State Hwy 141 & the Meramec River Bridge;  SW corner of 141 & Marshall Rd;  within 1 min of Interstate 44;  privately owned until ALL BUT its Mer Sta Rd bizs were acquired & taken, ALL allegedly for the Federal Levee & ITS infrastructure. >  BPlz is directly north of AL/RR tracks & like AL, is bordered by Fishpot Creek. 


EMlev 4/17/00:  conf with JO on Arnold's Grover ((AL)) fill ests/drainage issues; speak to JZ.   4/18:  call to Conroy & JO on drainage & fill ests for g/f debris & needed disposal areas & det sites vs disposal costs.  4/19:  Take completed Agreemt to Simpson, discuss need for disposal site & esmt requiremts together with completed elevations with same.  4/25:  call from JO on AL;  conf with Mayor on same.  4/26:  Conf with JZ on COE fill computations;  status of storm water study;  discuss with JO & economics of AL;  call MW for fund balances.  5/2:  R&R of residential appraisals for AL;  examine for US Acquisition standards;  speak to Demba;  call Donis, Tim Nelson at COE Real Estate;  make appointmt with Bryan Pendleton;  send appraisals for review.   5/3:  Call JZ on commercial & residential values on AL & request Quick determination ec benefits;  conf with JO on filled values & hwy frontage;  review parcel maps;  conf with Mayor on space & possible uses.  5/4:  Review AL letter reports;  City ownership;  call JO on Pendleton mtg;  call Geldbach Petroleum on esmt for hauling;  conf with DC on same.  6/0 {sic}: Go to City Hall, review vouchers for COE cmts;  pull prior land acquisition files of Cockriel, Horas for land purchase vs bond expenses;  review floodplain buyout purchases for inventory report to COE.   5/10:  Go to City Hall, review vouchers for COE cmts.   5/11:  Mtg with Pendleton in St Charles on possible purchase;  conf with Mayor & JO on same.


EMlev 4/13 & 16/01:  return call from Quik Trip;  letter to ACE on interest.  Call from CLM in response to proposed interest letter;  discuss AL & cost benefit analysis.  city 8/27:  Attend briefing from QT at VP Hi School.   lev 8/28: Obtain new purchaser name from Jon ((JO?)).   lev 8/29:  Prepare & fax Cunningham DNR letter, smrys of appraisals & city costs.  8/30:  Call to JZ on design of AL.  city 9/14/01:  Conf with Mayor on Arnold ((AL)) redev.  Call from Cunningham.  city 7/11/02:  Call from Walker on private wells for bizs.   lev 7/11/02:   Speak to Kirk on Mauer legal, Morris & McGhee legals.  ((EM's city 7/10&11/02 bill entries may be incomplete as the last page was missing from the BOA pkt))  >   city 9/22/04:  Call from Kettler on Arnold property.  >  EMlev 2/15/06:  Conf with JZ on ramps at AL.

>  Ref also Docs:  2/98 & 4/98 Ed & MM's Rucci Contracts, 12/99 Rucci Letter & Plan, 7/00 EM letters to Ed & MM,  8/00 Ord 1505, 10/00 MM letter to EM, 3/01 RC Affidavit,  VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg, 2/02 EM letter to MM, MOPR's 4/11/02 TIF/ARP PBH Mins, 5/02 AL Resolution of Intent, 8/02 EM letter to MM, LEV 20020819 & 20020916-24, 1/03 Ord 1588, 1/04 Ord 1622, MM's 04 & 05 VP Public Records Requests,  MM Ct Docs;  etc.  Ref PCO:  BPlz, Brown, Carver, Catanzaro, Ferber, finances, Kopff, Harrawood, McGhee, MVPlaza, properties, Sloan, Steering Cmte, Superior Landfill, TG, Vance Rd, water, Wilson.   

Albair - Ref Dressel. 
Albeon - Ref Cape Albeon.
Albers - Ref PGAV. 
Allen - Ref Densmore VP LLC & Mini-Indy.      
Alvis, Connie - EMcity 11/30/05:  Email from Klug with marked-up MSD agreemt & response from Connie Alvis.  1/31/06:  Email from Alvis at UPRR on ins.  >  Ref finances.

Amant, Joel - EMcity 8/20/04:  Return Amant call on zoning.  9/7/04:  Call from ((same)) on zoning.

