P C O's   -   E    thru    F 


Eagle Rock Condos - Ref annexation.
Eagleton - Ref finances. 
Earls - Ref Epstein, UPRR. 
East-West Gateway Coordinating Council - EWGCC -  www.ewgateway.org  >  EMcity 8/30/01:  Receipt of East-West Gateway crsp on obligation of funds.  Call Wild at EastWest.  >  Ref Davonna Morgan & BOA 20050418.   EMcity 11/11/05:  Conf with TW on E-W Gateway timetable for STP {sic}.   11/18/05:  Call from Griesedieck on timing & procedure.  >  Ref DoughertyFerry, LEV 20060417. 

Easter Fence, Inc, 6071 Lemay Ferry Rd, StL, 63123.  Fence around Kena Pump Sta.

Eberhardt - Ref Acco. 
Economic Dev Council - Ref Biggs. 
EE - EMlev 3/28/03:  Call from Terry on EE {sic}.
Elam resident - Ref annexation.
Elastizellof StL, Inc, 410 10 St, 63088, 636-225-4311 - Ref Sharon Wolfe. 
Ellis, Barb - EMcity 10/8/01:  Conf with (same).
EM - Eric Martin - Ref Horas. 
Enchanted Forest - Ref Kim Gardner. 
Enviro-Tech of Vandalia, Illinois  worked for VP & COE on Fishpot - Ref LEV 20060320 re levee maint. 
Env'l Consultants, LLC - per LPR 4/04, is inspecting AL structures for hazardous materials.   

Env'l INFO & mitigation - EMlev 5/30/01:  Speak to CLM on Phase II study.  6/11:  R&R of MDNR permit.  6/12/01:  Ord on mit agreemt & revise same.  Call to Hamell.  6/13:  Call from Purdy, discuss rights of entry & area to be taken. Call Martha at BD & discuss entry right & Harrawood & Brown problems. >  Ref  LEV 20011015 & 20020415-7 re Absorbent Cotton Co (Acco) & Reichhold discharging contaminated ground water directly into river, Op'g Units of Geldbach, Wainwright, Valley Heat Treat. >  EMlev 4/2/03:  Call Purdy & inform of HTRW. >  Ref LEV 20030421 & 20030519.  >  EMlev 10/24/03:  Call to JZ on mitigation.  10/30/03:   R&R of DNR letters to Coalition on permit exemption.  12/3/04:  Wood Wetland memo from JZ.  city 3/16/05:  Review statutes on regs for trash-transfer & landfills. 

>  3/04 West County Yellow Pages lists Fox Creek Mitigation Bank under Attorneys on page 32;  636-938-6940 but no address.

Ref LEV 20051121, various docs on Docs Page, PCO's:  Acco, ARDL, Boone Const, Contract Dewatering, demolition, Donis, Env'l Consultants, EPA, Scott Garner, Sen Gibbons, Connie H., McCord, Megus, Midwest Asbestos, Terry Norris, Precision Forgings, Onyx, Peerless Park (PPk) Landfill, Ray's Tree Svc, Reichhold Chemical, Rhodes Valley Farm, Simpson, Superfund, Superior Landfill, TCE, Valley Heat Treat, Valley Materials, Valley Technologies, Waltrip, Wainwright, water. 

Env'l Landscaping, Owner SG (Tory) Catanzaro, 14 Mer Sta Rd, (at AL) VP, 314-225-3848, VPBA Member.   Ref:  LEV20000821, 20000918, 20001120;  Docs 9/18/00 Ord 1512 & 3/8/01 RC Affidavit;  MOPR's VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg mins;  Docs  5/20/02 AL Resolution & 6/11/02 Fax to Mayor DM.   

Env'l Specialists, Inc - Ref ESI.  

EPA, Env'l Protection Agency.  Re VP - http://www.epa.gov/region7/cleanup/npl_files/valley_park_tce.pdf.   Ref env'l info.

