P C O's   -   C   thru   D


Caldwell, Tim - COE, former VP Lev Project Mgr - EMlev 5/19/03:  Attend levee cmsn mtg = 1.4 ((lasted 5-6pm)).  Email on ((same)) replacing JZ on vacation = 0.6. >  Ref LEV 20030519-9.
Camp, Jerry - Ref LEV 20020415-12&13.   
Canady, Brian D, per 6/03 info re mitigation banking, Policy Coordr, MO Dept of Conservation, POBox 180, Jefferson City, MO  65102.  (website believed to be mdc.state.mo.us)
Canady, Doug of MODOT - EMcity 5/3/01: conf with Doug Canady on approval for TW;  review local Public Agency manual.  5/7/01:  2 calls from Canady on TW contract, call TW.   8/28 & 10/3/01:  call from Canady on contract with Weiss {sic} >  Ref:  MODOT, Patterson, BOA 20050418-14.  (Jerry Kennedy is with Cnty Hwy Dept)
Cape Albeon - EMlev 10/20/03:  Call from Krippner.  Conf with CLM.  Mtg at Cape Albeon. >  Ref finances & Fingerprints.
Capitol (also possibly First Capitol) Title Ins Co - Ref LEV 20030421-15
Carey - Mike - EMcity 4/23/01:  call from Mike Carey on AL;  call from MW on Aarow Boring.
Carrie - Ref Karie Myers. 

Carson, Kirk with PH Weis until _ _ _.  Numerous mentions in EM bills.  Ref Fowler. 

Carver, Dennis - # 7 Arnold Dr Tenant until _ _ (Owner Ed Harrawood's title was Taken 3/14/03).    EMlev 6/16/03:  Call from T.Anderson on Carver relocation, discuss.  10/27:  Mail Carver check. >  Ref:  AL, Anthony Anderson, DRG, Sloan.
Cassimatis - Ref finances.

Castle Coalition - Property Rights Org - www.castlecoalition.org

Catanzaro - Ref Env'l Landscaping.

CDBG - Cmty Dev Block Grant - Ref  www.stlouisco.com/plan/ocd , also PCO David Kuhn & LEV 20010220-4&5. >  EMcity 12/20/02:  Sign CDBG.  1/10/03:  Call from PP on 03 CDBG.  1/13:  Call from PP on CDBG.  1/15:  Obtain CDBG Supp. Grant & endorse, take to city hall.  Conf with Carson on subdiv.  Call Sterling & discuss subdiv subordination request with Carson.  Subordination ord prepared.  lev 4/10:  Review "D" deeds from CDBG.  4/11/03:  Review sheet indexes with locator keys for credit submission & review for cert'n.  Go to city hall, pull FEMA/CDBG buyout deeds & pull for R.E. cert'n by third-party COE contractor.  city 9/3/04:  Call on CDBG app..  5/5/05:  Call from CDBG (Doug Marshall) on River Rd props.  8/1:  Conf with Roxanne & JB on CDBG extension.

>  Per BOA/PBH 20050815-2, JB, CDBG $ can only be used to benefit low-to-moderate income families.  It would be those areas where that is the predominant wage which is ltd to Forest Ave Corridor & all this lower end down here.  There are some other pockets but majority of it's all right in here.  We can also use it to eliminate blight, also, for low-int forgiveable loans for home improvemt & that program is managed thru StLCnty.

Centenary - EMcity 11/29/05:  Ord on Centenary;  calls to JM & Melies.

Ceotone -  Ref Ciottone. 