Ameren - Ref Barb Fowler. 
American Association of Small Property Owners - 1101 30th St, Ste 500, Washington, DC 20007, 202-625-8330 - http://www.smallpropertyowner.com/
American Society for Public Administration - Ref ASPA. 
AmVets - Ref properties. 
Anderson - EMlev 6/30/03:  2 calls from Anderson. city 11/12/04:  Settlemt Conf with Anderson. > Ref:  3 Anderson's below, Mobil, Dougherty Ferry, Unicom, Vance Rd. 
Anderson - Weitzel atty, Ref Pat Gunn & Weitzel.
Anderson, Atty Anthony L of Anderson & Preuss, 7912 Bonhomme, Ste 102, 63105-3517 - Dennis Carver's atty, but Atty Gerald Warren appeared in 10/31/02 Ct on behalf of Tony Anderson re relocation benefits.
Anderson, Hall, Marsh & Co Insurance Brokers, 1177 N Warson Rd, Ladue, MO 314-991-8866.   Ref finances & Kemp.

annexation - PBH 9/20/04 (those MOPR Mins are posted)  & another on 2/8/05 -  EMcity 8/18/04:  Call from Larry Hedrick & from VP bizmen on annexation.  8/31:  Call mayor & MW & P.O.B. on Unicom mtg.  9/1:  Mtg with Rod Wright, MW, TB & P.O.B.;  go to VP, calls to Drury, Hedrick, Cnty Election Bd.  9/2:  mtg with condo trustee mgr.  Call from Mayor on swimming pool.  9/3:  Mtg with Elam resident;  go to Bd of Election Cmsnrs, Police Dept.  9/7:  R&R of Unicom proposal;  speak with Wright.  Fax Crotzer Fenton letter withdrawing Peerless.  Conf with JM on results of review.  Call from Rosemary on PBH.  Call JM on review of Peerless condos.  Conf with Ford on annexation.  9/8:  Conf with Hedrick.  DM call on liability. Call JM.  Call school on 9/16.  Call Chuck F.  Fax to Scott.  R&R of email from Unicom.  Conf with TW & with Hedrick.  Review data pertaining to tax liability for annexation, email plan of intent;  calls to Rosemary.  Go to VP, mtg with Scott M;  go to Peerless Pk, mtg with Matt.  Fax acceptance of proposal to Wright.  Conf with Unicom & with Hedrick.  9/9:  Crsp to residents.  Call from Mellies.  Call from Hal Tzinberg on annexation.  Email Wright.  Conf with Unicom.  Mtg with Mellies {sic} on photos.  Call to C Irwin at Bdry Cmsn.  9/10:  Conf on Wendler. Midwest letter - call from MW.  Re-draft crsp to condos, addresses & send same.  Review Midwest crsp.  Conf with cnty records.  Mtg with MW on annexation;  obtain Scott M. photos.  Calls to MSD for condo plans;  drive & obtain same;  go to McElroy Metal, discuss annexation.  Mtg with Unicom on Ewing in city.  Conf with MW&DA on bizs.  9/13:  Go to Unicom with CD & letter to residents.  Call from Jennifer on CD opening.  Warrant application issued for Police Dept interference.  Call Anderson.  Call Patti, Croghan & Unicom on Table 6 mistake.  11/17:  Review condo uses in cnty.  EMcity 11/19:  Conf with TW on script for zoning maps.  12/7:  Call Powers, Fiegel, Courtney Irwin, call Hamilton on response.  Call Mange & Powers.  Request for bkgd on applicant.  12/9:  Go to VP, pictures of Eagle Rock, review Plan of Intent. 


8/1/05:  Receipt of Scheduling Conf notice - StLCnty Bdry Cmsn case.  2/3/06:  Interogs & discovery Bdry Cmsn case.  R&R of Manchester tscript.  2/7:  Call MW on Bdry Cmsn vacancy.  2/8:  Call on Conflict of Interst filings for candidates, review.  Call from clerk on Johnson, call Valerie on same;  call clerk for pedigree.  2/13:  Call from Drury on use of prop, inform MW.  2/13:  Review Bdry Cmsn motion for Wednesday.  2/15:  Call TW on map for Bdry Cmsn.  Ct appearance on Motion, St Louis Bdry Cmsn.  Reply brief for St Louis Coundary {sic} Cmsn case. 