Epstein, Robb - EMcity 11/22/04:  Call TW on Nolls.  Call Roxanne on Nolls.  12/12/05:  Mtg with mayor, TW, Earls, Bice, Blandford on cnty arterial.  Call from/to Epstein for mtg & discuss concerns.  Call to TW, discuss & obtain dates for pre-hrg mtg.  Call from Griffin.  Pull Kemp v Manchester & review Settlemt Agreemt.  Call Randy Griffin, dicuss curb cuts.  Call from Jason Morgan with Landings Develop.  Call Gunn & discuss same.  Fax from Pat Gunn on lawsuit & attendance at P&Z mtg.  12/13:  Fax from Gunn.  Conf with mayor on P&Z agenda.  Receipt of crsp from Noll for P&Z.  12/14:  Conf with Roxanne on public notice for P&Z.  1/20/06:  Call from Epstein. >  Ref also Robb, TB Realty.

Eric at Croghan's ofc - Ref finances. 
Ernie - Ref Demba. 
ES - Ed Sidwell - long-time VP resident, r.e. agent or broker, former ald & VP Police Ofcr, owns many VP props.    EMlev 10/15/03:  Discussion with owners of 1100 & 1101 Pyramid ((both ES)).  10/21:  Conf with ES on 1100.  10/22:  Crsp from ES, call same on 1101 & 1100 Pyramid.  10/23:  Conf with ES.  11/4:  Conf with ES.  11/6:  Preparation of contracts on 1100 & 1101, call Capital Title, review assessor's records.  11/7:  Go to VP, mtg with ES, obtain contracts.  11/10:  Speak to ES, contracts ready for pickup.  11/11:  Go with appraiser to 1100 & 1101 Pyramid.  Pick up contracts.  3/11/04:  Conf with Rankin on 1101 Pyramid.  Email from DRG, respond.  Call mayor.  Call Rankin, change voucher, call Patti.  >  Ref  Ideal Alternatives. 
ESI - Env'l Specialists, Inc, Kansas City, MO, Gen Mgr Alan Wolfe, 816-935-0912, COE's Phase 4B Contractor.  Parent co is Republic Svcs ESI Reps are Jim Solari, Jim Munchrath & Danny Thompson.  ESI subcontracted some work to at least Loana.  Ref Docs:  8/25/03 Levee Phase 4B, Bid Results & City Mins LPR 11/03.   Ref:  LEV 20031117-8;  20040719-8;  LEV 20051121 = Alan Wolfe purchased all stock for ESI from Republic Svcs - as of 10/31.  Ref finances.
Everhard/t - Ref Acco. 
EVN - EMcity 12/12/05:  Call from Cassie on EVN {sic} plea.

EVS Realty - Ref Fingerprints.

Ewing - Ref annexation.

Executive Sessions - (exec ses) - BOA 20050801-15, DM:  ...it was 2 mtgs ago, Mr Blandford met with the Bd.  In the past mtg, we DID go in Exec Ses but I think we realized then it needed to be brought out to the people. we did not have any motions;  that's why there were no mins from the last Exec Ses...


F01 (on EM bills = F, zero, one)  Ref FOI (all letters).
F, Dan -  Ref:  Acco, Fowler & water.
Favazza, Diane M, Associate Appraiser  - EMcity 12/1/05:  Call from Diane Favazza.  >  Ref Demba.

Feder - Atty Gary H (& Sandifer rep'd Maurer of Diamond Group) with Husch & Eppenberger, LLC, Attys, 190 Carondelet Plaza, 63105, 314-480-1500. >  EMlev 4/1/03, 2 calls to Feder.  4/3:  Conf with Feder.  4/11:  Call from Feder on cond hrg, discuss quiet title action.  4/16:  Call from Husch, want a continuance.  6/2:  Conf with Bob James, offered Sandifer settlemt, discussed 6/5 hrg;  file review.  city 7/1/03: R&R of crsp from title co on suit for quiet title actions, call same.  11/17/05:  Email from Feder;  ord review.  11/29:  Call from Greg Smith with Husch.  12/1:  Email to Feder on recusal issue;  research conflicts statutes.  Cmts from Blandford.  Email from Feder.  Conf with Smith.  12/2:  Response from Feder opinion on recusal;  review statute;  discuss closed mtg.  Email Blandford on issues.  Email from Mueller.  Conf with Blandford.  Call from JM on VP.  12/6:  Email Feder on cosmetic changes to resolution.  12/8:  Call & email from Feder.  R&R of resolutions & redlines.  Call to MW on new acct entry. 