Ceres Env'l Svcs, Inc - Ref Docs City Mins LPR 3/03 re tree clearing, etc. 
Chad - Ref finances & Louis. 
Christine - EMlev 3/25:  Calls to Christine at U.E. on relocation letter.  >  There's also a Christine at Wind Eng'g.
Chuck F - Ref Ford. 
CID - Community Improvement District or Community Development Corp.  Ref:  financing, MOPR's VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg tscript,  (& once posted:  BOA20011119), & on Docs 8/26/05 Partial RFP. 
Ciottone, Rich - Ciottone is correct spelling per 5/16/01 email to EM, cc: Staci Olsen & Dave Abernathy, both at MAWC, Subj: Closing:  David tells me by email from Annapolis that he will "not worry" about the RR permits.  So, in answer to your ques today, if we can resolve the deed language with Davy when he returns, if you & I can agree on the other docs & if you have no problem getting City sigs, there should be no impediment to closing immed thereafter. >  Ref Keller notes.

Clayton Cmte to Stop E.D. Abuse - http://www.stoptheabuseclayton.com/

Cliffridge - EMcity 5/31/01:  obtain Cliffridge ord for annex, speak.

CLM - Col Leon E. McKinney, PE retired, COE St L Dist Eng 7/24/76 to 8/31/79;  is being paid $1500/mo as VP Levee Cmsn Member/Consultant, especially for federal funding, said during LEV 20020617 mtg at COE ofc, he's with McKinney Assoc Consulting in VP (1323 Bentley Place Dr, Chesterfield, MO  63005-4491, 636-530-1896) & he's working with VP, trying to finish up something he wasn't successful in doing as Dist Eng.  >  Countless calls/confs in EM bills despite both attending levee & other such mtgs;  i.e.:   EMlev 7/3/03:  Call CLM, will ask Joe to call DE {sic}.  EMlev 9/19/05:  Levee Cmte mtg = 1.8 ((met 5-5:43=0.8))  Conf with CLM = 0.6  >  Ref:  Sen Gibbons, Morrow, MRC, MOPR levee mtg mins, Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03, Disbursemt Requests.

CMS {sic} - Ref disclosures. 

COBRA - EMcity 8/18 & 19/04:  Call from MW on jury duty, workers comp ques's, COBRA & pension, vetoed ord & salary ord.  >   Ref finances.
Cockriel - Ref AL. 
COE (Corps of Engineers) watch - Ref ACE. 
Coleman - Keith? StL Cnty Police Ofcr, OR Ref LEV20020415-12&13 Don? with COE  - EMcity 8/16/04:  Crsp on Coleman.

Collins, Marie - Ref PGAV. 

Comer, Kyle - law student, TG's assistant.  EMcity 5/3/05:  Call ((same)) on River.  >  Ref TG notes.
comm. - seems EM's abbreviation for commission(er)  - MOPR's is cmsn(r).
Commissioners (cmsnrs) - Condemnation - Per BOA 8/4/03 packet, 7/30/03 Project Acct Disburse Req # 18, Alan Agathen, Christina Hart, Thomas Stewart (MM & McGhee's cmsnrs) were ea pd for 13.8 hrs @ $175 = $2,415 x 3 = $7,245;  same info in 8/11/03 pkt, same Acct & Request # but dated 8/7/03.  >  LEV20030421 -14, EM:  they want to get in there & get their money & get their job done ASAP, so sooner the better for them.  >  Ref also Steiner. 
Commissioners - TIF - VP's - Ref MOPR's 4/11/02 VP TIF/ARP PBH Mins.
Community Development Corp.  Ref CID.
Conaway - Ref Federer.
"concerned" citizen - EMlev 5/14/01:  Call from ((same)) on Morris mistreatmt of tenant & garage rentals ((If re MM, they had it backwards.))
condo trustee mgr - Ref annexation.  
Conley, Matt - Ref PGAV.
Connie H. - Ref finances.
Conroy, Patrick J, StL COE Geotechnical & Design Eng, 314-331-8432, has also done a lot of utilities coordn.  Ref LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.  (Is this Foundation Sec, Pat, whose surveys said 8' of clay but  per LEV 20030421-10 only 1 was found?)  Ref:  IPR mtg LEV 20030520 & Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03.  Also attended LEV 20050620 where EM referred to him as Project Mgr Conroy.  Ref LEV 20051121, LEV 20060417;  PCO, TCE. 
contacts - EMcity 7/19/05:  Emails to VP contacts.  3 conf's with Ryan on VP requiremts.  Review VP requiremts for application.