>  Ref Docs 9/20/04 StLCnty Annex Fact Sheet which includes Unicom's 9/9/04 $20K invoice, etc.  >  Ref names above &:  Blumenfeld, bridge, Cliffridge, Crotzer, Tom Curran, Eagle Rock, Fenton, finances, Ford, Kim Gardner, Irwin, Mange, Steve Martin, McElroy, Parkside Commons, D Stanley, D Wilson, zoning;  BOA 20060306, etc. 

another contractor - BOA 20050418-13, completed the 9th St Phase 2 um Storm Water & Creek Project.

Aprops Subcmte Members - Ref CLM in LEV 20020415-11, paid to not award projects.
ARDL, Inc - LPR 12/21/98:  levee hazardous waste contractor.  EMlev 4/25/01:  call from CLM on Purdy review of ARDL, discuss;  review file. 
Armed Svcs Bd of Contract Appeals - Ref LEV 20010416.

Arnold's Landing/Grove - Ref AL. 

ASA/CW - Asst Sec'y of Army - Civil Works.  Per LEV 20020415-3&14 - previous ASA fired.  >  Ref Docs, 8/12/92 LCA, 9/5/97 Leake, 11/5/03 LCA Amendmt.
Asbed/Asbud/Asbet/Asbit - Is actually Asbed, Jeffrey E with COE - EMlev 4/16/03:  Mtg with Greg B & Jeff Asbud with legal counsel at COE hdqtrs.  7/1: Call from Debbie with Cotton Co.  7/2:  Call & discuss with Donis.  7/2/03:  Call Asbit at counsel's ofc.  2 confs with Brice Gamblin. Conf with JZ & Asbet.  Legal research on ROW.  Mtg with JZ on MODOT;  discuss with contracting ofcr.  R&R of VP RR agreemt.  5/3/05:  Conf with Asbed.  5/4/05:  Conf with Jeff Asbet, COE counsel.  >  Ref Levins.
ASPA - American Society for Public Administration  - www.aspanet.org   >  Ref LAGERS, MACA, MOPERM, finances.
Atchley, Duane C, COE Structural Engineer.  Ref LEV 20051121 & 20060417.
audit - Ref finances. 


B., Mike - Mike Brueckmann - VP's Cmty Dev Dir &/or Code Enforcemt Ofcr &/or Bldg Cmsnr - 1/03 to 5/03.
Baker, James - StLCnty Budget Director per PressJournal 12/7/05 "Ofcíls Working On Tax Relief Bill".   Ref annexation. 

Baker, Michael - FEMA's eng'g contractor,  http://www.mbakercorp.com/ .   Ref FEMA.  

