P C O's   -   S   thru  T


S., Liane - Ref Sargent. 
S., Jeff - Ref TB Realty. 
StL Bridge Co - Ref LEV 20010416 - $100K settlemt.

StLouis CITY Assessor site to search city real estate info;  as of 4/05, only by address & parcel #, but they hope to expand search options - http://stlcin.missouri.org/assessor/lookup.cfm.  

StL CNTY Assessor info - search county real estate info http://revenue.stlouisco.com/ias/.   EMcity 6/1/01:  Order 2001 A.V. printout from Judy Wilfong, StL Cnty.  ((av = assessed value))  >  Ref:  finances & Liu;  LEV20020415-6 re 94-95 flood buy-outs, flood mgmt cmsn;  LEV20030421-15.   
StLCnty Chamber of Commerce  - http://www.stlouiscounty-mo.com/chambers.htm
StLCnty Hwys - Ref Bice. 
StLCnty Intelligence - Ref Roedigger.   
StLCnty Municipal League - http://www.mocities.com/default.asp?javascript=1 
StLCnty Parks - Ref GRGD & Liu. 
StLCnty Personal Property Tax info -  https://revenue.stlouisco.com/collection/ppinfo/
StLCnty Trustee - Ref Liu. 
StLCnty Water - Ref Abernathy &  water.
StL Power Sports - EMcity 4/20/01:  Call from JB on (same).
St Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co, PO Box 750054, Topeka, KS 66675-0054 (also, 10777 Sunset Ofc Dr, Sunset Hills, MO  63127, 314-966-3416) - City VP's ins carrier.  EMcity 6/17/03:  Call from Vicki Winter on PP - St Paul.  >  Ref:  Buckley, David Davis, finances, Kim Gardner, Noce, MHRC, Docs:  4/15/05 EM ltr to Croghan,  Sec A ODocs 2/14/05 EM ltr to Rahmeier/StPaul.
Salquerro, Victor - Ref John Dennis.
Sancouci - Ref Federal Probation Ofc.
Sandifer, Atty JoAnn with Husch & Eppenberger.   Ref Feder. 
Sansone - spelled backwards is ENOSNAS - Ref Docs 12/5/05 VP/Sansone...designated preferred devr for VP Redev Area  >  Ref also:  Adam Stein, Merlo, Novus, PGAV, Quick Trip;  Sansone items on Docs.
Sargent or Seargent, Liane /Leanne - EMcity 9/14/01:  Call Liane S. ((Sargent?)) on permit process.  9/18:  Send deed to Liane S., call on form.  9/25:  Call Liane S. on esmt.  Call Patrick Richmond on same.   10/3:  Call from Liane Sargent, change deed for address.  Call Kirk at TW on plat change. 
Sartors - Ref UPRR. 
Scanlon, Jake - Ref LEV 20060417.
Schelly McCleland - usually answers Weis Design Group (alias PHWeis) phone, at least around 4/06.  
Schmidle/Schmeidle, SBC, 636-256-1468 - EMlev 2/10/03:  Call Schmidle at SWBT, discuss vault.  3/28:  Receipt of Ameren UE crsp.  Send email to Schmeidle from Conroy on util. relocation review same.  > Ref Docs, City Mins LPR's.
school - Ref:  finances, Helton, Lea, Charles/Chuck Ford.
Schramm, Marge -  Ref Sen Gibbons & Terry Smith. 
Schwartz, Karen - Ref Halibut & (Rusty/Gary?) Wallace. 

Schwenk, Joe, COE Chief of Foundation Design Sec, Geotechnical Branch - Ref LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.  

