P C O's   -   O    thru   R


Ohio -  Ref McDonald.
O'Keefe, Kevin - Ref Jack Horas. 
Olmstead - Ref GRGD.
Olson, Rick, MAWC, 314-996-2214 -  Ref:  water & Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03. 
Orona, Lori at BNSF - Ref also Staubach.
Omvig, Jon (JO) - Ref Zambrana Eng'g (Z) & finances..

Onyx Oak Ridge Landfill, 1741 Sulphur Spring Rd, Ballwin, MO  63021, at least per Disbursemt Request #26, 11/12/03, $1,656.21, dumping fees (mitigation of 4 Arnold Dr special waste).  Ref env'l info. 


P&Z - Ref zoning. 
Pace, Orville & Edith - 917 Pyramid Owners -  Ref:  Fowler, IPR, Docs VP Props.
Pacific Legal Foundation, www.pacificlegal.org, Headqtr'd in Sacramento, is the oldest and largest legal org dedicated to property rights & limited gov't.  P.L.F. Attorney Timothy Sandefur is author of new book "Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America", also moderates on  www.eminentdomain.typepad.com, a blog that serves as a repository of info and commentary on condemnation cases thruout CA & around the country;  purpose of this blog is to be the definitive resource on E.D. issues for media & general public. 
Palmer, Pat, StL Cnty Hwy & Traffic Ops Div Mgr.  Ref LPR 12/03.
Palmer, Fred - Ref FP. 
Pantaz - 654 Nile Owner - Ref IPR & Docs VP Props.  

Parks, Alice, West StLCnty Chamber of Commerce Pres, attended LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.

Parkside Commons -  proposed Parkside Commons Vance Rd dev at 7/8/03 PBH & P&Z mtg;  at 8/12/03 mtg, Lawless Homes Pet continued at their request.   EMcity 8/20/04:  Return Dave Sprague call on Parkside Commons.   9/13/04:  Conf with Blumenfeld on Lawless annexation.  9/28:  Mtg with Lawless, TW, Patti on road issues & MODOT audit11/15:  Call from Roxanne on Lawless.  11/22:  Call from Cutter on subdiv of Lawless dev.  >  2/2/05 Press Journal Article included no author name:  "Fire destroys bldg under const - A condo bldg under const by Lawless Homes was destroyed by fire 1/29/05 in VP.  The bldg was off Vance Rd a 1/2 mi w of Hwy 141...cause is being investigated by StLCnty authorities...".  >  investigation results?  Parkside Commons project?  McBride took it over?   >  EMcity 1/25/06:  Call from Mike Lawless.  > Ref also Mobil  & Vance Rd.  
Parma - Ref C Ford.
Patterson - EMcity 5/4/01:  Call from Canady, amended letter to Patterson;  speak to Wendy Moore.
Patti/Patty - Fisher with COE or Laufer VP employee or _?  -  Ref:  BPlz, finances, Fisher. 
PCA - Project Coop Agreemt - Ref LEV 20030519-10.  EMlev 11/5/03:  Mtg with CLM & JZ on PCA {sic} amendmts. 11/6/03: R&R of amended PCA & checklist.  11/7/03: R&R of 2nd amended PCA;  conf with JZ on cost sharing (not to include reconn).  Revise contracts.  
PDM = Project Design Memorandum?  
Peckham - Ref PGAV.
Peerless condos -  Ref Eagle Rock.
Peerless Park (PPk) City of - Ref annexation & BOA 20060306.
Peerless Park (PPk) Landfill - Ref env'l info & LEV 20060320.
Peluso - EMcity 2/6/06:  Go to MSD, mtg with Peluso.  >  Ref:  finances, Polluso, UPRR.
Pendleton, Bryan - Ref  AL & Vance Rd. 

Petruska, Lynn - EMcity 11/15/05:  Email from Lynn Petruska.   11/16:  Go to VP, pick up check;  go to Clayton, mtg with Petruska;  call Davis. 

PGAV - Peckham, Guyton, Albers & Viets, Inc, www.pgav.com, Architects, Exhibit Designers, Urban Consultants & Planners, St Louis Place, 200 N Broadway, Ste 1000, StL, MO 63102, 314-231-7318 - VP City Planner as of 2/7/05.  Reps are John Brancaglione;  & until about 3/14/06 Gene Blandford.  John spoke thruout 7/28/05 VP Info'l Public Forum. 

