P C O's   -   G   thru   J



Gallop/Gallup Johnson - EMcity 12/13/05:  Call from Griffin.  Fax from Gallup Johnson.  1/16/06:  Crsp from Gallop on Kemp curb cut;  phone conf with same on city maintain of dist (NID) or similar in place.  2/2/06:  R&R of crsp from Gallop Newman.  2/14/06:  Call from Gallop, Johnson on Ctry Store {sic}.  
Gamblin, Brice - EMlev 6/30/03:  Call MODOT (314-340-4242);  conf with Brice Gamblin.  Call Brice, OK, request copy for ord.  7/1:  Call Brice Gamblin.  7/8:  Conf with David Human.  Conf with CLM.  Conf with Brice, work on language.    >  Ref:  Asbud, Dennis Bice, MODOT, Schramm. 
Gardner, Mr Kim - devr - spoke at '04 & '05 Bdry Cmsn PBH's in support of VP's annexation of part of Peerless Park.  EMcity 3/11/04:  Review Gardner v. VP in preparation for hrg;  conf.  3/15:  Prepare Gardner for 3/16/04.    3/16: Ct appearance, argue applicatioin for Writ of Mandamus.  3/23:  Calls from BL & DA on Gardner depos.   3/24:  Call Gardner.  Email from same;  receipt of mail with depos.  Motion to Quash.  Return calls from RC & TB.   3/25:  Notice of Hrg & Leave to Shorten.  Call Gardner;  call ct.  Legal research.  Answer Plf's Pet.  Fax & prepare statemt on C1 property.  3/26:  Call from Gardner.  Ct appearance in Clayton, Leave to Shorten Time, Notice to Quash.  3/29:  Conf with mayor, TB, DA, RC, JW;  draft 4 Affidavits;  research clerk auth. for oaths;  ct order drafted;  legal research.  3/30:  Ct appearance, argue Motion to Quash with Weisman ((Judge Wiesman in 4/19/04 pkt)).   Call member of Bd;  transmit to Rosemary.  3/31:  Call from Dave Davis. 

4/1:  Calls from St Paul & counsel on Enchanged {sic} Forest.  Call to mayor on same.  Call from Gardner.  4/2:  Call mayor on insurance.  Conf with insurance co on Enchanted Pkwy.  Conf with Noce, Buckley & with Kim Gardner.  Revise ord.  4/5:  Conf with Dave Davis.  Call to Gardner.  4/6:  9 letters on depos.  Conf with JEM.  4/8:  3 calls from Debbie on depo postponemt.  Call ofc, instruct to notify deponents & Dave Davis.  4/12:  R&R reservation letter on Enchanted Pkwy.  4/13:  Conf with Davis on Enchanted Pkwy.  Call ald on postponemt of depos. 

>  Despite city/lev bills, some 3/04 items may still be entangled between Harrawood & K Gardner cases.  >  Ref Dougherty Ferry & MOPR's 3/14/06 P&Z mins re Enchnated Forest Condos, 903 Forest. 

Garner, Greg of Arc Images - Ref Mobil. 
Garner, Ms Kacky of US Senator Talent's ofc.  Mentioned in LEV 20030519-18 tho spelled per tape, Gardner.  Attended 6/18/05 Lev Dedication Ceremony.

Garner, Scott, Pres/CEO of Garman Co, Inc, Vapco Products Div, 401 Marshall Rd (Acco property), VP  - VAPCO "a world of difference" mfgr/marketer for HVAC/R, coil cleaners, adhesives, duct sealants, refrigeration components, 1-800-466-5150. 

Ref Acco &  City's ECG 2/15/05 Cmte Mins.

Garrett - Ref GRGD. 

Gary - Ref Halibut Props.

gas sta devr - Ref Heideman. 
Geer/Geers, Jeannie  - Ref MVPlz (at least till more info).   

Geldbach Petroleum Co, Inc, 100 Beckett Memorial Dr, VP,  636-225-3601.  EMcity 10/4/01:  Call from David Mosby  with MDNR  on Geldbach;  file review.  >  Ref env'l info. 

Genesis Group - Ref Derrick Stanley.
George, Timothy K - COE - Ref LEV 20051121. 
Gerrein - EMlev 3/28/03:  Call from Gerrein at Charter. 