Scissors, Dan & Vicky, father/daughter - Dan, former VP Police Ofcr.  Vicky:    VP 1997-98 Bldg Inspector/Code Enforcemt Ofcr;  replaced by Don Smith per 4/98 new Mayor DA.  A 2/14/98 Press Journal article by Mary Shapiro entitled "Bldg ofc'l takes tough stands" explains how Katherine Butler spoke up for Vicky who was caught between lax enforcemt & variances of the past, safety requiremts & current demands.   Ref Don Smith. 
Scott, Dana - of AG Edwards or such?  EMcity 8/23/01.
Scott - Ref Lt Scott Melies.
Seel, Gary - Was long-time VP P&Z Chairman until 12/05.  Ref zoning. 
Seigel, Circuit Ct Judge Mark D, Div 3, 7900 Carondelet, 63105, 314-615-8029 -  Per EM & BD, Wrongfully Condemned #8 Arnold Dr/MM on 10/31/02.  Ref TG & Docs MM Ct Docs. 
(Seigel), Tom, MDNR StL Permit Ofc per LEV 4/03 mtg.  Ref PCO, env'l info.
Sepac  - Ref Acco.
Setliff, Col Lewis F. - Ref ACE & Col C. Kevin Williams.
Shapiro, Mary, Suburban/Press Journal Reporter  - LEV 20020122 =  DS:  Call Mary Shapiro & tell her that & say - EM:  We, we need Mary Shapiro like a hole in the head right now.  DS:  In that case, if the school refuses, that would make dandy headlines.   >  EMcity 3/25/04:  Call from Mary Shapiro.  2/10/06:  Call from Mary Shapiro on bridge. 
SHD - EMcity 5/16/01:  Call TW on SHD contract & curb Ct. amendmts to plans.
Shelly - Ref Schelly & Shelly Morris. 
Sherri - Ref Sherri Craig. 
Shinkle, Kevin - Ref Project Write Cmte. 
Show Me Institute - a research & educational institute dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens of MO -  http://www.showmeinstitute.org/ - click their Property Rights link. 
Sidwell, Ed - Ref ES 
Simon, Presiding Judge Paul J, Writ Div 5, MO Ct of Appeals - Eastern Dist, 121 S Meramec, 63105, 314-512-7700  - Uncondemned #8 Arnold Dr on 11/27/02.  Ref AL & TG.  
Simpson Materials/Sand & Gravel - Mark & Peggy Simpson - countless mentions in EM bills, levee & other mtgs.  >  Ref IPR. 
Singer, Atty Donald S, 120 S Central, 63105, 314-862-5900 -  In StL Cnty Circuit Ct on 8/27/03, rep'd #8 Arnold Dr Tenants John Tom Sloan & Rebecca A. Abts, Cause #03SC-001520, MM v. John Tom Sloan, et al.  EMcity 9/7/04:  Call from Pat Butler on Singer;  call Cassie on same.   >  Ref AL, Sloan, TG.
Skateport - Ref Valcour Printing Co. 

Sloan, John Tom & Rebecca A. Abts, MM's #8 Arnold Dr Tenants 5/24/02 till about 12/03 (tho MM's title Taken 8/1/03 - Did city rcv $1K/mo rental income?).  Sloan/Abts relocation benefits believed to have been approx $20K.  Ref Docs, MM's VP Pub Records Requests '04 & '05.  >  EMlev 10/16/03:  Conf with DRG, supp.{sic} voucher, email.  Message from DC, call Sloan.  10/20:  Call from Sloan, research Motion for Possession.  10/23:  Matt Ranken, settle Sloan claim.  Conf with DRG on Carver, Wilson, McGhee, Sloan.  10/24:  Obtain & order draft for Sloan & Abts.  10/27:  Prepare amendmt to Pet adding Abts, consent to process, waiver of benefits.  10/30:  Calls from Roxanne on Carver/Sloan.  Call Sloan, instructions to staff on checks & releases.  Call JZ on same.  > 

Sloan & Abts owe MM thousands of $ & despite ct rulings in MM's favor, her efforts & their relocation benefits, not a cent has been able to be collected as of at least 4/06.  Ref also:  AL, DRG, Singer. 

Sloca, Paul, MO Dept of Ec Dev spokesman, per 12/9-15/05 StLBiz Journal.  http://www.ded.missouri.gov/
Smith - Ref Smith's below & UPRR.
Smith, Don - Levee Cmsn member.   >  Was in charge of VP Water Dept which in 4 or 5/98 was in the process of being sold & new Mayor DA replaced Vicky Scissors by appointing Don as VP Bldg Cmsnr & stated that Don had been interim biz cmsnr before Vicky was appointed. 
Smith, Greg - Ref Feder. 
Smith, Nick - Ref Project Write Cmte. 
Smith, Terry - MODOT - EMlev 4/7/03:  2 calls to (same) at MODOT.  6/12:  Conf with Niswonger.  Fax SBC & Risk Assessmt to COE.  R&R of Risk Assessmt;  amend same.  Call from COE on checks.  Call Carson & Belinda & Smith.  Conf with COE on risk assessmt.  Conf with SBC, heard from legal, changes made & resent;  call COE.   6/25:  Email from JZ on MODOT reviews.  Call from Terry on right of entry request.  7/1:  Conf with JZ on update for COE of Risk Assessmt.  >  Ref Sen Gibbons & MODOT.
Snudden, Matt - EMcity 3/16/05:  Call to Matt Snudden.  >   Ref Matt. 
Sokolic, Bruce - Per 7/24/05, "Devrs like it as a tool;  owners decry it as unfair"  by Tavia Evans of the Post-Dispatch:  McEagle Dev Pres (same) is expecting some form of TIF $ for his proposed $250M Hazelwood Commerce Ctr.  
Sokolic,  Atty Steven, Cond Cmsnr, 7912 Bonhomme, Ste 200 or 8008 Carondelet, 63105, 314-863-9898.   One of 3 Harrawood & Brown 3/24/03 Cond Cmsnrs, others were Harvey Wallace & John Steiner.
Solari, Jim - ESI Rep.  Numerous mentions in EM bills.  Ref ESI & IPR. 
(Solthouse Kaplan) attys - Ref Acco. 
(Sommers), JD - Ref LEV 20060417. 
Spotanski, Paul - TW's employee.  EMcity 8/23/04:  Conf with (same).
Sprague, Dave - Ref Parkside Commons. 
SSRN - Social Science Research Network, www.ssrn.com,  is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences.  >  Type "Eminent Domain" in their Search Box. 
Stanley/Standley, Derrick, Genesis Group Pres, spoke on behalf of Fred Weber opposing annexation at 9/20/04 Bdry Cmsn PBH.  EMcity 3/16/05:  Call Derrick Standley.  Conf with Standley. 
State Historic Preservation Ofc - Ref Nat'l Register of Historic Places. 