>  EMcity 2/16/05:  Conf with Brancaglione ofc.  3/16:  Enter appointmt for Albers.  Call from & to Hedrick on Albers summons.  5/18:  Mtg with Gene & MMW at city hall.  11/16:  Email Blandford on ec dev tax;  call Matt Conley.  11/17:  Call Roxanne on 1968 records;  records search.  Email from Blandford on same.  11/23:  Emails to/from Blandford.  11/28:  Email from Blandford on priorities for comp. plan.  11/29:  Call from James Sansone - want Memo Of Understanding presented Mon night.  Sansone - 11/30:  Email from Blandford;  R&R of city-wide future land use & concept plans.  Call Kornfeld at Sansone;  obtain offer letter sent in November via fax;  draft reply.   12/1:  Call to Blandford on mtg;  exec ses.  Email from Blandford on change to "new town".  Email to Blandford on recusal issue & cmts on proposed resolutions. 

1/25/06:  Conf with Blandford; email Bice & TW.  Call Roxanne on P&Z.  Conf with TW on mtg with Bice/Marie Collins.  2/2:  Issue on Sansone.  2/6:  Email to PGAV on legal issues.  2/7:  Conf with Gene on principle outstanding.  2/14:  Revise crsp, send to Blandford.  2/16:  Emails from Blandford.   >  Ref:  a  r.e. speculator, BN, executive sessions, Feder, Leathers, Merlo, Novus, Stein, Summit Dev Co, TB {sic} Realty. 

Phillips, Marsha - VP Court Clerk fired & not replaced by new Mayor DA in 4 or 5/98.  

Phoenix Environmental - Ref Purdy.

Pilling, Tom - Ref Vance Rd.
Piper - EMcity 1/14/03:  Conf with Kirk, call on subordination docs to Roxanne.  Conf with mayor on compliance issues, subdiv, furnace.  Review subdiv ord, call Piper. 

Pistone, Ellen - Ref FOI.

Pleban - Atty C John, 2010 S BigBend, StL,  63117, 314-645-6666, Terry Helton's atty in Helton v. City VP, et al.    EMcity 5/20/05:  R&R of Pleban letter in Helton, call Davis. 

PO99 Project - Ref LEV 20020415-12&13.     

P.O.B.  - (EM's abbrev - presume President of BOA)  (perhaps Poll Of Board)  >  Ref Unicom.
Poe, William/Bill - EMcity 1/4/05:  Call from Cassie on ct matter.  Go to VP, contact William Poe. 1/5:  Call from Poe.  1/6:  Conf with Poe.  1/7:  R&R of Poe materials;  conf with same.  1/13:  Schedule mtg with Poe.  Pkt for Poe & Martin.  1/14:  To VP for mtg with Bill Poe, conf with same.  >  Ref Steve Martin.
Poehlman & Prost Eng, Inc, 9280 Dielman Industrial, 63132, 314- 997-5777.  TW's subcontractor.  Ref LEV 20020819 & BOA 20050418.
Pohllz - EMlev 1/9/03:  Call to Pohllz at Cnty Pks. >  Ref Liu.
((Polluso))  (sounded like in LEV 20030603-9-3)   >  Ref finances & Peluso. 

_ _  Poly (Ms), COE Chief of Project Mgmt at the branch - Ref LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.    