1/13/06:  Email from Feder, call MW.  >  Ref:  MVPlz, PGAV.

Federal Biz Ops - Per LEV20030421-5, a publication of upcoming fed contracts to let the contracting cmty know something's coming;  the old Commerce Biz Daily publication... 

Federal Probation Ofc - EMcity 8/16/05:  Call from (same) on contacts with Powell, Lay & Sancouci. Call from Dan Dickman.
Federer, Tom - EMcity 6/11/01:  call from Federer (Conaway atty) discuss history with same.
Feigel/Feigle, Lori - (Fiegel is correct)  with StLCnty Planning.   EMcity 11/13/04:  Call Lori Feigle & Powers.  11/15/04:  Conf with Feigel.  Receipt of crsp on March Bdry Cmsn mtg.  >  Ref annexation.
Feldmann, Mike - StL COE Const area eng - 636-899-2600.  Ref Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03, also LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.

FEMA/SEMA -  EMcity 11/22/04:  2 conf's with Harrison Bauer on CLOMR ((_Letter of Map Revision?)).  Conf with Christine at Wind ((Eng'g)) on CLOMR. 

EMlev 10/10/05:  Receipt of substantial completion declaration by USACE ((Ref Docs, 10/7/05, 4B Contract.  8-sentence email))  = 0.4   Legal research on 44CER 61.12;  draft crsp to FEMA;  email & call to JZ requesting contract data;  review & obtain Omnibus Water Resources Act for ceiling;  file prepared with attachmts. 10/13:  Conf with CLM.  Calls to FEMA;  conf with JZ.  Pkt prepared. Calls to StLCnty on hydrology mtg;  crsp to Sargent.  Research regs on application for early determ.. 10/14:  Conf with FEMA.  11/22:  Review LOMR notices...  11/30:  Work on 61.12 app. to FEMA.  12/6:  File review on FEMA LOMR.  12/13:  Call Conroy.  R&R of emails from JZ.  Email JZ.  Conf with Baker, Inc., on LOMR.  12/14:  Review public notice;  completed projects;  letter for mayor to accompany ins rate request to Baker.  12/15:  Obtain mayor's sig on concurrence for FEMA.   2/7/06:  Call FEMA with no. provided.  R&R of LOMR crsp from COE.  Conf with JZ on outstanding issues, status of FEMA submittal & LOMR.  Email from JZ, fwd to TW.   2/13:  Telephone conf with Baker.  Call & email Michael Baker, COE;  review Reg. 61.12.  EMcity  2/14:  Call SEMA, request extension, email request;  conf with Jeff.  Draft notice, call & fax Roxanne.  R&R of flood plain ord;  conf with Jeff, write new ord;  notify Jeff of notice requiremt.  >  Ref also:  finances, TB Realty,  LEV 20060320-6. 

Fensky - Dennis S Fenske? of COE per Docs, 10/7/05 4B Levee...  >  Ref finances.
Fenton, City of - Ref Crotzer & Jim Curren.   

Ferber, Atty Paul, Brasher Law Firm, 211 N Broadway, 63102, 314-621-7700.  Used to work for hwy dept.  > EMlev 4/9/03:  Call Ferber's ofc on contract.  4/14/03:  Call from Paul Ferber.  EMcity 2/1/06:  Conf with Ferber on Guylyn Gardens plat. 

> MM's Cond Atty as of 10/04 = EMlev 10/6/04:  Receipt of entry of Ferber in MM, file review =1.5.  11/23:  Answer Interogs & Request for Production prepared in VP v. Diamond Group =2.9.  Conf with CLM =0.5.  11/29:  Conf with Ferber ((who laughed when told of EM's 0.9 hrs, still needs to be told of other such hrs)) on experts & trial =0.9. 