Staubach Co - per a Staubach 3/11/05 letter to EM in the 3/21/05 BOA pkt, Cathy Benton, Sr Contract Specialist,  (3 or 8?)017 Lou Menk Dr, Ste 100, Fort Worth, TX  76131-2800, 817-230-2600.  Website www.staubach.com shows 201 Main St, Ste 1810, Ft Worth, TX  76102, 1-817-334-8100.  Also 7777 Bonhomme Ave, Ste 1500, Clayton, MO  63105, 314-725-1200. 

EMlev 7/18/05:  Email Biddle at BNSF.  7/19:  Response from JM on perm. crossing.  7/20:  Email Solari & Cathy Benton.  7/21:  New Exhibit A depicting private road crossing to permit 05-28510 BNSF.  New Exhibit A for pipeline supplementation.  Original to Maurer with attachmts.  7/26:  Call Lori Orona at BNSF.  Email Biddle;  rev.  ((review? revise?))  2 permits for relocation.  Email Benton after her reply, call same.  Mtg with Solari - take permits.  Call Solari, discuss bids, allocation of work for relocations.   Email Cathy Benton.  7/27:  Email to Cathy Benton.  Call from Lori Orona with BNSF on crossing permit waiver.  Go to TW with permit, as amended for MSD approvals.   8/1:  Conf with JM on MSD approvals.  Conf with Solari on pipe approval, clearing debris & utility locates.  8/8:  Conf with Ryan on MSD approvals.  Receipt of BNRR signed permit.   9/16:  R&R of executed crossing agreemt & emails to/from Staubach.  >  Ref:  BPlz & MVPlz.

Steering Cmte - VP had been set up (in 2001?) to consider locations, including AL, for a new VP city hall/cmty ctr (ch/cc)    Ref:  AL, finances, Vance Rd.
Stein, Adam, Sansone Group (As of _ _ City's Devr?) - Industrial Sales & Leasing Assocociates, 120 S Central, Ste 100, Clayton, MO  63105-1705, 314-727-6664, www.sansonegroup.com.  Ref City's ECG 2/15/05 Cmte Mins.
Steiner - Atty John, 7733 Forsyth, Ste 2000, 63105, 314-862-3535 - One of 3 Harrawood & Brown 3/24/03 Cond Cmsnrs.  Ref Harvey Wallace & Steven Sokolic.    EMlev 12/12/02:  Conf with BD.  Call Steiner.  Call Sokolic.  Call from Sokolic.  Work on ord revision.  1/6/03:  Call from Cmsnr.  1/8:  Call from Sokolic.  1/10:  Call to Sokolic, Demba & BD.  Speak with Susan P., re-fax letter.  Call to Steiner. 

Stephens, Dennis L, COE Hydraulics Eng - Ref:  AL, Joseph Kellett, LEV20020617 mtg at COE, LEV20051017, LEV20051121, LEV20060417.

Sterling Eng'g - EMcity 12/12/02:  Review Sterling request & call Sterling.  1/8/03:  Call to Sterling Eng'g on subordination agreemt & utilities.  Call to mayor on same.  2/4:  Call from Sterling on McBride.  Call Mike B. on same.  Call Mike B. on Sterling & MSD/Young plat.  >  Ref CDBG.
Stern Bros, 8000 Maryland, Ste 800, 63105, 314-727-5519 - Ref finances. 