Potter - Ref Terry Helton.
Powell - Ref Federal Probation Ofc.
Praechter, Joyce - Ref Industrial Dev Authy. 
PRB meeting -  Should 2 mentions of "PRB" mtg in EM's  8/11/05 bills actually be PRM?  >  Ref demolition & IPR.  
Precise Mold & Eng'g, 595 8th St, VP, 636-225-8828, Owner Bob Walls (BW - on Levee Cmsn).
Precision Forgings, Inc, 600 St Louis Ave, VP - EMcity 4/4/03:  Call from PP on Precis. Forgings. >  Ref env'l info;  LEV 20020715-31;  draft BOA 20030505-17;  LEV 20051121-6.
Press, Allen P - Ref Densmore Valley Park LLC & Mini-Indy. 
Price - Ref finances.    (Ref Price below)
Price,  Debbie - VP assistant city clerk, replaced Sherri Craig in 4 or 5/98 per new Mayor DA.  (Ref Price above)
Probert, James, VP School Bd & Levee Cmsn Member - Ref Gary Adams & LPR 2/04.
Project Coop Agreemt - Ref PCA. 
Project Write Committee - Shovel & plaque wall-hanging at VP City Hall:  "This shovel was used for the ground breaking ceremonies for the VP Levee Project on 3/21/92 & presented to City VP by The Project Write Cmte. DA, Dave Brown, Bernice Hannick, Liz Hendrix, Babs Menley, JM, Richard Nicolas, Kevin Shinkle, Nick Smith, Bud Strawn, Dot Strawn, RW."       
properties - EMlev 6/5/01:  Conf with JZ on land requiremt, set mtg with COE.  Call JO on same.  6/11:  Mtg with COE, go over land requiremts & taking issues.  8/28:  Locate appraisals & send to Stinson.  9/10:  Obtain closing dates on prop data smry & missing entries.  Call JZ on results.   2 calls from Demba, discuss alternatives & values.  LEV20030421-16 re COE certifying that all necessary land is available - EM:  we're talking about maybe somewhere around, I'm thinkin' 110 props all together;  it, it's a lot, uh &, & uno, they, they've been acquired over the yrs.  LEV20030603, EM:...all the deeds for the past hundred yrs are stuck in one drawer (chuckle) in the city & it's, it's tough to route thru &, & get anything...   EMlev 6/16/03:  Prepare plat of Mer Pac. Subdiv.  2 Deeds - 10 Arnold & Halamicek.  6/19:  Look for deeds in city hall.  7/1: Mtg with Carson, obtain & review list of props.  7/8:  Mtg with COE RE group at TW.  EMcity 7/15:  Ord on Marshall east of 9th.  EMlev 10/17:  Ct appearance, Motions of Dewitt & Mer Plaza.  Go to Recorder's office, obtain recorded deeds.  10/23:  Conf with Ryan on BN request for corrections, re-fwd e-mail;  discuss Pyramid response & Lions' & AmVets on septic; review ords.  10/30:  Conf with Ryan on MSD approval.  >  Ref:  AL, Bplz, Curt Adams, CDBG, Dewitt, env'l info, finances, Fowler, Hammel, Hewlett, IPR, Sen Gibbons, Heth, MVPlz, Reinheimer, Richardson, Sargent, Docs VP Props.     
PROPERTY RIGHTS ORGS - just some in addition to MOPR - Ref PCO's:  American Association of Small Prop Owners (AASPO), Institute For Justice, Castle Coalition, Clayton Cmte, MEDAC, MO-CPR, MO First, Pacific Legal Foundation, Prop Rights Congress, Prop Rights Foundation of America in NY,  Show Me Institute. Sunset Hills Landgrab.  >  Eminent Domain is a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) when used for so-called Ec Dev& blight removal.  >  As Steven Anderson of IJ's Castle Coalition perfectly stated, "Blight is a Plant Disease;  it has nothing to do with property".  >  Ref also:  PCO's SSRN.  Ref also www.emdo.blogspot.com.  >  Books:   "The Great American Jobs Scam - corporate tax dodging & the myth of job creation" by Greg LeRoy.  "Abuse of Power - how the gov't misuses E.D" by Steven Greenhut.  "Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America" by Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney Timothy Sandefur.  Fox Cable News' Hannity & Colmes want your stories of E.D. abuse emailed to ItCouldHappentoYou@FOXNews.com.  >  BB&T announces eminent domain policy  http://www.bbandt.com/about/media/newsreleasedetail.asp?date=1%2F25%2F06+9%3A48%3A52+AM. 
Property Rights Congress of America, IncPRC is  www.freedom.org.    Also, the Ozarks Chapter - PRC is POBox 47, Mountain Grove, MO 65711, area code 417 - Pres c. Russell Wood, 948-2379;  Betty Adams, 458-3298;  Carolin Burch, 668-5977; email  landowners@getgoin.net.
Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc -  POBox 75, Stony Creek, NY 12878, 1-518-696-5748, Pres Mrs Carol LaGrasse -  www.prfamerica.org
Pudwitr - EMcity 12/2/04:  Call from Pudwitr on subdiv of Boyd prop - review - not enough land available.  12/7:  Call from Chuck Pudwitr on subdiv.  Call from Pudwitr. 
Puleo/Pulos, Carrie - Ref finances & Polluso.
Purdy, DG & Associates, Inc - Don G. Purdy, VP's env'l consultant.  3/03 address:  14422 Manchester Rd, Ste 200, Manchester, MO  63011;  then whenever, 13975 Manchester Rd, Suite 15 Manchester, MO  63011;  & per a 10/04 bill, 268 Royallmanor{sic} Lane & around 10/04, name changed to Phoenix Env'l.   Ref:  env'l info, McCord, also LEV20050118 & 20050321. 
Quik Trip - (QT)  -  Ref AL.

