P C O's   -   M    thru    N


See Missouri for acronyms starting with M for MO.

M., Carrie - Ref Karie Myers. 
M., Sherry -  Ref Laclede & Sherry.
MACA - Ref Missouri listings. 

Magurder Excavating - LPR 9/16/02:  g/p work - subcontractor of Boone Const.

Mahony, John K - VP's Cmty Dev Dir &/or Code Enforcemt Ofcr &/or Bldg Inspector, hired per 5/2/05 BOA approval, but (resigned?) very shortly thereafter.  Ref JB on I&A Page.
Main & Vance - Ref Curt Adams.
Mange, Skip, StL Cnty Concilman - EMcity 10/8/01:  Review Mange complaints & fax.  Call on Warren.  11/30/04:  Call Skip Mange on appointmt.  12/2/04:  Call MW on Mange.  12/13/04:  Go to Des Peres for mtg with Mange;  obtain cases for same.  Call to Roxanne on pictures for Mange. 
Mann, Deborah - Ref Densmore Valley Park, LLC. 
Marsh, Steve - Ref finances. 
Marshall - EMlev 7/1/03:  Call Marshall at DRG
Marshall - EMlev 5/30/01:  Call Kentucky, call BD, Marshall's atty, necessity to probate estate;  discuss by conf.  
Marshall, Doug - Ref CDBG.  
Marshall - VP Marshall Ray Wilson.
Martin, Gerald - on VP PKS Bd around 7/97.
Martin, Lenn - StL COE - Ref LEV 20010416.
Martin, Paul - Ellisville City Atty in at least 9/05.  Ref GRGD. 
Martin, Steven A - former Bdry Cmsn Atty retained by City VP.  >  Ref:  annexation, Poe, MOPR  2/8/05 Bdry PBH mins.
Marx -  EMcity 9/1/04:  Conf with Croghan on Marx, review same.   9/2:  Call from Cassie on Marx.  11/18:  Notice on Marx jury trial.  Call from Cassie on pre-trial.  12/13:  Ct appearance in Clayton on Marx, Guerlin. 
Mary Ann - Ref Warner.  
Matt - EMcity 9/9/04:  Mtg with TW & Matt at VP. > Ref: annexation, Ranken, Sloan, Snudden.  (Matt Ranken is with DRG, but there may be another Matt in PPk)
Maurer, Thomas, Pres Diamond Group, alias Meramec Venture Associates - Meramec Valley Plaza - Ref MVPlz.  
Maxvill (correct spelling)  - Ref Mobil. 
Mayors Organizations - Lafayette & Metro. 
McAvoy - EMlev 3/18/03:  Arrange for McAvoy to serve Summonses.  4/4/03:  Receipt of McAvoy billing & call.
McBride - various mentions in BOA mtgs & EM bills.   Ref: Parkside Commons, Sterling,  U-Gas.
McCarthy, Tim - EMcity 8/13/01:  Call from Tim McCarthy.
McCord, Andrew J - Phoenix Env'l, alias DG Purdy & Associates, employee until about 1/05.  > EMcity 9/18/01:  Call from Winkler on redev.  EMlev 9/19/01:  Call from David Winkler.  Call JZ on McCord.   EMlev 7/10/02:  R&R McCord crsp.  Call McCord, CLM.  7/11:  Conf with JZ.  Mtg with CLM & McCord on env'l issues.  Mtg with Purdy & McCord.  7/15:  Conf call with JZ, CLM & McCord on env'l plan.  >  Ref:  env'l info, Purdy, Winkler. 
McDermott, PJ - Ref Bob Miller.
McDonald - EMcity 10/23/03:  City hall, calls to Ohio for McDonald yr-end info.
McElroy, Brian - Ref Vance Rd. 
McElroy Metal, 165 W Outer Rd, 63088, 636-861-0920  - Ref Eagle Rock.
McGhee, Richard Michael,  #6 Arnold Dr Owner/Resident until City & COE took his title _ _/03.  Somewhere there's a Wanted Poster featuring poor little ol' good guy Mike McGhee with his bicycle while holding-up the USACE & City VP's $49M Levee Project.  Ref LEV 20031117.  >   EMlev 1/7/03:  Call from Beck.  1/13:  Conf with Jonathan Beck, discuss McGhee & relocation assistance act paymts.  4/8:  Return Beck call on McGhee.  4/9:  Call from Jonathan Beck, discuss McGhee cond.  4/16/  Call from McGhee & receipt of order.  Prepare for hrg. Cert. ord & LCA.  10/22: Ct appearance, Div 13, obtain Writ of Possession as to McGhee.  11/3:  Mtg with JM, obtain keys, inspect 6 Arnold (Carver) ((Dennis Carver is/was #7 tenant)).  >  Ref AL & Sloan.
McGraw, Warren - (assoc'd with BPlz?) 
MCHR - presumed to be EM's alternate acronym for  MO Human Rights Cmsn - Ref in Missouri below.  
McIntyre, Atty Wendy A - shares ofc space with EM, at least in 3/05.  Ref Dunne,  Lacey & Warren.

