P C O's   -   U    thru   Z


U-Gas - (owned?  The Pantry that was at 141 & Vance)  EMcity 4/25/01:  Prepare Mormino revisions;  prepare U-Gas revision;  call McBride.  Ref:  BPlz, Mormino, Valcour, Vance Rd.
Ulman, Nancy, Project Mgr - Great Rivers Greenway District - Ref GRGD. 
UMB Bank NA, Trust Operations Fee Group, PO Box 419260, Kansas City, MO  64141-6260 - United MO Bank, but once Illinois included, they simply go by UMB, a registered svc mark of UMB Financial Corp.   Ref finances.
Ulman, Nancy, Project Mgr - Great Rivers Greenway District
Unicom Arc - Ref annexation.  
UP or UPRR -  Union Pacific Railroad -  EMcity 11/11/05:  Conf with UPRR on ROW values.  11/15:  Receipt of VP esmt package from TW.   11/17:  Go to Demba, take UPRR esmt data.  11/18:  Call from Ryan on UPRR & MSD cmts.  11/21:  Call & go to Ernie Demba's with appraisal material for UPRR.  11/29:  Conf with Demba on UPRR esmt values.  Emails to Smith.  Emails from Klug on UPRR esmt.  Call from Smith on availability.   12/7:   Mtg with Demba;  R&R of appraisal;  crsp to VP;  take to FedEx & send.  12/9:  Call Demba on appraisals.  Call from UPRR on appraisals, discuss.  Execute resolution & agreemt prepaid & delivered - changes reviewed. 

UPRR - EMcity 1/31/06:  Call Peluso, fwd email, will respond.  2/6:  Go to MSD, mtg with Peluso. Return Peluso call on UPRR agreemt;  will pick-up.  Conf with Crabtree on maps.  Call Sartors at Fenton on map stages - Crabtree is ec dev dir.  Call Grimes to confirm mtg.  Go to Clayton; conf with Earls, Bice.  2/15:  Call from Grimes Eng'g.  Go to Bice's ofc on plan review.   >  Ref Asbed & BN.

U.S. Cotton - Ref Acco.
U.S.Forest Svc land - info on the sale of  -  www.fs.fed.us/


V., Mary Ann - Ref finances. 
Valcour Printing/Impression Label/Lion Promotional Solutions/Digital Ink Systems Companies - 400 Valley School Dr (previously Skateport) , 63088, 866-446-6328, & Nies/Artcraft Printing Co, 5900 Berthold Ave & Nies/Artcraft Fulfillment Co 1401 Pierce Ave, both StL, MO, 63110, 888-951-5466.   
Valley Heat Treat - Ref PCO env'l info. 
Valley Material Co, 201 Marshall, VP, 636-225-5336 - Ref Halamicek.  EMlev 7/18/05:  Call from mayor on Valley Materials drainage;  call TW. 
Valley Park City Website  -   www.valleyparkmo.org
Valley Park Business Assn - VPBA  >  meets  2nd Wed ea mo, 5pm Donahue's on Marshall. 
Valley Park Railroad Agreemt - Ref Asbed. 
Valley Plaza Associates, Inc - Ref BPlz. 
Valley Technologies - 500 & 600? blocks of St Louis Ave, VP.  >  Ref PCO env'l info. 
Vance & Main - Ref Curt Adams.

Vance Rd - EMcity 4/13/00:  call from Vance Rd Cmsnrs.  EMcity bill says 6/8/00 but surely should be 5/8/00:  File Vance Rd properties;  set up mtg with Quik Trip in St Chas with Pendelton;  conf with Tom Pilling on conceptual plan;  conf with JO, submit ord changes to same in Kemp P-100;  call Titlebaum on status.  5/9/00:  Call Lea, Ford & Moon on "steering cmte";  draft release;  speak to mayor on same;  call Tom Brook-Pilling on concept plans;  Z on proposed sites;  conf with MW on mins;  send release of tax bill form to MW;  call John Bird, Vance Rd Cmsnr, to St L Cnty Ct for status of report;  mtg of VP P&Z Cmsn.   7/26/05:  mtg with Brian McElroy, StLCnty, on Vance Rd.

>  Ref also Adams, AL, BPlz, Heideman, Irwin, Parkside Commons, Steering Cmte, U-Gas, zoning.  >  Per StLCnty 7/06 info:  90 Vance Rd A, Loc At Ne Cor Of Vance & Main.

Vapco - Ref Garner.
Von Kaenel - EMcity 12/1/05:  R&R of resolution & agreemt from Von Kaenel. 


