P C O's   -   K   thru   L


Kavery or Kaveny, (Jerry?) - EMlev 9/12/01:   Conf with Kavery at MSD on AL/Pyramid.  >   (Doug Canady is with MODOT;  Jerry Kennedy, Cnty Hwy Dept)

KAJACS Contractors, Inc - Ref LEV 20010416, & Docs City Mins LPR's.  >  Levee Phase 3A & 2.

Kamp, Kevin of Bax Eng'g - Ref Mobil.  
Kane, Joanne - VP Receptionist fired & not replaced by new Mayor DA in 4 or 5/98. 
Kaplan - atty - 4 listed in SBC Wht/Biz Pgs along with Kaplan Assoc, LLC, Gary Kaplan Real Estate, Kaplan Lumber, Kaplan Test Prep & Kaplan doctors.  >  Ref:  Acco, Solthouse & Tzinberg.
Keller - (of 15 Vance?) - EMcity 5/7/01:  prepare 2 Warranty Deeds on Bausch & Keller, less MODOT tracts.  5/9: obtain Keller tract, plot legal less ROW of State, deep prep.;  assignmts prepared.  5/16:  conf with Ceotone on bad legal desc on Keller.   5/18:  Mtg with Rich Ceotone, go over docs, including legal desc problem with Keller.  Prepare alternate deed.  Prepare Joy Lincoln docs for call.  Confirm amts with BNY {sic}. >  Ref also MOPR's 4/11/02 TIF/ARP PBH Mins. 
Kellett, Joseph P - Altho he admitted only to being with the COE during LEV20020617 mtg at that ofc, he's their Senior Civilian & Deputy Dist Eng for Planning, Programs & Project Mgmt.  Ref also LEV 20030519-5 & 20050620-2.  >  EMlev 2/15/06:  Review crsp from Kellett to COE;  R&R of HEC {sic} 2 by Stephens.  Crsp from Kellett, provide notice & affidavit of publication.
Kelly, David H - StL COE
Kelo - Ref Institute for Justice. 

Kelpe Contracting Co, 17955 Mancherster Rd, 63038, 636-458-1400 - Levee const at least since about 1/05, GG Det area.

Kemp - EMcity 5/1/00:  Speak to Dawn;  RC feels improper notice given for Kemp PBH;  review ords for BOA mtg;  speak to Titlebaum, JO.  5/2:  call to JO on Kemp dev ord;  call from Titlebaum on 2nd Kemp proposal status.  4/20/01: call Kemp on possession.  4/23: call Kemp on letter.  4/30:  receipt of Kemp's commitmt;  call to Anderson, Hall for docs of evidence of ins;  call Barbara at Manchester ((city hall));  call Teitlebaum on Kemp lawsuit with Manchester.  5/3:  R&R of Mayor's acceptance to Kemp letter.  5/15:  mtg on budget with mayor & Manchester on Kemp.   6/20/02:  Call from Kemp on liquor.  Call mayor on same.  Conf with Croghan on sales tax.  7/14/03:  Calls to & from Teitelbaum on Walgreen. > 9/14/04:  Call from Pat Gunn.  9/15:  Take settlemt docs to Gunn in Kemp v. Manchester, review same.  >  Ref also:  Epstein, Gallop, Vance Rd. 

Kena - Ref Bommarito & finances.
Kennedy, Jerry - EMcity 9/27/01:  Call from (same), Cnty Hwy Dept .  >  (Doug Canady is with MODOT)
Kerrie - Ref Karie Myers.   
Kettler - VP Parks (PKS) Coordr - Ref GRGD.  EMcity 8/1/05:  Calls from JM on Kettler prop, fax to same;  review plats & ord.    8/2, 4, 5,10/05:  Conf with JM on Kettler.
Kilker - Ref finances.

Kinder, Laura, VP Schools Asst Superintendent - Ref:  C Ford, finances, LPR 2/04, BOA 20060306.