McKinney Associates - Col Leon E. McKinney.   Ref CLM.

McMullen, Jim - Ref JM. 
MEDAC - MO Eminent Domain Abuse Coalition - Ref Missouri below.
Megus Beauty Products - Ref ACCO & Docs 6/6&22/01 letters.
Melies, Lt Scott - StLCnty POL Dept under contract with VP.  Ref annexation, Unicom & many BOA mtgs altho in about  2005, stopped giving usual verbal reports.
Menke - EMcity 8/23/04:  R&R of Menke application for warrant.
Menley, Babs  - Ref Project Write Cmte. 
Mental Health - Ref at least EMcity 8, 10, 12/05 & 2/06 bills. 
Meramec Development Co - Larry Hedrick & Sebastian Rucci.  Ref:  BPlz & Docs:  2/8/98 Ed's & 4/2/98 MM's Rucci Contracts & 12/21/99 Rucci Letter & Plan to Mayor DA. 
Meramec Valley Bank - Ref MVB. 
Meramec Valley Plaza - Ref MVPlz. 
Merlo, Dan, per 12/9-15/05 StLBiz Journal, Sansone Group's comm broker, specializing in industrial r.e.  Ref Curren & PGAV. 
Metro - Ref MVPlz. 
Metropolitan Park & Recreation Dist - MPRD
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer Dist - MSD - Ref properties.

Metzger - EMcity 4/1/04:  Call from JEM on zoning for 300 Marshall.  >  A 4/20/06 Marshall search of cnty site shows no 300;  goes from 255 Marshall owned by Delear, to 310 owned by Senseman, the 314 owned by Virginia Metzger.  Ord for  314 Scott Metzger is in 4/5/04 pkt.   

Michael - Ref James & Michael Baker.   (When EM refers to Michael,  Ald/Mayor Dan Michel & unknown others are options.)
Midas -  Ref Mitas - is correct spelling. 
Midwest letter - Ref annexation. 
Mike B. - Ref Brueckmann. 
Miller - EMcity 12/18/02:  Speak to Dunn & Miller on new name.  12/20/02:  R&R Dunn crsp.  >  Ref Olson. 
Miller, Bob - AT&T - EMlev 3/13 & 4/4/03.  4/7/03:  Email PJ McDermott at ATT.com.   2 calls to AT&T - Miller, request I email to boss.  Call to Digital Teleport.  2 calls to Conroy on Digital Teleport.
Miller, Dan - owns Rear Gears in VP.  
Mini-Indy - EMcity 8/17/0l:  Call from Allen on Mini-Indy.  >  Ref Densmore Valley Park LLC. 


MACA - MO Assn for Court Administration - www.macaonline.net - Ref ASPA, LAGERS & MOPERM.
MAG - MO Atty General - http://www.ago.mo.gov/index.htm   - EMcity 1/13/06:  Call from Atty General's ofc. ((MM had talked to James Klahr there on 1/13/06 re difficulties obtaining VP public records))   >  Ref FOI.
MAWC - MO American Water Co - Ref Olson & water. 
MDNR - MO Dept of Natural Resources - Local enforcemt agency for the EPA.  Ref env'l info. 
MEDAC - MO Eminent Domain Abuse Coalition, 2752 Lafayette, StL, 63104, Jim Roos, 314-771-3509  - http://medac.typepad.com/ 

MHRC - MO Human Rights Cmsn -  EMcity 4/16/01:  conf with Cheryl Rose at Human Rights Cmsn.  10/2/01:  Call from MHRC on ((Barbara)) Bechtel complaint that paving commenced in back.  5/7/02:  R&R of MCHR complaint.  8/12/02:  Call from Dena Hayes at MCHR on Bechtel, discuss response & supplemt same.  4/15/03:  Call from Jennifer at KPLR on Becktel {sic}.  Call mayor to inform him.  7/15/03:  R&R of MHRC complaint, call St Paul & counsel, contact MHRC. 4/6/05:  R&R of audit letter;  calls to MCHR;  file review;  audit response to Croghan, conf with same.  12/12/05:  Call from MW on MCHR on Bechtel.  >  Ref  finances & St Paul.   