1/5/05:  Mtg with Ferber =1.0.  9/19:  Conf with Ferber  on docket schedule, TW depo;  call ct;  call TW;  call JB =1.9.   9/26:  Conf with Ferber, cancel depo =0.3.  10/3:  Call Ernie on depo;  call Ferber on $600 in est'd fees, mtg with same =1.9.  10/4:  Call reporter =0.4.  2 calls to Demba =0.6.  3 calls to TW =0.9.  Legal research on Morris =3.5.  2 calls from Ferber =0.8.  10/5:  Prepare for depo =2.8. 10/6:  Mtg with TW on depos;  calls to & from ct, Ferber =2.9  Cancel reporter =0.4  Schedule new trial date with ct & Ferber =0.9  Calls to JZ on ct =0.4  Prepare Application & Order for ct =1.9.  10/7:  Calls to Ferber on 3/1 available date =0.4  10/11:  Receipt of email from Craig Donis =0.3  Go to Div 9 for continuance, speak with Judge Vincent on same =2.9.  Conf with JZ on email =0.6. 

1/19/06:  File review - Morris =2.7.   1/20:  Evidencing issues researched - Morris =3.7.  1/27:  Call from Paul Ferber on Demba depo =0.4.  Call Demba =0.3.  Call Ferber & discuss dates & file review =1.9.  Call Demba on depo =0.3.  2/11:  Go over Morris file prior to depo =3.5.  2/13:  Conf with JZ on trial availability =0.4.  Email COE & memorialize telephone conversation =0.8.  Conf with Demba on depo =0.6.   2/14:  Conf with JZ on availability =0.4   2/15:  Conf with JZ on ramps at AL.   2/16:  Depo of Demba, pre-depo interview at ofc =4.5.  Voucher prepared =0.9.  >  Ref AL & TG.

FINANCES & INSurance - (levee listed 1st, then city)   -   L E V

5/30/01:  call Kerrie on new address & fax no.  6/4:  Conf with Connie H. on 2001 TIF A.V., calculate rate less Albeon.  Conf with RW.  Review bond docs for debt suc. & proj.  6/5:  Letter from JZ on financing plan, review same.  Obtain prior plan.  6/6:  Conf with Lea on amended stmt. agreemt.  Conf with JO on land requiremts.  Review existing agreemt.  Legal research on new levy of school. 6/11:  Mtg with Croghan on budget.   6/12:  Review of amended settlemt docs for school dist.  Review LCA for relocation requiremts - COE claims Kena not project cost.  6/13:  Review statue for rebates on new school levy.  Receipt of Koch bill.  9/4:  Go over soft costs, edit, obtain info from Price;  go to Croghan, compute share.  9/19:  Conf with Pulos on Proj. Accnt; price {sic} on distribution #.  Preparation of Proj.Disb.Request.  10/3:  Mtg with Eric at Croghan's ofc;  Mike Toolan at Zambrana;  go over credit ledgers.  > Ref LEV 20011015-4.  >


2/12/02:  Call from Hamell, wants costs broken by contract award;  discuss.  Call from CLM, discuss MSD, Horgan efforts, shortfall amts & presentation to Congress.  Conf with Mayor on same.  6/18/02:  Call from Carrie Puleo on invoice.  Call from Debbie & Pat, resubmit.   7/17:  Go to Croghan's, mtg with Hamell & Chad, revise ledger.  10/17:  Call Carrie Puleo at UMB.   12/26:  Call Patty on gross revenues for refinancing 1992 & 1993.  Prepare contract, send same.  Call Patti on project acct status.   

3/14/03:  Ct appearance, revise payin & comm. notice;  deliver to clerk with money.  Call from Croghan on sources & funds & POS {sic}.  Send sources & uses to Croghan.  >  Ref LEV 20030412, COE needs to return $959K cash contribution to city based on EM's r.e. costs/est  >  EMlev 6/12:  Call from COE on checks.  6/14:  R&R of Hamell crsp.  Conf with Demba, billing rcv'd.  Go over TW prop list & amend. 6/16:  RR checks to JZ.  Conf with Patti in cartography.   7/11:  Call from Kerry P. on uncashed drafts.  Conf with JZ, review URL, email from same;  abutmt issue, delay bid opening.  Language in attachmt, confer with Human.  8/13:  Go to city hall, deposit $700K in COE escrow, notify English ((Patricia with COE?)).  10/27:  Mail Carver check. 