Gibbons, MO State Senator Michael - Spoke at BOA 20021202.  Ref TG.  >  EMlev 6/13/03:  Call Stuart Zimbalist & Schramm & Terry Smith.  Call from JZ.  Call Gibbons & Robin.  Receipt of requiremt needed to issue contract.  Call Muni League.  Call from Midas {sic}.  Conf call with Bertoglio & JZ - they want Jeff City mtg.  Fax & call Gibbons. Call Schramm. Conf with CLM, Donis & JZ.  Call from Niswonger.  6/16:  Call TW & Hamell.  Fax prop. list & amendmts to TW, discuss with same.  Calls from JZ on mtg & Sen Gibbons' ofc;  conf MODOT.  Conf with Patti in cartography.  Prepare for hrg.  Call Kirk on list of props. needed.  Call JM on env'l assessmt.  Call JZ.  Call from Belinda.  Call from CLM on Risk Assessmt.  6/20:  Call Marge Schramm on hwy comm..  7/7/03:  Conf with JZ on RE {sic} mtg.  Conf with Brice Gamblin.  Call Gibbons.  >  Ref also zoning.

Gilroy, Cond Atty Tracy - Ref TG. 
Gov't Finance Officers Assn of the U.S. & Canada, GFOA - in Spring 05, awarded Cert of Achievemt for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) to City of Manchester - a prestigious nat'l award recognizing conformance with the highest standards for preparation of state & local gov't financial reports - gov'tl unit must publish an easily readable & efficiently org'd cph annual financial report whose contents conform to program standards - must satisfy generally accepted acct'g principles & applicable legal requiremts.  Cert is valid for 1 yr only.   Manchester has rcv'd Cert of Achievemt for the last 13 consecutive yrs. 
GPM  - Re levee maint - Per LEV 20060320, GPM is from Sunset Hills & is  working now with happy COE.  Per LEV 20060417, GPM is out of West Alton.

Great Rivers Greenway District - In 2003, Metropolitan Parks & Recreation District (MPRD) changed to Great Rivers Greenway Dist - 1000 St Louis Union Station, Suite 102, St Louis, MO  63103, 314-436-7009, fax 8004, Nancy Ulman, Project Mgr.   Ref GRGD.

Green, Terrance - Ref BN & water. 
GRGD - Ref Great Rivers Greenway District - EMlev 3/12/04:  Conf with JM on River & status for GRGD.  city 8/23:  Call from Kettler on parks & greenspace.  1/30/06:  Call from Pam Kettler on MOA {sic} with GRGD.  2/9:  ADA {sic} research.  Call from TW on GRGD supplemt.  Call Garrett with Election Cmsn on same.  Call Roxanne for executed GRGD agreemt.  2/10:  Call from Roxanne on GRGD.  Conf with JM on Phase II plans for park.  2/13:  Call Dane {sic} at StLCnty;  research ADA for trails on Westlaw.  EMcity 2/15:  Call from Ford on election cmsn.   2/14:  Call from Dana {sic} on ADA.  Send notice to City.  2/16:  Calls from Ford, draft application; call Paul Martin.  Call from JM on relief.  Edit crsp from City.  Call to TW on ADA {sic}.  Call from Paul with Cnty Pks on ADA standards.  Conf with TW on trails grant.  >  Ref:  BN, Buchland, finances, Liu, Docs Sec 1 MRRA...MOU, LEV 20060320-4. 
Griesedieck, Atty Edward J. III, 515 N. 6th, StL, 63101, 314-231-6700.  Ref:  Dougherty Ferry, East-West Gateway, BOA/PBH 20040706-1.  EMcity 9/7/04:  Call from Griesedieck on proposal for villas.  >  Attended VP 12/13/05 P&Z mtg.  > 
Griffin, Randy - TW employee, auto cad (computer program) technician - Various mentions in EM's bills at least for city 12/05.

Grimes - Ref UPRR. 

Grunbaum, Christine, AmerenUE, 314-344-9501.  Ref Docs, City Mins LPR 11/17/03. 