(Stewart), Diana with West StLCnty Chamber of Commerce when she attended LEV20020617 mtg at COE ofc.  > ...Chamber...14811 Manchester Road, Ste 100, Ballwin MO  63011, 636-230-9900 -  http://www.westcountychamber.com/westcochamber/index.jsp

Stewart, Atty Thomas, Cond Cmsnr, 1010 Market St, Ste 1650, StL, 63101 - Ref:  Alan Agathen, Commissioners Cond & Stuart's below. 
Stinson - Ref properties. 
Stout - Ref Brantley.
STP - EM's acronym, presume Storm Water Project.
Strawn, Bud & Dot - Ref Project Write Cmte.  
Streeter's Construction, 7 Vance, VP, 636-225-4676.  EMcity 8/3/04:  Call from mayor on Streeter crsp re illegal occupancy.  8/25:  Dictate crsp to Roxanne to Streeter.   >  Ref Vance Rd. 
Struckoff - EMlev 5/11/01:  call from Struckoff on mtg.
Stuart - Ref water.  >  Some others are:  Stuart Bloodworth, RS on I&A Page, Stuart Zimbalist  & Stewart's above.
Suardi - Ref Mildred Richardson & Suarez.
Suarez - EMlev 3/27/03:  Call Suarez for Richardson estate, letter to same. 

Sullivan Publications, Inc - VP Ords on-line - VP allows updates about once/yr - 13610 Barrett Ofc Dr, StL, 63021, 314-775-0092.   Ref finances.

http://www.ctspublish.com/sullivanpublicationslp/lpext.dll?f=templates&fn=main-hit-h.htm&2.0 - then click T-Z, then VP.

Summit Dev Co -  EMcity 11/11/05:  Mtg with Summit Dev Co at VP = 2.7.  
Sunset Hills Landgrab website -  http://www.sunsethillslandgrab.org .
Sunshine Law - www.ago.mo.gov/sunshinelaw/sunshinelaw.htm.   Ref FOI. 
Superfund - Ref LEV 20060320.

Superior Landfill, Inc - LPR 2/1/99:  special waste from Phase 3A is to be hauled to Superior.  >  Ref env'l info. 

Susan P. - Ref Steiner. 
Sweeney - Ref BD.


Tallo - Ref Laclede.
Taxpayers for Common Sense - (TSC) - a non-partisan budget watchdog - 651 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Washington, DC 200003, 1-800-taxpayer.  www.taxpayer.net.    Ref ACE.  

Taylor Morley - EMcity 11/28/05:  Mtg with Randy at TW Design on Taylor Morley dev;  call JB on prior dev ord.  12/13:  Prepare & attend mtg at Taylor Morley on Big Bend project with TW.  >  Ref Dougherty Ferry. 

TB {sic} Realty - EMcity 1/17/06:  Call from TB {sic} Realty on Dougherty Ferry, Manchester mtg.  Letter to Bosworth with dev ord & acknowledgmt of bank.  1/18:  Call from Yvonne Bosworth.  1/20:  Call from Bosworth, speak to Yvonne;  call to Roxanne;  crsp sent.  2/2:  Call from Epstein on TB {sic} Dev.  2/8:  2 calls to Jeff S., discuss TB {sic} crsp, FEMA.  R&R of TB {sic} fax. 

TCE =Trichloroethylene, but also = Temporary Construction Easement -  Ref env'l info. 
Tea Room in the Valley, Elaine Willingham, 505 MerStaRd (was David Brown's home), 63088, 636-225-4832.   EMcity 11/12/04:  Review P&Z mins, correct same.  11/15:  Letter prepared for Brown, review home occup.  Review zoning in response to zoning request for 505 MerSta ((Willingham)).  11/19:  Call from Roxanne & mayor on conditional use.  Call from Willingham on rezoning.  11/23:  Call from Roxanne on application for Tea Rm - conf with mayor & calls from applicant.  11/30: Call from Mike Gibbons on CUP for Willingham.  12/6:  Call from Roxanne & MW on Lookout.  Call from resident on zoning.  Conf with Roxanne & clerk on occupancy permits.  >  11/21/05:  R&R of Application for Variance.  Call from JM.  Mail to Willingham on 505 MerSta; rev. application.  11/22:  Go to city hall;  take crsp to Tea Room on variance application;  conf with Roxanne.  >  Ref Gibbons & zoning.
Teitlebaum - Ref Kemp & Vance Rd. 
10S - EMlev 3/14/05:  Calls to & from 10S at BNRR. 
Terry - various mentions in EM bills - Smith? or Helton? who was VP Mayor's Secretary?