3/10/04:  Call Croghan on data for Muni Securities dissemination.  Prepare pkt materials.  3/15:  Email from JZ on LCA.  Email response to JZ.   R&R of cost data.  LCA amendmts reviewed & executed.  4/1:  Letter from COE.  11/12:  TIF report for state;  fax to & from Patti;  conf with Croghan.  11/15:  Finalize & fax 2004 TIF report.  11/18:  Call Ford to brief on interest status.  Review interest & projections.  11/19:  Call from Tom Curran with Cnty planning;  review TIF.   11/29:  Update StLCnty TIF online site;  memo to Curran.  Conf with CLM on funding issues.  Legal research on interest allocation under LCA.  11/30:  Call Patti on project acct status.  Review indentures, call Carrie M.  Draft letter to JZ on cost sharing.  Add'l legal research on interest.  Call Chas Ford.  12/1:  Conf with Ford.  Call Tim Nelson on small prop valuations & lists.  Review cost share file & cmts.  Draft crsp to school bd.  Conf with JZ on cost credits.  Conf with CLM, amend letter.  12/2:  Call from CLM on letter - don't send for 60 - 90 days - change language requesting review from ofc of general counsel.  12/3:  Cost credits for Phase III, review cmts, calls to Demba.  12/8:  Call Nelson, review costs.  12/13:  Work on resolution of cost credit issues for Item III.  12/14:  Conf with Laura Kinder.  Credit resolution for Items IIIA & B, research appraisals & cost history.  12/15:  Memo to Kinder & school bd. 


Ref LEV 20050118-13.  >  EMlev 10/12/05:  Email from Karie Myers on stale checks.  Conf with Croghan on same.  Research escheat reqs., respond to UMB.  10/13:  Go to Croghan's ofc for correction of Phase 3 per COE request.  Review Bom disbursemt.  11/17:  Conf with CLM.  R&R of changes to crsp.  TIF pkt changes;  calls to Patti.  11/18:  Compile lists for attachmt to COE crsp of contract award/completion.  11/21:  R&R of JZ changes.  LEV20051121-18 = JZ:  The city's cost share is like 12M523 & most of that's lands. >  11/23:  Cost credits, deeds pulled for real estate audit ((of just paperwork in general??)).  11/25:  Review Rideout file, conf with same & appraisal review.  Cost credits compiled for Reach IIIA credits.  11/28:  Conf with Demba on new appraisal for Rideout prop with leases.  11/29:  R&R of COE crsp to escrow agent.  12/9:  R&R of ESI bill; call to TW.


EMlev 1/17/06:  Work on Phase III costs.  1/25:  VP levee costs.  1/27:  Call from Eagleton referred by ACE.  Call Fensky, confirm receipt of ins rating info.  Conf with Eagleton with Factory Mutual - levee rating, wants profiles;  inspection tour.  1/31:  Call Roxanne to request info from DC to MSD.  Call TW, MSD needs closure protocol.  Mtg with FM global, go over Reg. 61.12 submission, levee essential features.  2/1:  Obtain & send PDM ((ProjectDesignMemo)) materials to TW at MSD request.  2/3:  Work on cost credit analysis.  2/4:  Review TIF playoff {sic} debt analysis.  2/6:  Receipt of Karie Myers analysis of debt svc, calls to same, Croghan;  review 2003, 2002, 1998 principle & school capital costs.  Call Myers, request corrections; call Patti, review corrected analysis.  2/8:  Conf with Croghan on bond analysis & correction.  Review & finalize credits for III.  2/9:  Cost credits for III.  2/10:  Locate F16, F17, F18 Cnty closings & enter on sheets with deeds.  2/14:  Go to Croghan's, enter cost on spread sheets.  2/15:  Go over E lots & values for inclusion in Phase III submitted.  Conf with JM on levee cost item from TW.  2/16:  R&R of UMB post 3/15/06 disbursemt.  Email from JZ. 