Guerlin - Ref Marx.
Gummels, Julie - EMcity 1/24/06:  Call from Gummels.  1/26:  Call from Julie Gummels.  1/30:  Call Cassie on Gummels. 
Gunn, Michael P - Patrick R's brother.  Summer '05 was Michael's 35th anniversary as Manchester Muni Judge - was previously Manchester's Prosecuting Atty. 
Gunn, Patrick R - Michael P's brother.  Summer '06 was Patrick's 30th anniversary as Atty for City Manchester which Atty Pat Dowd filed suit against on behalf of taxpayers, apparently in early 2005, seeking to recover monies paid to Gunn whose term had allegedly expired in 4/04.  >  Ref Docs 12/9/96 Post-D...re Levee Counsel.  >   EMcity 9/14/04:  Call from Pat Gunn.  Receipt & issue Harrawood (Manchester resident owned AL prop, still owns others in VP)  high weed summons.   9/15:  Attend Court on Weitzel Settlemt Conf.  Call from Anderson on conf results.  Take settlemt docs to Gunn in Kemp v. Manchester, review same.  3/29/05:  Call Manchester & Gunn on judicial review.  3/30:  Conf with Gunn.  Conf with Ballwin administrator on appeal.   >  Attended VP 12/13/05 P&Z/PBH.  Ref also Epstein, Ford, Horas.  


H., Connie - Ref finances. 
Halamicek - (Valley Materials Co Owner Jim (JH)  with mother Lois, 201 Marshall, 63088, 636-225-5336)  JH - Levee Cmsn & VPBA member.  EMlev 12/24/02:  Receipt of Halamicek deed, correct legal & return.  Ref properties. 
Halibut Props - EMlev 12/17/02:  Call from Gary with Halibut Props;  they want 10-12 on offer of $2,500;  review Demba values, decline.  12/20:  Conf with Demba on Halibut, knows Karen Schwartz will contact.  12/24:  Conf with Demba on 3 appraisals & Karen Schwartz.  12/26:  Conf with Demba on Schwartz, $7,500 just comp. 12/27:  Call from Kirchner on closing.  Review contract & amend same to Halibut.  12/30:  confirm offer to Karen Schwartz.  >  Ref: Docs 12/26/02 EM ltr to Schwartz/Halibut, BOA 20030106-8, Kirchner. > Per Docs, TW 5/19/03 Lev ROW & Esmts, River Rd Props, EM is purchasing Halibut Props parcel.   
Hallmark Properties - Ref Leathers.
Hamell, Harry, COE, Real Estate Div - point of contact for VP acquisitions.   Ref:  Brantley, env'l info, finances, Sen Gibbons, LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc. 
Hamilton - EMcity 1/26/06:  Conf with Hamilton ofc;  receipt of Notice of Hrg.  >  Ref annexation.

Hampton, William, (per 9/23/05 EM letter to him in 10/3/05 BOA pkt), MODOT, LPA ROW, 1590 Woodlake Dr, Chesterfield, MO  63017.  >  EMcity 10/10/01: call Hampton on reimbursemt status.