Q  -  R

Quik Trip - (QT)  -  Ref AL & Vance Rd.
Rahmeier, Kelly - Ref Davis & St Paul Insurance Co.   >  There's also - ref Reinheimer.   
Ranken/Rankin, Matt, with DRG.  EMlev 10/21/03: Conf with Matt, e-mails to Jennifer, fax moving bill;  obtain eligibility letter, discuss with Matt.  11/12:  E-mail from Ranken;  call DRG on mtg onsite.  >  Ref:  DRG, Dede, ES, Matt, Sloan.
Rauls, Thomas L  Jr - P&Z member at least around 9/03.  Ref Industrial Dev Authy. 
Ray's Tree Svc, Inc, 224 Benton, VP, 636-529-0110, 314-821-2665 - many mentions in BOA mtgs.  EMcity 4/13/01:  Finish Ray's Tree Svc.  5/2:  R&R on conditional use permit letter from atty on Ray's Tree. >  Ref env'l info.
Recorder's Ofc - Ref PCO properties & on Docs, VP Props.
Regency - 9/18/00 Lev mtg notes:  Signed contract with Regency to mow, etc;  city is not to accept any maint until the project is done.
Reichhold Chemicals/Industries, Inc, main ofc 249 St Louis Ave, VP, 636-225-5226.  Ref PCO, env'l info, FOI.
Reid, Kim - EMlev 3/14/03:  Crsp to Kim Reid.  3/18:  Conf with Kim Reid on MODOT;  packet prepared to same. 
Reinheimer - (Brian & or Kathleen  who per 4/06 cnty website purchased 915 Pyramid on 3/13/03 for $7,142?) -  EMlev 3/31/03:  letter to Reinheimer.  Ref properties.  >  There's also - ref Kelly Rahmeier. 
Reis, Jack - Ref Acco & Fingerprints. 
Republic Svcs - Ref ESI.
Rhodes Valley Farm, LLC - COE 4/8/05 Newsletter:  completed a list of work on the Simpson Lake Wooded Wetland Mitigation.
Richardson, Mildred - Mildred & Walter, 1001 Pyramid Owners -  Ref properties & Docs VP Props.
Richmond, Patrick - Ref Sargent. 
Rideout - D&L Towing - EMlev 12/18/02:  Conf with Rideout;  negotiate same.  12/19:  Prepare Rideout offer, send out same, create new file.  1/8/03:  Call Rideout, wants atty review.  1/9:  Make requested changes to Rideout.  1/10:  Go to Rideout biz in Fenton, obtain sigs.  6/13:  2 calls from Phil R ((Rideout?)), receipt of entry.  9/15/05:  Call to Rideout/Kirchner on moving wall.  Review files & crsp on entry rights.  9/20:  Call from Irvin at D&L Towing for invoice.  Call from JM on 40 cy cover.  Call to city hall for D&L invoice.  R&R of invoice.  9/26:  Call to Phil Rideout on reasonableness.  9/28:  Letter to Rideout Towing.  EMlev 11/29:  R&R of esmt to Rideout & Kirchner.  Conf with Ryan Klug on sq footage.  >  Ref:  Copeland, finances, Industrial Dev Authy. 

Riley, COE, Mississippi Valley Div Cmdr Brigadier Gen Don T - Ref  ACE, MRC, City Mins LPR 2/04.   

Ringgenberg, Archie C - COE StL Dist Contracting Ofcr - Ref ACE & LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc. 

River Bend - EMcity 12/12/05:  Call from MW on plat - River Bend. 
Robb - Ref Maxwell;  Robb Epstein.  

Roberts, StLCnty POL Major Terry - Ref BOA 20050801-2.  

Robin - Ref Sen Gibbons.
Roedigger - EMcity 11/21/04:  Call from Roedigger at StLCnty Intelligence.  Call Cassie on Roedigger request.
Rondal/Rondel Investmts - Ref Kirchner.
Rose, Cheryl - Ref MHRC. 

Ross, Len, COE Const, 314-331-8130.  Ref Docs, City Mins, LPR 11/17/03.

Roxanne - VP clerk Roxanne Ruppel - as with MW (ref MOPR I&A Page), countless mentions in EM bills.  
Rucci, Sebastian - Ref Meramec Dev Co.  
RW - Rick Wilken, VP Fire Dist Chief;  Levee Cmsn member.  Ref:  finances, fire, MVPlz, Project Write Cmte & MOPR 8/27/01 VP/QT clandestine mtg mins. 
Ryan - Ref Klug.