4/16/01:  conf call with MW & MVB on check.  8/14:  Call from Stearn Bros.  8/24:  Call from Stern Bros on lease/purchase for cmty ctr.   8/29:  Memo on TIF statute conflict.  10/8:  call from Truelock on cert. bond. 12/26/02:  Call to Croghan, PP & Roxanne on '01 annual audit to UMB.   1/10/03:  Receipt of audit letter.  Conf with Croghan on outstanding issues.  2/11:  Call from Stern Bros. on lease bonds.  4/4:  Review Werner file for mtg.  4/7:  Review Warner file for insurance co & copy docs & send to Mary Ann.  4/11/03:  Call on MVB overpay.   4/15:  Conf with Mary Ann V. on Werner.  Work on Intergov'tl Coop Agreemt.   8/12/04:  Call from clerk on rate changes.  8/13:  Mtg with MW on auditor's pro forma, calculate new rates & send.  Go to Croghan's office, verify auditor's computation with 7% decrease in comm valuation.  8/16:  Call MSD on DNR grants for creek erosion - maybe taking applications.  8/18:  Call from MW on jury duty, workers comp ques's.  Call from MW on COBRA {sic} & pension.  8/19:  Call from MW on vetoed ord, salary ord.  Call from Wideman.  8/20:  Go to VP with ords;  enter veto info on salary for filing.  Return Weidman call.  8/24:  Prepare school dist application & fax;  call Marsh for cert of ins.  8/25:  Calls to Sullivan, conf with Scott Mellies.  Call from MW on overtime.  Memo to Mayor.  Call MW on Ord # 900, sec 16;  discuss salary ord.  Call Sullivan on deletion. Legal research.  9/16:  Prepare ord amending salary ord.  11/30:  Call Patti on recorder check.  12/6:  Conf with clerk on ins quotes.  Conf with Pres Of Bd, amend salary ord.  Conf with Steve Marsh on Employers Liability Quote.  12/8:  2 calls from Cassie on continuing bond.  12/13:  Call Patti on ins payout.  Conf with MW & Marsh.  12/14:  Conf with Patti on payout.  Memo to BOA on ins.   7/25/05:  R&R of Medicare lien on third-party claim - Margaret Norman 10/4.   


8/3/05:  Conf with JZ, discuss cost est of 3/05 & FY 2006 cash request.  1/26/06:  Call FP & fax Kilker info.  Call from MW on ins.  Review Kilker materials.  1/27:  Email from Alvis on ins requiremts; call Ryan, MSD & Cassimatis; return email confirming MSD will provide cert.  1/31:  Call Cassimatis ofc of MSD legal. 2/6:  Receipt of Protested Tax Info;  call cnty;  conf with MW & mayor;  review tax statemts for large taxpayer.  2/7:  Call from LaRue on fine;  call ct.  2/9:  Conf with MW on creditable coverage, go over crsp.  Review file for withdrawal app.  Call from MW on release.  2/11:  Review Medicare Act compliance, send to MW.  2/13:  Call from MW on reporting to Medicare. >

Ref re lev & city:  Docs EM 4/14/05 ltr to Croghan;  BOA/PBH 20050815-1.   Ref PCO:  (names above +)  AL, annexation, Armed Svcs, Bom, Bowen, Cunningham, Brantley, Carver, CDBG, Cobra, contacts, David Davis, disclosures, Donis, DRG, East-West Gateway, ES, Feder (new acct entry), FEMA, FOI (Corp. Benefit Strat.), Fingerprints, Ford Asphalt, Fowler, K Gardner, Hampton, Hewlett, insurance, Kirchner, Lincoln, Lotis, Marx, McAvoy, McDonald, MHRC, Mobil, MVB, Parkside Commons, Peluso, Petruska, properties, Puleo, StLCnty Assessor, Terry Smith, Truelock, UMB, Unicom, Warner, Weindel, Wideman, S Wolfe, Ziegler, zoning.

FINANCING - public redev & financing tools, 5 per VP RFP, available to City VP under certain MO Statutes include: 

1)  Tax Increment Financing (TIF) R.S. MO 99.800 - 99.865,

2)  Urban Redev Corporations Law (Chapter 353) R.S. MO 353.010 - 353.190.