Hannick, Bernice - Ref Project Write Cmte.  
Harrawood, Ed - Owned #1, 4 & 7 Arnold Dr at AL until acquired 3/14/03 for levee & redev  - Takings uncontested.  >  EMlev 3/10/04:  Obtain photo reproductions for ct. =1.2.  3/12:  Conf with Ernie Demba =0.7.  3/15:  Conf with BD =0.4.  Statemt negotiations with BD =0.5.  Conf with Demba, Harrawood;  file review =2.6.  3/16:  Conf with BD, Demba =1.6.  3/17:  Settlemt negotiations;  conf with BD, Demba, JZ & Donis;  crsp to same;  comparables;  legal research;  trial preparation =7.0.   3/19:  Conf with JZ on r.e. =0.5.  3/22:  Mtg with Demba on pre-trial =1.9.  Conf with BD, Henry =0.7.  Travel downtown;  mtg with COE at hdqtrs =2.5.   Call Demba;  mtg to prepare =1.5.  Call from Donis - mtg at 2:00 =0.5.   3/23:  Legal research, Harrawood;  assemblage argumt =4.3.  Conf with JZ =0.5.  Conf with Donis =0.5.   2 confs with BD on depos =0.9.   3/24:  Conf with JM =0.3.  Depos discussed for 4/6 =0.5.  Conf with Demba =0.7.  Legal research =2.0.  3/25:  Call TW, JEM on depo availability =0.9.   3/26:  Review Harrawood & C.R. Adams in ct, order file =0.9.  Receipt of Notices of Depo (5) in Harrawood =1.0.  Conf with Adams, JW, TB, Demba;  call TW =0.9.  city 3/26:  Call Michel, discuss offer =0.5.  Calls to ct =0.9.  lev 3/29:  Legal memo in limine;  research evidence issues =3.0.  Conf with Demba =1.6.  3/30:  Memo to BOA = 3.5  Conf with mayor =0.5.  Conf with BD =0.7.  File review Harrawood =2.6.  Call TG;  call from Div 18, need Stipulation =0.7.  Obtain & sign Stipulation, fax & call Div 18 =0.7.  Call mayor =0.4.  3/31:  Conf with BD =0.7.  Go to city, deliver package to Bd =1.6.  Call 7 ald with request =1.6.   4/1:  Confirm settlemt with BD, COE;  call JEM, Demba, TW, cancelling depos;  draft settlemt docs =2.6.  4/6/04:  Conf with Demba =0.7.  >  Despite city/lev bills, some 3/04 items may still be entangled between Harrawood & K Gardner cases.  5 depos for Ed were:  Demba, Ford, JZ,  RC, TW.  >  Ref:  BD, Kim Gardner also had 3/04 case, Pat Gunn, Docs VP Props 1, 4 & 7 Arnold Dr.
Harrington, Joseph - VP Mayor 4/94 till 4/98, then DA.  Ref:  Docs 8/12/92 LCA, Docs 6/6/95 Mayor Harrington letter, PCO Horas, Docs 12/9/96 P-D Article re Levee Counsel, Docs 9/5&15/97 Leake/Coe letter.  
Hart, Christine - Cond Cmsnr & Dir of Legal Studies, Webster U, 8270 Big Bend Blvd, Webster Groves, 63119.  Atty for Coalition Against Public Funding per 3/4/05 Post-Dispatch "Stadium Foes...".  >  EMlev 6/17/03:  Conf with Comm. & memo from JZ.  Ct appearance - VP v. Diamond Group.  Call Tina - Cmsnr.  >  Ref Alan Agathen & Commissioners, Cond.
Hayes, Dean - Ref MHRC
HEC 2 - Ref Joseph Kellett. 
Hedrick, Larry, numerous menitons in EM bills, is Pres of Valley Plaza Associates, Inc - strip mall called Beckett Plaza.   Hedrick is or was also assoc'd with Meramec Dev Co.   Ref:  annexation, BPlz, Kuenneke, Leathers, Loana, PGAV, Simpson, Unicom.
Hedrick, Phyllis - EMcity 3/16/05:  Call (same).
Hendrix, Liz - Ref Project Write Cmte. 

Heideman - EMcity 7/20/05:  Conf with Heideman on sidewalk subordination & on call from gas sta devr.   7/21:  Call Heideman, conf with Brian;  file review on Vance Rd;  prepare agreemt;  call TW, fax to same.   7/22:  Conf with Brian at MODOT.  Conf with Heideman.   7/25:  Take original deed to VP, obtain sig.  Call from Heideman.  >  Ref Mobil. 

Heifetz, Atty Gary S - (of? Thompson Coburn LLP), One Firstar Plaza, 63101, 314-552-6051 - EMlev 12/23/02:  Conf with Heifetz.  >  Ref Simpson & Thompson Coburn. 
Heit, Connie  - EMcity 4/13:  Conf with Connie Heit;  file review. 
Helton, Terry, VP Mayor's sec'y until DM let her go in 10/04;  Ald RH's wife.  (Terry has worked for VP School Dist?) - EMcity 11/28/05:  Receipt of docket entry dismissing Helton, executed Release & Settlemt Agreemt, Stipulation for Dismissal;  receipt of original signed counterpart from Potter.  >  Ref Pleban. 
Henry, Paul - EMlev 7/18/05:  Call from Paul Henry.  > Ref BD.
Heritage Foundation - a research & educational institute - a think tank - www.heritage.org
Heth, David - EMlev 11/10/03:  Call (same) back, wants letter on real estate.   
Hewlett, Thomas R, Real Estate Division Chief, USACE, StL Dist, 1222 Spruce St, StL, 63103-2833, 314-331-8151.  EMlev 8/16/01:  Mtg with Tom Hewlett, real estate re local share funding.   7/19/03:  R&R of Hewlett crsp, compare with drawings to MODOT proposal.  8/4/03:  Conf with JZ on Hewlett conf.  Conf with JZ.   >  Ref  IPR &  LEV20030603.
Hicks, Brian - EMcity 3/25/04:  Call from Hicks.  12/6/05:  Call from Brian Hicks. 
Homesite/Homeline - Ref (1st) Fowler. 