TG - Cond Atty Tracy H Gilroy, The Gilroy Law Firm, 1610 Des Peres Rd, Ste 300, StL, MO 63131-1850, 636-956-3536.  Used to work for hwy dept.  MM's Cond atty 10/02 till fired 8/21/04.  Also rep'd at least Michael Wilson & Cynthia Toth, R. Michael McGhee.  >  EMlev EM 12/13/02:  R&R of Ct of Appeals Order dismissing case =0.8.  Conf with TG on COE decision =0.6.  6/19/03:  Review exhibits from hrg for TG =1.8.  Exhibits for TG =0.4.  Conf with CLM =0.8.   6/20:  Take exhibit 7 to TG =0.8.   3 calls to TG =0.6.  Conf with CLM =0.8.   6/30:  Call TG 2 times =0.3.  7/1:  2 calls to TG =0.4.   7/3:  2 calls to TG =0.6.   7/7:  Call ct reporter =0.3.  Call Ct on transcript =0.3.  R&R & research writ filing =4.5.  7/9: Conf with JZ on TG writ & exhibits =0.4.  Mtg with appraiser on 7/14 cmsn hrg =2.3.  Legal research on writs =4.9.  Response drafted =2.8.  Call JZ on exhibit 7 =0.4.  7/10/03:  Calls to  Donis, JZ, research Army regs =5.1.   2 calls to TG, conf with same =0.6.   2 calls to ct reporter =0.4.  R&R of exhibit 7 =0.9.  Response drafted, receipt of Ct Order =2.1.   7/11:  Conf with Demba in Tampa =0.4.   Crsp to Jennifer =0.4.   Prepare for hrg =4.2.   7/12:  Prepare for Comm. hrg, McGhee & Morris =6.7.   7/13:  Assemble exhibits & cmsnrs' handouts, prepare Comm. Award memo =2.7.   7/14:  Attend cmsnrs' viewing & hrg, conf with Demba, notify COE of hrg =6.4.  Call Kirk C = 0.6  Response to DRG letter, call from Hamell =0.3.   7/15:  R&R of Comm. award =0.9.  Call Carol at Div 13, StL Cnty Ct =0.4.   Email COE with results =0.6.  Draft Comm. petition, call Joyce on award notice data & filing memo =0.8.  Conf with CLM =0.4.  Notify Demba, discuss exceptions =0.8. ... 10/30:  R&R of MM Answers to Interogs =0.9.  2 calls to & from Sloan =0.8.   >   (+EM's hrs with Sloan/Abts, etc, etc.)  > 

EMcity 2/6/06:  Call from TG.  >  Ref:  AL, BD, Comer, Ferber, Harrawood 3/30/04, Simon, Sloan, DocsPage MM Ct Docs, M's Nightmare. 

TGA - EMcity 3/3/03:  Obtain TGA {sic} for Mike. 
Theroff - Ref Abernathy. 
Thompson Coburn LLP, One US Bank Plaza, 63101, 314-552-6000 - law firm that rep'd Druco in a 1997 case against EM individually & in his purported capacity as PPk City Atty  >  EMlev 12/16/02:  Fax from (same).   EMcity 2/2/06:  Call from Thompson Coburn on requiremt of married only living together.  >  Ref Gary Heifetz. 
Thompson, Danny - ESI rep, 816-917-(3?)791.  Ref also Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03.
Thrill - EMlev 5/25/05:  Call from Thrill Contracting on OJ Laughlin.
Tim - Ref Nelson & Maxwell.
TIP - a possible description is Transportation Improvemt Program
Titlebaum - Ref Teitlebaum. 
Toolan/Toolen, Mike at Z - Ref finances. 
Toth, Cynthia - Ref Michael Wilson. 
Travis-Shane - EMcity 4/23/01:  Review Travis-Shane;  call from new atty on same;  discuss file & theory.  4/25: call on Travis-Shane, opposed to continuance, discuss with new counsel.  5/16: Notice on Travis-Shane setting, call from atty.
Truelock - Ref finances. 

Tyron, COE, Major Joseph - Ref ACE & Docs City Mins LPR 2/04.   

Tzinberg, Atty Harold A, 168 N Meramec Ave, 63105, 314-863-0800 -  Ref annexation.  Per 8/16/06 Press Journal, John Blumenfeld & Hal Tzinberg, who are principals with the law firm Blumenfeld, Kaplan & Sandweiss PC, have been selected as best r.e. attys after peers reviewed 1.6M confidential evaluations by the nation's top attys.