3)  Transportation Dev Dists (TDD)  - R.S. MO 238.200 - 238.275,

4)  Cmty Improvemt Dist Act (CID) - R.S. MO 67.1401 - 67.151, &

5)  Neighborhood Improvemt Dist Act (NID) - R.S. MO 67.453 - 67.475.

>   CIP - Capital Improvemt Program - a tool used to evaluate long-term capital needs, values & desires of a city & to establish funding of high-priority projects in a timely & cost-effective manner;  sales tax revenues are a major funding source.

>  Besides TIF & tax abatemts, ec subsidies include corporate income tax credits, sales & excise tax exceptions, low-int loans & loan guarantees, free land, training grants, infra aid & cash.  >  Ref:  FOI (Corp. Benefit Strat.);  Gallop, PGAV, MOPR's VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg mins, (& once posted, BOA20011119), & on Docs, 8/26/05 Partial RFP. 

>  "The Great American Jobs Scam - corporate tax dodging & the myth of job creation" by Greg LeRoy. 

Fingerprints Realty - EMcity 3/10/04:  Call from mayor;  call Jack Reis (241-1176), EVS Realty, obtain prospectus of Fingerprints & Cape Albeon.  1/19/05:  Research Fingerprints Realty Perf. Agreemt.  1/26/06:  Receipt & calculate disbursemts for Fingerprints.  2/1/06:  Review performance agreemt for Fingerprints, recalculate.  >  Ref Acco. 
fire - Ref Parkside Commons. 
First Capitol Title Co - Ref Capitol Title Co. 
Fisher, Patti, COE, StL Dist, Survey (cartography?) Dept.    >  Ref:  Patti/Patty, finances, Sen Gibbons, LEV20030520.
(Fitch), StLCnty POL Major - Ref BOA 20050801-2. 
flood mgmt cmsn - StL Cnty Assessor. 
Focus St Louis - www.focus-stl.org - a non-profit membership org - mission is to create a thriving, cooperative region by engaging citizens to participate in active leadership roles and to influence positive cmty change & that they carry out that mission in 3 major roles:  Dev'g Leadership, Influencing Policy and Promoting Cmty Connections.
FOI - Freedom of Information (FOIA - Act) altho EM has used F, zero, one.  EMcity 1/15/03:  Receipt of Morris F01 request, prepare response & fax to PP6/13/03:  Call from MW on F01 request for tapes.  6/30/03: Call from MW on F01 (Morris) request.  1/27/06:  Email Blandford on FOI request.  R&R of FOI request; call from MW.  1/30:  Conf with Blandford on FOI.  Call Roxanne & MW, instructions on response to Kling request.  1/31:  Conf with Blandford on FOI;  review couriered docs.  Review Corp. Benefit Strat. memo;  call MW, email Ellen Pistone.  2/2:  Go to VP, take original ords, emailings & memo to Sunshine Law request from Kling;  review submissions from PGAV, instructions to Roxanne.  city 2/6/06:  Conf with Steve Kling - reps Reichhold.  >  Ref:  MAG, Sunshine, Docs 2004 & 5 MM's VP Public Records Requests.
Ford - EMcity 11/30/05:  Conf with Ford on release from Regis.. ((registration? REJIS?)).  Ref 2 Ford's below.
Ford Asphalt Co, Inc, 13170 Taussig Ave, 63044, 314-291-2600 - EMlev 8/3/05:  R&R of billing for asphalt.  8/4/05:  Crsp to Solari on Borrow Ave. A & from Solari on Borrow A.   8/9/05:  Conf with James Solari, review & auth. Ford Asphalt.  >  Ref BPlz.  
Ford, Charles (Chuck) L, VP Resident, Muni Judge & School Dist ofc'l - both like forever.  Also is or was on Ferguson or Florissant School Bd?  Also is a principal of - ref Crotzer.   A Post-Dispatch Jerry Berger column dated around 1997 states in part that "a local printer periodically codifies the sometimes fractious muni's ords & sends them along to local ofc'ls & residents for their convenient ref.  The most recent editon complete with written acknowledgmt of the helpful assistance of VP City Atty Kathy Butler & Marshall David Brown, has some city ofc'ls seeing red & some residents crying foul.  A careful reading of the ords finds serveral new "laws" that no one at city hall can remember approving, including one that abolishes the elective ofc of muni judge & makes the ofc appointive.  An irate city admin is investigating the matter..."  >  Around 1/06 the BOA changed Muni Judge from elected to appointed position. >  1/23/06:  Call to Chas F.  Call from Karen F.   Review statute;  conf with MW, mayor.  Call MW.  2/3:  Call Judge.  Call from Coates. Calls from Parma.  2/9/06:  Call Ford on ballot. >  Ref annexation, finances, GRGD, Vance Rd, MOPR's VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg mins.
Foreman - Ref Mobil.
Forest - Ref Dougherty Ferry.