Horas, Jack - A 5/23/96 Post-Dispatch Article entitled "Fired City Atty Says He Was Caught In Political Gunfight" by Colleen Bradford of P-D staff states in part that "Kevin O'Keefe who was fired last wk as VP city atty after holding position just a month, said his firing was simply part of a political battle involving Mayor Harrington & BOA.  The BOA voted to remove O'Keefe in a special mtg last wk & replaced him this wk with 2 attys who will serve as special counsel for VP... Councilman DA...said Harrington had submitted O'Keefe's name to BOA with no prior notice.  Later, several ald became concerned that O'Keefe's fee of $120/hr was too costly.  Jack Horas, the previous city atty, has been appointed as special counsel for the city until a city atty is appointed.  EM, who has served as city atty for 8 yrs ending in 1994, will serve as special counsel dealing with city's levee project, which has encountered numerous problems & delays. 

Both Horas & EM will be paid $100/hr.  Bd members said they were also concerened by the fact that O'Keefe reps about 10 other cities...might not have time needed for VP issues, especially with extra work required by levee project;  O'Keefe scoffed...saying many city attys have as many as 50 other clients & his firm specializes in muni law & thus needs less time for research than other firms might need.  Altho DA said O'Keefe would have the chance to go thru the application process along with others as the city searches for an atty, O'Keefe said he is no longer interested..."   >  Ref AL & Docs 12/9/96 P-D Article re Levee Counsel.  

>  A juicy 5/23/98 Post-Dispatch Article entitled "Mayor Sweeps workers out, hires new people" by Linda Jarrett & Barb DePalma, specials to the P-D states in part, "VP's new Mayor DA has fired 7 employees including the city atty & filled most of the vacancies with people approved by the BOA...".   It also notes that voting against EM's appointmt were DM, BB, MP & RH;  voting in favor were FP, ES, JW & RC;  DA broke the tie in favor of hiring EM & so replaced Katherine Butler.  > 

Horgan, Thomas (TH) of Cgsm Akin, Senators Talent & Bond's ofcs.  Was on Levee Cmsn till 8/02;  attended various mtgs including LEV20020617 at COE ofc.  Ref LEV20010416.

HTRW - Ref I&A Page.  Regarding Phase 2 Study, Ref LEV 20030218-7 (7 Arnold Dr).
Human, Dave - Ref MODOT.
Human Rights Cmsn - Ref MHRC.
Husch - Ref Feder.


Ideal Alternatives - Per 4/2/01 BOA pkt:  Bill 1650, POrd 1529 stating Pet P-14-01, lot 1 of block 8 & mentions streets 8th & Marshall = (800 Marshall?).  >  Ref City's 4/2/01 BOA Mins;  BOA 20010416 re ES (Ed Sidwell), Ideal Alternatives.  >  Per 7/22/05 cnty website, 800 Marshall purchased by ES 1/30/01, $45K.  >  Ref ES. 
Ideal Landscaping - (Ideal Landscape Group? at 6264 Lemay Ferry Rd, 63129, 314-892-9500 Ref BOA 20050516. 
Industrial Dev Authy of the City of VP, The - On 4/14/06, a search of Sec'y of State website for "Industrial Development Authority" led to Charter #L00462479, created 11/16/98, in good standing, perpetual;  agent name & office address, Dan Adams, 320 Benton Ave, VP, MO.  Names of applicants:  Joyce Praechter, Thomas L Rauls Jr, Phillip B Rideout.  City VP 11/2/98 Resolution auth'd applicants to form & org this corp.  Purposes for which org'd are... >  https://www.sos.mo.gov/BusinessEntity/soskb/Corp.asp?559055
Institute for Justice - 901 N. Glebe Rd, Ste 900, Arlington, VA  22203, 703-682-9320 (fax 9321)  -  www.ij.org    IJ is determined to restore constitutional limits on the power of govít.  Re the Supreme Courtís 6/05 Kelo decision, Susette Kelo stated that everyone in this ctry has just lost the right to own their own prop.

insurance (ins) - Ref finances.

Investors (presume Title co) - Ref Liz. 

IPR - In-Progress Review & other levee meetings -  IPR's were public & pertained to levee progress, land requiremts, utilities relocations, construction, etc, just like Levee Cmsn mtgs.  Ref BOA20030505, also MOPR Mins for IPR/LEV mtgs on 5/20/03, (5/27 was cancelled), 6/3/03.  After 6/03 where MM upset Tom Hewlett's applecart, IPR's became known as "Thurs am ESI trailer meetings", BUT were private & then also called:  PRM (Progress Review Mtg), COE, COE trailer mtgs;  & perhaps PRB.  VCOE & P&S Review mtgs were held around at least 4/03, not to mention countless other private levee mtgs thruout the yrs & despite their authority to disallow public comments therein. > 