Kirchner Block & Brick, Inc, 801 Marshall, VP, 636-225-5161.   EMlev 4/18/02:  Review TCE's on Phase IV.  4/23:  Conf with Bretaglio {sic} & Conroy;  fax & conference to {sic} Kirchner on revised ROW, drainage TCE & perm. not shown.  12/13:  Confirming crsp to Kirchner with revisions.  12/18:  Call Kirchner, discuss survey & paymt.  Call Kirchner, amend offer & deliver.  12/19:  Conf with Kirchner;  call Cindy.  Go to Kirchner, give exh & p/u original, speak with Cindy.  12/27:  Call from Kirchner on closing.  Review contract & amend same to Halibut.  Fax & speak with Investors on closing for Kirchner (Rondel) & title commitmt.  Sec'y of St on LLC members for Rondel.   LEV20030218-4, EM:  Rondal Investmts the deed was prepared actually today upon that & I ordered a check from UMB;  it's already been approved.   EMlev 3/27:  Go to St Ann, close on Rondal.  Review revised Right of Entry from Hamell.  Prepare Rondal Quit Claim. > LEV 20030421-13, EM:  Rondal Investmts, we closed on that, that's Kirchner.  EMcity 5/9/05:  Call from TW on bond for 801 Marshall.  >  Ref:  Rideout, LEV20050620, finances. 
Kling, Stephen Jr, 10 S Bemiston, 314-721-2525  - Ref FOI & Reichhold. 
Klug, Ryan of Weis Design Group alias PH Weis & Assoc.
Knipe, Pat - Ref Fowler. 
Kroll, Jerry - Ref LEV20030421-10 - who he said that yrs ago VP acquired maybe 4 or 5 lots, presume was landscaping or nursery biz.  >  Ref I&A Page. 
Knox, Ben, St. Louis Cnty Parks Director.
Koch - Ref finances.
Koenen, Glenn, Exec Dir Circle of Concern, 112 StL Ave, POBox 444, 63088, 636-861-2623, www.circleofconcern.org - west cnty's cmty charity org.  On West StLCnty Chamber Bd Dir. 
Kokesh - JJ & Son Co, 14738 Manchester Rd, 63011, 636-391-1233 - lev const at least in 6/04.   Ref:  Mobil, MVPlz, water. 
Kollmeyer, Cassie, VP City Employee;   JW's daughter, MW's neice.
Kopff, Dale - Owns 20, 26, 28 & 30 Mer Sta Rd (rented/leased to Katy Computer, Economy Radiator & Sportsworld).   Ref Al & Winkler. 
Kozeny Wagner, Inc, Arnold, MO - Ref Docs 8/25/03 Levee Phase 4B Bid Results.
KPLR - Ref Missouri MHRC
Kreutzer, Carol A - StL COE, in charge of utility relocations as of 5/03, 314-331-8335.  Ref IPR mtgs LEV20030520 & 20030603;  Docs, City Mins LPR 11/17/03.
Krippner - Ref Cape Albeon.
Kuehn - EMcity 1/13/03:  Call Kuehn on picking up doc. > (should be Kuhn? below)
Kuhn, David - VP Cmty Dev Specialist, StLCnty Planning Dept, Ofc of Cmty Dev.  Ref CDBG.
Krauss - EMcity 12/8/05:  Review land disturb. ord for permit requiremts;  call from Krauss;  call Roxanne & advise.
Krummenacker - EMcity 5/17/01:  Obtain Krummenacker 1943 Deed for standpipe - Review esmt smry - Review 1927 title policies.
Kuenneke, (Andrew?) - EMcity 4/13/01:  set up depositions in Kuenneke if not settled in 3 wks, call reporter & new atty.  6/12/01:  Call from Hedrick on mtg with Biggs & Kuenneke, esmt signed.  1/8/03:  Review Kueneke {sic} matter, send to TW, conf with Roxanne on same. 


Lacey, Atty J Ronald - shares ofc space & fax machine with EM.  Ref Dunne, McIntyre, Warren & Lacey.