FOWLER - Barbara & Jeff own 901 Pyramid - Jeff owns 903 Pyramid - Sandra & Ken own 925 Pyramid & 930 Oasis -

EMlev 8/29/01:  Go over Bloodworth (Fowler) plat, call Z on same.  9/4&5/01:  Obtain Fowler #, calls to same, make appointmt.  Prepare offer, go to Fowler house, discuss same.  Call Greg B. with Fowler concerns, agreed to personally visit Fowler.  Discuss problem with JZ. 

1/15/03:  Calls to Fowler, negotiate sale of remainder of 932 Oasis, call appraiser.  Call Homesite mtg for Deed of Release info.  Review sq footage calculations by Carson on Pyramid.  Call assessor on 930 Oasis. Fax to Homeline.    3/12:  2 calls from Barb Fowler on scope of TCE on Pyramid.  (7) Esmt deeds for Pyramid;  file review, calculate sq footage.  2 calls to Barb Fowler.  Prepare requisition # 11;  letter drafted to Ameren.  Fax appraisal to Tim, call same, memo to Tim.  Correction memo.  3/13:  Go to Pyramid in VP, mtg with Fowler, go over TCE.  Work on TCE & esmts.  3/26:  Prepare Deed for Fowler fee remainder, file review.  Go to Knipe, Fowler, Myers, mtg with James Lappe, personal rep for Mildred Richardson, obtain esmts. Call to Pat Knipe.  3/27:  Prepare new Quit Claim Deed for Fowler.  Correct Myers, Fowler & Knipe. 3/28:  Fax to JZ.  Go to VP mtg with Sandra Fowler, Larry Frederick, Orville & Edith Pace.  Letter approved, draft & send to Laclede.  4/4:  Go to Fowlers for Deed. >

City 4/11/03:  Call from Fowler broker.  Prepare release for Fowler, conf with Patty.  city 2/7/06:  Call on Myers from RW; call Cassie.  >  Ref also:  Jay Fowler, Dan F, Lincoln, Tim Nelson, properties, zoning.

FOWLER, Jay - StL COE.  (Ref Fowler above)

Fox - EMlev 3/18/03:  Call from Fox on waivers for possession.  3/25/03:  Call from Bob Fox with Cnty Counselor's ofc
Fox News - Supreme Ct to Tackle Property Rights, 2/21/05 = http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,148248,00.html
FP - Fred Palmer, Jr, insurance agent or broker, Mayor & Levee Chairperson till 4/02, then DM.   Ref:  finances, Vance Rd, MOPR's VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg mins.
Francis props - EMcity 8/1/05:  Research non-contiguous lots;  conf with JB on Francis props. 
Franz at Fenton - Ref Lincoln.
Frederick, Larry - owns 911 Pyramid.   EMlev 3/27/03:  Conf with Larry Frederick, arrange mtg.  >  Ref Sandra Fowler.
Freedom.Org - www.freedom.org - mission is to assist and encourage individuals and orgs to advance America's vision of individual freedom, private property rights, free markets, and national sovereignty.
Freeman, Rick - Ref Dewitt.
Friganzna - EMcity 5/29/01:  Conf with Friganzna at Clayton.