(Barnett), Ken - Ref LEV 20060417.   
((Barthold, Jane))  (possibly James?)  Ref  MOPAC.
Bates - Ref LEV 20060417-4. 
Bauer, Harrison - Ref FEMA. 
Bausch - EMcity 5/4/01:  receipt of Bausch deed, review legal, obtain MODOT conv. & review. >  Ref Keller. 
Bax Eng'g - Ref Mobil. 
BD - Cond Atty Robert Denlow, aka Mr Condemnation, Denlow & (Paul) Henry, 7777 Bonhomme, Ste 1910, Clayton, MO 63105, 314-725-5151.  Rep'd at least Ed Harrawood, Venita Brown &  seemingly Brantley.  On 10/31/02 BD & EM wrongfully convinced Judge Seigel to condemn for redev despite no city devr. > EMlev  9/4/01:  Call BD, prepare Affidavit for Small Estate, fax.  12/30/02:  adjusted offers of just comp. to BD & TG's clients. ((not to MM))   6/30/03:  Call Sweeney, call Paul Henry on Brown scheduling conf.   3/19/04:  Conf with BD on Brown.  Ct appearance on Brown.  >  Ref also:  Dede, env'l info, Marshall.
Bechtel, Barbara - Ref MHRC. 
Beck, Atty Jonathan - R. Michael McGhee's atty.  TG was also McGhee's atty at certain times.
Beckett Plaza - Ref BPlz.  
Beckman, Joe - Ref LEV 20020415-12&13.   
Bede - believe name is actually - Ref  Dede.
Behnen's Container Svc, 28 Front St, VP, 636-225-6446 or 6555.  BOA 20050418
Belinda - Ref Terry Smith & Sen Gibbons.
Benton, Cathy of Staubach Realty.  Ref also BPlz.
Berra, Louis G - Ref DRG. 
Bertoglio, Gregory E, (husband of Kelly), COE Civil Design Eng, 314-331-8252.  Has been involved with VP Levee Project since late 1996.   Ref:  Asbed, Fowler, LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc, IPR mtg LEV20030603;  Docs:  City Mins LPR 11/17/03 & whenever it can be posted, MM Ct Docs, 5/13/03 partial ct tscript. 
Bertoglio, Kelly (wife of Greg), COE Ofc of Counsel, Paralegal Specialist, 314-331-8193, assists with FOI requests.
Bice, Dennis W, Cmty Liaison Supervisor, StL Cnty Hwys & Traffic, 121 S Meramec Ave, 63105, 314-615-8513 - numerous mentions in EM bills - city 5/7/01:  Speak with Bice, go over prior history.   >  Ref:  Epstein, Gamblin, Maxville, Mobil, Schramm & EMcity 9/13/01 bill, Richard/Dick James, UPRR.   
Biddle of BN - Ref Staubach.
Big Bend - Ref Dougherty Ferry.
Biggs, Robert, Realty, 550 Vance Rd, VP, 636-225-8585.  EMcity 6/6&7/01:  Mtg with TW, Biggs & go to JB's ofc & obtain Skateport drawings.  Call to Biggs.  Call from Biggs on Ec Dev Council.  >  Ref Kuenneke. 
Bingham Resources - EMcity 9/27 & 10/8/01 bills. 
Bird, John - Ref Vance Rd. 
Blair, Tom of MODOT, title is P.E., Area Eng, S StL Cnty & N Jefferson Cnty  (2/13/03 info).
Blandford, Gene S, AICP, Mgr Redev Planning.  Ref:  PGAV, City ECG Mins 2/5/05, BOA 20050801.  Blandford left PGAV about 3/14/06. 
Blattner, Ed of City of Manchester for numerous yrs.  Attended VP 12/13/05 P&Z mtg.  
blight - Ref Property Rights Orgs. 
Bloodworth - Ref Fowler & zoning.
Blumenfeld, John A  - Ref Tzinberg & Parkside Commons. 
BN - (or BNSF) - Burlington Northern San Francisco Railroad -  EMcity 1/13/06:  Call from Terrance Green, go over Agreemt; crsp to same with VPRR & BNSF form agreemts.  Cmts rcv'd from GGR ((GRGD)), review same;  conf with Pam & Jennifer, changes made.  Cmts rcv'd on change to p 8, new amendmt to 3.1 faxed;  review GG ((GRGD)).  Review new agreemt & crsp submitted to GGR  ((GRGD)).  R&R of amended VPRR docs & email;  call Ryan & JM on same.  1/17:  Email to Olmstead at GRGD.  Call from Green;  fax Demba materials.  1/18:  Emails to & from Olmstead; call mayor.  1/23:  Email from Olmstead.  1/26:  Mtg with Terrance Green.  Notify TW & Blandford of prop. changes.  1/31/06:  Mtg with Green.  >  Ref:  10S, Asbed, BPlz, properties, Staubach, UP. 
BNY Trust Co - Ref Joyce Lincoln.  
BOCA - Building Officials & Code Administrators. 
Bodey - believe name is actually - Ref  Dede.
Bolten, Linda - head of StLCOE Specs Sec who's really good at putting reports together.  Ref LEV 20060417-7. 

Bom - Bommarito Utilities, LLC - 6/13/05 TW ltr re Vance Rd sidewalk Attn:  Joe Bommarito, 13412 Garden Circle Ct, 63128.  >  LPR 10/18/04:  Bom has completed installing new MSD Lift Sta on Marshall Rd & are awaiting MSD approval to remove Kena's old existing lift sta. > Ref:  BOA 20050418-14. >  EMlev 1/16/06:  BOM invoice for grout;  confirm with ESI, ok, call BOM, Patty, on for Feb.  >  Ref finances.

Boone Const - LPR 9/16/02:  g/p work - subcontractor is Magurder Excavating.

Borrow A - Ref Ford Asphalt.
Bosworth, Yvonne - Ref TB Realty.  
Boundary (bdry) Cmsn - Ref annexation.

((Bowen)) Eng'g - deed reviews. 