Contract Dewatering - LPR 10/18/04:  installing Simpson Lake Det area relief wells.   

Cooper - Ref Acco.  

Copeland, Doug - EMlev 9/10/01:  Conf with Doug Copeland on school/Rideout.  In EMcity 1/16/03:  2 calls from Copeland on request for Ridehout {sic} cert. ord, call Roxanne.   

Corp. Benefit Strat. - Ref FOI.

Corso - Ref John Dennis.
Cotton Co - Ref Acco.
Courtwright - Ref water.

COVP {sic} - Ref Docs City Mins LPR 2/22/05:  met with COE & ESI on 1/5/05.

Crabtree - Ref UPRR. 

Craig, Sherri - VP assistant city clerk, replaced in 4 or 5/98 by Debbie Price. 

Crear, Brigadier General Robert, USACE, met & toured VP lev project with many others 3/1/05 altho not customarily announced in regular Lev Cmsn Mtg.  EMlev 2/22/05:  Call from JZ on Crear visit . Conf with mayor & Roxanne on same - letter dictated on General's visit.  http://www.mvd.usace.army.mil/mrc/Upon_There_Shoulders/AppendixA.htm

Crescent Knoll - EMcity 2/15/06:  Conf with Jeff S on Crescent Knoll & curb cut = 0.0 {sic} 

CRM Eng'g, Comm, Res, Muni Eng'g, Pres John O Yaakub, 1746 Gilsinn Ln, StL, MO 63026, 636-349-7575.   Described Mini Storage 911 Forest Mini Storage dev at 8/12/03 P&Z PBH.  Ref Dougherty Ferry & Atty Kevin Williams.

Croghan & Croghan, CPA's, 11007 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood, MO  63122, 314-966-6644.  Michael Croghan VP City Auditor numerous yrs, Lev Cmsn member - What dates ever attended?  >   Ref finances.
cross-over agreemts -  EMlev 1/12/06:  Draft Waterline Crossing Agreemt.  city 1/30/06:  Revise Cross-over Agreemt.  R&R of pkt from MAWC.  >  Ref LEV 20060320-10, water co did, Lac Gas did not;  want everybody in this room on same page.  >  Ref:  finances, LEV 20060320, Staubach.
Crotzer - (Darold E Crotzer Jr? at Crotzer, Ford & Ormsby Attys - 222 S Central, Ste 500, 63105, 314-726-3040) - Ref C Ford & annexation.  http://www.cfoslaw.com/
Cunningham, Atty Thomas A, counsel for several cities including City of Twin Oaks Planning.   Ref http://www.municipalfirm.com/recent.html;  also, altho it might be a case of father & son both named Tom, or whatever, ref AL & MOPR's VP/QT (Quick Trip) 8/27/01 clandestine mtg mins. 
Curran, Tom, StLCnty Exec Ofc, 314-615-2541, tcurran@stlouisco.com - TIF Cmsnr for at least VP 4/02, Sunset Hills 3/05, Manchester 8/05.  EMcity 11/18/04:  Call from Curran at StLCnty.   >  Ref financing. 
Curren, Jim, Fenton Ec Dev Dir. since 1/01.  Fenton City Atty is Jerome/Jerry (rep'd Curt Adams?) Wallach & son Stanley is Prosecuting Atty.  >  EMcity 2/9/06:  Conf with Jim Curren, Fenton.  Call Dan Merlo. 
Cusack, David - Ref DC.
Cutter - Ref Parkside Commons.


D & L Towing - Ref Rideout.

DA - Ref MOPR I&A Page, PCO Project Write Cmte. 
Daily, Mike, StL COE 404 Permit Sec,  - Ref LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc Downtown, StL.   
Dalrymple, Ken, COE Env'l Sec, Biologist - Ref LEV 20011015-2, also 20020617 mtg at COE ofc. 