MMAA, MO Municipal Attorneys Assn - http://www.mocities.com/default.asp?SectionID=60.   Ref:  MML, MOPERM & Cunningham. 

MML - MO Municipal (muni) League,  1727 Southridge Dr, Jeff City, MO  65109-5675, 573-635-9134)  - Ref:  MO Muni Attys, MOPERM, StLCnty Muni League, Sen Gibbons &

http://www.lspoa.org/legislate/MMLwho.htm  click "back" at its page-bottom.    http://www.mocities.com/default.asp?javascript=1

MO-CPR - MO-Citizens for Property Rights  - www.mo-cpr.org - striving to Restore Constitutionally Protected Private Property Rights. 
MODOT - MO Dept of Transportation - (StLDistEng  Ed Hassinger) - EM lev 7/3/03:  Call to Dave Human, discuss MODOT, legal research. Conf with Kirk Carson.  Work on survey.  7/8:  Conf with David Human.  7/11:  Language in attachmt, confer with Human.  >  Ref:  Bice, Canady, CLM, Gamblin, Wm Hampton, Hewlett, Niswonger, Parkside Commons, Schramm, T Smith.
MO FIRST.ORG - Dedicated to the Sovereignty of Missourians - www.mofirst.org/  
MOPAC - MO Pacific RR - ((Jane or James Barthold))  BOA 20050418.  >  Word is that MOPAC was bought out by UP RR in about 1991. 
MOPERM - MO Public Entity Risk Management Fund - www.moperm.com - Ref ASPA, LAGERS, MACA, MML.

MO Sec'y of State (SOS) - search info on bizs - www.sos.mo.gov/businessentity/soskb/csearch.asp


Mitas, James D, Project Coordr of Cgsm Akin's ofc, 301 Soverign Ct, Ste 201, StL, MO  63011, 314-590-0029.  Attended various Levee Cmsn mtgs between about 9/02 &  9/04.  Ref Sen Gibbons.  > 

MJC Constructors, Inc, St Jacob, Illinois per a 3/7/01 snapshot of a VP levee sign.  (same as JMC?)  MJC worked at least on RR Closure Structure, Phase 4A.  Ref:  LEV 20010116-1 & 20010416, also Docs City Mins LPR's.

MML - Ref Municipal League.

MOA - surely should be MOU - Ref GRGD.

Mobil on the Run proposed by Mike Lawless per city's 1/11/05 P&Z mins to be on Vance at Parkside Commons Ct.  Tim Maxville {sic} of Maxville Enterprises would be the owner op of the biz.  Jack Riner of Lawless Oil, Kevin Kamp of Bax Eng'g is the site designer & Greg Garner of Arc Images did bldg design.  >  EMcity 7/28/05:  Call Tim at Maxwell {sic} & Robb at Lawless on Cnty Hwy permits.  11/15/05:  Receipt of crsp from Anderson on Mobil;  conf with JB.  11/21:  Conf with JB;  letter from Anderson.  Conf with Dennis Bice.  11/23:  R&R of email from Mobil lawyer.  Conf with JB on Mobil.  11/28:  Call from Roxanne on billings, Mobil signage.  11/28:  Call from atty Tom Lang;  call clerk.   11/29:  Conf with MMW on Mobil signage.  11/30:  Fax over Anderson docs for pkt.  12/8:  Letter to  Anderson on Bd action re Mobil signage.  12/12:  Fax from Anderson on Maxville.  12/14:  Crsp from Anderson on Mobil.  Call Roxanne on same, direct her to contact Kokesh on sprinklers.   2/2/06:  Draft sign ord amendmt.  >  Correct spelling is Maxvill.  Ref also finances & Parkside Commons.  (sprinklers seem to be re MVPlz)
Moon, Della - Ref Vance Rd.  
Moore - Ref water.
Moore, Joseph E - JEM - VP Cmty Dev Dir 6/03 till 6/04.  Ref JB on I&A Page. 
Moore, Wendy - Ref Patterson. 
Morgan - Ref Wind. 
Morgan, Davonna - Ref Dougherty Ferry.
Morgan, Jason with Landings Dev - Ref Epstein.   
Mormino -  Ref U-Gas. 
Morris, Shelley - AmerenUE, 314-344-952(1or7).  Ref Docs, City Mins LPR 11/17/03. 
Morrow, Col Michael R, USACE St Dist Eng.  EMlev 5/17/01:  Letter (draft) from Col. Morrow. 
Moscopf, Ken - Ref MVPlz. 
Mosby, David with MDNR - Ref Geldbach. 