BPlz - Beckett Plaza - officially, Valley Plaza Associates in VP.  SW corner 141 & Vance, directly north of AL/RR tracks & like AL, is bordered by Fishpot Creek.   (but what exactly are BPlz exact boundaries?)  >  Ref Hedrick.    EMlev 3/12/03:  Mtg with BPlz pres & appraiser.   11/21/04:  Mtg with Ford asphalt at ESI.  Go on site for pre-const photos.  Call Hedrick & ACE.  12/9:  Mtg with Weis on Luana.  12/10:  Mtg with TW, Spotenski & JM on Luana request;  file review on BNRR esmts or licenses.  12/15/04:  Calls to Patti on BNSF license.  Conf with Benton at Staubach Realty.  Obtain 1964 to 1993 permits.  >  Ref also UPRR, Vance Rd, water,  Weindel;  Docs VP Props Vance. 
Brady, Todd - Ref Zoning.
Brancaglione, John, PGAV Urban Dev Consultant.  Did he:  help set up MO TIF laws & VP's TIF?  create VPís 1st  5-yr Plan of Intent?  own Zambrana Eng'g yrs ago?  > EMcity 12/6/05:  Call from MW on radio;  call Brancaglione;  conf with Blandford, mayor.   >  Ref also PGAV. 

Brantley, Floyd, #8 Mer Sta Rd Owner of about 0.1 ac at AL till city acquired.  EMlev 4/26/01:  receipt of Brantley check & crsp via fax.  5/21:  Letter from Stout on Brantley. Call from Hamel on restriction of prop.  Call Stout, BD.  5/30:  Letter from Brantley atty, died 2/22/01.  6/12:  Call from BD on Brantley check & probate.   6/13/01:  R&R of Brantley Deed & check & letter from BD.       

Brasher - EMlev 5/2/05:  Crsp & fax to Paul Littleton of Brasher firm.  >  Ref Ferber. 
Braun, Atty N Barrett, LLC, 9300 Olive, StL, MO 63132-3208, 314-569-2002.  In various EM bills.
Brice - Ref Brice Gamblin & properties. 
bridge - EMcity 6/30/03: Quinwood Bridge conf with JM. Fax page 2.  7/8/03:  Review GG legals for annexation plats on bridge issue.  Review file material on Dougherty Lakes.  >  Ref Dougherty.

Brown, Brad - Ref water. 

Brown, David - was Chief of VP Police.  Ref:  C Ford, Tea Room, Project Write Cmte.  
Brown, Lou - VP Treasurer replaced by Betty Wideman in 4 or 5/98 per new Mayor DA. 
Brown, Venita & daughter/resident LaVonne Brown - AL landowners - # 17, 18, 18R, 19 & 20 Arnold Dr.  Ref BD & Dede. >  EMlev 11/21/03:  Call from ((Ofcr)) Chadd Lewis ((Louis)) on Brown.

Brueckmann, Mike - VP Cmty Dev Dir 1/21/03 till 5/03.  Previously JB, then JEM, 6/03 till 6/04 position eliminated in favor of St L Cnty svcs.  Ref I&A Page, JB.

Bryant, Ethan - Ref Aarow Boring. 

Buchland or Buckland, Chris - In EMcity 6/14/01, i.e, Call from Buchland, DNR.  Speak with Chris Buckland on trail grant.  Speak to Mauor ((Mayor or Maurer?)) & Joyce on same.  Call JO on same.  Review Parks Dept plan for Buckland conf.

Buckley & Buckley, LLC, law firm - Ref Kim Gardner & Docs EM 4/14/05 ltr to Croghan.
Budrovich Contracting Co, 10328 Lake Bluff Dr, 63123, 314-892-4666.  EMlev 4/15/05:  Call from Budrovich, have 53K cu yds, discuss borrow. >  Ref BOA 20050418.
Burlington Northern San Francisco Railroad - BNSF or BN  - Ref:  BN.
Burroughs, Hepler, Broom, MacDonald, Hebrank & True, P.C. -  Ref Docs EM 4/14/05 ltr to Croghan.
Burt - Ref (Rusty/Gary?) Wallace.
Butler, Katherine L. - Ref:  Ford, Horas,  Vicky Scissors, Docs Sec 1 VP Atty Butler & Assoc bills to VP.
Butler, Pat - Ref Singer. 
BW - Precise Mold.