Dana/Dane - Ref GRGD.

Daniels, Director of OMB - Per CLM in 20020715-13:  "...it would appear to me that uh, barring something rational & opposition in the meantime, which the Director of O, OMB, Mitchell Daniels, has threatened, which is kind of like a midget next to a mountain side, that they aprop'd  too much money over what the Pres asked for, for the COE.  I think that we can get a good...".
Davis, David - EMcity 11/6/03:  Mtg with (same), atty for St Paul Insurance, on city claims - wrongful discharge of Helton.  Conf with MW on pay rates, mins.  >  Ref also:  Buckley, finances, Kim Gardner, Noce,  Docs Sec 1 ODocs EM 2/14/05 ltr to Rahmeier/StPaul.
Davis, Ed - River Dr prop owner/resident.
Davis, Elliott  - EMlev 4/12/02:  3 calls from Elliott Davis. >  Ref LEV20020819. 
DC - David W Cusack, Levee Cmsn Coordr, Consultant, Chairman;  former COE Employee;  VP P&Z member - directly involved with VP gov't over many yrs.  >  Ref IPR. 
Debbie - Ref Asbed & Densmore Valley Park, LLC.  
Dede, Atty Bradley S, 222 So Meramec, Ste 224, 314-725-9700.  LaVonne Brown's atty in addition to or replaced BD. >  EMlev 10/17/03:  Review of Bodey crsp.  Phone conf (Brown) with Bodey.  10/23:  Call Bede on Brown.  10/24:  Go to VP, meet with Lavon Brown.  Two conf's with Ranken on Brown & Carver.  Call to Bebe on consumation of settlemt, R&R of signed faxed docs.  11/7: Call from Lavon Brown on vacating property.  11/10:  Obtain Police Report on squatter at 18 Arnold.  Call from police on 18 Arnold. Conf with Mowery on Brown.  11/11/03:  Call from Lavon Brown.
demolition - EMlev 8/9/05:  Conf with JM on PRB {sic} mtg.  Conf with JM on demolition materials.   8/11 Thurs:  PRB {sic} mtg at VP = 2.5  >  Ref IPR.

Demba Valuation Services, LLC, (City Appraiser _ _ thru 3/06 +)  Ernest A Demba, 77 Meadowbrook Country Club, Ballwin, MO  63011-1697, 636-227-0321, fax 636-391-5530.  FIN:  71- 089698.  Demba Realty Co, 8420 Delmar Blvd, 314-991-2135  >  countless mentions in EM bills >  Ref:  finances, TG (Demba in Tampa), water;  MOPR Notes above EM's 10/05 Lev Bill;  Docs Sec 1, Disbursemt Requests;  BOA 20060807. 

Denlow - Ref BD.

Dennis, John - EMcity 12/24/02:  Call to John Dennis, discuss title problems with Capital, call Corso.  Conf with Corso, obtain 1994 commitmt on 2 Arnold, fax & discuss, research files.  Call to Dennis.  1/14/03:  Conf with Victor Salquerro on Dennis prop.

Dennis - Ref:  Dennis Bice, Dennis Stephens, John Dennis.
Densmore Valley Park, LLC - Per Sec'y of State website on 3/7/06:  Charter # LCO696295, status active, entity created 11/8/05, Reg'd Agent/Ofc Deborah Mann, 7733 Forsyth, Ste 700, Clayton;  purpose org'd is to hold, own, lease, purchase & sell r.e. & any other lawful purpose permitted under MO laws; organizer is Allen P. Press, same address/ste.   
Detch, Patricia, StLCnty Planning Dept, 314-615-7852, pdetch@stlouisco.com - TIF Cmsnr for at least VP 4/02, Manchester 8/05.
DeWitt, Lillian, per 4/06 cnty website, Owner 1999 thru 2005, 1007 Pyramid, 63088, 26P634279,  05 appraised $9300, assessed $1,770.  > EMcity 7/14/05:  Call from MW on Rick Freeman, DeWitt.  >  Ref:  IPR, properties & Docs  9/3/02 Ord 1572.