Wainwright Industries, Inc, 636-397-5850.  Ref env'l info. 

Walgreen - Ref Kemp, Teitlebaum & Vance Rd. 
Walker - Ref AL. 
Wallace, Circuit Ct Judge Barbara, W., Div 13, 7900 Carondelet, 63105, 314-615-8029 - Condemned #8 Arnold Dr/MM 5/15/03 allegedly for the levee. 
Wallace, Harvey N, CPA & Condemnation (Cond) Cmsnr, 1050 N Lindbergh, 63132, 314-432-6001.  Ref Steiner notes.
Wallace, (Rusty? Gary?) - EMlev 12/20/02:  Conf with JZ.  Cost credits, review COE cmts on Burt (F5, F9, E10), Young (E23) & Wallace;  order appraisals on Burt & Young, letter to Nelson on Wallace.  R&R new ROW requiremts.  1/13/03:  Take Wallace to Investors.  1/14/03:  Mtg with Demba, go over need for complete Wallace appraisal, Karen Schwartz, 405 River, 654 Nile. Offer of just comp. to Pantaz.  4/14/03:  Temp Const for Wallace;  letter to Gary W. 
Wallace Investments, a MO Gen Ptnsp, Owns 180 Pharoah -  Ref Docs, VP Props.
Wallach - (Jerry Wallach rep'd C R Adams?)   Ref Curren. 
Wallis Oil - Wallis Lubricant, LLC -  Ref Zoning.
Walls, Robert - Precise Mold & Eng'g Owner, VPBA Member, replaced JK on Levee Cmsn 8/02. 
Waltrip, Scott - MDNR - Ref:  Docs 5/30/01 EM ltr to Waltrip, LEV20030421, env'l info.
Warner/Werner - Ref finances. 
Warren -  Ref Warren McGraw. 
Warren, Douglas E, Registered Patent Atty - shares ofc space with EM, at least in 3/05.  Ref Dunne, Lacey & McIntyre.  Ref Anderson, Atty.  Ref Mange notes tho may not be same Warren.   
Warren, Gerald - Ref Anthony Anderson. 

water -  EMcity 4/28/00:  call Moore of Cnty Water.  5/2/01:  review deeds on water transfer;  call Dan F. on same.  5/17:  Conf with Moore's ofc on ROW legal descs.   9/27:  Call from Brad Brown on water.  10/1:  Call from MW on water.  Call Stuart on same.  >  Ref LEV 20030421, Storm Water Pollution Prevention & Run-off Plans. >  EMcity 6/12/03:  Letter drafted to Cnty Water. Call Kokesh.  lev 7/1:  Call Olsen {sic} & Dunn with water co.  LPR 10/18/04, installing water main east of Kena on Pyramid & under lev on Pyramid.   EMcity 11/28/05:  Call from Jimmy Courtwright on water paymts.  12/7:  Call from Water Co.  Conf with JM on water.  12/9:  Call from Kirkwood on waterline.  12/13:  Crsp from Water Co & reply to same;  call Demba.  12/14:  Crsp from StLCnty Water atty.  1/17/06:  Call from cnty water.  1/25:  Mtg with Terrance Green & eng for VP Water Project of MAWC.  2/1:  Draft waterline & esmt ord for execution.  Memo to Bd on esmt & license.  >  Ref also:  AL (wells), Abernathy, another contractor, Ciottone, Cross-over, DoughertyFerry, Dunn, env'l info, Lincoln, Miller, MVPlz, Olson, Don Smith, Lisa Wright.