Mosley Const, Inc, 11233 Manchester Rd, 63122, 314-821-7555 -  at least in Phase 3A, const'd Simpson Lake Det area.  (According to DC's LPR's, the name "Mosby" should maybe be changed to "Mosley" in Keywords, Etc;  LEV 20040621 & 20041115 - Ref those mtgs, also LEV 20010416 re $100K settlemt.)

MPRD - Metropolitan Park & Recreation Dist - Ref GRGD.
MRC - Mississippi River Cmsn.  EMlev 8/17/04:  Conf with CLM, draft of public statemt.  Akin office e-mail.  8/18:  Revise statemt.  8/19:  Mtg with COE = 5.7.  8/20:  Travel to MRC {sic} PBH, Alton, IL;  statemt made to Cmsn on funding.  >  Ref:  Akin,  http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode33/usc_sup_01_33_10_13.html,   http://www.mvd.usace.army.mil/mrc/index.php  &  http://www.mrrpc.com/
Mueller - (Doctor Larry Mueller?  VP resident)  EMcity 9/9/04:  Call from Cassie on Mueller.  Call from Mueller.  Call Mellies {sic} & Judge on Mueller request.
Mullen, James - EMcity 4/10/03:  Call from James Mullen ((should be JM? as on I&A Page)) on MSD esmts. 
Munchrath, Jim, ESI Rep, 816-523-5081 - Ref Docs, City Mins, LPR 11/17/03.

Municipal League -  Ref MML in MO listings. 

Murphy, Atty Samuel B. Jr. - in at least 2/06, shares ofc space with EM at 109 Chesterfield Biz Pkwy.
MVB {sic} - EM's abbrev, presume Meramec Valley Bank - Ref finances.  
MVPlz - Meramec Valley Plaza - NE corner Hwy 141/Mer River Bridge or SE corner of 141/Marshall Rd in VP.  Ref Maurer.  > EMlev 12/27/02:  Sec'y of State for Diamond file review.  R&R of title commitmt on Mer Plaza.  12/31:  Call to TW for revised legals.  Ord prepared under general cond authy, obtain legals.  Call Investors on Diamond report.  city 3/27/03:  Conf with Mike B. on Maurer.  lev 10/29:  R&R of new submission & crsp from Diamond.  

3/10/04:  Call to Lisa Wright.  Call from JM re water mains.  Go to VP, mtg with Maurer & JM;  calls from Cnty Water;  calls to Ken at Kokesh;  arrange mtg for Thurs at 9:00.  3/11:  Mtg with Maurer & Ken at Kokesh;  COE mtg;  review hydrant issue.   2 calls to Lisa Wright, StL Cnty Water;  conf with TW & JM.  3/12:  Call from bldg cmsnr on Arnold.  Review crsp from JEM, call from Geers;  letter drafted to Geer on plaza plan.  3/15:  Call bldg cmsnr, JM.  city 3/15:  Shopping ctr crsp, fax to Joe.    lev 3/16:  VP mtg with Kokesh, JM.  Call from JM.  3/17:  3 calls from JM on water.  3/18:  Conf with TW on Maurer.  Conf with TW on esmt;  review same.  R&R of Maurer crsp;  call Joanne.  Conf with JM on water issues.  R&R of U.E. invoicing.   3/19:  4 calls to & from JM.  Letter to Husch & calls to same.   3/19:  Conf with JM;  mtg with COE;  pipeline location.  Conf with JEM on same.  Conf with JZ on water.  Call DC on concrete at Metro.  3/22:  Call from JM.  Call Sandifer.  3/24/04:  Conf with JM on Maurer.  3/25/04:  Crsp to JoAnn.  COE mtg at site.  Mtg with JM, go to Maurer Plaza.  Draft agreemt.   3/31:  Call mayor.  Draft changes, call to Maurer's counsel;  call to JM. 