Laclede Gas &/or The Laclede Situation - EMcity 10/10/01:  Conf with MW & Tallo on Laclede Gas.  Call Sherry M. on same. >  Ref LEV 20050620-17 - ...EM:  Did u decide - could u see if Lion's Club was - remember I talked to u guys ummmmmm about The Laclede Situation, how we'd like to vacate the road there?  Any more thoughts on that?  Remember me talkin' to u about that - got the wedge in there, that, that maybe the road could be a compliment to A New Place inside the levee?... >  Laclede Gas Co, 720 Olive St, Cashier's - 12th Fl, St Louis, MO  63101.  >  Ref Abernathy, Lincoln & Sherry M

LAGERS - Local Gov't Employees Retirement System  - www.molagers.org -  Ref also ASPA, finances, MACA & MOPERM.
Landings Dev - Ref Epstein.   
Lane - (StLCnty Police Ofcr?) - EMcity 5/30/01:  Letter from Lane on requiremts for Cnty permits. 
Lang, Tom - Ref Mobil. 
Lappe, James - EMlev 3/25/03:  Call from Roxanne, call Lappe, arrange mtg.  >  Ref (1st) Fowler.
Lauren Estates - Ref Atty Kevin Williams.  
Laughlin, OJ - Ref Thrill.

Lawless - Mike, a devr - Ref Mobil & Parkside Commons.  

Lay - Ref Federal Probation Ofc.
Lea, Dr. Dennis, ex-VP School Dist Superintendent.  EMcity 8/22/01:  Mtg with Lea & mayor set.   3/7/03:  Conf with Lea on Condemnation.  >  Ref:  finances, Vance Rd, MOPR's VP/QT clandestine 8/27/01 mtg mins.
Leathers, Steve - believed to be assoc'd with Hallmark Properties & Hallmark Building Co, 10 Beckett Plaza, VP, 636-529-7070, Brenda Brooks, Hallmark Props Pres & Broker.   EMcity 3/3/05:  Mtg with Leathers, PGAV, Hedrick. 
Levee Meetings - Ref IPR.
Levee Project Phases:   2 - BPlz area.  3A - From StL Ave Closure Structure, north to in back of 8th St.  3B - From 8th St to the BN RR tracks.  4A - River Dr RR Closure Structure near MVPlz Shopping Ctr/Diamond Group.  4B - AL, glass plant & presumably the Sportsplex.
Level 3 - EMlev 4/7/03:  2 calls to Level 3.  4/8/03:  Level 3 Comm. in Colorado.
Levins, William P, COE StL Dist Counsel (3/04 info).  >  Ref Asbed & Docs LCA (he's Assistant Dist Counsel).
Lewis, Chadd - Ref Chad Louis.
Lincoln, Joyce, Assistant Treasurer, BNY Trust Co of MO, 911 Washington Ave, StL, MO, 63101 - EMcity 4/19/01:  Take map to Franz at Fenton;  prepare proclamation, take to city hall;  conf with Joy Lincoln, BNY;  Cert of Incumbency prepared & taken with proclamation;  conversation with Franz.  5/8/01:  Speak to MW & mayor on water closing;  speak with bond co.;  incumbency cert prepared;  2 calls from Joy Lincoln, Abernathy, Fowler & JB on same;  call R.R..  5/18/01:  confirm amts with BNY. >  Ref also Joyce. 
Lions Club - Ref properties. 

Littleton, Paul - Ref  Brasher Law Firm.

Liu, Herb - EMlev 12/12/02:  Letter to Parks, call Liu. Research outfall owners.  Call agent, make offer based on est. EMV{sic}.  Call StL Cnty Trustee.   1/13/03:  Conf with mayor on Cnty Pks position & River Dr props.  Conf with Herb Liu, takes 6 wks, will start ord procedures. 10/22: Obtain St L Cnty Ord 27212 conveying 2 parcels to VP from Cnty for levee purposes.  10/27:  2 calls to LIU for book & page of county conveyances, obtain info. >  Ref:  GRGD, Pohllz, StLCnty Assessor.
Liz - EMlev 12/23/02:  Call from Liz at Investors on shopping center.
Loana Contractors, Inc - ESI's sub - worked at least at Beckett Plaza in 04.  Ref LPR 2/04 & BPlz. 
Local Gov't Employees Retirement System - Ref LAGERS.
Lotis - EMcity 8/16/04:  Call from Lotis;  call clerk on refusals;  call MW on ct dates.
Louis, Chad - StLCnty Police Ofcr - EMcity 8/30/01:  Call from Lewis {sic} on warrant for open ulcer defendant in custody-release with new date  4/7/05:  Review Summons from Lewis.  >  Ref:  Curt Adams, Brown, finances. 
Luana - Ref Loana.