DG Purdy - Ref Purdy.

Diamond Group - Ref Maurer.
Diane - Ref Favazza.
Dickman, Dan - Ref Fed Probation Ofc.
Dinan - Ref Tim Nelson.
disclosure - EMcity 12/5/05:  2 calls from MW on mtg.  Go to VP, attend Personnel Cmte mtg;  prepare disclosures;  advise ald.  12/7:  Conf with MW on personnel.  12/12:  R&R of election disclosure form, conf with MW on same.  12/13:  Two calls from MW on campaign finance declaration.  2/6/06:  Call to MW on creditable coverage disclosures to CMS {sic}.  2/10:  Conf with MW on disclosures, review & send.  2/13/06:  Creditable Coverage Disclosure to CMS at VP.  >  Ref annexation & finances.
Districts - Ref financing.
DNR - Dept of Natural Resources.  Ref Buchland & env'l info.
Dobson - EMcity 6/17/03:  Fax crsp from Dobson.  Call Terry on same.  >  Ref Noce.
Dohr - In EMcity 1/16/03:  Call from Dohr, case settled, called city.
Donis, Craig K, COE StL Dist, Real Estate Acquisition Chief, 314-331-8164.  EMlev 12/16/02:  Letter to JZ on mitigation.  Call Donis, discuss.  >  Ref:  AL, finances, Sen Gibbons,  LEV20030520 & 20030603, M's Nightmare 6/3/03, Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03. 
Doug - Ref Novus. 
Dougherty Ferry, Big Bend, Forest  -  EMcity 12/17&18/02:  Return & rcv call from Davonna Morgan, East-West Gateway, on Forest project (421-4220).   1/14/05:  Mtg on 911 Forest with devr.  5/23:  Call from realtor on 911 Forest.  11/14:  Mtg with Demba on valuations for waterline & Forest Prop.  Conf with Randy Griffin at TW.  Conf with TW on appraisal issues.   11/23:  Fax from JB on Big Bend & Dougherty Ferry.  Conf with Bice.  11/28:  Call Randy Griffin on appt. for Dougherty Ferry.  Crsp & memo from JB on package for Big Bend & Dougherty Ferry.  11/30/05:  Call Randy Griffin on Big Bend site review.   >   Ref also:  CDBG, Griesedieck, Taylor Morley, TB Realty, water, Werkmeister, Atty Kevin Williams, Wind, zoning.      
Dressel - EMcity 11/19/04:  Call from Albair on Dressel.
DRG - Development Resource Group, Inc (city's relocation consultant) - 11/12/03 Sec'y of State website:  legal-type biz, Charter #00409632, good standing, Created 4/4/95, Registered Agent Name not listed but office is 1 Metropolitan Sq, Ste 2600, St Louis, 63102-2740.  An 8/27/03 Circuit Ct Garnishment Request for Rebecca Abts shows DRG, 200 N Broadway, Ste 1550, St Louis, 63102, Pres Louis G. Berra. >  EMlev 7/8/03:  Response to DRG letter.  >  Ref:  Marshall, properties, Ranken.
Drikow Gary, Lac Gas, 314-658-5417.   EMlev 3/28/03:  2 calls to Gary Drikow.  4/4/03:  Call Drikow at Laclede.  >  Ref Docs, City Mins LPR 11/17/03. 
Drury Inns - Druco - Ref annexation, David Wilson.
Duebelbeis or Duebelweis - EMcity 8/13/01:  Conf with Duebelweis.  8/14:  Call from Duebelweis.  8/17:  Call from Duebelbeis on vacation of Street, call from real estate agency on same.  Mtg with Duebelbeis.  8/22:  Call from real estate agent on Duebelbeis prop. 
Dunn - Ref Miller & Olson.   
Dunne, Atty Frank C - shares ofc space with EM, at least in 3/05.  Ref:  Lacey, McIntyre, Warren.