Weebeeibe - EMcity 12/13/05:  Call from Weebeeibe. 
Weidman - Ref  Wideman.
Weindel - EMcity 6/12/03:  Call from Hedrick. Call Weindel.  6/13/03:  Call Weindel.  R&R of insurance claim letter, call same.  Conf with Weindel.  >  Ref BPlz & finances.  
Weis - Mike & Patrick - Ref zoning.
Weis, PH & Associates, Inc, (TW) Thomas P Weis, PE, Pres,  Engineers, Architects & Planners, 410 Sovereign Ct, Ste 11, StL, MO  63011-4400, 636-207-0832, 618-874-0320 &/or per biz card at 11/21/05 Lev mtg, Weis Design Group, 16296 Westwoods Biz Park Dr, Ellisville, MO  63021, same 2 phones, tpw@phweis.com.  VP City Eng since 12/18/00.  Levee Cmsn Member.  P&Z member, at 1st voting member, then changed to non-voting.  Reps various municipalities - possibly about 12.
Weiss - various mentions in at least EMcity 9/13/01, also other city records. (probably should be Weis - TW of PHWeis/Weis Design)
Weitzel Construction Co, per phone book, 180 S Weidman Rd, 636-391-0404.  Per cnty website, 25Q231083 = 209 Crescent & 25Q511321 = 207 Crescent Rd. >  Atty is Anderson. >  EMcity 6/18/03:  Conf with Roxanne on hrg.  Conf with Joe on Wietzel status, review findings, determine BOA hrg.  6/19: Call from Weitzel atty, Anderson.  9/15/04:  Attend Ct on Weitzel Settlemt Conf.  12/2/04:  File review on Weitzel, call TW, mtg set up 9:30am Fri;  call Anderson for revised MRSA {sic} language referred in 11/15 crsp.  12/3:  Crsp to Anderson.  12/6:  Review Weitzel.  1/11/05:  Receipt of amended Agreemt;  changes to Weitzel Settlemt Agreemt, ord;  calls to Anderson;  review amended subdiv plat;  calls to TW.  R&R of removal, send to city.  >  Ref also:  Pat Gunn. 
Wendler - presume misspelled & should be Windler's Wholesale Florist at 10 N Elam Ave, 636-861-1600 till went out of biz in about 12/05 & later started a new biz in Eureka.   Ref annexation. 
Werkmeister, Stephen -  EMcity 8/20/04:  Return Werkmeister call.  >  Part-owner of Park Commons Apts which backs up to 911 Forest, had ques's at P&Z 8/12/03 mtg re rezoning 911 Forest for a mini storage.
Werner - Ref Warner.
Westlaw - Ref GRGD. 

Wheeler, Christopher, COE Civil Eng - attended 11/21/05 Lev Cmsn Mtg.

Wideman - EMcity 8/19/04:  Call from Wideman.  8/20:  Return Weidman call. 
Wideman, Betty - VP Treasurer who replaced Lou Brown in 4 or 5/98 per new Mayor DA. 
Wild - Ref East-West Gateway.
Wilfong, Judy - Ref StLCnty Assessor. 
Wilken - Ref RW. 
Williams,  Colonel C. Kevin, StL COE District Eng/Commander 6/02 - 6/05 (then Col Lewis F. Setliff)   Ref LEV 20030218.  Also spoke at the 6/18/05 Levee Dedication Ceremony in VP. 
Williams, Atty Kevin J, of Carmody MacDonald P.C., 120 S Central Ave, Ste 1800, StL, MO 63105-1705, 314-854-8600.  EMcity 6/13/05:  Conf with Kevin Williams on Old MerStaRd 14-unit dev & need to amend ord & review indentures.  7/18:  Kevin Williams on Lauren.  7/28:  Mtg with JB on Lauren Estates;  new ord prepared; review indentures.  8/2:  Call from atty on Lauren Estates.  8/3:  Conf with JB on CRM final approval request.   Conf with Kevin Williams.  >  Ref Dougherty Ferry & Docs City Mins 8/1&15/05 BOA Agenda. 

Willingham - Ref Tea Room.

Wilson, David - in-house Druco (Drury) atty.  EMcity 4/8/03:  Cmts from Z, fax to Wilson, change with Harmony of cmts.  >  Ref Thompson Coburn & annexation. 
Wilson, Michael & Cynthia Toth - #4 Arnold Drive Tenants in '02 & per ct doc until city's right of possession 11/30/ 03 (altho Owner Ed Harrawood's title Taken 3/14/03).  Neighbor/Friend of John Tom Sloan.   Ref:  AL, DRG, Sloan.
Wind Eng'g - Ref FEMA.  Ref BOA/PBH 20040706-1 with Mr Griesedieck, Wind, Morgan & Knolls.  Ref also Dougherty Ferry.
Windler - Ref Wendler. 
Winkler - David, Owner Economy Radiator, Inc, 26 Mer Sta Rd, VP at AL.   Ref  Kopff & McCord. 
Winter, Vicky - Ref St Paul Fire. 

Wolf, Sharon of COE - EMlev 7/18/05:  Call from Elastizell, go over bid.  Emails from JZ on credits due as grouting to be done by city.  7/19:  Reveiw regs. as to sharing of grout & pipe.  7/20:  Call from Elastizell, ques's on bid.  7/27:  Work on cost credits - Phase III.  7/28:  Email from JZ, discuss grout contract.   7/29:  Call Sharon Wolf & review request for Phase III.  Conf with Ryan on RR ROW drawings.   Conf with JZ on FY06 cash contributions, cost credits.   8/1:  Conf with CLM.  Conf with Sharon Wolf, schedule appointmt.   8/2:  Download crsp from COE, review cost ests.  9/16:  R&R of JZ mail.  Review grouting bids. 