EMlev 6/17/02:  Mtg with JZ, Hamell, Donis at COE for land acquisition & crediting mtg =2.2.  ((In addition to the public mtg LEV20020617.))  >  2/25/03 Go to COE hdqtrs, attend review mtg =3.5.  >  Ref MOPR's Mtgs Page 4/1/03 LEV/VCOE - attempted mins.  >   Per JZ in LEV 20030519-7, had one (IPR mtg) 5/13, further discussed land acq & relocations;  I'm not gonna get into that.  >  EMlev 3/11/04:  COE mtg....>  8/19:  Mtg with COE =5.7.  8/31:  Go to VP;  mtg with Ellis, COE =3.8.  9/2:  Attend PRM mtg, mtg with Chris A. & with Sen Talent's office, Pat Conroy & Greg Bertoglio  ((Chris Arps is with Sen Talent's office, others' COE)) =3.7.  9/16:  Attend PRM mtg at COE =2.5.  Conf with CLM =0.8.  9/23:  Attend PRM mtg in VP =3.0.  9/30:  PRM mtg =2.5.  Conf with CLM =0.7.  10/7:  Mtg at trailer with landowners;  PRM mtg with COE =3.5.   12/9:  Attend PRM mtg, conf with Ryan & JM =2.6


2/24/05:  Attend PRM mtg at COE const trailer =1.9.  3/17:  Attend COE mtg =2.0.  3/31:  Mtg at COE trailer with Simpson & Solaris {sic} & Sharon Wolf {sic} =2.6.  4/28:  PRM mtg at COE trailer.... >  5/19:  Attend PRM mtg at COE const trailer =1.9.  6/2/05:  Attend PRM mtg in VP =1.9  Mtg with TW, ride levee area =1.0  Revise DC crsp =0.7.  >  Ref demolition & PRB. 

Irwin, Courtney - Ex Dir StL Cnty Bdry Cmsn.  Ref annexation  > EMcity 12/1/04:  Go to Ct on 25 Vance:  cert. copies at assessor's abstracting, need to record;  take add'l copies to Courtney Irwin at Bdry Cmsn per request.

>  A 3/30/06 search of StLCnty's website for 25 Vance shows locator # 26Q630818 which also shows in the details but the address changes to 19 Vance owned by Steven & Susan Mchugh, 0.55 acres, land use code 506, 2005 appraised comm $225K, assessed $72K.


James, ?  - EMcity 7/26/05:  Go to cnty, file James assignmt. 
James, Bob - Ref Feder.
James, Richard/Dick - EMcity 4/30/01:  Call from JB on James complaint... 5/1:  call JB on James fill permit.  5/9:  2 calls from Bice on James mtg;  tentative date set, call Michael & discuss. 
James, Vick L, StL COE Const, 636-899-2600.  Ref:  LEV 20010416 & 20030519-8, Docs City Mins LPR 11/13/03.
JEM - Ref Joseph E Moore.

Jacobsmeyer Mauldin Const Co, Inc - JMC - ESI's sub,  636-271-7900 - (JMC same as MJC?) - LPR 9/21/04:  work on headwall for outlet structure into Fishpot Det area & at Junction Box 1, between Mer Sta Rd & Hwy 141 at BPlz.  >  LPR 10/18/04:  continues work on BPlz 54"0 gravity drain outlet structure & also the 3rd St gatewell & junction box. 

Jason - EMcity 12/12/05:  Call from Jason. 
JM - Ref MOPR I&A Page, PCO Project Write Cmte.  Countless mentions in EM bills. 
JO - John Omvig - Ref Zambrana Eng'g (Z) .
Joe - Ref MODOT. 
Johnson, David - EMcity 7/18/05:  Go to Div 39, City v Johnson, continued to 8/11/05 by consent.  11/21/05:  Ct appearance in Clayton, settle VP v David Johnson.
Johnson, Jerry - was to be on VP 4/02 TIF Cmsn.
Jones, Bill Jr of Mer Valley Bank.   
Jones, Bob, Jr. - EMlev 7/17/03:  Call Bob Jones, Jr.  7/23/03:  Conf with (same) on settlemt of 7500.  
Jones, Jim of Mer Valley Bank, VP Dev Div.  On West StLCnty Chamber Bd Dir. 
Joyce - Ref:  Buchland, Joyce Lincoln, TG. 
Julie _,  Executive _ _, attended LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.
JW {sic} Const Co, 6795 Langley, StL, MO  63123 - (a subcontractor of Bom?)