4/1:  Conf with Olsen & with Abernathy.  Call Geers.  Conf with Geers & Sandifer on Diamond/Sally.   4/2/04:  Call JM.  Conf with Jeannie Geers.  Negotiations with Sandifer.  Call Pohman {sic} & Prost;  research file for esmts on svc line & rev. conveyances.  Fax Olsen, memo to same.  Conf with JM.  Conf with Ken Moscopf.   2 confs with Cnty Water - Olsen & Abernathy.  4/5:  Re-draft agreemt.  Call Kokesh 3 times;  request & rcv ins cert.  2 confs with Geers.  Fax materials to Geers.  Call from Patti on disbursemts.  Conf with David Abernathy.  4/6:  Go to 7th & Cerre for Maurer sig.  Call JM for pickup.  Call Jim Solaris on status at ESI.  Call Kokesh;  call mayor.  Negotiations with Joann.  2 calls to Olsen. Call JM. Conf with Geers.  Call to COE on Maurer status.  Conf with Kokesh.    4/8 Call JM on Kokesh.  Call Kokesh.   4/12:  Go to job site;  call Kokesh; call JM; go thru license;  call Geers.  Call on script necessary for water esmt.  4/13:  Conf with Kokesh on timing.  Conf with Cnty Water on script.  Obtain Sally book & page;  new locator;  prepare esmt. 

7/21/05:  Fax Solari proposed Maurer letter.  7/25:  Response clearing letter from Solari.  7/28:  Go to Maurer, hand deliver letter to same, left at ofc.  city 11/18:  Call from Mauer on temp signage.  Conf with JB on signage.  lev 12/14:  Crsp from Diamond on sprinkler system.  12/15:  Call to Fire Dept on sprinkler.  Conf with Mauer {sic} on cutoff by Kokesh.  Call Kokesh on sprinkler.  >  Ref:  AL, Mobil, properties, Staubach.

Myers, Karie (correct spelling), Assistant Trust Ofcr, UMB Bank, N.A., 2 S Broadway, Ste 435, StL, MO  63102, 314-621-1000 - Ref finances & Puleo/Pulos.

Myers, Milford J & Ida Mae owners of 921 Pyramid.


National Register of Historic Places - NRHP.   There's also the State Historic Preservation Ofc, SHPO.  Ref LEV 20020617. 
Nelson, Timothy J, StL COE Chief Appraiser - EMlev 1/8/03: Letter from Nelson on rejection of Dinan smry.  Conf with CLM on same.  >  Ref:  AL, Barb Fowler, LEV 20030519-11, & M's Nightmare 6/3/03. 
New Place inside the levee - Ref Laclede Situation.
"New Purchaser"  - Ref:  Zambrana (Z). 
Nicolas, Richard/Dixie - Long-time VP Resident.  Was on Levee Cmsn long ago.  As of 12/05, is VP P&Z Chairman.   Ref Project Write & zoning.   
NID - Neighborhood  Improvement District - Ref financing.
Niswonger, David, VP-Ops, Charter Communications signed 5/3/01 letter (in 5/21/01 BOA pkt) to Mayor FP re channel lineup.
Niswonger, Belinda - EMlev 4/8/03:  Mtg with Niswonger ofc at MODOT.  >  Ref Terry Smith & LEV 20030421-15 (Niswonger re Acco?).
Noce, Gerard - (St Paul Ins atty?)  EMcity 6/24/03:  Call from Noce & crsp from same on PP.  7/10:  Conf with Noce, file review.  7/11:  Letter to Noce with  Dobson request.  Legal research.  11/17/05:  Email from Noce on mayor statemt.  >  Ref:  David Davis, Kim Gardner, Docs ODocs Page EM 2/14/05 ltr to Rahmeier/StPaul.
Noll/Nolls -  Ref Epstein.   
Norman, Margaret - Ref finances. 

Norris, Terry (Mr.), COE Dist Archeologist - Ref LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.   

Norvel (or NorVel) Const Co - LPR 1/19/99:  placing impervious fill material.     

Novus - EMcity 1/26/05:  Mtg with Doug at Novus at VP. 
NRHP - Ref:  National Register of Historic Places.