9/19:  Review Thomas ((website)) for aprop status.  Call from Sharon Wolfe.  9/21:  Call to Croghan.  Call to Karie Myers;  conf with Croghan;  go over surplus.  R&R of debt svc smry & crsp from UMB on surplus.  9/22:  Call from MW on TIF disbursemts, review.  Cost credits review.  Conf with Croghan on certn of school debt.  Review aprop status with CLM.  9/24:  Call from CLM;  call MW on same.  9/26:  Call Croghan.  R&R of cert., fax & endorse to Karie.  9/28:  Review request for school bd voucher.  Receipt & transmit '06 paymt to escrow acct.  10/3:  Email from JZ on cost share.  10/4:  Call from JZ on cash contract. 10/6:  Call JM for Elastizell bid.  10/7/05:  Cost credits, Phase 3.Conf with JM on grouting bids & extension.  >  Ref:  finances, IPR &.per Docs 10/7/05 4B Levee Contract  

Wolfe, Alan - Ref Env'l Specialists, Inc - ESI, Gen Mgr.
Wright - EMcity 11/28/05:  Calls from Wright, Foreman on billings.   >  Ref annexation & 2 Wright's below. 
Wright, Lisa of MAWC, 314-996-2368 -  Ref MVPlz & Docs City Mins LPR 11/17/03.   
Wright, Rod - Ref annexation.

X - Z

(Yanko), Valerie - StLCnty POL new ofc assistant/aide.  Ref BOA 20050801-2. 
Yaakub, John O Yaakub - Not to be confused with JO, Jon Omvig with Zambrana.   Ref CRM Eng'g.
Young - Young's Restaurant in VP.   LEV 20030218-4, EM:  Young's Restaurant, I just got the drawing...& that'll go to our appraiser.   EMcity 4/1/03:  Speak to Mike B. on Young sewer.  >  Ref:  BPlz, Sterling,  (Rusty/Gary?) Wallace, LEV:  20000821, 20000918, 20001120, 20010416, 20010820 (etc).  
Zambrana ( Z ) Eng'g, Inc, 2324 Marconi Ave, StL MO, 314-664-1900, Jon Omvig, City Eng in about the 80's & 90's & was on Lev Cmsn, www.zambrana.com  >  Z was created 3/19/92 - '05 Reg'd Agent Jonathan F Dalton, 1 Metropolitan Sq, Ste 3600, 63102. >  Ref BOA 20030106-11:  JW:  I'm against Z.  I think they was an inferior co;  that's why they are not the current eng & uh PH Weis is re-working a lot of their past levee work.  >  Ref AL & Finances.   
Zerega, James J, 314-331-8042, COE StL Dist, Civil Eng, VP Levee Project Mgr since about 10/99 & still is in 4/06. 
Ziegler - EMcity 8/20/01:  call from Croghan, conf with Ziegler.

Ziino, Julie, COE - Ref Docs City Mins, LPR 2/17/04.

Zimbalist, Stuart - Ref Acco & Gibbons. 
Zingraft, Jeanette - EMcity 9/9/04:  Call from ((same)). 

Zoning -  EMcity 12/7/04:  Call Roxanne, go over land disturb. permits.  Call MW & Mike Weis on mtg.  Call from Stuart Bloodworth.  Review #1 Dougherty Lake & notes for MT-EZ, download & review.  Go to VP for planning issues;  obtain site plan;  review requiremts for Wallis Oil submission, conf  with same & give to Roxanne.  12/8:  Call from Cassie on Abuhamdeh.  Call from Roxanne on issuance of permit.  Call from Todd Brady on permit.  Call from Patrick Weis on Lookout.  12/10:  Mtg with Weis on P&Z issues;  complaint against city for cracks & reviews of pending projects.  Review P&Z pkt & agenda.  Discussion with JM on complaint.  12/14:  Conf with Roxanne on CUP, ord on Lookout.  CUP, Lookout ord drafted.  >  EMcity 12/12/05:  Call from mayor on poll of Bd of P&Z appointee ((Dixie Nicolas, replaces P&Z Chairman Gary Seel)).   >  Ref:  annexation, Docs VP Props.